Texas Baptists Cooperative Program

Texas Baptists Cooperative Program


I am basically in need of a miracle to find someone that I do not know except for knowing that they are from the State of Texas; however, this unknown Texas lady is very special to our family because she doesn't know the testimony that she gave to our family about adoption and now, I am going to try to help find her to tell her our story.... Many of you know about our adoption story of Hannah Claire and how God proved his love for her, the orphan, when God moved in mysterious ways and used an old Russian man that we did not know and had never spoken too, to place a bible in my chest at the last second as I was exiting the bus that Andrea and I were riding on to fly from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. This bible was the last birthday gift (number 16 of 16) that we had been searching for and praying for to give Hannah Claire as a small reminder from her birth country of Russia. We had not had any success in finding any bible anywhere in Russia from searching through street vendors and bookstores, to looking in Russian churches hoping to buy a bible when God pulled out his "let me give you a testimony" moment in one of the most unique and literally terrifying ways to help bring and give glory back to Him by encouraging families to adopt children! Seriously, if you've heard me tell the story, then you know that the old Russian man who had for some unknown reason been shaking his finger angrily at us but never spoke to us and had moved to sit by the exit door was now staring directly at me as he slowly stood and began reaching in his long black winter coat to pull out, (You probably all know what I was thinking because we've all watched the same movies and it wasn't about to end well for this ole American boy!) a gun! But it wasn't a gun, it was a bible but not just any bible, it was a "Gideon" bible that was written in the Russian language. How cool and awesome is that? We had not been looking for any specific bible such as the Gideon bible that we received, we had just been looking for a bible that was written in the Russian language because I would not have known what I was reading since I cannot read Russian! However, we had now received a Gideon bible that was written in the Russian language and this confirmed to me that this was God tangibly showing me his love and care for the orphan through His word, the Gideon Bible! In 2008, approximately 49 million bibles had been delivered and freely passed out to anyone who would accept this gift by the Gideon's throughout the entire country of Russia but this Gideon bible was meant especially for Hannah Claire! I will never know the name of that old Russian man who probably gave me his only copy of the Bible that he had but I have taken this Gideon bible and shared this God-sized story at any bible believing church regardless of denomination or Gideon banquet to promote adoption to families and to encourage churches to begin orphan care ministries to support both the adopting family and the orphan. Now, this is where I need your help! Part of our story deals with some missionaries and one woman in particular whom we had met at the Atlanta airport while we were waiting at our terminal gate. I had spent some time talking to them before and during our flight from Atlanta to Moscow but I am not sure where they were all from or how they all knew each other. Once we had landed and were looking for either a taxi or bus to board to travel from the international airport to the domestic airport to fly within the country, these missionaries helped us by having someone who was with them translate for us and this is the woman that I am trying to find because this woman from Texas has no idea about that the bus that she put us on is the bus where we received this Gideon bible as I was exiting the bus that day! I want this woman to know how she helped make a dramatic experience in our lives come true because she could have easily talked to and put us onto any bus or taxi that day but God led her to that bus that day. I want her to know about the story that she played a role in without even knowing! I wonder if she even remembers helping us that day? She thought she was making an impact by serving in Russia for those 30 days and I know that she did as well as those other women who were with her, but does she know the impact that she made on my life in helping to encourage others to adopt? I doubt it! So, I will ask for your help in sharing this story with your friends, family, and church and especially anyone that is either from Texas or lives in Texas!!! Here's what I know: 1. This group of 14-18 women were doing missionary work in Russia for about 30 days. 2. This woman can speak fluent Russian. 3. The woman who helped us we were told was from Texas but I do not know where from in Texas. 4. We were all flying from Atlanta to Moscow in February 2009! This gives new meaning to, "finding a needle in a haystack!" Serving the fatherless together, Chris Gray [email protected]
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Through the Cooperative Program we do more together and see more saved as we join our resources. The Cooperative Program holds a blessing for me personally.
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The Cooperative Program (CP), at its core is a cooperative way of financially supporting missions both locally and globally. It is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry to those in need.

