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Thank you to everyone on the crew that cleaned all of the downed trees and limbs here at my house today. God Bless and keep all of you. You are appreciated more than you will ever know. Bruce
Will you be going to Chattanooga? I have friends there who were asking...
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, I am humbly asking everyone to be praying numerous times throughout the day to our Heavenly Father, the Great Physician and Healer, to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and to save and heal those who have been exposed to it. It is not a request born of fear but compassion for all of those around the world including our brothers and sisters in Christ who have been exposed and are in danger or suffering. We have all experienced the loss of loved ones at some time so let’s also be praying for all those who have suffered loss through this disease, for God’s comfort for them. If you know of other prayer warriors, prayer groups, or other church groups that would join us, please spread the word. Let’s create a ‘counter-attack’ of prayer. James 5:16b (KJV)… The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
❤Thank You TEXAS Baptist Men and ladies for your support the summer of 2008. Grand opening today in Lott, TEXAS. Blessings and love to you.❤Forever Grateful❤
Does anyone still do Experiencing God Weekends?
Hello how are you? I’m ray , Someone I know needs some Sheetrock , 4 to 7 sheets, They can’t afford it due to low income. She says she only needs the sheet rock , she has some people or relatives that will install it for her, house is in Dallas Texas.. ray cell 2148815729
Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
BIG THANK YOU from Dallas!!!
I’m a Christian and retired police officer And would like to join , your group I died 2 years ago and God wasn’t ready for me and saved me ... paramedics did CPR over hour and shocked me 8 times going to hospital Phone 469-556-3301 Thanks Scot Jenkins
Are Texas Baptist Men assisting with problems at border due to immigration disaster?
Hi Texas Baptist Men. I request your assistance with my efforts to call all Americans to repent back Under God before it's too late. Please go to the website link below to click on the book photo to review the sample pages, Table of Contents, & sample chapters. The whole book is designed to lead parents into repentance & obedience to the commands of God in the Holy Bible. It can be used as a Fundraiser for your projects there. My publisher will discount it 50% for such purposes. Please pray for my work to help finish the Great Commission. Thank you for your service there in the State of Texas. God bless you!
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TBM transforms the lives of people in crisis through disaster relief and water ministry and disciples the next generation of Christians to do likewise.

Since 1967, TBM has been discipling Christians and transforming lives through disaster relief and a program called Royal Ambassadors for young men. We have provided the calm after the storm for millions through mass feeding, removing limbs and preparing homes to be rebuilt after hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods.

Mission: TBM mobilizes Christian volunteers to serve, sharing the gospel around the world.

Pack your bags! Royal Ambassador and Challengers regional summer camps begin this month and go into July. Find one near you and see how to register at https://www.tbmtx.org/news/royal-ambassador-regional-camps-ready-for-ministry-this-summer

#SharingSunday: TBM DISASTER RELIEF TRAININGS ARE BACK! Starting July 31 and going into the fall, we have trainings in McKinney, Lindale, Georgetown, Rockwall, Temple and Austin, and we're adding to the calendar each week. If you need to renew your credentials or want to start serving after disasters, sign up now at https://www.tbmtx.org/volunteer!

Does anyone else's Bible look like this??????

As COVID-19 wraps around the world, it affects everyone, but it particularly impacts the poor and vulnerable. Due to the economic stress, people in Kenya are unable to care for their children. As a result, the Children's Rescue Center in Mogra has swelled from about 300 people to roughly 500 in its care.

The ministry, which has clean drinking water thanks to a TBM water system, takes in anyone who needs it and shows them God's love, but the increase has stretched their budget, and food is increasingly hard to get nationwide.

TBM recently provided funds to help them meet the need. Children will have food. They will know God provides for them. They will be loved.

“The babies had no milk,” said Hannah Wairimu, founder of Mogra Children’s Rescue Center. “We are glad to say a big thank you for the support at Mogra. May God bless you abundantly.”

This morning, we received a note from an atheist a TBM chainsaw team helped after the Dallas tornado. "Thanks for all the good work, these are times we all need to watch out for each other." He still has the Bible the team signed and left with him and cherishes it. Will you pray for him today?

As churches return to meeting in person, we have much to celebrate. Together, we can praise God for working through you and TBM to provide for first responders, medical professionals and the suddenly unemployed in the past few months. We can celebrate how you responded to needs after tornados in Onalaska, Bowie and San Antonio and high winds in Kerrville.

Let's praise God August 16 for TBM Day. Visit https://www.tbmtx.org/tbm-day for resources to celebrate!

Today, TBM teams are wrapping up serving in Bowie after the tornado. Thank you for lifting the volunteers up in prayer each day. God provides the strength for us to do all things.

