WM Texas, Dallas, TX Video May 6, 2019, 3:25am

Videos by WM Texas in Dallas. The Salvation Army Women’s Ministries encompass various opportunities for all women to be valued, encouraged, equipped through Christian faith & fellowship

Lazy Day

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Gather Promo
"What transforms a program into ministry is Jesus at the table."

Lazy Day

Women’s Retreat

We are so excited for women’s camp this weekend! Comment to tell us you are coming!

Be on the look out for this packet in the mail! It has camp information and posters!

Disaster relief team is having church on Sunday. Major Ellis sings "It Is Well" beautifully.

Major Ann Hawk Prays
#WMTexasStrong Major Ann Hawk prays for rest and strength for our Salvation Army team. Keep doing the good work. We are praying for you.

Major Joy Robbins Prays
#WMTexasStrong Major Joy Robbins wanted to pray for the kids that have been affected in the storm. Please share with others that may need this encouragement.

Major Elizabeth Juliana Prays
#WMTexasStrong Major Elizabeth Batista Juliana prays for the women in the storm. You are loved. We are praying for you. Please share with your friends.

Captain Ann Hawk quotes Isaiah 40:31
#WMTexasStrong Captain Ann Hawk quotes Isaiah 40:31. We are praying strength for you. Please share with your friends.

Major Deanna Gilliam talks about rest.
#WMTexasStrong Major Deanna Davis Gilliam encourages through the scripture Matthew 11:28. Please like and share.

Major Joy Robbins loves music
#WMTexasStrong Major Joy Robbins loves music and allows it to encourage her. Listen to her encouragement through the song "Shoulders" by King and Country. Share it with your friends.

Major Elizabeth Juliana reads Isaiah 43:2
#WMTexasStrong Major Elizabeth Batista Juliana speaks about Isaiah 43:2. Please watch and share as it encourages you.

Lt. Colonel Sharon Raymer and Hurricane Harvey
#WMTexasStrong Lt. Colonel Sharon Raymer has a message of encouragement for you. Please watch and share. We love you!

I love the stage for OAC 2017!

Night Programs
What has been your favorite part of OAC night programs in the past? Share and Like for your corp to see!

The deadline for the early bird rate of $75 ends July 10th. Talk to your corp officer. Like and share to help us get the information to all of our friends.

Older Adult Camp Video #2
What do you look forward to most about the Cafes? Like and Share with your friends.

Older Adult Camp Video #1
What is your favorite game? Like and share with your friends.

1st session happening now! What do you think about the stage set up? #WomenLiveOriginal

0 Days Left! We are so excited to see you!

Can you guess what is in these bags? #womenliveoriginal We prayed over the bags as we packed them for women's camp. We are excited for it. See you there.

Knee to knee me moments at Scrapbook and Arts Retreat. We don't just scrap and do therapy too! 😊 #tsawmtexas #SATexasSparkle

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