The Cooperative Program, or CP, at its core is a cooperative way of financially supporting missions both locally and globally. It is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry to those in need and those who have yet to hear the gospel.

Texas Baptists

Good information on how to help smaller churches and bi-vocational pastors during this crisis.

Today, Executive Director David Hardage encourages us to pray for Baptist University of the Américas. Also, visit txb.org for information on how your church can benefit from the CARES Act and the new Pastor Relief Grants to help bivocational pastors who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. The Baptist General Convention of Texas is here to help you and your church!


txb.life - Modeling the Great Commission at the Hispanic Evangelism Conference

At the Texas Baptists Hispanic Evangelism Conference, Evangelist Samuel Otero encouraged participants to preach the Word all around the world.

txb.life “I believe that every Sunday people should be coming to the Lord. But people won’t come unless they’ve been invited.”


Hill College Cleburne BSM

When Hill College Cleburne BSM began, they struggled to get students involved. Then Beach Reach happened.

"From Beach Reach on, it was the first time our Baptist Student Ministry (Texas BSM) students saw our campus as a mission field. Now, those students are living missionally-minded both on campus and beyond. One student even feels called to a long-term mission trip in South Africa."

When your church gives to the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program, ministries like BSM are able to share the Gospel and disciple students. Share their #52Sundays story: http://ow.ly/W0gE50y86uJ

texasbaptists.org Students from Hill College Cleburne’s Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) participated in the college’s first mission trip, traveling to the coast of Texas to participate in Beach Reach and reach fellow students with the Gospel.


txb.life - Disciples making disciples

Question of the day: How can we better equip young ministers to spread the Gospel?

txb.life The Missions Team has launched several new initiatives to reach younger generations, including Devoted and two new mentorship programs


TXB Missionaries

All around the state, on a weekly basis, thirteen Texas Baptists missionaries are meeting needs and sharing the Gospel in their communities. Today, let's lift up our missionaries in prayer: http://ow.ly/2R5H50xEqAX

texasbaptists.org These missionaries are appointed by the Baptist General Convention of Texas after a proper background check and screening.

#LiveCompelled Story: Pastor Jorge Vazquez

At the last Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Pastor Jorge Vazquez of Agape Baptist Church in San Antonio shared his #LiveCompelled story.

How do you live compelled? Tell us at the 2020 Texas Baptists Annual Meetingn on November 15-17 in Waco, TX. Visit: txb.org/am


Texas Baptists - Ward Hayes elected to serve as CFO/Treasurer for Texas Baptists

Texas Baptists are excited to welcome Ward Hayes as the new CFO/Treasurer. Hayes is a Texas Baptist pastor and Certified Public Accountant who brings great ministry and business experience to the role. Join us in welcoming him to the staff!

texasbaptists.org Ward Hayes, senior pastor of Valley Grove Baptist Church in Stephenville and current board chair, was elected to serve as the new Chief Financial Officer/Treasu...


Randy and Anita Jordan

Aviel, a college student in Manila, Philippines, would often get angry and blame God when he encountered problems in his life. The Jordans, IMB missionaries serving in the Philippines, were able to disciple Aviel, and he accepted Jesus as his savior.

When your church gives to the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program, missionaries like the Jordans, are able to reach and disciple college students around the world for Christ. #52Sundays

texasbaptists.org In the Philippines, an IMB couple is sharing God’s love with university students.

2018 Cooperative Program Giving: Top-Giving Churches

In 2018, over $32 million was given through the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program by more than 5,300 congregations across the state. This video celebrates the top-giving churches across nine different categories.

We are so grateful for these 9 churches and thousands of other Texas Baptist churches who are faithfully sending their hearts to places that their feet will never go.