#SharingSunday: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” - Acts 1:8

When it’s time to serve, all those hours of training pay off. TBM chainsaw teams are one of the only volunteer teams who can remove fallen trees from roofs and work in the air. Volunteers have had to do that time and again in Bowie to help people.

TBM can respond across the state and deliver help, hope and healing thanks to the prayer and financial support of people like you. To give, visit https://www.tbmtx.org/donate.

In addition to responding to weather situations in three locations, TBM volunteers this week are supporting firefighters in North Texas who are testing nursing home residents and staff in seven counties for COVID-19. TBM is providing snacks and drinks to keep the first responders going strong. Thank you for all you do to protect communities!

BREAKING: A TBM chainsaw team from Trinity Baptist Church Kerrville is responding to local needs after a severe storm with high winds and hail caused damage last night in the area. Please be in prayer for them and all TBM teams serving in three places across the state.

The relief effort after the tornado in Bowie has grown in the past few days to include 11 TBM units, including teams from Abilene, Amarillo and Lubbock. Please continue to pray for those affected by the storm as well as those responding. May the Lord give all of us the strength we need to press forward.

TBM volunteers cleared multiple properties yesterday in western Bexar County affected by a tornado. It was incredible watching them work. But it was more incredible to see the attitude with which they did it. It was infectious. They helped homeowners smile for the first time since the storm. They'll continue ministering today.

A busy Memorial Day weekend has become an even busier week. In addition to serving in Bowie after a tornado, TBM chainsaw volunteers will begin serving in San Antonio today after a tornado and high winds.

Please be in prayer for all those who have been affected by the storms as well as the TBM volunteers who are responding.

TBM Disaster Relief can respond so quickly across the state thanks to support from people like you. To give financially, visit https://www.tbmtx.org/donate. 100 percent of gifts designated for disaster relief support disaster relief ministries.

This Memorial Day, we're thankful for those who gave their lives for the freedom we all enjoy daily. Each day, that freedom gives us the opportunity to serve our God faithfully like we are after this weekend's tornado in Bowie. Our chainsaw, feeding and shower units are ministering daily.

What a busy day! In addition to responding to needs following a tornado in Bowie, a TBM feeding unit cooked hundreds of meals for the suddenly unemployed in McKinney. Brookhaven Church distributed the meals and prayed with people who drove through the line, as together we shared the gospel in word and deed.

Last night, storms, including a possible tornado, caused significant damage in Bowie, Texas. A TBM assessment team is in the area this morning and multiple TBM Disaster Relief units will respond.

TBM is able to respond so quickly to disasters across Texas because of the faithful prayer and financial support of people like you. To give, visit https://www.tbmtx.org/donate.

100 percent of all gifts for TBM Disaster Relief support disaster relief efforts.


TBM prepares for hurricane season in a pandemic

With an active hurricane season predicted, we pray for the best and prepare for the worst. https://www.baptiststandard.com/news/texas/tbm-prepares-for-hurricane-season-in-a-pandemic/

baptiststandard.com Multiple agencies have predicted a particularly active hurricane season in 2020. Dwain Carter with Texas Baptist Men prays the experts are wrong, but TBM is making the necessary preparations.

A recent storm blew a 50-foot pecan tree on to a Restored Hope Ministries Inc safe house for victims of sex trafficking. The looming danger made the home unusable.

After two long days of work, the Collin County Chainsaw Team removed the tree, allowing the ministry to continue rescuing young ladies from those who prey on them.

Together, the body of Christ is strong. May the gospel continue transforming lives through the ministry.

The world may be broken, but God’s work is still open.

Thank you for helping feed suddenly unemployed families across Texas during the COVID-19 crisis. Every car that comes through the line is another opportunity to share God’s love in word and deed.

Everywhere TBM serves, we strive to have a lasting impact for years to come in the name of Christ. When we recently drilled a well in Ghana and repaired another one, we knew we would transform the health of generations by giving people access to clean drinking water. Only God knew the extreme timeliness of the hygiene classes.

Armed with the knowledge he learned during a TBM hygiene class, a Ghana pastor is leading additional hygiene classes across Northern Ghana with the help of TBM. These classes are helping slow the spread of COVID-19 in rural parts of the country and bringing people closer to Christ.

“It is an awesome blessing to see Moses joining forces to go to the north with lifesaving teaching on the coronavirus, which many have not even heard is coming," said DeeDee Wint, vice president of TBM Water. " At the same time he is providing life-saving supplies to aid in basic hygiene that they do not have, he is going with the solid preaching of the gospel that will save their souls. What an impact he can have!”

