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We are building community ministry partnerships so that we can respond to people's physical, economic, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Operating as usual


More shelters completed! 😀


Shoes for our Honduran friends! Thank you so much for giving!!💙


Handing out shoes in the mountains of Honduras!

Thank you for giving!


Our mission team handing out bags of food, and medication to people in need.


She showed up a tattered little dress, a smile, and filled with curiosity…

She stood in a long line holding her mothers hand but she ended up with a really nice pair of shoes and a pair of sandals for walking around on the dirt floor in her tiny shack on the top of the hill...

I wish I could say that most children here didn’t live this way but I what can say with absolute clarity and certainty is that these children realize how loved they are after we left the road side today.

Thank you for giving. It’s made an impact.


We are hard at work providing resources for impoverished families because of your willingness to be a part of our mission world family. We just want to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication as partners in this mission!


This adorable little girl is only four years old. After she filled buckets, all detergent bottles, and old Coca-Cola bottles full of dirty parasitic water, she took her bunny rabbit and hiked her water bottles up a hill so her family could have clean drinking water.

We are in the process of building her a new shelter. Thank you so much for giving.


Today we started one of our shelters! Thank you so much for giving!


Our missionary Isabella has been Working very hard to haul materials to a job site by horseback today! Thank you for all of your hard work Isabella! And thank you to everyone who has given so that she can come here and work on your behalf. Isabella is 16 years old and has been a missionary for several years now. Both home and foreign.


This is our other family in desperate need of a new shelter...

They are:
Ely Domínguez Gonzáles 38 years old.
Elvis Otoniel Gamez Domínguez 16 years old.
Jeydi Jaquelin Vasquez Domínguez 10 years old.
Yoely Jesús Vasquez Domínguez 4 years old.

We could still use a bit of help to finish raising funds to build ten a shelter (1,700$) as of now we have about 600$ of that raised.

We leave on the 11th.

Anyone who is willing to help please see the comment section where you will find a link to our PayPal. ❤️
Thank you!!!

1,100$ more changes their lives forever.


We are super excited to announce that FINALLY Rafaela Rodriguez, and her two sons are getting a new shelter!!!

You guys will remember that the little boys are the ones that take us to the waterfalls every time I am there. This young man has given me so much love and adventure that I could never ever repay. But we could not put him before everyone else that came before him on the list. I have been praying and praying for this day to come and his name has now come up!

His mommy and brother will have a shelter!!!

No more dirt!!! 😭😭😭😭

I can’t even tell you what a dream come true this is for them and also for me. Thank you all so much for giving. I cannot wait to break ground! I will probably cry all day long...

Tears of absolute joy!


Ryan Stevenson - With Lifted Hands (Official Lyric Video)


From the album NO MATTER WHAT available now http://rs.lnk.to/wlh Lyric video by Wander Creative. Music produced by Bryan Fowler for Man Cub Music House and C...


We do not forget you today... ❤️ if anyone is alone today PLEASE reach out. We will bring you a plate and a hug if you’d like.


HN - Spotters News

This is the airport where we fly in to do our mission work. Completely underwater.

🌀#IOTA Aeropuerto Int. Ramón Villeda Morales, así luce la parte frontal y área de estacionamiento de la terminal.

#Video del miércoles 18 de noviembre de 2020 📆


Today, we were able to ensure that 150 families In Honduras received food. This is much-needed relief because of the devastation of the hurricane.

Thank you to everyone who has been giving! We are so very thankful!



I come to you all tonight to ask from the deepest parts of my heart your prayers for my friend Dusty Deevers.

He and his beautiful wife and darling children, continuously give so much beauty to this world… So much love…

Unfortunately their home recently burned to the ground.
Everything that they owned, is now gone.

Still, in all of this Dusty has found even more time than he already spends to praise the Lord right alongside his wife.

They haven’t complained, but rather continue to express thanks to the Lord for everything that they do have which is each other, And friends.

They recently stood in front of this house and gave a live Facebook message giving God glory...

I am asking my friends to please take the time to donate to Dusty’s cash app.

This is a real cause that needs great attention. This is our BROTHER.

Anything that anyone can give well collectively work to be a great blessing for this family as they begin to put their lives back together.

