Ndoto: For Africa's Future

Ndoto: For Africa's Future


This is the post from two hours ago and the same is true now..... Things seem calm now. A lot of waiting and wondering and praying...
This is the message with those pictures...from about 3.5 hours ago.... these are a few images from Kondele in the last hour or two. I think things have calmed down a bit. These images are minor compared to what has been or what could be. So far, things are ok. The IEBC is giving a press conference saying they are looking into the allegations and the constitution allows them up to 7 days to compile results before making announcements. They say they are going to take that time before they announce final results.
I've had some requests for updates on the election in Kenya, so I'm going to share posts in order from earlier today until now... (4 hours ago...) I'm not a frequent FB post-er, but I hope to update FB regularly about the elections in Kenya and what is happening. These posts are intended more for the international community and ex-pats who have left Kenya for this time. While we were hoping things would be calm until the final results and until the IEBC (the electoral body) could respond to Raila's teams concerns/proof of rigging, it seems that is not the way. There is a bit of chaos breaking out in Kondele and lots of burning tires. There was yelling and people are out in big numbers in Obunga. The police are trying to contain things non-violently as this point. The police chopper has been making laps around the area. Things seemed to have temporarily calmed. More to come...
I was so happy to get an updated picture of Inno and her sweet letter. Whoever took the time to write explanations of the exam and scores she mentioned, on a yellow post it note, thank you so much!! 😀

Ndoto: For Africa’s Future is a holistic, Christ-centered community development organization that works in the Obunga slum in Kisumu, Kenya.

Ndoto is a Swahili word meaning "dream." We aim to give at-risk youth a chance to dream for themselves, their community, and the kingdom of God. We accomplish this through education, discipleship and development. If you are a Kenyan seeking that dream, please contact our Kenyan staff, as the US staff is not involved in ministry decisions. Email [email protected].

Mission: Mission Statement: To educate, disciple, and develop at-risk youth to pursue their dreams, glorify God, and transform their community. Vision Statement: To see forgotten slum communities transformed from the inside out.

The biggest market in Kisumu closed down a few weeks ago. This is one of the many detrimental measures taken that have drastically affected families in less advantaged communities in the city.
Today, 31 more households received food packages as part of our campaign in support of families through this tough, uncertain times.

Families in dire need of food supplies to make it through the effects of Covid-19 are continuously finding help as you helped us raise enough to reach 30 more homes in the next few days.
Thank you to all who made this possible!

This week we continue our outreach program to families as we drop off food supplies at their door step. The need is among us and people are heeding to the call as we continue raising money to reach more families in need!
15 more families received their food packages on Wednesday.


Give To Feed Vulnerable Families

Vulnerable families in our community are struggling to get food because of the lockdown procedures in Kenya. We want to help keep the elderly, disabled, and those with health conditions indoors, so we're providing bags of food for them. We need to raise about $700 more to cover all of them as well as our community handwashing stations. Can you spare $30 to help feed a family in Obunga?

ndoto.org Some households desperately need food now.

Effects of COVID-19 are ever-increasing and many families that depend entirely on daily small businesses to make ends meet feel the effects.
We decided to seek ways to help ease the burden and support families in Obunga and its environs by shopping for daily food necessities and dropping them off at their homes.


Kenya has 14 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 || CS Kagwe address

Kenya's health CS achoed the president’s directive that restricts movement in and out of Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi. This is to reduce the spread and infection of the COVID-19 virus in the country. He also reminded kenyans and everyone in the country to stay vigilant and committed to the measures stipulated by the government. Kenya

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The office and church transformation are almost done! New paint on the church wall and polish on the floor. Here are pictures from before and after.


Ndoto Coronavirus Update

Kenya has 59 confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far, but it is still possible for Kenya to avert a large-scale outbreak. This is a big update on what's going on in Kenya, how it's affecting Ndoto Kenya, and what it means for our supporters in the US and how they can be part of it.

ndoto.org The Ndoto Kenya office has been closed for two weeks, and normal April activities are cancelled.

It’s incredible to see the Ndoto community church building transform into a beautiful house of worship . The terrazzo floor is almost done with the polishing taking centre stage.

The month ends and with it the major renovations to the church and offices.
The church floor should be done by the end of the week! Exciting!!!

1. Discover the foundation of fear

The fact is that most fear is not based on fact. Much of what we fear is based on a feeling. According to an old saying, “Fear and worry are interest paid in advance on something you may never own.” And Aristotle explained, “Fear is pain arising from anticipation of evil.”

