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Watermark Kids updated their website address. 06/30/2021

Watermark Kids updated their website address.

Watermark Kids updated their website address.

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How about that TIMELINE WEEKEND?! We had so much fun on Sunday wrapping up the month of January with finishing up our Old Testament portion of the Bible Timeline. Elementary families, continue to review with kiddos at home! And remember, the Bible is a bunch of smaller stories that point to one big true story, the story of God and His rescue plan through Jesus!


Welcome back, families! We are so excited to learn about gentleness this month as our new character trait for our elementary kiddos! Meanwhile, our preschoolers are kicking off a new unit...Jesus! Today’s story is about Jesus in the temple. Unable to be with us this morning? No worries! Join in at home by visiting watermark.org/kidskit


Good morning, families! Just in time for Christmas...all of our ministries read from Luke 2, the story of Jesus' birth! Today, our preschoolers learned that Jesus is God's greatest gift. Meanwhile, our elementary kiddos learned we can be made pure because of Jesus, wrapping up our month on purity! Follow along with us at home by visiting watermark.org/kidskit


Happy Sunday, families! This morning our preschoolers learned about when An Angel Visited Mary. The angel had a special message for Mary about how Jesus is God's plan to rescue the world from sin. Our elementary kids continued learning about purity. God is pure and he created all things pure, but today, we read through Genesis 3 and learned we are not pure because sin stains us. Unable to join us in person? Follow along at home by visiting watermark.org/kidskit


New month? New charcter trait! This morning, our elementary kiddos learned purtiy is being clean and free from the power of sin and that God is pure and He created all things pure. Meanwhile, our preschoolers started a new unit: Christmas! They learned the story of God promising a Savior! Join in on the fun at home by visiting watermark.org/kidskit


God cares most about our hearts -- that's what our preschoolers learned this past weekend. Parents, review the story of God choosing a king for Israel and WHY He chose David with your child. Then spend some time with your kiddo praying God would make your hearts more like His! For more ideas and activities to do together at home visit watermark.org/kidskit


And that's a wrap for our month learning about thankfulness in Elementary! We sure hope you enjoyed taking the time to give thanks to God for who He is, how He made us, through the hard times, and for all He has done. Though our time learning about this character trait is over, we can always practice having a grateful heart that comes from trusting God. In fact, you can review November's memory verse and more at watermark.org/kidskit


We want to invite you on a journey for the next 25 days through God’s amazing story of Christmas. As we count down the days to December 25, our hope is that God would allow you to see how every story in Scripture, from Creation to the manger in Bethlehem, points to our need for a Savior and God’s great rescue plan through Jesus. Find more details, daily scripture readings, devotionals, and family activities at watermark.org/kidsadvent


Happy Sunday, families! We sure hope you enjoyed the holiday, but we are so glad to be back! Today, our preschoolers continued hearing about the life of David and how God chose David to be king because God cares most about our hearts. Our elementary kids wrapped up our month over thankfulness through the story of the ten lepers. They learned we can be thankful for what God has done. Weren’t able to join us in person this morning? No worries, head over to watermark.org/kidskit for our at home lessons!


Happy Thanksgiving, families! What a wonderful day to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of our God and how much we have to thank Him for. Thankfulness is a grateful heart that comes from trusting God; spend some time today sharing with one another what you are thankful for this year! Pray through 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 as a family, ask God to help you be thankful in all circumstances, and praise Him for the greatest gift we can always be thankful for, Jesus!


Elementary parents, spend some time with you kiddo this week talking about our Finish Line: we can be thankful even through hard times. Reflect on the hard times your family has faced and how you saw God working through it. Preschool parents, review the story of David and Goliath...God always wins! Remind your child of God’s great love and that He is always with us.


It’s that time again! This morning our preschoolers heard the story of how God used a little shepherd boy to defeat a mighty giant because God always wins. Our elementary kiddos spent some time examining the life of Jeremiah and reading through some of his laments. They learned we can be thankful even through hard times. If you were unable to gather with us today, we encourage you to check out our online resources at watermark.org/kidskit


Hey there, parents! Whether your kiddo is in preschool or elementary, they are learning to store God's Word in their heart. Take some time this week to review November's memory verse with your child! Remind them of God's character and why we can trust Him and be thankful for Him! For more resources you can use at home go to watermark.org/kidskit


This month, our elementary kids are learning all about having a grateful heart that comes from trusting God - thankfulness! With your family, create a countdown calendar, each day writing what you are thankful for. On Thanksgiving, you can review the stories your kiddo has learned this month AND what they have to be thankful for. For more ways to have fun with your kids at home visit watermark.org/kidskit


Preschool parents, on Sunday, our preschoolers learned God has a purpose for their life through the story of Samuel. This week, put together a simple puzzle, and as you do, you can use the puzzle pieces to help your kiddo understand how every single piece has a purpose to help create a full picture! Talk with your kiddo about how we have purpose that was uniquely given to us by God for our good and His glory. For more ways to utilize at home discipleship fun visit watermark.orrg/kidskit


Fitting for November, this morning our Elementary kiddos kicked off our new character trait for the month, thankfulness! They learned being thankful is a grateful heart that comes from trusting God AND we can be thankful for who God is. Meanwhile, our preschoolers learned about how God has a purpose for our lives through the story of God calling Samuel. If you weren’t able to be with us in person, join in on the fun online at watermark.org/kidskit


Elementary families! It’s game time! This past weekend, we played a little Timeline trivia...now it’s your turn! Go back and forth between you and your kiddo asking review questions and quizzing one another on the hand motions for each of the eras. Find resources for your game at watermark.org/kidskit


