Outcry in the Barrio of Dallas

Outcry in the Barrio of Dallas


Love In Everything, Love💖
Please pray & bring JD back home to his family
Outcry is on their way to pick me up now. I thought I would give an early gift before the 30 day probation. Sorry, I needed the rest from the effort it took to make this video in the situation I was in.
Just bought this from someone wearing a shirt of you all's on NW Hwy/635. Glad to see other people out trying to work. God bless!!
Hey, I bought some banana bread from one of your members. Really good bread. I was just wondering if whoever made would like some pecans (from our trees) for their next batch.
Been buying bread from y'all for years now while at work, and was hoping to get some nutritional info on it. I love the stuff but I just recently started calorie counting and wanted to add it in. Thank you for making it plain and smooth, without nuts or big chunks of banana! Can't trust any other imitators who don't carry your cards. One time I bought from some people who pretended to be you guys just to make money and take your idea but the taste is different. NEVER AGAIN! Thanks guys
I'm a firm believer in Christ and I'm adicted to meth..I've been doing drugs since 13..I'm 36 now..I. Tired of doing this and I'm looking for help and I'm also hmeless. Pls direct me to the right place
Amazing worship service today! (Yes, I'm Chase's mom :) )
Dear Friends, I want to thank you for all you have done for Brother Chase K. His mother recently forwarded a picture of them taken last Sunday. Beautiful! Just beautiful. Chase, I love you buddy! This is Don at Church of the Open Door. Love to have you give me a call. 440-323-4644--- Thats the church line!!!!

Outcry in the Barrio of Dallas is a home for the person that is suffering from drug-addiction, alcoholism, involved in gangs and want a change in life!

Mission: To know Christ & To make Him known to the lost world. To transform crime & drug-infested neighborhoods through the power of Jesus Christ! To set up Outcry Homes, Churches, & Drop-In Centers all over the world!

We will be having a discussion with Billy Island this morning! You don’t want to miss it...

Hello my name is Elijah Miranda I’m 23 years old. I was raised in a Christian home but my father was very abusive. Because of abuse and a lost of identity I began to use alcohol and meth. At this point of my life I begin to spiral out of control. I suffered from depression and even thoughts of suicide. One day a friend that I knew gave me a card to Outcry In The Barrio. In Outcry is where I began to have a relationship with Jesus. I have experienced freedom from drug addiction and have hope for my future. I’m so grateful that Jesus saved me! Jesus restores my life. #transformationtuesday

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Outcry in the Barrio of Dallas

Merry Christmas to all of our Outcry family around the World!
From Pastor Billy and Helena Island!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Thank you ALL for your contributions to help make it possible to give gifts to our residence...

Metanoya Dallas

We have a seat saved for you! Join us today for one of our worship experiences!
We can't wait to spend time with you and your family!

10AM + 12PM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

Our Pastor Billy Island released his very first book in July! It’s on Amazon!!! It is a story of redemption, restoration, & richly living a NEW LIFE! These principles will dynamically transform your perspective! Go to Amazon and order your copy today... You can share this with your small group, Bible studies, & it can help you help others grow in their personal lives...

Metanoya Church

This morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan mentioned Outcry in the Barrio in Washington, D.C.

My name is Omar Olivia and growing up I was a victim of physical abuse by my family members. At the age of 13 I joined gangs in Chicago because of gang activity I was shot in the leg. So when I moved to Dallas I was battling with a murderous mentality and selling drugs. Most of my life, I have been in and out jail and ended up in prison based on my bad decisions. When I was released from jail (facing 30 years in prison). God showed me He had a bigger plan for my life by having all the charges dropped. Immediately, after my release I went to Outcry in the Barrio where I surrendered my life to Christ and he begin to develop me into the person He created me to be. I want to thank God for freeing me from a destructive lifestyle and giving me a another chance at life! #transformationtuesday #transformationseveryday #Jesusisthetransformer #OutcryintheBarrioisthelocation #ifyourhookedandneedhelpcall

