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A global movement and online community uniting this generation in Christ. Living out our faith. 1 Timothy 4:12 - www.unashamedimpact.com

CORE VERSE: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” -1 Timothy 4: 12

Mission: UNASHAMED IMPACT is a non-profit movement organization founded by Brittney Moses on July 27th 2012. The purpose is to unite young believers worldwide to be an example of what it looks like to live a positive lifestyle completely dedicated to Christ. This movement is breaking down the walls between race, denomination, location, background and gathering every soul willing to take a stand to be a light in this world. Unashamed Impact gives an opportunity that fosters the visions of young leaders and provides the tools they need to grow and create change in their city to their fullest potential. The goal is to gather, equip and send out. We disciple, activate and encourage our city teams through 4 dynamics: Fellowship, Making an Impact (Social Justice & Community Outreach), Being an Example and Evangelism. We are a ministry/movement outside the four walls of the church bringing hope to those who will not step foot into a church through social media, community events and outreach. Our social media campaigns are worldwide viral events carried out through our social media networks to bring the body of young believers into unity for a cause or an event.

[07/15/17]   You are loved.

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Suffering: Persecution of God's Church

#UIBlog Suffering: Persecution of God's Church

unashamedimpact.com Right now I am considering YouTubing one of my favorite Christian rappers. As the thought of Andy Mineo’s “Know that’s Right” fades out of my mental forefront, a much bleaker image fills it – the image of the persecuted church.


Trusting God through a Broken Heart

#UIBlog Trusting God Through a Broken Heart

unashamedimpact.com I think many of us have been in similar situations as I, where you have been a relationship and it suddenly comes to an end. You quickly forget about all the good times together and you are reminded of the crushing blow that you and that person are no longer together.


Testimony: The Atheist Meeting

#UIBlog Testimony: The Atheist Meeting

unashamedimpact.com The door swung open and loudly slammed into the wall. The echo skipped down the hallway and into the meeting room where the double doors still stood open, welcoming late comers. As I stepped around Miranda, I could at least a dozen pairs of eyes ogling us as we stood in the doorway.


From Persecution to Praise

#UIBlog From Persecution to Praise

unashamedimpact.com Becoming a believer and living the way we are called, there is SO much room for persecution, slander, criticism, and mocking...you get the idea. Jesus promised suffering; that's it.


Reflections on Reformation Day

#UIBlog Reflections on Reformation Day

unashamedimpact.com It isn’t hard to look around see that our generation is usually disinterested with, or even hostile toward, the concept of history, tradition, and orthodoxy. We tend to neglect the wisdom and example – both good and bad – of past generations in favor of our own schemes and achievements, and we congr...


Comparison: Killer of Creativity

#UIBlog Comparison: Killer of Creativity

unashamedimpact.com I once came across a great quote that has impacted me ever since I first heard it: ‘Comparison is the killer of creativity.’ What are the real dangers of comparison, and how can we avoid it?

[10/24/16]   You have time for God, you just have to choose God FIRST. #UnashamedImpact

[10/24/16]   The Bible is the only book where the Author is in love with the reader. ❤️

[10/23/16]   Fight to follow Christ even when it means fighting yourself.

[10/21/16]   Some of us need to get back to a place where we're hearing God again. Through reading His word, prayer, worship. We have to get back on it.

[10/20/16]   Stop running. Stop waiting until you're "right" again to approach Christ.
Face Him right where you are.
He still wants you.
He still has a plan for you.

[10/19/16]   While you're waiting on God to do something amazing, He's waiting on your obedience so He can do something amazing THROUGH you!

[10/18/16]   An intimate relationship with God is a choice, not an accident. You're as close to God as you choose to be.

[10/16/16]   Jesus sees our sin more clearly than anyone and yet still loves us more than anyone. #TrueLove

[10/14/16]   God doesn't need popular opinion to validate Him.
God without man is still God.
Man without God is nothing.

[10/13/16]   Never give up on God from the disappointments of His people. People are imperfect just like you. Forgive them.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[10/11/16]   This is your daily reminder that GOD IS IN CONTROL. No matter what it looks like.

[10/10/16]   No matter what happened today God is big enough, powerful enough, forgiving enough, faithful enough...GOD IS ENOUGH. #UnashamedImpact


Defining Christian Success

#MondayMorningMotivation Defining Christian Success - Ali Morris, UI Blogger

unashamedimpact.com It seems to me as though the concept of success is becoming more and more prominent in our modern day lives. From gaining a certain amount of likes on Instagram to graduating college, we are living in a culture that is obsessed with succeeding, whatever that looks like.


Testimonial: Waiting Patiently

#MondayMorningInspiration Testimonial: Waiting Patiently - Alex Alonzo, UI Guest Blogger

unashamedimpact.com There are seasons that reap and seasons that need to be sown in order to experience the harvest. I’m going to be upfront with you, this season I’m in has been one of the toughest, and most painful seasons I have ever gone through. I went from having my ride or dies to pretty much only 1 person very…


4 Ways to Resist Sexual Temptation

#MondayMorningInspiration 4 Ways to Resist Sexual Temptation - Kim Evuleocha, UI Blogger

unashamedimpact.com It seems to be all around us. The TV, social media, and in our everyday lives. It seems we cannot even go through one single day without encountering it.


7 Ways To Allow God to Use Your Talents

#MondayMorningInspiration 7 Ways To Allow to Use Your Talents - Amelia Thompson, UI Blogger

unashamedimpact.com What talents have you been given? How can God use that talent to glorify His name?


Choosing Belief over an Ocean of Doubt

#MondayMorningMotivation Choosing Belief over an Ocean of Doubt - Jessica Ray, UI Blogger

unashamedimpact.com The last time I sat down to write, I was hit right in the middle of it by the realization that I hardly believed any of the words I was typing. I remember sitting back in my desk chair and staring at the panes in the window.


Christian Singles: Don't Settle

#MondayMorningMotivation Christian Singles: Don't Settle - Brooke Lewis, UI Blogger

unashamedimpact.com I’ve always seen the posts of “The next person I date will be the one I marry” or “The next person I date will be the person I spend forever with.” Forever? Marriage?

Timeline Photos

[10/09/16]   Sometimes your plans don't work out because God has better ones.

[10/08/16]   Many times you can't follow Christ and follow people's opinions at the same time. When Christ accepts you, it doesn't matter who doesn't.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[10/07/16]   The trial is for your awareness. We can't really know the depth of our faith until we see how we react under pressure.

[10/06/16]   Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you. #UnashamedImpact

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[09/30/16]   Things will happen that you won't always understand, but maybe you're not supposed to understand everything. Maybe you're just supposed to have faith. #UnashamedImpact

Timeline Photos

[09/29/16]   Sometimes God closes doors because it's time to move forward. He knows we won't move unless circumstances force us to. #UnashamedImpact

Timeline Photos

[09/28/16]   Be patient with yourself. God is working on you. #UnashamedImpact

Timeline Photos

[09/27/16]   GOD DOESN'T WASTE TIME. He will use our past & present to bring Him glory in our future. It will all work together. #UnashamedImpact


Artist Spotlight: Gee for Good

Artist Spotlight: Paul Gee! Check out this in-depth look at an up-and-coming artist by Amelia Thompson

unashamedimpact.com Check out this week's artist spotlight, Paul Gee! Follow along as we take an in-depth look at an upcoming artist/producer!

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