Institute for Vital Ministry

Leadership development for nonprofit and ministry leaders. Coaching, spiritual direction, pastoral care, entrepreneurial collaboration & resource sharing.

As the Institute for Vital Ministry develops, we will:

Provide individual and group spiritual life coaching to people who are disaffected from traditional expressions of faith and congregational life:

* Through interactions in the community, listen for an identify conversation opportunities. These could take place at formal networking meetings, at The Grove and other coworking spaces, and in “th

Operating as usual


Pastor Ken G Crawford

“Essentialism is a disciplined, systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies, then making ex*****on of those things almost effortless.”
In this season if disruption, we may have the opportunity to make new choices for our work and our personal lives. We may be able to decide what is most important, what will contribute to our wellbeing and that of the world, and set aside other things that deplete our at least don’t contribute.
#essentialism by Greg McKeown is a helpful conversation partner.
#engage4impact 04/28/2020

Giving Tuesday Now: GoFundMe Charity Match Program

GoFundMe Fundraising is offering $400,000 in $1000 #givingtuesday matching grants to #nonprofits affected by #Covid19. You can apply here: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, nonprofits across the country face the most unprecedented economic challenge of their time. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to support each other and mobilize our communities. In an effort to provide immediate aid, Giving Tuesday announced #GivingTues... 04/25/2020

Avoid This Big Mistake: Stepping Back Into the Past When You Step Back Into Your Building

Carey Nieuwhof offers helpful reminders of some dangers we will face when we return to our buildings. As America and the world reopen, churches will too. Here are 5 ways stepping back into your building can make you step back into the past & miss the future. 04/25/2020

Some Awkward Questions About How to Measure Online Church Attendance (+ 5 Growth Strategies)

This is an interesting conversation. How are you assessing impact? So now that your church (along with almost every other church) is online, you're probably asking: how exactly do I track 'attendance'? Here are some awkward questions about how to measure online church attendance and 5 best practices for church growth.


“Be transformed by the renewing of the mind...” Romans 12 03/20/2020

Why You Shouldn’t Live Stream a “Normal” Service This Weekend

Not saying I agree with everything here, he makes some important points.

At least some of our folks said they really appreciated that the service was “normal”. No one thing OSs going to meet all needs, and we can’t do all the things well. Make a few choices and practice those. Be flexible and gracious with yourself. Don’t continue with business as normal. Adapt and serve people the way they need you to right now.


Zoom to facebook test

Zoom to Facebook test two


History Hustle 02/27/2020

#OkBoomer: 10 Signs Your Weekend Services Aren’t Designed for the Next Generation How can you expect to connect with the next generation if you don’t include them in the planning of your worship and teaching experiences?

02/27/2020 02/26/2020

Learn How to Put Your Organization's Data to Work A free guide to harnessing the power of data.


HT Jacqueline V. Twillie from ZeroGap


Simon Sinek

I love this every time I see it. 02/10/2020

Last Day to Register!

Deep dive on how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, how to recognize when those are at risk, and what to do to protect everyone involved. #boundaries 01/23/2020

Webinar Registration Page

This is going to be a blessing to many folks. Money Is Not A Four-Letter-Word: Faith, Women in Ministry, & Money a webinar on Cultivating a Resistance Money Mindset 01/21/2020

The adaptive cycle as a dynamic map for resilience thinking

At the edge of chaos, complex dynamic systems are at their most creative (Kauffman, 1995). Ervin László argues in The Chaos Point that the world and humanity is currently at a crossroads between breakdown and breakthrough. If we take appropriate actions, the chaos point could be an opportunity to “leap to a new civilization” (László, 2006: 109). The three aspects of resilience (persistence, adaptive capacity and transformability) describe important capacities of living systems: to resist collapse and maintain vital functions, to adapt to changing conditions (learn and self-organize) and in the case of Socio-Ecological Systems to apply fores... 01/16/2020

Epiphany Bookkeeping, LLC

Resource Spotlight: Epiphany Bookkeeping, LLC
Clear communication around finances is essential for personal and organizational success, whether as an individual, small business, nonprofit or church. Often we don't have that expertise ourselves, or the time and discipline to manage these details successfully. If this describes you, consider engaging Epiphany. You'll get a the benefit of supportive team member who will prioritize your needs and work to help you thrive. Epiphany Bookkeeping is a virtual bookkeeping business bringing insight and clarity to small businesses, churches & nonprofits, and individuals.


Clergy Coaching Network 12/20/2019

DreamBig Starter Kit

Great stuff here!
Thanks Dr. Irie How to pursue your dreams without letting fear hold you back...even if you're over 50!


Clergy Coaching Network


Mindful Christianity Today 12/14/2019

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Training Program Registration View this form on Formsite


Reformed Mindset


Clergy Coaching Network 12/06/2019

12 Ways to Attract New Donors Learn how fundraisers can find valuable donor prospects with a 4 step acquisition strategy. 11/14/2019

Congregations Sharing Space and Cost, Working Conversation

Looking forward to listening and learning from peers in this work. Sharing Space/Sharing Cost Working Conversation will address the issue of making congregational space available to other organizations.


Clergy Coaching Network 11/03/2019

Yes, I'm An Introvert! Who's With Me? by Dream Big with Dr. Irie • A podcast on Anchor In this episode Dr. Irie talks about characteristics and misconceptions about being an introvert.


InLighten Films

Are you looking for a new way to engage with the Common Lectionary? Every time you pass through the calendar, there are many opportunities to tell the passages in a different way. Learn more about why Professor Amy-Jill Levine thinks short films are a helpful tool with the lectionary calendar. 10/17/2019

The Tree of Contemplative Practices

Tree of #contemplative practices. An illustration of contemplative practices showing the breadth of meditation and mindfulness within traditions. It certainly opens up one's understanding about how these disciplines take root and manifest themselves in our lives, non?


Clergy Coaching Network

Something to consider!


Clergy Coaching Network


First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Maybe you’re called to be the first wild dancer. Maybe you’re the first follower. Whichever, be bold and live out loud. Do things that bring joy and make the world a better place.
HT Bespoken Art for the reminder.

Official transcript at --- If you've learned a lot about leadership and making a movement, then let's watch a movement happen, start to...


New Church Ministry

#ChurchPlanting transformation of traditional churches.
- get in places where you're a little uncomfortable and environments where you can learn from new communities.
- read, read, read, watch TED talks, gather resources.
- share what you are learning, formally and informally
- learn to be around new people. Get to know a stranger.

Here are Rev. Dr. Ken Crawford's New Church Hacks:

1. Be in places where we're a little bit uncomfortable
2. Read, read, read, read
3. Bring resources back to equip and develop your community
4. Get comfortable with meeting new people


New Church Ministry

#Stewardship and #Fundraising: transform your thinking.

Having trouble raising funds? Here's some advice: Let go of 20th-century stewardship models that assume donors are worshipers, and shift to non-profit fundraising models that assume everyone can give.

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Galveston Beach Waves at Sunrise




501 Elm St, Ste 450
Dallas, TX
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