Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, TX Video December 25, 2019, 12:52am

Videos by Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas. At PCBC we strive to Know God through worship, to Grow more like Christ in discipleship, and to Show Christ by reaching the lost world.

Christmas Eve at Park Cities Baptist Church

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THIS Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, beginning the Lenten Season across the Christian Faith. What a perfect time to turn our hearts to Jesus and focus on living like Him. How do we do that? Dr. Jeff Warren will guide us toward six spiritual disciplines that transform us to become more like Jesus. Han Oh, Stephen Carrell, and others from our worship team will lead us in a time of praise and adoration. We will share in the Lord’s Supper together. See you at 6:30 pm in Great Hall!

"It starts in the home, but Park Cities provides the passion for the kids, the resources, and the encouragement for the parents." We LOVE the fact that our church is multigenerational and that we have programs and events for all ages - from infants and toddlers to senior adults. We recently asked people from several different life stages to tell us why Park Cities is their church family. Watch as the Roan family shares what makes Park Cities home to them.

The McCanns | Why PCBC is our church home
Our church is multigenerational, and we celebrate that! We recently asked people from several different life stages to tell us why Park Cities is their church family. Watch as the McCann family shares what makes Park Cities home to them.

The McKinleys | Why PCBC is our church home
Our church is multigenerational, and we celebrate that! We recently asked people from several different life stages to tell us why Park Cities is their church family. Watch as the McKinleys share what makes Park Cities home to them.

“This Jesus has come, this Jesus is here, this Jesus is coming again.”

Brand New Purpose || Dr. Jeff Warren || Park Cities Baptist Church
"Be faithful right where you are. He's given you something to be faithful to today."

Come be a part of what God is doing through our incredible Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra - there’s a place just for you! Wednesday nights at 6:45 pm in the Choral Hall. Visit to learn more about Park Cities Baptist Church.

Brand New Identity // Park Cities Baptist Church // Dr. Jeff Warren
"If you know Christ, if you've received His grace, you are a beloved son or daughter of the King and that's who you are."

Brand New Start || Dr. Jeff Warren || Park Cities Baptist Church
"Every act of love, every act of kindness, whispers the name of Jesus to those who do not believe."

Some of our most-liked shots from 2019 - just the tip of the iceberg of wonderful memories from a year that has been greatly blessed by God. Happy New Year! #parkcitiesbaptistchurch #followingJesuseveryday #happynewyear #happynewyear2020

Last day of 2019! If you haven’t yet made your year-end gift to the church, there’s still time! Drop it off in the Commons by 5:00 pm or give online at by 11:59 pm. Thank you for your generosity all through the year. Let’s begin 2020 ready for ministry and mission together! #parkcitiesbaptistchurch #followingJesuseveryday

Happy New Year from Dr. Jeff Warren
Devotional thoughts as we close out the year, from Pastor Jeff Warren.

Christmas Eve at Park Cities Baptist Church

Christmas Eve at Park Cities Baptist Church

All the Nations | Park Cities Baptist Church
Hundreds of people from the Vickery Meadow community and beyond attended our All the Nations Festival this month. Your generosity – of your finances as well as your time – allowed many attendees to hear the Gospel for the very first time! Your gifts to PCBC matter! Please consider making a generous year-end gift to PCBC by 12/31 so we can continue sharing the Gospel in Dallas and around the world. Give now at

Tornado Relief | Park Cities Baptist Church
Because of your generosity to our church, PCBC was immediately able to respond when the Oct. 20 tornados struck our area. From partnering with our friends at Primera Iglesia Bautista to collecting school supplies for affected children and assisting church members who lost their homes, your giving made a difference. In considering a year-end gift to PCBC, please remember that your gifts are important not only to our planned ministries - they also allow us to readily respond in times of crisis. Give now at

Facilities | Park Cities Baptist Church
This year, we celebrated the completion of much-needed upgrades and additions to our campus that help us meet needs of all generations. From renovating the junior high ministry area called The Pit to completing access additions on both sides of the Sanctuary and offering streaming worship services online, we are thrilled with the ways YOUR generosity benefits PCBC's facilities. But there is so much more to do! Help us continue this work by making a generous year-end gift to PCBC at

PCBC Kids | Park Cities Baptist Church
Your gifts to PCBC teach kids how to follow Jesus every day and allow our Kids Ministry team to be innovative as they share the Gospel with the next generation. About 25% of our church budget is received in the month of December, fueling our ministries and missions as we head into the busy summer months. Make your year-end gift to PCBC by December 31 at

Generosity || Park Cities Baptist Church
God has been so faithful to our church this year as we have touched lives here and around the world with the love of Christ! Your gifts matter – especially at year-end! About 25% of our church budget is received in the month of December, fueling our ministries and missions as we head into the busy summer months. Be sure to make your gift on or before December 31 at

Joy to the World // Prepare Him Room // Dr. Jeff Warren
"This Christmas, make room for Jesus. You're going to have to be diligent, because everything in this cultural moment says...'No, don't focus on Jesus.' ...And if you're not careful, you're going to miss him altogether." So how to DO we make room for Jesus? Visit and scroll down to watch last Sunday's sermon in full.

