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Neither Male Nor Female

Is Saint Paul’s famous proclamation about oneness in Christ license for self-determination or self-denial? [Uptown Contemporary Service, “Neither Male Nor Female” by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on Sunday, June 23]

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MIss Sunday School?
Find a class:[classfinder-sunday]=classfinder-sunday #SundaySchool #MeanGirls #SeeYouSunday #NeverMissAClass

Feasting, Eating and Drinking
In Genesis, there’s the famous story of Abraham bargaining God down from judging Sodom and Gomorrah. And his questions to God—“wilt thou judge the righteous with the wicked? Wilt thou not spare the wicked for the sake of the righteous?”—echoes throughout the pages of Scripture and even into our hearts. Yet, God finally answers Abraham, but not in a way that we would imagine. And God’s answers has to do with the Cross of Christ. [Traditional Service, “Feasting, Eating and Drinking” by Fr. John Sundara on Sunday, July 28]

The Art of Waiting Well
We live in a world where everything can happen at the snap of a finger. Does this make us more impatient, less patient people? Yet, Abraham’s story is all about learning the art of waiting well. What can he teach us about waiting in faith, until the end? And what hope can we find in the Eucharist? [Uptown Contemporary Service, "The Art of Waiting Well" by Fr. John Sundara on July 21, 2019]

The Distance
Physical distance is a real thing in our lives…even with modern technology. How do we deal with our physical distance from God? [Uptown Contemporary Service, "The Distance" by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on Sunday, July 14]

How Can God Love Me?
How do we know God loves us? Because he speaks to us --- which he didn't have to do. Lovers, after all, must communicate. [Traditional Service, “How Can God Love Me?” by the Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin, Ph.D. on Sunday, July 14]

Learning to love that scary ‘E’ Word
Many of us are understandably reticent about evangelism. Yet, the images of evangelism we have, and God’s description of Christ-loving and Christ-honoring evangelism are very different. Evangelism is all about proclaiming that the kingdom of God is here, both in word and deed. [Uptown Contemporary Service, “Learning to love that scary ‘E’ Word” by Fr. John Sundara on July 7, 2019]

Traditional Service, "He Set His Face"
Jesus "set his face" to go to Jerusalem, which is a key to understanding almost all of Luke's gospel: the point of Jesus' life was to go to the place of his death, resurrection, and ascension. But how did the people know Jesus' face was set? How could they tell? Faces are like sacraments: outward and visible signs of something that’s inward and spiritual and deep. [Traditional Service, "He Set His Face" by the Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin, Ph.D. on Sunday, June 30]

Uptown Contemporary Service
What does it mean when Jesus says he must be placed above every other concern in our lives? [Uptown Contemporary Service, “Above All Else” by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on Sunday, June 30.]

A World-Changing Moment
The resurrection of Christ and the flowing of the Holy Spirit to all the baptized was a world-changing moment. But how? [Traditional Service, “A World-Changing Moment” by Fr. John Sundara on Sunday, June 23]

Neither Male Nor Female
Is Saint Paul’s famous proclamation about oneness in Christ license for self-determination or self-denial? [Uptown Contemporary Service, “Neither Male Nor Female” by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on Sunday, June 23]

When we pause to see God as he truly is, we find a more loving God than we could ever imagine on our own. [Traditional Service, “Holy, Holy, Holy” by Deacon Jon Jordan on Sunday, June 16]

"You are what you love. If you want to be like Jesus, you have to love like Jesus." [Uptown Contemporary Service, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Bishop Anthony Burton on Sunday, June 16]

It happens time and time again, people receive great works from God only to turn and reject his word. We see this in Acts 8, where the people of Lystra receive a great miracle performed by Paul, yet turn and stone him for his words. The word of God is not always an easy word to hear and receive, and yet it is the only word that brings healing and wholeness to a broken world and broken lives. [Uptown Contemporary Service, "God’s Healing Word" by Fr. David Thompson on Sunday, May 26, 2019]

Words are double-edged swords that can either heal or hurt. But what power is there in Jesus’ words from this past Sunday’s John’s Gospel reading? [Traditional Service, "The Power of a Word" by Fr. John Sundara on Sunday, May 26, 2019]

Leviticus is a book known for its rules. What use is that to us? Uptown Contemporary Service, "Why Bother with Leviticus" by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on May 19, 2019

Traditional Service, "New Love Under the Son" by Fr. Matthew Olver on May 19, 2019.