During Annual Meeting, CP Director Chris Liebrum recognized nine churches as 2018 Leaders in Texas CP Giving including Green Acres Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, TX, Acton Baptist Church, Central Baptist Church Carthage, TX, First Baptist Church -Ozona, Texas, Cornerstone Baptist Church Killeen, Harker Heights, Chinese Baptist Church of Houston, Northside Community Church, and Christ the King Vietnamese Baptist Church in Hewitt.

We are so thankful for Texas Baptist churches partnering together through the Cooperative Program to share Christ and show love.


Texas Baptists Student Ministry

Last year, $4.1 million was invested in Texas Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) on campuses like Dallas Baptist University, East Texas Baptist University, and University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. We are thankful for these and other education partners who use Cooperative Program funds to engage more than 1.6 million college students in Texas to follow Christ and transform the world! https://www.txbsm.org #CPGivesThanks

txbsm.org BSM is a student-led organization that provides opportunities for spiritual growth, making friends, leadership, service, and missions.


Jason & Kimberly Brewer

Texas Baptists is thankful for your church's gifts to the Cooperative Program, which support missionaries across the globe. This Sunday, show your church family how their giving has helped two missionaries in Serbia reach people for Christ. Download this week's 52 Sundays story in English or Spanish here: https://cp.texasbaptists.org/sundays/2019/jason-kimberly-brewer #CPGivesThanks

texasbaptists.org As Ivana was typing on her phone, a message appeared that said, “Have you met Jesus?”

[11/06/19]   Texas Baptists is thankful for its many education partners like Hardin-Simmons University, Houston Baptist University, and Baptist University of the Américas, which are supported through your church's gifts to the Cooperative Program. If your church wants to support Christian education in Texas, find out how it can partner with other Baptist churches in Texas here: https://texasbaptists.org/about/cooperative-program #CPGivesThanks


Texas Baptists - Institutional Relations

Texas Baptists is thankful for educational institutions like San Marcos Academy, Baylor University, and George W. Truett Theological Seminary and their dedication to providing Christian education. Join us this week as we pray and give thanks for these and many other outstanding educational partners. #CPGivesThanks

texasbaptists.org Institutional Relations Educational Institutions Texas Baptist educational institutions provide a faith-based learning environment in which students are challe...

First Baptist Church of Wellington, TX

“This weekend my travels take me to the Texas panhandle town of Wellington, located just a few miles west of the Oklahoma border. FBCW is just another example of what can happen when churches of all sizes partner together to send the Gospel all over the world.“ - Chris Liebrum, Director of TXB Cooperative Program

Join Chris Liebrum tomorrow at First Baptist Church of Wellington, TX. Service times linked below.

Satisfied in Christ for the glory of God to the ends of the earth.

“Two years ago this week, Hurricane Harvey struck south Texas. High winds ripped through the Corpus Christi area. Floodwaters inundated Texas' southeast coast. But Texas Baptists, through Texas Baptist Men, had emergency assets in place and stood ready to help even before the onslaught began. The TXB Cooperative Program investment of $330,789 in the ministry of Texas Baptist Men supports their ability to respond to disasters even before they hit.

A few days after the storm, I stood with pastor T. Wayne Price in the middle of his destroyed sanctuary. This weekend, I once again will stand with Pastor Price at First Baptist Church Refugio to celebrate the dedication of their completely rebuilt facilities. It has been a long two years for this great congregation, but the lack of a building did not stop them from being the presence of Christ in the city of Refugio. What a joy to be with them on Sunday and share in this special day!“

Chris Liebrum
Director, TXB Cooperative Program


Area Representatives

Area Representatives are supported by our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program. Let’s pray for our nine area representatives as they meet the needs of churches around the state.

cp.texasbaptists.org Area Representatives are the boots on the ground for Texas Baptists. They spend the majority of their time on the road, driving to various churches in their regions, and responding to needs each day.

