Strong Marriages

Building Godly strong marriages through biblical principles and meaningful relationships.

We believe the strength of every culture can be traced back to the strength of the family and the source of strength for every family is found in the marriage between husband and wife. Strong Marriages seeks to partner with churches and other organizations who share our passion. We want to empower individuals to help strengthen the marriages in their community. By offering a proven mentoring ministry curriculum and online support system, pre-marital and small group resources, and a free online survey that gives church leaders an overview of the marriages in their church, Strong Marriages is playing a critical role in equipping individuals with the tools they need to experience God's design for marriage.

Mission: Building Godly strong marriages through biblical principles and meaningful relationships

Strong Marriages's cover photo

Strong Marriages's cover photo

Strong Marriages - Year End - Give Now

Don’t miss this last chance to make a tax-deductible gift to Strong Marriages that will go 2X as far. Over 80% of the couples that are mentored for six months or more strengthen their marriages.

Your gift can increase the number of couples who enjoy the marriage God designed! More children can pillow their heads each night in a home with both mom and dad!

You have until 11:59 pm to give!

I want to give NOW!

Thank you – and Happy New Year!

Dewey Wilson, Ph.D. and Lynne Wilson Strong Marriages

Strong Marriages - Year End - Give Now

Strong Marriages is successful because of the gifts of people like you! Thanks to you, Mentors are able to pour their lives into providing hope and healing to couples struggling in marriage. Because you give, married couples across the country are experiencing joy and hope!

After 16 years of strengthening marriages, Strong Marriages has the opportunity to train MORE MENTORS than ever before and MANY MORE marriages will be forever changed!

You can make it happen!

I want to give NOW!

We are counting on your gift,

Dewey Wilson, Ph.D. and Lynne Wilson Strong Marriages

Strong Marriages - Year End - Give Now

Your gift today will go to fight for Godly marriages!
Our world wants you to believe that any other form of marriage apart from God’s design will provide the same security and hope to each family member. Yet sadly, almost all relationships outside of the protective boundaries of the God-designed marriage struggle emotionally and spiritually at some time.

With your gift today, MANY MORE Mentors will be trained to walk alongside and teach couples (Acts 8:31) how to effectively live out God’s plan for them in marriage.

We need to show the world:
There is true joy in a committed marriage relationship.
Divorce is very seldom the best option when a couple struggles to work out their problems.
Biblical marriage is always better than cohabiting!

Your gift can train Mentors so that more married couples in the church can have a marriage that couples outside the church desire.

Give today to fight for Godly marriages every $1 is worth $2!

I want to give today!

Let’s fight for marriage together!

Dewey Wilson, Ph.D. and Lynne Wilson Strong Marriages

For the first time in the history of the United States, it’s more common for adults of reproductive age to cohabitate than marry. This percentage has increased steadily over the last two decades.

Between the years 2011-2015, among married or cohabitating adults in the United States 18-44 years of age*:

— Only 30% of married women and men say a young couple should not live together unless they are married
— As many as 30% of married women and men say divorce is usually the best option when a couple can’t seem to work out their marriage problems
— As many as 22% of married women and men have been in two or more cohabitating relationships

How is the church going to show this culture that the marriage God designed is worth the effort? The answer is married couples who have placed effort into their own and are now willing to guide other married couples through this process – Mentors!

Your gift today will train more Mentors!

Trained Mentors:

— Devote their time to learn how to use God's Word and their own life experiences to guide married couples, so these couples can see that it makes sense to do marriage differently.
— Commit to meeting with a Mentee couple 1.5 hours, two or more times per month for a minimum of one year. More often than not, Mentors and Mentees choose to extend this partnership much longer than one year.
— Pour their lives, hearts, and souls into giving hope and healing to struggling and hurting marriages.

Mentors so deeply love their Mentees; they are delighted to share with them not only the gospel of God but their lives as well (1 Thes. 2:8).

As you consider your year-end gifts, the sanctity of marriage is the core of our beliefs and needs to be defended. Unfortunately, there are not masses of people lined up working to do this! It is vital for the church, our families, our children, and our grandchildren to work to defend marriage. Without sustaining and developing marriage as God designed, we fear that our churches will be empty one day. Give to defend marriage one marriage at a time by training Mentors.

Your gift today is worth twice as much because of a generous $15,000 challenge gift.

I want to give today!

Let’s fight for marriage together!