If you or anyone you know are hooked on alcohol, drugs, or any other life controlling substance... Please give us a call! We believe Jesus is the ONLY answer to the problem! #hopeoffthedope

Giving Tuesday

This holiday season we encourage you to participate in #GivingTuesday as all contributions help clean up the city of Dallas through the power of Jesus Christ! Go online & donate today www.outcrydallas.org

My name is Luis Pagan and I grew up in a very broken home. For 12 years I watched my mother get verbally and physically abused by my step father. At an early age I questioned and blamed God for the destruction that took place in my family. Because I was angry and frustrated I turned to heroin and alcohol. I thought that drugs could fill the void of pain and depression in my life ,but it only made things worst. It wasn’t until I walked through the doors of Outcry in the Barrio where Jesus ministered to my heart. They told me that my problem wasn’t drugs or alcohol ,but that I needed Jesus. Since I came to Christ I have been set free from addiction and depression. Now I have hope and freedom in my life! And I am now being used by God to share my story and the Gospel with others in need of freedom and hope. This is the reason I’m thankful to God today! #thankful #transformation #testimony


Principles: Some Things Never Change

amazon.com Principles can work for you or against you! And as you journey through this book you will soon see that these principles will dynamically transform your life with the proper application. These principles will benefit your personal life, your marriage, and your vocation. Take this journey with Bil...

Don’t let an addiction continue to plague for family! Call our hotline for information, prayer, & hope for your lives... God is STILL in the miracle working business!#thereshopeoffthedope

Metanoya Church

Ten years ago today, our founder, pastor and my father Freddie García stood in the presence of the one whom he served faithfully. Ten years later, I alongside my team and every single member of the Metanoya / Outcry family globally are more passionate than ever to bring the hope of Jesus to every single person on the planet. ⁣

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this family in our past, present and future. This is not a ministry, it’s a movement and we will continue to proclaim the name of Jesus as the only name by which anyone can be saved. #ponle ⁣

-Jubal García

If there is anyone you know that is hooked on alcohol, drugs, or suffer from depression, anxiety, or mental illness! Call 214-565-5005 for more information on FREE on how Jesus transforms the broken! #thereishopeforhopelessness

My name Richard Rodriguez and I was an alcoholic for 15 years of my life! I caused devastation to my family and totally destroyed my relationships with any one I came in contact with. I was at my lowest state in life and wanted a way out. My alcohol use caused me to be depressed & operate in anxiety! I was even angry at God because I wanted to die & it seemed as if God wouldn’t allow that either! But one day my brother gave me a Outcry in the Barrio card and I went and this is where Jesus restored my sanity, gave me hope to live ,restored my family and is continuing to do miracles in my life!!!!! I’m so grateful for Jesus and what He has done in my life & family! #transformationseveryday #throughthepowerofJesusChrist

Today is North Texas Giving Day! We would be so grateful if you would consider making a donation to Outcry in the Barrio of Dallas to help & lost get them to a place where they can learn to walk a new life in Christ! Thanks. www.outcrydallas.org


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There’s Hope Off The Dope! We offer free rehab for drug addicts. Visit www.outcrydallas.org for more info or call 214-565-5005
4419 Hamilton Ave. Dallas, TX

My name is Joesph Tyler I was a lonely & hopeless meth addict for 10 years of my life! I spent 15 years in prison and was gang affiliated living a life full of destruction until one day I walked thought the doors of Outcry in the Barrio. They told my problem wasn’t drugs but sin and that Jesus died for all
sins and He has plan for my life! I surrendered to Jesus He really restored my perspective on life and now I live a life filled with hope and freedom from addiction!!! I want to give Jesus all honor and glory for saving me.