When you acknowledge that the majority of fear is unfounded, you can begin to release yourself from its power. American general George Patton understood this. He said, “I learned very early in life not to take counsel of my fears.” Businessman Allen Neuharth saw his worst fears come true, only to realize that they weren’t as big as he’d imagined: “I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” John Maxwell

[03/27/20]   Kenya announced first COVID-19 related death yesterday, making it the second country in East Africa after Sudan to confirm a corona virus-related death.

Kenya has also initiated a nationwide curfew from 7pm-5am daily as part of the measures to help curb the infection and spread of the virus. We encourage all Kenyans to stay home and adhere to the measures set aside for our own safety.


My Salary, My Secret

Back before the world changed, Fred from our team had written a nice piece about Ndoto's faithfulness to our team. Check it out here, and stay tuned next week for a full update on what Ndoto is doing right now.

ndoto.org As the sun rises on the horizon, it’s another opportunity to give it our all at work.

Last week we set up the "clean hands" initiative, installing hand washing points across Obunga, and the reaction of the community was a blessing. This week we have added more hand washing spots as we continue to sensitise the community against the infection and spread of COVID-19.


Kenya coronavirus cases rise to 16 - VIDEO

The number of confirmed corona Virus cases has gone up by one in Kenya, bringing the tally to 16. We now have 550 traced person yet to be confirmed - people who might have come into contact with the original 8 confirmed cases initially.

We are reminded to self-isolate, clean our hands regularly with hand sanitizer, water and soap. (courtesy of Daily Nation)


The building and renovation team is working tirelessly to ensure the project is complete and they can stay home with minimal human interactions as advised by the government.
The church building is ready for the installation of the terrazzo floor.

As part of the "clean hands" initiative against the spread and infection of COVID-19, we ventured into Obunga and set up hand washing points to help sensitize and encourage hand sanitization in the community.

"Even though you are born within a family, God made you be nothing but yourself. Find His plan for your life. we are different but from the same family." Michael
Relationships and family were the topics of discussion as our directors Michael and Allison met young people at Citum church Kisumu.
(Photos courtesy of Citum Kisumu)

This past week we opened our doors for all to apply and in light of the health regulations, we are taking measures to ensure the safety of everyone with hand sanitization at all times.

We are reminded to remain calm and trust that God is in control. Schools are closed in Kenya for 30 days to help regulate and deal with the spread of the Virus.

Every year high schoolers graduate and are home for almost a year. During this time we encourage them to preoccupy themselves in constructive work. A handful of them come in to help at the office, offering their time and energy to service.

This year we have a good number showing up to help, and spending time with the staff in learning how things run on a day-to-day basis.
Mama Bon meeting with some form 4 leavers. (Pictured below)

Grade 8 in Kenya is considered a make or break year, and this year we are taking time with our students, understanding how we can best support them both in and out of class.

Our staff Joshua with his class eigh crew.(Below)

Renovation week three, and the building is metamorphosing before our eyes. The walls around the building are done and the inside is all that remains.

Application forms are out! Today we officially open our doors to hundreds of students, giving them the opportunity of realising their dreams and growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

"Affirming words from Mums and Dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child's life and its like lighting up a whole room full of possibilities." Gary Smalley

Meetings between staff and our grade eight parents have always been a blessing over the last two years. They have contributed immensely to the overall improvement of grades at the end of grade school.

Joshua and Mama Bon met our grade 8 parents to best realise how their words and actions reflect positively or negatively in their children and how to speak life and hope into their lives.
Joshua and Mama Bon with grade 8 parents. (Below)

Joshua is an alumni student with a passion to help others. He graduated last year in clinical medicine. He joined his uncle working as a clinician at his clinic.

His uncle Benard has been running a clinic for over 20 years and with Joshua on board, he hopes to begin the upgrades needed from a clinic to a hospital.

"Joshua has been of great value to us since graduating, and I am grateful for the impact Ndoto is having in his life as he continues in his career." Benard (Joshua's Uncle)

Week two of renovations and the building is taking shape. Beautiful to see the progress.


African Change Makers

"Not even the rusty iron sheets that make up our houses can obstruct the mind geared towards change!"

Read Fred's latest on our blog, where you'll meet 3 of our Change Makers!

ndoto.org Ndoto has been the bedrock of change in Obunga.

Our life experiences are evidence of God’s extravagant grace, and this pas week Michael, our local director and Moses, one of our staff visited Christ is the Answer Ministries Kisumu as evidence of such.