Today, we would like to highlight our Bivocational Ministry and their efforts in building well equipped leaders around the state. Learn more: https://texasbaptists.org/ministries/connections/bivocational-pastors-ministry

Here are a few tips from the Texas Baptists Center for Ministerial Excellence on how to budget in your day-to-day life. https://texasbaptists.org/ministries/connections/center-for-ministerial-excellence/budgeting-tips-for-pastors

"We've got a lot of work to do and we need help. We need church planters to be raised up and church planters to come. This is international missions without a passport...God is at work here — the question is whether you are supposed to join us." [http://ow.ly/GAhu50ubT78]

—Gary Irby, Northwest Baptist Convention
(Northwest Baptist Witness)

TXB partnership in church planting in the Pacific Northwest

Texas Baptists Church Starter Dustin Payne shares about new opportunities to partner in church planting efforts in the Pacific Northwest through the Northwest Baptist Convention (Northwest Baptist Witness).

Are you interested in starting a church in your community? Find your nearest church starter to begin the process: texasbaptists.org/churchstarting


Nancy Thompson

This Sunday, download and share Nancy Thompson's story with a friend and ask God to keep her safe as she serves in Southeast Asia. #52Sundays

cp.texasbaptists.org Melea was around 50-years-old and was born with a genetic disorder which caused hundreds of tumors to grow all over her body.

"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices." -President Harry S. Truman

Texas Baptists - 287 students help Harvey victims in the Golden Triangle bounce back

Today, nearly two years after Hurricane Harvey, volunteers are still needed to help restore communities in South Texas.

texasbaptists.org It’s been a year and a half since Hurricane Harvey pummeled through South Texas. Damage lingers and volunteers are still needed to continue restoration. That...

"I love leading BOUNCE because as a 26-year student ministry veteran, I know what direct hands on mission service does in the life of students. I firmly believe it creates a life-long love of missions." —David Scott, Director, Bounce Student Disaster Recovery

Connect with David Scott: texasbaptists.org/bounce


Publicity Card_RM Seeds Kit 2019.pdf

This spring, consider making an impact along the Texas / Mexico border by contributing to our community garden starter kit.



Missionary Adoption Program

This week, share with your friends and church family how the MAP - Missionary Adoption Program is changing lives through evangelism, discipleship and church planting in underserved communities around the world. #52Sundays

cp.texasbaptists.org The Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) is changing lives around the world. As a ministry of Texas Baptists, this program partners Texas churches with churches in a host country to jointly sponsor an indigenous missionary.

Texas Baptists Cooperative Program = Doing missions cooperatively to reach more people with Christ’s message of hope. Learn more: http://ow.ly/cMRd50udqTw

"As a young youth ministry at Lake Leon Baptist Church, Bounce Student Disaster Recovery has given us an opportunity to work together as a team. We are excited to take what we’ve learned here this spring break and apply it at home in our community. —Shaun Chastain, Youth Pastor, Lake Leon Baptist Church

Serve with us this summer: texasbaptists.org/bounce


txb.life - Embracing the Cowboy Church culture

"Rick and Paula Allen are out there meeting people, reaching out to people and baptizing people. That's what it's all about!"

txb.life At Archer City Cowboy Church, people who desire a closer walk with Jesus gathers each week


txb.life - Joining God's work in the Northwest

When Andrew and Kim Arthur moved to Seattle in 2011, they described the area as a pre-Christian society. Here's how you can help: http://ow.ly/yaTt50ubEDY

txb.life Read about a recent vision trip to Seattle to meet with church planters, and the new partnership between Texas Baptists and the Northwest Baptist Convention.


Publicity Card_RM Hygiene Kit 2019.pdf

Need a great mission project idea for your youth ministry? Hygiene kits are a simple yet effective way to do outreach on the border. Learn more: http://ow.ly/GqAO50ubDuf


Go Now Missions

This Sunday, download and share during your worship service how we're sending Go Now Missions students to share the Gospel around the globe. #52Sundays

Download > http://ow.ly/7VFG50udpfC

cp.texasbaptists.org This past year, Go Now Missions sent student missionaries to Southeast Asia where they helped serve a local church group.