TBM responds to COVID-19 crisis

At each stage of the COVID-19 crisis, you have responded to God's call to deliver help, hope and healing to hurting people. 15,000 masks for medical professionals and first responders. 1,200 pairs of protective eyewear for hospitals. And now 100,000 meals for the suddenly unemployed, double the original goal.

Praise God for all you are doing to change lives through TBM!

H/T @Eric Guel Photography and Neil Williams of Texas Baptists for additional photography

[05/17/20]   #SharingSunday: What’s the first song you want to sing when your church physically gathers again?


Central Texas Church and First Baptist Men help feed families in need

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20 We are proud to partner with FBC Waco as they serve the COVID-19 unemployed in their community.


kxxv.com Volunteers are on a mission to feed Central Texas Families going through a hard time during the pandemic.

Summer’s just around the corner, and we’re helping first responders stay cool. Recently we donated cases of water to Kaufman Fire Rescue Station 1. Thanks for all you do!

What a tremendous day at First Baptist Church, Abilene, TX! We are honored to partner with a church that continually finds innovative ways to meet community needs in the name of Jesus. Hot meals out one door and groceries out another for those who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.

“During part of my childhood, my family received government assistance for food,” Theresa said. “You know, back when food stamps were actually stamps. The best food we got during that time was cheese. For some reason it aged better or something while in storage. Even other people I talk with now still remember the cheese.”

Every part of our young life impacts our older life.

Today, Theresa runs a staff and team of volunteers at the Food and Resource Center of Sutton County, located in Sonora. During these Covid-19 times, many of her volunteers are distancing, so the local sheriff and about six officers pitch in every day. They receive food, stock shelves, pack boxes of food for families, hand them out at the drive-thru service, and deliver them to homebound individuals. About 90 families a day are fed.

FBC Sonora Pastor Matt Killough compared her to the Pied Piper, “Where she leads, people just follow. And they do what she asks. She’s a blessing to this town.”

I became friends with Matt during the Sonora flood in 2018, and it’s great to be able to continue helping them reach their community. As a volunteer, I was able to assist in the food distribution and as a TBM staff member, I was able to provide funding from TBM donors to this church to help meet the increased demand due to closed businesses and oil fields. “About 75 percent of our local economy is oil and gas. When that closed, we saw a big bump in families needing food,” Killough added.

Helping churches reach their communities is what TBM does. It’s most often through relief efforts like this. It’s the best part of working where I do. -Rand Jenkins

PRAYER ALERT: TBM has dispatched an assessor to Central Texas where two tornadoes touched down earlier today. Please join us in praying for the area.

42 percent of U.S. families have lost their jobs or had their hours cut back during the COVID shutdown. Working through ministries like this one in Farmersville, TBM is helping to make sure Texas families can get the meals they need to provide for their children.

Special delivery! City Church in Del Rio's ministries may not look like they typically do, but the gospel is changing lives radically nonetheless as the church reaches out to and helps restaurant staff in its community. With TBM's assistance, the church will be able to serve more people during the COVID-19 crisis through TBM Feeding Texans.

To all the moms out there who encourage their children during hard times, laugh with them during good times and pray for them at all times, this is your day. Happy Mother's Day! May God bless you deeply today.


Texas Baptists - Magazine, Volume 8 Issue 2

Sixty-five percent of churches have seen giving drop during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have seen drastic decreases. TBM is honored to be able to help bivocational pastors who are caught in the economic crunch through the Texas Baptists Pastor Relief Grant. All of us are in this together.


texasbaptists.org Baptist Student Ministry Spotlight: Engaging college students to follow Christ and transform the world

Larry and his wife, Gabby, work, well have worked, at Luby’s Cafeteria. Currently, due to COVID-19 protective measures, they are both out of work and home with their three elementary school age children. The groceries you through TBM and FBC San Antonio are providing them has helped stretch their remaining budget further. The prayers at each visit help comfort their souls and ease their anxiety.

While food is the most often staple provided, often a growing family needs other household items. When we delivered their food Wednesday, we also delivered a new twin mattress to give the oldest child a better place to sleep.

Helping feed families is another way TBM has been stepping to increase the reach of a church’s ministry in the community. Over the past few weeks due to furloughs, layoffs, and business closures, most places have experienced a sharp increase in families needing food. TBM, through your generosity has been able to expand churches’ witness by providing money and in many places, volunteers and food.

In this crisis, God’s people are doing God-sized things. We’re honored to help multiply the efforts of First Baptist Church Marble Falls and the Highland Lakes Crisis Network through TBM Feeding Texans. On Tuesday alone, we provided 530 meals for people who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

Today thanks to your generosity, we are helping increase FBC San Antonio’s feeding reach. Together, we fed 135 families whose jobs were affected by COVID shutdown. Join the largest feeding unit in TBM history at https://www.tbmtx.org/kitchen.

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