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Most personal development leaves out one main ingredient - Jesus. Let's talk about how to live a full, Kingdom life and encourage one another in pursuit of excellence, calling and God's Best!

Brains & Heart Co. is a place to get help with overcoming obstacles in life, in work, in your mission, in getting your message and story out to the right people. We use tools like web design, print design, marketing, retail goods, blogging, podcasting, and social media to set you up for success. If you've ever felt like you just can't, we'll help you turn it around. We'll show you how. We'll find a way together. Let's pool our skills and give it our all to make a difference, to change the world, to change our lives. Brains + Heart = Excellence.

Operating as usual


Starting back up with more brains and heart... and maybe some sweat and tears too? Keep an eye out. Got my bike fixed. Got my rowing machine and my kickboxing setup. I’ll track my progress and share my mishaps. What are you doing to get on with your goals during a pandemic?
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[08/18/20]   God put it on my heart to resurrect Brains and Heart (no pun intended?). So, you'll be seeing more in the days to come. 08/18/2020

You don’t get your goals AND your excuses. – Brains & Heart

New blog post about persevering when all seems hopeless You don’t get your goals AND your excuses. Post author:Jen Post published:August 17, 2020 Post category:Faith / Hustle Post comments:0 Comments You don’t get your goals AND your excuses. You have to choose one over the other. The lie is that your limitations have to define you. They don’t. The...

[11/23/19]   God's Best in Parenting Insight #2: Your kids are NOT an extension of you. They are whole people all by themselves learning FROM you how to navigate the world on their own. You're training them not to need you whether you like that or not. Stop punishing them for not being like you.

[11/23/19]   God's Best in Parenting Insight #1: Kids need to know you are on their side. Even when they are being corrected, it's your job to instill security. You are their safe place to fail and learn.

[07/16/19]   So, yesterday was pretty good. I did have one meal at around 6pm - mostly keto. I did add some potato which I consider a compromise. I was feeling really yucky and was trying to avoid a migraine. Funnily enough, I have almost nil migraines on keto, but I've been carbing it up for a year now, and they made a little comeback appearance. For those of you who don't know I went keto for a year and lost 50 lbs. Got rid of heartburn, migraines, plantar fasciitis and even peri-menopausal symptoms - all stuff associated with inflammation. It only took one "intentional" slip up at the state fair to get me off track. The good news is that I only gained back 20lbs in the same amount of time it took me to lose the 50. So the fears of gaining back double super fast are put to rest. And now I know what works for me. Problem is, getting back into strict keto requires discipline and going through the 3 week long transition. Ew. So, I'm aware this will take some effort, and I'm happy with my first day - consider it a win. Only had the one meal, was full on that and didn't eat after 8pm. So, we begin intermittent fasting day two. I'll let you know!


WHY am I talking about Keto dieting on Brains and Heart??? Look, I believe everyone is different, and you have to find the nutritional lifestyle that works for you. I can only talk about what works for me. This does. Regardless of how you are eating, we all go through the same struggles and battle the same mindsets. The goal is to overcome anything that is keeping us from God's best. How we handle what we eat plays a big role in that. So, I'm gonna document what I'm going through and have learned, and I'd LOVE to hear stories YOU have on how you've brought your body into submission and found nutritional freedom and wisdom.

[07/15/19]   Updating the page and my blog to include encouraging and uplifting and maybe some challenging content. The site was always meant to chronicle the most important lessons I've learned and to explore excellence in every area of our lives. I hope you join me in this endeavor!

[07/15/19]   What does it mean to you to walk in Excellence?


[07/15/19]   I'm hungry. And a little nauseous. It's only 1:46pm. I'm upping my water intake to make sure I'm well-hyrdrated. I'll need to drink some electrolytes as well. I also have a choice today... I can power through a full fast OR I can take a small keto snack tonight to alleviate some of the symptoms. Either choice is fine, and it totally depends on what I believe will help me stay on track. Either one takes discipline.

[07/15/19]   Today begins my re-intro into hardcore strict Keto. Sugar can be SO addictive. At least for me. I can't play around with it. For me, it's like smoking. You say you'll have just one for fun and bam! you're back to craving it! The kids come and I'm back to s'mores and ice cream and Cap'N Crunchberries cereal and pizza! Oh it was lovely, but I am feeling it! So, we set a stake in the ground today and begin with fasting. It always begins with fasting for me. It's like a reset for both my body and my mind. Fasting brings my "flesh" back into submission - along with all the great things that happen to your cells! So consider this my accountability post! I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress just for kicks! 06/20/2019

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Totally The Bomb

I love this. It’s about the experience. And this kid made it his own!