2018 Cooperative Program Annual Report

Let's take a moment to look back at 2018 and see how Cooperative Program giving was invested in mission work, and a few results from that investment.

issuu.com Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: 2018 Cooperative Program Annual Report, Author: Texas Baptists, Name: ...

All throughout Spring Break, BSM at UH students are serving and sharing the Gospel on South Padre Island. Please continue to pray for blessed conversations, and for hearts to be softened and open to hearing the Good News! #CPGivingInAction (via Texas BSM)

In San Antonio this week, UTA BSM students spent quality time with residents in a local area nursing home and painted the children's room at a local area church. #CPGivingInAction (via Texas BSM)

Right now, Texas BSM students are serving in Arlington, El Paso, Edinburg, Ft. Worth, Houston, Nashville, Rockport, San Antonio, and South Padre. Please keep our students, staff, leaders, and their families in your prayers as they share the Gospel around the country. #TXBSM #TXBlife

Thank you UTA BSM students for your service this week in San Antonio! #CPGivingInAction (via Texas BSM)

70 UTA BSM students are serving with churches and ministries in San Antonio leading worship, kid’s clubs, evangelism and construction. Praise God for 12 salvations so far! #TXBSM #TXBlife

Thank you FBC Hale Center, TX for your support and partnership! Together, we are putting God's Word to work in Texas, North America and around the world.

Dr. Kris Knippa receiving a recognition on behalf of FBC Hale Center from Chris Liebrum for the church’s generous giving in support of the Cooperative Program of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

"Thousands are coming to Christ and experiencing changed lives, all because you generously support mission and ministry through the Cooperative Program." —Chris Liebrum, Director of Texas Baptists Cooperative Program

This Sunday, we'll be traveling to New Hope Baptist Church (Aubrey, TX) with exciting news of how their yearly contributions to the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program have help thousands rebuild after natural disasters.

Join us at 11am: http://newhopeaubrey.com/


Texas Baptists - 30 Ways to be on Mission

How has your church been on mission this year? There are still 306 days left in 2019 - let's make them count. Here are 30 ways to be on mission in your community. (via Texas Baptists Missions Team).

texasbaptists.org 30 Ways to be on Mission 1. Adopt an Elementary School, Provide for Needs of Families 2. Adopt a Nursing Home 3. Plant a Community Garden 4. Volunteer at a Loc...


Hispanic Ministries

This Texas Baptists Hispanic Ministry, led by Director Rolando Rodriguez, helps churches help communities. One such church is Erez Church in Duncanville. On a weekly basis, the church ministers to and disciples over 30 college students who are attending higher learning institutions in the area.

This week, encourage your church to pray for the Hispanic Ministry Team. Download & share their #52Sundays story: http://ow.ly/njUX30nQADB

cp.texasbaptists.org Texas Baptist Hispanic Ministries helps churches help communities in the area of education.

Missional Communities through Texas BSM's.

When your church gives to the Texas Baptists Cooperative Program, your helping Texas BSM's around the state reach students for Christ.

Our Story

The Texas Baptists Cooperative Program, or CP, at its core is a cooperative way of financially supporting missions both locally and globally. It is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry to those in need and those who have yet to hear the gospel.

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#LiveCompelled Story: Pastor Jorge Vazquez
2018 Cooperative Program Giving: Top-Giving Churches
TXB partnership in church planting in the Pacific Northwest
360 View: Texas Baptists African American Leadership Workshop
Missional Communities through Texas BSM's.
#CPGivingInAction: Natalie Rodriguez
#CPGivingInAction: STCH Ministries
#CPGivingInAction: I Have Hope Program
River Ministry Testimony: Pastor Robert Rodriguez
Project: Start Refugee Resource Center
Texas Baptists Hunger Offering: Buckner Peru
#CPGivingInAction: Pastor Chuck Martin






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