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Slowing down during your day will remind you of why you do what you do, and of who you are in the midst of your work. Take a few minutes to breathe in.
In case you missed it earlier today!
My sister has something helpful to say about barking up the wrong tree when we feel attacked. #seewhatIdidthere #crackmyselfup
I have proudly donated to this ministry and ask you to do the same. What a gift they are to me and my friends in ministry across the globe! Won't you join me?

Eleven:28 exists to help church leaders cultivate soul care.

Enneagram 8's are referred to as "challengers." They are aggressive activators, passionate leaders, fierce friends, and future-oriented. They are often the prototype of what Americans assume are leadership qualities. What work do 8's need to be doing on themselves while they wage a battle against the changes brought on by COVID-19?

Part One in our series on the work that each Enneagram type must do during the dramatic changes caused by our global pandemic.


Did you catch our introduction to the Enneagram and COVID-19 series on our blog? In case you missed it, here it is. Our post on Enneagram 8's will be available tomorrow on our blog and on social media. http://eleven28ministries.org/we-cannot-redeem-what-we-have-not-named/


Unlocking Us | Brené Brown

If you haven't yet listened to Brene Brown interview David Kessler, download the podcast at this link or in your podcast app. An international grief expert explains how grief is interwoven in everything we're thinking, doing, and feeling right now. https://brenebrown.com/unlockingus/

brenebrown.com Conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart.

What will the world look like post-COVID? No one can be sure, save for one thing - we will need to grieve what was before we can fully embrace what will be. Eleven28 begins a month-long series on the ways each Enneagram number must grieve.

Today we start with the question of whether or not we really need to grieve this moment in time. The answer is, "we already are."


Beginning Monday, eleven28 will begin a series of blogs and videos that will lead us through the response that all of our emotions related to #COVID-19 have in common: grief. Grief is at the heart of our anger, fear, anxiety, or depression. Lament is the healthy response to that grief, but how do we lament if we don't yet grasp what and how we're grieving?

The Enneagram can teach us where to find a safe space to explore that grief and lament by leading us towards the high side of our number while also helping us recognize when we are operating on the low side. Each blog post will explore an Enneagram number and describe the high and low sides of our number and our stress response number. Later this month, we'll look at our stances, our orientation to time, and our repressed centers of intelligence.

Within each post, Rhesa will have a short video specifically for church leaders. Church leaders, you are telling us over and over, each in your way, that you are wandering through your own responses to COVID-19 even as we each look to you for guidance on what to do, how to feel, and what to think. We hear you; we see you.

Let's listen together to what the #Enneagram has to say.

#EnneagramWisdom #Grief #Lament

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We are hearing from church leaders this week about the changes COVID has brought to their work. We're hearing about grief stemming from sudden changes, leaders who are scrambling to learn new skills, and pastoral hours that are being extended even further than they already were. We're hearing that preachers are getting to spend more time pastoring, which some of them have missed. We're also hearing that the lack of in-person pastoral care is hard- funerals that won't happen and weddings that must wait. Sick and vulnerable family members who can't decide whether to risk a hospital visit or ride out the illness at home.

We are asking questions about what is changing with soul care in a COVID world and what is not. What can we do to care for the souls of church leaders - vocational or volunteer - both now and as COVID fades into the background? COVID will touch everyone and it will change everything, at least a little.

COVID-19 can't cancel community. Or generosity. Or kindness. It can't cancel the move of the Spirit in the lives of Jesus' followers.

...who isolate the sick from their families, risk their own health, receive curses rather than supplies, and whose compassion is barely outrunning their exhaustion.

Not that it’s a contest, but one of us definitely has the better home office.

Rhesa's latest meditation is now accessible either on the front page of our website or here on YouTube. Blessings as you live in a new normal. You're not alone. You're seen. God is here to be found.