This is adorable.

[05/05/19]   Got a good start today on my raised garden beds! Hope to have it all in place tomorrow. Super excited! “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” - Audrey Hepburn


I started this keto journey in September of 2017. I lost almost 50lbs and got rid of all my inflammation symptoms including plantar fasciitis! So happy with that! I carbed it up once at the county fair and fell back into some of my old carby habits. Like, donuts are good. lol. I gained back 10lbs over 6 months. Not horrible, but not the direction I'm heading. SO, I'm back on the bandwagon. Sugar is SO addictive! Just a taste and you're back into it. Still getting over the yucky symptoms of sugar addiction and re-adapting my body to burn fat over glucose. I just loved the way I felt when I was fully fat-adapted and off sugar. No, it isn't easy at first, but it's not worth diving into again. Anyway, that's the stuff I'm dealing with at the moment. Stay with me if you want to find out how I handle the RE-BURN! lol.

[04/02/19]   How to break a bad habit: Start over the second you blow it. Doesn't matter if you "fail" once an hour, don't shrug it off and wait until tomorrow or Monday. Just start again. Remember that every good decision is creating a new "groove" in your brain, it's already having a positive result, so don't give up just because it doesn't look like you're winning. You won't feel good at first. You have to push through the "I feel horrible" stage to get to the good part. Every time you say "no" to that bad habit, you're already better off than you were yesterday. Chase that. and finally, don't compare with anyone else. This is for you. Begin to paint a picture in your head of what you want this to look like. 04/01/2019

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[03/28/19]   After writing my story, I remembered my "why". Why I'm doing any of this. And I believe God reminded me to keep the main thing the main thing, so to speak. So, I'm updating Brains and Heart! And bringing new life to the blog. May even create some new products. And look for a new podcast that discusses everything I'm learning about excellence!


Intelligence is sexy


Most personal development assumes at least two things: 1. that it's listeners are well-meaning and 2. their own ambitions and dreams will benefit others. The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things and it's true. Don't trust it. Don't follow your heart. And we all know that the brain can be infected with ignorance, disturbances, influence, etc. It cannot be trusted either! So what then? What is our answer? What do we follow? What do we trust? There is only one rock on which to build a firm foundation. Only one truth. And it is not a thing, but a person. A person who knows our very own hearts, our very own thoughts, AS WELL AS the turning of the world. He knows the right way because He has ALL the information and is pure. That's it. Just Jesus. 01/06/2019

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I have so many questions...

Well this isn't what you expect to see in your bathroom 😂

[11/12/18]   I’ve been super quiet on here for a long time. Building up other parts of my business and focusing on buying a house! Life is about prioritizing, and following God’s leading. For that means getting serious about growing Brains and Heart in this season. So look for some exciting new things to be hitting this page. I’d love for you to join in! 12/20/2017

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Squishy Faces

when you're trying to work out...

We're dead ☠️☠️☠️

🎥 laurasykora


How to set your affections... and what the heck does that mean?


All Natural Ideas

Here’s a few ideas on how to get into ketosis faster on a low carb keto diet...

See more here -->

[12/07/17]   For someone today: pain and toil came into the world because of sin. They aren't necessary for God to teach us or train us. They are what we overcome with His strength and Spirit. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness today. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. 11/25/2017

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After workout sauna is my reward and treat for showing up! Started back to my burst training 2 weeks ago. Slow when you’re gettin back in the saddle... and you’re SORE! but feels good. What’s your treat for showing up? 11/02/2017

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Our Story

The Brains and Heart blog came about because of the inspiration of a friend who showed me how to put my heart into what I do. When we use our brains along with our heart we engage excellence. This formula works in every area of our lives. I hope you see that in the pages of this blog.

So Brains and Heart is all-nighters and Sonic runs.

It's laughing over punch drunk jokes and arguing over pixels and fonts

It's getting it just right. Putting everything you have into doing a job well ... because it matters. Your mission matters. If you have a vision, it was entrusted to you to accomplish. We can help.

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