They had an opportunity of sitting down with Senior Pastor Anataka Mugenyi, after which Michael got the opportunity to share his life experiences and encouraged the young people to aspire for more than an education, but the amazing experience of knowing the person of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Renovations week 1. The whole building is getting a phase lift on the outside, including the church and offices on the 2nd floor.
Thank you to all our sponsors and donors who make this possible.

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Alfred North Whitehead

Today we are encouraged by Joshua, graduated student who came back to the office and offered a crate of Soda to the staff in gratitude for their selflessness and support over the years.
With teary eyes he spoke of his struggles before joining Ndoto and how blessed he has been since he joined Ndoto. Thank you Joshua, your gratitude is testament of what God is doing through and with you.


Job Opportunities - Ndoto

We are seeking to recruit New staff in 5 positions. Men and women who will join a team of staff with a passion to serve and grow. We Kindly encourage interested candidates to follow the links below to our website and apply. Thank you and all the best to every applicant.

ndoto.org Ndoto is looking for individuals who are committed to our mission and vision and are excited to use their gifts and skill sets to that end. Please view our current openings below and contact us if you are interested at [email protected]. Positions in Kenya: Business Developer Education Specialist Disc...

The encouragement we get from hearing our young men share their experiences in life both in and out of class is incredible and essential to our understanding of the direction they take and how we can best support them discover their position in Christ Jesus and their dreams.

One week back home and it's good to see the office buzzing with activities as students come in to study and be discipled as children play outside. Life in this place is refreshing.

It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless. – L.R Knost

Frighton joined Ndoto this year and today he got the opportunity of meeting his sponsor and family through photos. He was excited and wrote a letter back to his sponsor. A heartwarming moment when a child's eyes are lit up with excitement and hope in a future that is possible through the generosity of a sponsor across the oceans.

It’s a blessing to see new students visit the office and lend a helping hand in cleaning the office.

Thank you Magdalene for helping out in the office.

Half term is here and most of our students are home for a week, and performance reviews are underway to best understand our students and their needs.

Mama Edith meeting with her student today.

Happy Valentines to our staff and theirs: Michael and Allison Omondi, John and Katie Seale, Joshua and Emily, Boaz and Susan Mandera, Tobias and Coryne. Have a fabulous Valentines!

We thank God for Mama Bon and Tobias who help us account for every penny that we use. Thank you for all your great work, reminding us all that honesty is a state of heart, not the state of a culture.

His excellency Daniel Arap Moi died February 4th. He was the second president of Kenya, taking office after the death of Kenya's first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. He led the country as president for 24 years. He will be laid to rest at His Kabarak home in a private ceremony.

Spending time with young people as they share their life experiences on a weekly basis creates an environment that breeds confidence and a receptive spirit towards mentorship, and intern the development of an all-rounded person.

Tobias and David spending time with our young people.

Obstacles in life can have its toll on our mind and spirit, but God is in the business of reminding us just how much strength we have in him.


Glorifying God as an Engineer

"As a born-again Christian, and a product of Ndoto, I will give back to my community by being the best in my field."

Zadock was one of our graduates this past December, and in this story he wrote for us he shows that he gets the Christian's calling into society - whatever God has called you to be, be the best you can!

ndoto.org After the interview we prayed for the best. But as we waited, it dawned on me that I may never join college at all.

Every year after the Highschool final exams results are out, we meet with every Highschool graduate to find out how prepared and equipped they are for college.

Today Fred and Brian met out form four leavers as they accessed the best way to move forward in life.

We are constantly reminded that our feelings don’t necessarily reflect the presence of God. That is true at Ndoto and in our personal lives.

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General information

Ndoto's mission is summed up as EDUCATE, DISCIPLE, DEVELOP. We understand that if transformation is to happen, it has to occur in all areas of life. Ndoto’s students are encouraged to dream about what they want to do in life and how that will impact their country. We believe that education is a fundamental piece in the complicated puzzle of eradicating poverty. Along with that, we believe that the greatest work we will ever do is point people to Jesus Christ and invite them into a relationship with Him. Our education and discipleship programs are supported by sponsorship. Sponsorships are available at $35, $50, $75, or $100 per month, based on the student's age and grade level. Students range from kindergarten to university. The cost of student sponsorship covers tuition, school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and basic medical care. For boarding school, college, and university students, the cost also covers room and board, three meals a day, and extra required supplies. In order for there to be large-scale economic change, it has to come from within: the people, the government, and industries. What we can do is make a difference for the residents of Obunga by starting businesses so that local jobs can be created. Our businesses can generate income for the ministry, provide a steady salary to people in need, and provide goods and services to the city.
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