All things work together for good to them that love God, who called according to his purpose. [Traditional Service, “Living without Fear” by Bishop Anthony Burton on May 12, 2019]

A childish faith expects a Jesus who makes us feel good but doesn’t challenge us to follow him. But what does a mature faith look like? [Uptown Contemporary Service, “Not a Saccharine Jesus” by Fr. John Sundara on May 12, 2019]

Uptown Contemporary Service, "Attention Matters" by Fr. David Thompson on May 5, 2019

When Peter finally recognizes the resurrected Christ on the beach, he moves from boat to shore as quickly as possible. But first, before getting into the water, Peter puts on more clothes. Why? [Traditional Service, "The Power of Recognition" by Fr. Thomas Kincaid on May 5, 2019]

Uptown Contemporary Service, “When it’s not Authentic to be Authentic” by Chase Skorburg.

Bishop Michael Smith joined our worship on Confirmation Sunday. Each of us is called to be sent as an apostle for Christ.

The Twelve - James & John
As we wrap up The Twelve sermon series, Deacon Dori provides insight into the fiery-tempered brothers James and John, aka the Sons of Thunder.

The Twelve - Judas
Have you ever been disappointed by a leader? We're talking about Judas this Sunday.

The Twelve - Thomas
Bishop Anthony Burton gives St. Thomas the benefit of the doubt.

Spring Break 2019…wait, that's also the start of Lent, right?
What to do when Lent coincides with Spring Break this year? Bishop Burton provides the answer.

Bartholomew, Philip & James the Less
Who first brought you to faith?

Fr. John provides a glimpse of St. Matthew's conversion
Matthew is more recognizable from the book bearing his name in the Bible. He is one of the the apostles who gives it all up to follow Jesus.

Fr John on St. Peter's Taking the Word to the World

Jon Jordan introduces Simon & Jude
Jon Jordan introduces us to Sts. Simon and Jude. What do two relatively unknown saints from the 1st Century have to teach us today?

Fr. David offers a snapshot of St. Andrew
Often overlooked, Andrew fulfills an important role by bringing people to faith, and we will take a closer look at him in this Sunday's installment of The Twelve: Taking the Word to the World sermon series.

Don’t miss Rally Day today! Photo booth, water slides, bounce house, hula, limbo, food, and more! Let’s say Aloha to Fall!

Say Aloha to Fall this morning! See you at 10:15 in the Welcome Center.

Simplify - Lent 2018
This Lent, we are making a big ask. Social media is the greatest inundator of information in our lives and the biggest source of noise. As a parish, we are encouraging a parish-wide social media blackout so that we can see and hear Christ more clearly. To help in your journey, we are providing placeholder images for your profile, so your friends know what you are up to in your absence. Not on social media? Identify the thing or activity in your own life that is a distraction for you (i.e. working late, binge-watching TV shows, shopping, gaming, eating out, following the news, or getting lost in books or magazines), and disconnect from it for Lent.

Incarnation parishioners journey on a pilgrimage to Israel. Here’s a video of their first few days in Jerusalem. #Israeltrip

Take a look inside Church of the Incarnation

VBS Underground Church
A peek inside the underground church in Rome at VBS this week.

Get Your Lent Together - Repentance
Deacons Ryan Waller and Dori Budd offer suggestions and personal reflections on the power of repentance in order to turn from sin and back toward God.

Using self-examination leads to a bright, (bright), sunshiny day for Bp. Burton's and Fr. Hermerding's spiritual lives.

Get Your Lent Together - Prayer
Deacon Ryan Waller urges us to make prayer the centerpiece of our lives.

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