COVID Video March 24 Guided Meditation

We're back! Rhesa is continuing her meditations this week. Take a moment from your brand new normal to rest today. https://youtu.be/oKdSc8R3anw

All five of Rhesa's meditations from the week of March 16th are now up on our website. You can see them here. Use them anytime. More coming starting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. http://eleven28ministries.org/meditations-during-covid-19-pandemic/

“It is our leadership’s directive to commission it’s ministers a 40 day sabbatical for every 5 years of service. Having done that a couple of times, I can offer this advice.
1. Begin the journey with a Spiritual Director.
2. This is not a time to get more work done, either offline ministry or even projects at the house or otherwise. It is a complete resting of the field from all planting and reaping.
3. If you do have family at home, a block of time that is conducive to your family life should be taken solo, away from them.
4. Don’t set out to read all the books you have stacked up in your reading log. Read one or two and dwell on them.
5. A day spent in bed or on the couch with bowl of cereal looking at the window at the weather is not a lost day. It is found space where nothing is enough.
6. Spend daily time in personal worship.
7. Eat well and savor it all. Be reminded of the good taken for granted when schedules and productivity remove the joy from most good things.
8. Remind yourself every day that what you’re doing is not a luxury or a guilt inducing activity…it is the natural order of all things to rest and become, rather than constantly do and be. You are entering into this time as a chance to further live out the Shema (Deut 6:4) in a way you can’t while your at the business of ministry.

[03/23/20]   "So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your quarantined life—your social distancing, hand washing, working from home, at home learning, and not hoarding toilet paper life—and place it before God as an offering.

Embracing how God is already providing for you is the best thing you can do right now.

Don’t become so used to your anxiety-driven culture that you fit into it without even thinking.

Instead, fix your attention on God, who is with you in this suffering. You’ll be changed from the inside out.
Readily recognize what God wants from you, and quickly respond to it.

Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity and fear-mongering, God brings the best out of you, develops compassion, steadiness, and patience in you." Romans 12:1-2 for March 2020.

What if, when COVID-19 has passed, you acknowledged the many extra hours s/he spent loving your church family, then sent your pastor out of town for a long weekend? That's #Sabbath

Head over to http://eleven28ministries.org/blog/ to read up.

How is it with your soul?

Day 5 of mediations shared during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rhesa’s final COVID-19 meditation is today at 3 pm CT. If you’ve missed any, or would like to keep them, head over to eleven28ministries.org and look for this graphic. All of the meditations are archived there or on our YouTube channel.


Day 4 of praying together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve had great feedback and hundreds of views on Rhesa’s meditations this week. Thanks for watching!

Rhesa will be hosting her short videos through the end of the week at 3 pm CT. You can find all of them in one place on our website, just look for this image in the slider on our front page. We’ll let you know how frequently we publish new ones throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Practice self care. Whether this is unexpected Sabbath or an intense season of work, we will sustain each other through this by clearing our hearts, minds, and souls of the anxiety and fear that awaits us in every news story, canceled event, and fear of loss that has accompanied this virus.

Ignatian Meditation

Day 3 of praying together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meditations during COVID-19 Pandemic

We're saving Rhesa's COVID-19 soul care videos here on Facebook but also on one page of our website. You can find them here if you'd like to watch them anytime now or later. http://eleven28ministries.org/meditations-during-covid-19-pandemic/


Meditations during COVID-19 Pandemic

We're saving Rhesa's COVID-19 soul care videos here on Facebook but also on one page of our website. You can find them here if you'd like to watch them anytime now or later. http://eleven28ministries.org/meditations-during-covid-19-pandemic/


Please join us today over at our page for a moment of rest from the disrupted schedules, distanced friendships, uncertain health, and general stress of what feels like a "new normal."

Rhesa will be live on Facebook every day this week at 3 p.m.

Welcoming Prayer

Don't miss today's time of rest. Practicing Welcoming Prayer during Covid-19 pandemic.

Eleven:28 Ministries

Practicing Welcoming Prayer during Covid-19 pandemic.

Welcoming Prayer

Practicing Welcoming Prayer during Covid-19 pandemic.

Every day this week we'll meet you wherever you find yourself during our social distancing, our new routines, and our worries about loved ones.

Come join us on Facebook Live at 3 p.m. each day this week for a moment of rest.

Breath Prayers for Covid-19

Did you miss our moment of stillness and rest earlier today? Let's take a moment to breathe and pray together in the midst of a pandemic.

Breath Prayers for Covid-19

A moment to breathe and pray together in the midst of a pandemic.

Please join us today over at our page for a moment of rest from the disrupted schedules, distanced friendships, uncertain health, and general stress of what feels like a "new normal."

Rhesa will be live on Facebook every day this week at 3 p.m. CT.

We need a little more beauty and wholeheartedness while we look for the latest updates, check on friends. and hear the latest opinions. Come join us this week for Facebook Live meditations this week with Rhesa - 3 pm every weekday - for a few minutes of needed release from the disruptions and anxiety.

