Texas Baptist Men, Dallas, TX Video October 21, 2019, 1:11pm

Videos by Texas Baptist Men in Dallas. TBM transforms the lives of people in crisis through disaster relief and water ministry and disciples the next generation of Christians to do likewise.

If you need help removing limbs after the #DallasTornado, please call 972-639-7215. We are experiencing a high volume of calls. If we miss you, please leave a message. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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High, low and everywhere in between. TBM Chainsaw teams are working hard to remove fallen debris south of Graham after a tornado. Thank you for supporting TBM. Because of you, TBM volunteers can deliver help, hope and healing to hurting people.

TBM headed to Tennessee to serve after tornadoes
This morning, a TBM mobile kitchen, generator and refrigeration unit left to serve at a church in Nashville, Tenn. that is serving in the community after the tornadoes. This response is made possible by gifts from people like you. To give, visit TBMTX.org/donate.

Disaster relief ministry invigorates Southeast Texas church
By partnering with local churches, TBM Disaster Relief impacts lives long after volunteers leave. In the past few years alone, more than 91 people have joined First Baptist Church - Nederland, Texas as a result of serving the community. Baptisms doubled. People are sharing their faith like never before. And we praise God for it all. Changing the world is hard. Let's get to work.

TBM: Delivering help, hope and healing to a hurting world
Disasters are slamming our shores. Families are falling apart. 744 million people don't even have clean water to drink. And in the midst of it all, people are falling away from the faith. It's time to do something about it. Find this video and more resources to celebrate TBM Day at https://www.tbmtx.org/tbm-day.

Last month during Royal Ambassadors Campout and Missions Mania, hundreds of young men learned about how much God loves them. This week, churches continue discipling those young men. Will you join us in praying for the boys and their churches today?

Soap Cutting at TBM booth. Come get some and learn about the ministry behind it.

Teaching the throw knot. Some learn quicker than others... TBM at Texas Baptists Annual Meeting. Come on by!

Dallas Tornados: What a difference 3 weeks makes
Three weeks ago, tornados ripped through the Dallas area, leaving a trail or broken trees, homes and hearts behind. Since then, TBM Disaster Relief teams have delivered help, hope and healing by performing 194 chainsaw jobs for free and counseling people along the way. There's still plenty of work ahead, but roads are clear. Many of the trees have been trimmed and debris has been picked up in significant areas. Children can ride their bikes and play in front of their homes again. Adults can go to work. Recovery can happen. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Because of you, TBM is able to serve. Because of you, lives are changed.

Royal Ambassador Campout and Missions Mania is on target this year! Will you pray for the young men who today are learning about God’s work around the world?

#SharingSunday: When you actively live out your faith, people want to know why. Earlier this week, TBM had the opportunity to share with The Weather Channel all that is happening after the #DallasTornados.

If you need help removing limbs after the #DallasTornado, please call 972-639-7215. We are experiencing a high volume of calls. If we miss you, please leave a message. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Who will deliver help, hope and healing in the wake of disasters 20 years from now? The leaders TBM and your church are developing today. Through Campout and Missions Mania, you and your congregation help raise up the next generation to minister in God's name. Find out how at https://tbmtx.org/royal-ambassadors/campout-missions-mania. Changing the world is hard. Let's get to work.

"This is what Christianity is all about." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

A mobile kitchen capable of cooking up to 15,000 meals a day is headed to Nederland to deliver help, hope and healing in Southeast Texas. Will you pray for TBM’s ministry and those we serve during your Sunday School class, Bible study or worship service this morning? Stay updated at https://tbmtx.org/response. #Imelda #disasterrelief

Homeowners aren't the only ones who get excited when TBM chainsaw teams begin work. A member of a unit working in Longview recently captured this young man excitedly watching over the fence. (Watch with sound on)

A reason for so much training.

FBC Sonora, pastor Matthew Killough, and the entire city were impacted last year by TBM Volunteers after area flooding.

TBM Chainsaw crews heading out today. We are still responding to last week's storm damage and adding to that list today as we assess the damage from yesterday's storms in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. If you are TBM Chainsaw trained, please connect with us. We and our neighbors need you.

Our state DR Director, Dwain Carter, tellings stories of TBM DR work at the SBC in Birmingham, AL.

TBM Chainsaw teams at work again early this morning.

Chainsaw work continues in Longview.

Providing for Alto ISD students
Something we were able to do for the students of Alto ISD.

These volunteers started early again today. #everybodylovesbreakfast

Mickey Lenamon with an update on TBM's deployment. Get involved at TBMtx.org

Water Ministry training today at the Dixon Building learning how to set up and teach others how to set up water wells. #justaddwater

While some women were helping renovate Lakeview Baptist Assembly Camp in Lone Star, some were putting their crafting skills to an amazing purpose - one seldom thought of. "Some of the youth who attend camp here can't afford the bracelets the camp sells," said Janice Bruton. "So, we make these bracelets they can buy from the camp store for $.10 each. It's a really big deal on their spirit day since all the kids have bracelets supporting their team's color." Janice and her husband, Rex, are one of the amazing couples in TBM Builders. More stories to come on all their work at Lakeview.

The newly-wrapped GABC Shower and Laundry Unit heading back to Tyler. Grateful for the years of wonderful partnering work with volunteers and churches like Green Acres Baptist Church, Dale Pond, David O. Dykes, Buddy Hill, and others I can't find on Facebook to mention.

TBM Water in Papua New Guinea
This is an experimental drilling effort that TBM Water Ministry is doing in the village of Tiap, Papua New Guinea. We were not sure we could drill at all so we started with a low cost system. So far we are down 5 meters and we are in some very hard clay making drilling difficult, but it is still manageable. The team is pretty enthusiastic and several villages have come to watch. A few people here use rain catchment but many drink from the creeks so being able to produce clean water inexpensively will help numerous people and villages.

How long does it take you to get a cup of water? TBM Water Ministry is helping people around the world have access to close, clean, and reliable water while sharing Christ's love.

It is easy for us to take a cup of water for granted. TBM Water does great work in helping people have close, clean, reliable water and sharing Christ's Love.

LSU Students Join Disaster Relief in Florida

Florida update.

Update from Florida.

Update from Terry Henderson on TBM's work in Florida.

Heavy equipment and great operators make the work a little easier. A little.

Brenda has lived through 5 hurricanes in different locations, lived all over the US and world, but is still amazed at the dedication of our volunteers. Here's her quick story.

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