Intercultural Ministry - Texas Baptists, Dallas, TX Video July 28, 2019, 3:12pm

Videos by Intercultural Ministry - Texas Baptists in Dallas. Through a variety of initiatives we seek to strengthen intercultural churches, by serving as an advocate and partner. We inform those working with these language groups and are a valuable tool in ministering to cultures from across the globe.

We are blessed to join in worship with Vitenamese Faith Baptist Church EM

Other Intercultural Ministry - Texas Baptists videos

Worshipping with Upendo Baptist Church

Texas KaChin Church Choir - Fort Worth
We were blessed to attend the dedication service of Texas KaChin Church in Fort Worth. Pray with us for their ministry.

Dr. David Hardage sharing with the intercultural department banquet. We are so thankful for this amazing fellowship and celebration.

We are blessed to join in worship with Vitenamese Faith Baptist Church EM

We are at the African American Fellowship Conference

Welcome to Camp Fusion - Mark Heavener

We are at Camp Fusion this week and your prayers appreciated.

By 2010, Texas had become home to 422,000 Muslims statewide. Although there have been no surveys of Texas Muslims since, all evidence indicates that the population continues to grow. Our department can help in equipping and leading you for an effective outreach to the Muslim community in your city. Contact our department’ cross cultural mobilizer: [email protected]

Crossing Cultures is one of the platforms that we have been providing for ministry to international students led by our department’ Cross Cultural Mobilizer on several college and university campuses in DFW. Pray with us for the leadership teams involved and if your church is interested to know more ways to be involved contact our department.

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