Dewey Wilson, Ph.D. and Lynne Wilson

*National Health Statistics Reports, Number 111, May 31, 2018 – A Demographic, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Profile of Cohabiting Adults in the United States, 2011-2015, by Colleen N. Nugent, Ph.D., and Jill Daugherty, Ph.D., U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics

As you celebrate the birth of Christ, we want you to know what an incredible blessing you are to us and the many couples we serve.

Merry Christmas!

Dewey Wilson, Ph.D., Lynne Wilson, and the Strong Marriages Staff

Trained Marriage Mentors walked alongside us and taught us. We understand how to communicate. We still have a long way to go but having Mentors to guide us through a faith-based curriculum that convicts will undoubtedly help us continue to grow and parent our precious sons.

Instead of being one fight away from divorce, we celebrate Christmas this year with joy and hope. – Matt and Sylvia

Learn more —

Give to help more couples —

Bless your spouse this Christmas! We use Blessing Boxes for this exercise. Each spouse writes several actions, simple everyday type items their spouse can do that would be a blessing to them on small pieces of paper. Then, put them in a box or jar, to exchange with their spouse. Each one can take a slip of paper from the container and perform the blessing for their spouse. Download Blessing papers and examples at,

Matt and Sylvia Layton thought marriage would be one of the greatest joys in life. After 13 years and with three young boys, they found themselves one fight away from getting a divorce. They knew that they could not fix their marriage on their own. They needed help!

Let’s strengthen more marriages together! Give today!

Read the Layton’s entire story at:

Give to save and strengthen marriages!

🍁 Wishing you and your family a very warm and joyful Thanksgiving.

What a wonderful response! Through the combined efforts of those who participated in yesterday’s North Texas Giving Day, over $90,000 was raised for Strong Marriages. This amount not only exceeds our initial goal of $50,000 for Giving Day. It also made up a good portion of this year’s budget shortfall of $112,500, created when we decided not to have our annual fundraising dinner last April.

Your response represents God’s continued blessings on Strong Marriages, and our mission to establish, enrich and restore Christian marriages not just in North Texas, but also all across the country. Because you gave, more couples like Matt and Sylvia Layton will be mentored in the coming months.

"Once we engaged in Strong Marriages, we started to make huge strides in our marriage. We found out more about ourselves and them more about each other. We got all of our secrets out on the table, and best of all we now have a wonderful mentor couple who has not only been through a lot themselves but has been mentoring for quite some time." (read more)

— Matt and Sylvia Layton
Parents to boys, ages 6, 5 and 3

Thank you for making this testimony and many others like it possible!

There is still an opportunity to erase the remaining $20,000+ annual budget shortfall.

If you were not able give yesterday, but would still like to participate, click the link below.

Together, we SAVE MARRIAGES by mentoring couples and strengthening families. When mentors guide husbands and wives to live out the marriage God intends for them to have, families for generations to come will experience the love of Christ.

[09/19/19]   We are deeply humbled by the incredible generosity of those who consistently give to Strong Marriages.

Donations from those who have given so far today, combined with our challenge funds have not only allowed us to go beyond our initial goal of $50,000, but have also exceeded our next highest target amount of $68,750!!!

This means we have met at least one half of the annual budget shortfall created from us not having our large fundraising event this past April. Praise the Lord!

According to 2 Corinthians 9:8, "God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work"! (NIV)

With over 6 hours remaining in the North Texas Giving Day, you have the opportunity to help us reach our ultimate target goal of $112,500 and COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the annual budget shortfall!

Lynne and I thank you SO much if you have already given. If you’ve not yet participated, you can make your gift by going to:

Together, we can help families experience the love of Christ and continue showing Mom and Dad how to live out the marriage God designed.

— Dewey Wilson, Ph.D.

Strong Marriages

"We soon found out that we could not fix this on our own. In came Strong Marriages. We had known about Strong Marriages for quite some time but never felt the courage to ask for help. Once we engaged in Strong Marriages, we started to make huge strides in our marriage. We found out more about ourselves and them more about each other. We got all of our secrets out on the table, and best of all we now have a wonderful mentor couple who has not only been through a lot themselves but has been mentoring for quite some time. Jesus can do all things to heal and repair our lives. Without Him, I don't know that five years of being sober would be possible, but God also blessed us with mentors that are fellow believers to walk with alongside us and to teach us."

— Matt and Sylvia Layton
Mentees whose marriage and family is forever changed because of their Marriage Mentors™

**With the $25,000 of challenge funds pledged to date by other supporters

Your gift of $1 will be worth $2 to Strong Marriages!

Nearly 90% of our funding comes gifts from people like you who know the importance of strong marriages. Give to save marriages! Lives are forever changed because you give!