“Our hope is found in something outside of us…Someone outside of us.”

Staying in town for Thanksgiving? Join us for Thanksgiving Serve on Thursday morning! Whether you choose to help prep meals at Cornerstone or assemble care packages at PCBC, we have an opportunity for YOU to bless others this Thanksgiving. Learn more or sign up at

Revelation | The Hero to the Rescue | Dr. Jeff Warren
"If Jesus doesn't do another thing for you for the rest of your life...He's already done enough for you to praise Him through all of your life and all eternity. We're to worship him regardless what comes our way because of who He is and what He's done. Why do we worship him? Because He is worthy."

Eighty years after beginning in a house on Lovers Lane, PCBC is still here because each generation has passed the baton onto the younger generation. As Pastor Jeff tells Corbin, here’s how we’ll reach each new generation: “We are going to raise you up to follow Jesus. We are going to teach you how to love His word. We’ll guide you and teach you how to pray. You’re going to be able to come alongside your friends and you’re going to be able to take the Gospel to your friends in your school and around the world.”

We are the Church || We are Prevailing || Dr. Jeff Warren
"You must know WHO you are, WHAT you are, and WHOSE you are." Last Sunday in our Espanol service, Pastor Jeff shared how we as individuals and as a church can impact culture and community. Special thanks to church member Edward Retta, who did a FANTASTIC job serving as translator!

Can’t wait to see you THIS Sunday! We Are the Church - that’s our current series and Pastor Jeff Warren will share how we are the “enduring” church, and what that means to us as we celebrate 80 years of ministry and mission! His message will be broadcast across our campus - what an exciting day! #parkcitiesbaptistchurch #Sunday #followingJesuseveryday #wearethechurch

Men - we’ll see you THIS Saturday in the Great Hall at 7:30 am for our Fall Kickoff! Still time to invite a friend to come and be encouraged and challenged as we follow Jesus every day. Come on! #actlikemen #kickoff #followingJesuseveryday #parkcitiesbaptistchurch

Hear Travis Cook share about how church becomes family - even, and especially, during times when our faith is fragile. See you this Sunday for “We Are a Body” as our series, We Are the Church, continues! #wearethechurch #parkcitiesbaptistchurch #weareafamily #followingJesuseveryday

Why does the physical resurrection of Jesus matter? Because WE will be like Him! All of our sin done away with. Praise God! @jeff_warren #church #Jesus #PCBC #parkcities #dallas #HighlandPark #UniversityPark #resurrection

Giving Back to God
What do oranges have to do with tithing?

Park Cities Baptist Church // Great Hall
Park Cities Baptist Church // Great Hall

Our Fall Semester for Wednesday at Park Cities kicks off tonight! If you're a parent, PCBC Kids programming has a variety of interest and age specific options sure to engage little hearts and minds. Find the best fit for you you and your family by going to See you tonight at 5:30!

Give God Control
"You have to give God control of your life."

PCBC & Jack Lowe Senior Elementary
PCBC’s partnership with Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary, located in the Vickery Meadow community, has enriched the lives of many students and families who are refugees to our area from all over the world. Through programs like Adopt-a-Teacher, A Jugar (“to play”), So-Royalty and Boys United afterschool clubs, plus readers, tutors and mentors – our church family invests in the lives of the entire Jack Lowe community on a weekly basis. We love and appreciate the students and staff at Jack Lowe and are so excited to kick off a new school year!

Launch Sunday 2019
This Sunday is Launch Sunday and David Huey is pumped! We are too! See you at 9:15 for Meet the Teacher and our Launch Rally in the Commons at 10:25! Then a great morning of worship with God’s Better Story for Family. #launchsunday

Discover Park Cities
Our next Discover Park Cities class is Sunday, August 25th! Whether you're a long time member or a visiting guest, DPC is the perfect place to learn more about our church history, mission and values. For more information and to register online, visit

“The win is blessing and not cursing.”

Romans Road Trip - Coming Home
We're coming home from our Romans Road Trip THIS Sunday - what a summer it's been!

“When was the last time you talked about Jesus?”

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