Preschool parents, take a break with some arts and crafts! Build your own wall of Jericho with graham crackers, peanut butter and gummy bears! After you construct the walls, re-enact the story to review how you can see God’s faithfulness through it and why He wants us to obey. Find more fun activities at watermark.org/kidskit


Happy November! Today, our preschoolers hear a story that involves marching and musical instruments. No, we’re not talking about a halftime performance; it’s the true story of the battle of Jericho! And we’ll learn what it teaches us about how God wants us to obey. Over in Elementary, we’re learning three new eras from the Bible Timeline: Conquest, Judges and Kingdom. The Bible Timeline teaches us the Bible is a bunch of smaller stories that all point to one BIG, true story: the story of God and His rescue plan through Jesus. You can check out some resources to review both lessons at home over at watermark.org/kidskit


Good news! One whole extra hour of sleep tonight! Don't forget to set your clocks back as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end, and we'll see you tomorrow!


Hey there, families! This week gather around the dinner table and share with your kiddos the times you’ve learned to trust the Lord, rather than depend on your own understanding. Then, remind them of how God used Ananias to change Paul’s life because Ananias chose to trust God. Make the time together extra SWEET by reviewing Proverbs 3:5-6 and making some cookies together! For more, head to watermark.org/kidskit


Preschool parents, use the next family outing to play a game of I Spy! This week, your preschooler learned about the twelve spies sent to scout out the Promised Land. Have your kiddo pretend to be a spy as you play, and then see if they remember some things they spotted - just like Moses asked the Israelite spies to do! Review this week's story and more at watermark.org/kidskit


Timeline Photos


Movie night! Preschool families, spend a night in with your kiddo this weekend and watch “The Prince of Egypt” together. You can build a fort, pop some popcorn, grab your favorite candy and snuggle up for an at home night at the cinema! This movie tells the story of Moses! As you watch, pause and review what your preschooler has learned about God from the life of Moses. Find more resources at watermark.org/kidskit


Good morning, families! Today, our preschoolers learn more about how God protects His children, as we learn how He used Moses to part the Red Sea to rescue the Israelites from Egypt. Meanwhile, elementary kiddos learn about the importance of discerning between good advice and bad advice as we look at an Old Testament king who chose to lean on his own understanding. If you weren’t able to join us this morning, you can still tune in and check out our new Kids Kit at watermark.org/kidskit


Use a night before bedtime this week to review our story from Daniel with your elementary kiddo! You can read through the whole story in chapter 2 of Daniel. Remember, God gave the King a dream of what would happen in the future, and God used Daniel to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream! Pray with your kiddo that, like Daniel, they would stop and pray to ask God for help before acting in tough situations at school, in sports and with family and friends. Find more helpful tools at watermark.org/kidskit


Preschool parents, it’s snack time! Take snack time to review this week’s story with your kiddo. For example, take a graham cracker or apple slice and spread chocolate frosting on it to represent the 9th plague when the land was completely dark. Get creative and have fun! Then, remind your child of this week’s Teaching Truth: God has power over everything. You can find more ideas in this week’s Kids Kit at watermark.org/kidskit.


Whether you’re joining us in person or online through the Kids Kit this morning, here’s what we’re learning in Watermark Kids! Preschoolers continue learning about the life of Moses and how God used Moses in the ten plagues and the first Passover. Our elementary kids are learning how Daniel practiced discernment and how God used Daniel to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and save many people! Find resources to lead your family at home today AND to keep the lesson going at home throughout the week at watermark.org/kidskit


Time to dig around in your glove box and pull out an old map! Elementary parents, use a map or a GPS app to review this month’s memory verse, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you and He will show you which path to take.” In the same way we use a map or GPS to give us directions before we go somewhere, remind your kids of why it’s important to seek God’s direction before acting. Then, review ways God can help show us which path to take (i.e. God’s Word, God’s people). Find more at watermark.org/kidskit


Hey preschool families! Enjoy the nice fall weather with a walk! On your walk, review the story of God calling Moses. Stop along the way and ask, “Is God with us here?” Remind your preschooler, no matter where we go or what happens, God is always with us. For more fun activities to use at home go to watermark.org/kidskit


WATERMARK KIDS IS BACK! And so is a new Kids Kit! This month, our Elementary kids are learning about discernment. We read about the prophet Samuel and how he listened to God and used discernment to anoint King David. Our preschoolers are learning the story of God calling Moses. Just as God was always with Moses, our teaching truth tells us that God is always with us, too! Check out the Kids Kit and more helpful resources for your family at watermark.org/kidskit


It’s been a long time, friends. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow! For registration details and more information about what to expect when you arrive, visit watermark.org/kidsupdate.


Time for a drive!? Elementary parents, on your way to the grocery store, school, or just an evening drive...have your kiddo tag along and review this weeks memory verse. Use the stop lights to make it a game! Then, on your way home listen to your favorite worship song; spend time worshipping God and celebrating His faithfulness! For more resources check out watermark.org/kidskit


Calling all stuffed animals...lions and bunnies and bears, oh my! Parents, pop some popcorn and make snack time with your preschooler fun by reviewing the story of Joseph in Egypt from this week’s Kids Kit. Use an old oatmeal or pringle can to help your child store grain, just like Joseph did to prepare for the famine! Remind your child of this weeks teaching truth, God is in control of everything...even the grain on the ground! Find more at watermark.org/kidskit

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