Your gift to Strong Marriages® will expand the ability to train more Marriage Mentors™ than ever before with the new online Marriage Mentors™ Training and Support system we are building. Soon Marriage Mentors™ will be trained online, 24 hours a day, all over the world in English speaking countries. Many, many, more marriages will be saved because you give!!

Strong Marriages

• What if the Marriage Mentors™ brand was so common, churches everywhere would turn to us immediately to help save marriages?

• What if couples everywhere could feel more accepted and understood by their spouse?

YOU can have a stake in making it possible!

Today is North Texas Giving Day. We need your gift more than ever before. Marriages are struggling more, children are growing up in homes where parents continually fight, and blended families struggle to unite.

We need to make up budget shortfalls so that we can continue to bear down to train more mentors rather than fundraise. If your gifts total $68,750 this year, we could make our goal for Giving Day and at least one-half of the shortfall from the loss of the fundraising event. If because of your generous gifts we make up all the shortfall we can train even more mentors!

**With the $25,000 of challenge funds pledged to date by other supporters your gift of $1 will be worth $2 to Strong Marriages!

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us" (1 John 5:14). Pray for God's PROTECTION over your marriage today. #strongmarriages

🏡 I was afraid to lose it all... Learn more about Matt & Sylvia's story at:

Wouldn't you like to have an impact on marriages around the country? ❤ Do know others who feel the same way?

Create a FUNdraiser page today and join with us!

Being married was supposed to be one of the greatest joys God gave us... 💔 Learn more about Matt & Sylvia's story at:


Join us for North Texas Giving Day!

After working with couples in crisis for over 16 years, one thing we know they all have in common; over 95% of them were not praying together before being mentored. Spending time in prayer together is one of the fundamentals these same couples learn to do immediately from their mentors.

Strong Marriages

FBW Married Life

A great big hearty congratulations to Wes & Kiley, who begin their lives together today! Wes & Kiley are currently enrolled in our “I Promise” curriculum for engaged and newlyweds. Kiley says this about the program: “This is super good!” They are establishing a solid foundation for their marriage centered on God. CONGRATULATIONS!

We believe that kids thrive in homes where BOTH parents are loving on them together! This is just 1 of 3,000 reasons to stand for God’s plan for marriage this Marriage Giving Day. Would you stand with us? Any gift you make today will be *doubled* ! Visit to be a part of it.

Last weekend, we had one of our biggest Marriage Mentors trainings EVER at our offices in Dallas. This weekend, we’ll be back at it again...this time in Atlanta! Would you pray that God would use us to equip each couple who attends with what they need to share their experiences?

Love this post from Farrah Mackie! “What I’m thankful for this week is...Strong Marriages and the older generations deciding to disciple the younger generation. It has taught us to be intentional, invest in one another daily, see each other the way the Lord does and to set our heart on the Lord for wisdom and truth...It has transformed our marriage inside and out. If you are married, wanting to be married, engaged I encourage this ministry. It is taking our marriage from good to unmeasurable love for one another, the way God sees, loves us. Here is just a tidbit of our learning. #strongmarriages #onlyGod #thankful.”

Thank you to all of you who helped us reach DOUBLE our year-end giving goal. Not only did we make up for our $10,000 deficit, but we have room to breathe! We’re already getting started equipping more couples for the relationships God made them for in 2018...What are YOU looking forward to building in your marriage this year?

The most meaningful thing you can do for your spouse this Christmas season is STOP. Go out for a midweek coffee date. Turn off your phone. Cancel those weekend plans. Do what it takes to destress and reconnect! #strongmarriages #strongfamilies #christianmarriage #marriageadvice #slowdown

At the core of EVERYTHING we do is one simple belief: people were made for relationship. We have BIG plans to teach new generations, churches, and even cultures how to connect God’s way in 2018—but we need your help! Would you make a year-end gift to Strong Marriages today? Just visit!

Yesterday you raised over $58,000 for Strong Marriages. Now twice as many couples will learn to celebrate their differences, communicate in the midst of conflict, and center their relationships on God's Word. THANK YOU. #ntxgivingday

We're just $9,450 short of using our full matching gift. Would you help us build relationships with more families like Matt and Sylvia's? They say, "We give to Strong Marriages because our marriage was completely transformed and renewed by Jesus and the help the ministry offered. Now our marriage is centered by our walk with God." Link in profile! #ntxgivingday

Wow! So far so good! Thanks to YOU, we are now at 51% of our goal halfway through #ntxgivingday. Help us use up all the rest of those matching funds? Link in profile!

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