If there’s anyone you know that is hooked & need help... Call 214-565-5005 for info on FREE rehabilitation #Jesusistheanswer

My name is Daniel Puente. I was an heroin addict for 7 years. I suffered from depression and anger and it destroyed my relationship with my family! When I came to Outcry in the Barrio, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and He has restored my life!!!! God has given me purpose and also a desire to reach out to heroin addicts that was just like me! I want to give Jesus all the glory for saving me, restoring me, and giving me purpose!!!! #Jesussaves #drugaddicts #Jesusrestores #thelost #Jesusgivespurpose #outcryinthebarrio

My name is Terrance Howard I’m from Amarillo Texas. I was a meth addict for 12 years of life. I destroyed everything that I put my hands on and in the midst of my destruction I came to outcry in the Barrio. In Outcry in the Barrio is where Jesus transformed my life and gave me a reason to live. and to be an example for my kids I want to give all honor and to Jesus for changing me!

We have a free drug rehabilitation program for men!

If you or anyone know needs help off of any life controlling addict call: 214-565-5005 #thereshopeoffthedope

My name is Jordan Sharifian all glory be to God for setting me free from 13 years of drug addiction and stage 3 cancer!!! When I came into Outcry in the Barrio they told me my problem wasn’t drugs but it was sin and Jesus had died on the cross for my sins & He has a plan for my life! And since I surrendered my life to Jesus I am excited to fulfill his purpose for my life. #Jesusistheanswer #thereishopeoffthedope #outcryinthebarriodallas

My name is Michael Vereen I’m from Fort Myers Florida. I want to thank Jesus for setting me free from depression, anger, and 11 years of drug addiction. When I came to Outcry in the Barrio Jesus broke the shackles of addiction in of my life! Now I have freedom and peace. Now I know no matter what takes place in my life that God is in control!!! #yourstorymatters #Jesusistransforminglives #outcryinthebarrio #outcryinthebarriodallas

If there is anyone you know that is addicted to drugs or any life controlling substances.... call 214-565-5005 for FREE consultation , prayer, & info about how you can partake in our facility!

My name is Everett Lemmon I was born in San Antonio Texas. I was drug addict and gang member for a number of years of my life! I was living a life of destruction until my parents dropped me off at the Outcry in the Barrio where I am developing a relationship with Jesus Christ! I no longer have the desire for drugs and gangs. But a hunger for Gods word and to fulfill his purposes for my life! And I want to thank Jesus today because I have an entire new life #changedlives #allglorytoJesus #waymakermiracleworkerpromisekeeperlightinthedarknessthatiswhoyouare

Pastor Billy Island ‘s book ”Principles: Some Things Never Change” is now available on Amazon!

My name is Fred Arroyo & I was born in Austin Texas. I want to thank Jesus for setting me free from heroin addiction. I was an addict for 15 years of my life until I came to Outcry in the Barrio. This is where they told me about the Gospel & that Jesus has the power to set me free from addiction. Since I been in Dallas I’ve learned to love people and reach out to heroin addicts and people that were just like me lost with no hope. God has really blessed me by restoring my broken family and giving me another chance at life. This is a few reasons why I give Jesus Christ glory & honor! #savedlives #transformedbyJesus #outcryinthebarriodallas #thiscouldchangeyourlifeforever #ifyourehookedandneedhelpcall

Metanoya Dallas

You can now stream Sundays talk on our Podcast!

Principles: Some Things Never Change

Pastor @Billy Island 's book "Principles: Some Things Never Change" is now available on Amazon! Go order your copy today!

Principles: Some Things Never Change

Our Pastor Billy Island 's book "Principles: Some Things Never Change" is out now on Amazon! Go purchase it...

If you’re hooked and need help call 214-565-5005! Free prayer, consultation, & if you choose rehabilitation! We believe Jesus can transform anyone... There’s hope off the dope! Here’s 60 + ex-addicts dramatically transformed through the Gospel of Jesus! Call for more information

Some of our new residents in Outcry Dallas. They are having a transformation through Jesus Christ in our facility. If you or anyone you know are hooked and need help call 214-565-5005 #weneverclose #expectamiracle #thereshopeoffthedope #outcryinthebarrio #jesusisreal

Billy Island

My good friends Piri & Angela Marrero promoting my book Principles! You can go purchase it today on Amazon! Click the link 👇🏿


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