Parents stuck at home, work at home professionals who miss the interaction, those who are medically vulnerable and isolated, those fearful of catching the virus, and anyone else feeling anxiety or stress - come rest and take a few deep breaths with us this week.

Again - 3 pm live here on our page. See you then.

[03/14/20]   Church leaders - this weekend (and maybe longer) you may be the target of misplaced fears, the organizer of spontaneous gatherings, calming voice, and fellow lamenter of corporate gatherings lost. Thank you for being our pastors and our priests when circumstances are uncertain.

"My church provides sabbaticals every 7 years. I don't have clarity about if I will get to my sabbatical or what I will need." - Senior Minister

This person is doing important & necessary work, challenging the church to discover new places where God is at work in the world. The church could lose a voice that is vital to its growth. But even if this person's ministry season at their church ends, it doesn't have to end suddenly or poorly. Even if it ends, it can still end well.

That's the God-promised result of regular rest and observed Sabbath - clarity that for ministers can be the difference between revitalization, ending poorly, or at least ending well.

#Sabbatical #Sabbath

"Church leadership changed my job description without asking. I couldn't take time off and still meet those expectations. I'm not sure what's next. Sabbatical will be a chance to breathe, to heal, and to dream with God." -- Minister in Texas

With church leaders experiencing a higher % of burnout and a deeper sense of inadequacy than other full time employees in the United States, churches need to ask "Why is that true?" and then, "What do we do differently?"

We will continue to get what we've always gotten - short minister tenures, poor finishes to careers, moral failures, bitterness, and just quiet departures - until we discover together that our church leaders require a level of care that is as unique as the jobs they hold, then confess collectively that we have failed to provide it for them.

Can we pull the thread on this together and see what unwinds? Stay tuned. For the next month, we're going to talk about sabbaticals, a path to restoring the soul that God has modeled for us since the first seven days of Creation.

#Sabbath #Sabbatical #ChurchLeaders

Making sabbaticals part of the regular rhythms of rest for a church staff can be an uphill battle. But once they're in place, now what? Let's take a look at ways a church can make both the sabbatical and the re-entry life-giving. http://eleven28ministries.org/making-sabbaticals-restful-not-stressful

You're going to be reading a lot about sabbaticals here over the next few weeks, In our newsletters, we'll have examples of how sabbaticals worked (or didn't) and the resources for getting your policy underway. Get signed up: http://ow.ly/O8nt50yGXPD

Timeline Photos

It's not too late to sign up for the Enneagram e-course. It begins today BUT even if you can't get there today - everything will be recorded for you to keep forever AND we'll go ahead and throw in that $5 Amazon gift card even though it's past the initial deadline. Come join us! CHURCH PARTNERS - be sure to ask us for the code that gets you $20 off. http://bit.ly/enneagram-1128ecourse

Many denominations have a sabbatical policy. However, in a non-denominational church, leaders must be proactive about scheduling recurring sabbaticals for their staff. Here's how and why to get a sabbatical policy established in your church. http://eleven28ministries.org/sabbatical-policy/

There's a lot of neat opportunities happening for women leading churches. It's not too late to join this virtual conference where Rhesa is among a fantastic lineup of other women leading the way in churches. https://summit.sheleadschurch.com/?ac=HCUcZONF #SheLeads

You are not alone. The church world might lead you to think you are alone, but you are not. Angie Ward's book will remind you that God's calling has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the Image of God made visible through every woman. Come join us for the book release party! #iamaleader https://www.facebook.com/events/625788524629386

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. we'll be at Angie Ward's online book launch for I Am a Leader. Come join the festivities as we celebrate her new book inviting all women to follow God's call on their life. #iamaleader


Two new Sacred Communities in the Bay Area. Welcome to the Eleven28 family!

[02/27/20]   Getting our second and third Sacred Communities started today! 15 church leaders from around the Bay Area gathered to spend a day in silence, reflection, and spiritual formation practices they can take back for themselves and their churches.

Pictures coming soon!

The pressure of ministry often shows up first at home. Compassion fatigue from walking with church members often keeps ministers from bringing their best selves home with them. When the emotional boundaries between work and home get fuzzy, the soul of not only the minister is drained, but also her or his family.

Glass Houses tells four of these stories. We hope to share more in 2020. https://youtu.be/H2MCWyh5dQ8

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How is it with your soul?
Ignatian Meditation
Welcoming Prayer
Welcoming Prayer
Breath Prayers for Covid-19
Breath Prayers for Covid-19
Live Update on Giving Tuesday Progress!




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