Married Couples Victory Outreach Dallas,TX

Married Couples will receive Biblical Teachings and Guidance on having a Godly Marriage! Will learn the Vision of our Ministry and know there role as being that Triple Braided Cord as Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 states!

Join us every Friday night at 7:30 and Sunday mornings at 10:am ! Stay connected throughout the week with our Life Groups every Wednesday at 7pm!

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[11/29/13]   Three Reasons why we should forgive....

#1. We forgive because we are forgiven

#2 We forgive because it is emotionally healing

#3 We forgive because it helps the forgiven become a better person

[11/29/13]   Clothe yourselves with compassion ,kindness ,humilty,gentleness and patience

Colossians 3:12

[11/29/13]   But forgiveness is more than an act of will;its an attitude of the heart. Its not just a one-time event ;it's a continual act

Matthew 18:21-22

[11/28/13]   Happy Thanksgiving! Be Grateful for your Spouse and enjoy making memories today!

[11/06/13]   Praise your spouse! Encouragement can help get them through the day.

[09/26/13]   True love doesn't mean having a relationship of ease,it means making the continual choice to love and forgive



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[07/22/13]   Wives/Husband's you should always be by your spouses side even through the trial. This stands true for those understanding a biblical marriage. Never give room for the enemy to come in and don't be so quick to Quit. We must fight for one another

#Strong Marriages 06/19/2013

Colossians 4:5-6 New King James Version | The New is all new! Enjoy a free online Bible from YouVersion. Now, the simple, ad-free Bible experience loved by millions is available at 05/23/2013

Proverbs 25:28 New King James Version | The New is all new! Enjoy a free online Bible from YouVersion. Now, the simple, ad-free Bible experience loved by millions is available at

[05/23/13]   Life Group was good tonite lets remember with our Vows comes commitment!


Starting tomorrow 5/22 for 6 weeks. Your Marriage is only as strong as your relationship with God! Lets recconnect!

[05/16/13]   At some point in a marriage the grass will look greener in other pastures. Whether in the after glow of an argument or in the fatigue of a family and career pressures, you may question your decision to stand by your spouse "for better or for worse." When the "worse" seems to overshadow the "better " you need to cling to his truth : feelings come and go but commitment does not!

Put God first

[05/16/13]   Each of us will suffer at different points in our lives, and when we are married, we are committed to sharing in the pain of another person. For that reason we need to look to our commitment and to our marriage vows for strength ,stability and endurance - especially when feelings of love aren't as strong as they once were.

Put God first

[05/08/13]   Husband's, if you treat your wives like a thoroughbred,chances are you won't end up with a nag. Wives, if you treat your husband's like a champ, chances are even better that you won't end up with a chump

Zig Ziglar 05/06/2013

"Love is Not a Fight" by Warren Barfield

Dedicated to All Married couples No copyright infringement intended. The lyrics to "Love is not a Fight" by Warren Barfield from his new CD "WORTH FIGHTING FOR" (in stores May 20th, 2008). C... 05/02/2013

Proverbs 9 NKJV | The New is all new! Enjoy a free online Bible from YouVersion. Now, the simple, ad-free Bible experience loved by millions is available at

[04/29/13]   Two by two they loaded the Ark because if there was only one by one there would be no reproduction. As in our marriages two are better then one for together the battle can be won through Christ and part of you being married is to reproduce for Christ!

God given or Foster parents all for Gods Glory!

[04/22/13]   Had an awesome time at our 2013 Marriage Retreat! Always take the time to invest in your marriage. Building strong couples!


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[04/17/13]   Retreat registration due! Even if you are not staying in the hotel .

Retreat starts Friday April 19th


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[04/09/13]   Marriage is a union that should never go on strike

[04/09/13]   Relationships can be one of life's great joys ,when they are done God's way.

[04/09/13]   May your fountain be blessed,and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. . .may you ever be intoxicated with her Love.

Proverbs 5:18-19

[04/01/13]   Great couples to spend the evening with and laugh with! Love the married couples!


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[03/28/13]   Good Teaching on the W**d of Distrust tonite by Mike and Victoria Mcneer. They broke it down!

#Radical and Addicted Married couples


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[03/21/13]   The journey of marriage is a long one-better take snacks!

~Dan Taylor ~

[03/21/13]   What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility



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