Cash app:

If you cannot give through cash app I will personally pick up a check or give you another way to give. Please let me know I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your donation gets directly to Dusty. I can even put you in contact with him.

[11/13/20]   I know you all know this elderly man. While we were And Honduras a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that all of the wood on his shelter had rotted.

We were really scared that the ceiling was going to fall down on him. We asked for help and you gave in order to put a new tin roof on.

Because the property does not belong to me and we are not able to build a shelter, but we are able to keep him dry and his shelter clean.

Yesterday I received these pictures of the roof being finished. He was so happy!😇

Thank you for giving!!!💛☀️🙌

Thank you to Lopez Lopez for Your hard work and tearing down the old wood and reframing a new roof.


150 bags of food went out to families suffering in Honduras!!

As if there was not already enough devastation and great need for food, the hurricane has made it even more a tremendous need!

I want to tell everyone thank you so much for helping! We will begin to distribute the bags of food this week!!

Aleyda Vásquez and Willian will be our boots on the ground as I’m now back in the states with my family.

This will be an ongoing effort. I’ll keep everyone updated!💜


Please pray for Honduras


Children are worn out from the storms...


Sadly We have tough news to share about the village of 130 families I just met in Honduras....

The entire village is flooded because of the storms from the hurricane.

Two Sundays ago I had church for the very first time with the people in this village... it’s called Freedom. (or liberty)

Please keep them in your prayers. The situation has gone from difficult to worse as they are all displaced at the moment.

Everyone has officially been rendered homeless in the storm.

Around 300 people...


Today, our world lost one of the most precious souls it’s known.

Blanca was an elderly woman we met years ago, by a Devine appointment and since, our relationship with her has grown into a spectacular display of absolute love and splendor.

We are going to miss her greatly, and find comfort in fully knowing her beautiful spirit is now at home.
Right next to Jesus. 

Blanca, thank you for all of the kisses, hugs, blessings, and joy you brought to our lives....

Your story, your life, impacted lives.


Today, we flew back to the states but we had our team members Aleyda Vásquez and Willian pass out the rest of the food bags to people in need.

All of the people you see now live in shacks made of old sheet metal and wood. Dirt floors and no water.

Thank you for giving.

A special thank you to Steve and Jim!


The blessing of food...☀️


Tonight, we can rest in the wonderful peace that Blanca has given her heart to the Lord.

We prayed tonight a prayer of salvation, and once a week the family has had church meetings at her bedside.

She is a Christian.

We had a deep, private conversation, which we will continued tomorrow.
Tonight, we cried together, we laughed together, and it was good.

Blanca was in good spirits, and resting well.
God willing she will recover. I always have hope. I have prayed for just that.

However, HIS perfect will is best. Whatever it may be. I want exactly that for Blanca.

For us, because she is saved, it’s never an eternal goodbye. Isn’t that amazing!


Today we gave out much-needed food! Thank you so much for giving!

We cannot help without your help.

Together, we can change lives. 


Church last night was a very special gathering of people...

This little one filled her tummy full of Chicken and rice, and lots of soda!

Everyone left not only fed physically fed spiritually.


Last night we had church on the side of the highway in a new Village called freedom! It was our second time with the people of Freedom and it was completely liberating!
This village has been named appropriately!

Praise God!


Family photo in their living room…

This puts a lot of things into perspective. Family is in need of a shelter. When it rains floors become extremely muddy.


Today, as I was walking through the field where people had built their shelters on the side of the highway, I saw a part of land where someone had hung a door.

There is not even a house there… This person hung the door to the home that they are praying for...

Talk about a great expression of hope, and faith...

I stood there for quite some time taking pictures of the door… I was completely captivated by the amount of faith that it is taking this person believe that God is going to provide for them.

What a beautiful beautiful lesson in faith...

I wish We could’ve built a shelter for them right then and there.


We had a Conversation about how terrible avocados were. I can’t stand them...

She did not seem to agree with me about that at all. This adorable little girl loves avocados! 😊

Her family will receive a clean, new, concrete floor.

No more dirt and mud.


Even in a mess of all the poverty and suffering, there is beauty.
God Is Good.


Feeding infants at our mission gates this morning...

Thank you so much for giving.

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