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Can you believe we've entered a new decade?? 🗓🧐

Sharing the latest update from Ryan and Randi Brewer, WMA Associate Missionaries transitioning from Thailand to London! Click below to read their news! I was recently joking with a friend that since the 90’s we havent been too sure about what to call the decade. We struggled through with words like- the 2000’s, the oughts, the 10’s and the teen’s- all of which sound sort of silly. But here we are in the 20’s.   

CFNI Online Program

Check out our own Susan Bozarth's new online course at the CFNI Online Program. #encouragement #wisdom #Biblecollege #truth

Get ready to talk about courage, because without it, we can't fulfill our assignments.
Join @susanmbozarth as she masterfully takes us through the Old Testament books of Joshua and Judges.
Available for the winter 2020 term. Learn more or apply today! Click the link:

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Esther's Heart Ministry

Short (30 seconds) video from WMA Associate Missionary, Esther's Heart Ministry in El Salvador, recapping 2019! They are doing amazing things for the Lord and touching many children and families with His love.

2019 in 30 seconds or less

Happy Birthday to Susan Bozarth! Thank you for your leadership and your heart for ministry, missions and WMA's Associate Missionaries! We appreciate you so much and pray God's blessings on you and your ministry in 2020! " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Josh 1:9


Check out WMA's January update! We look back at 2019 and look forward to 2020! Click below to read a word from Susan Bozarth.

Sharing a post from WMA Associate Missionaries, David and Kathy Knepper. They ministered at a special outreach to the special needs and handicapped in El Salvador:

"So, about Monday. I’m not often speechless, but the Lord blew us away on Monday to such extent that it’s hard to find the word to describe it.
We wanted to bless their socks off and get presents that would blow them away, we spent hours at the toy store figuring out each child’s special talents and abilities and exactly what they would want and, thanks to you, we had the budget to make it possible. This meant lots of Elsa and Anna plush toys, giant stuffed animals, lots of arts and crafts supplies, and so many wonderful things, we were able to get the siblings things they loved, the teens got wireless chargers, the mothers beautiful wrist watches and the dads charging kits, and you made that happen.
The day of the event, almost 100 people from 17 families came and felt loved and accepted and celebrated. The gospel message went out and the whole restaurant heard it. One of the moms later testified that for years now she’s felt put aside by society, her family and even the church but for the first time she felt loved and included, embraced by God.
The impact your giving made is without measure for these families, and your reward is waiting for you in heaven. Thank you so much once again.
Love you
The Kneppers "

December Update

Check out the December update from Marek and Marysia Kiewra, WMA Associate Missionaries in Poland! We love this couple and all they do for the Kingdom in Poland and Europe! Dear Friends, Greetings and blessings to you from Poland! It has been a very busy time of year for me personally as well as for our church. November is the month where I travel to the United States to visit and minister in different churches. 1. I left Poland on October 23rd for Dallas, Texas. In Da...

Christmas Update from Samy Caba

Christmas update from WMA Associate Missionary, Samy Caba and family. Once again, they are reaching out to the impoverished in Romania to bring them clothes, toys and food for Christmas. Click below to read more! Dear Friends and Ministry Partners, I hope this letter finds you well and blessed! As we do every year before Easter and Christmas, we try to be a blessing for people who live in extreme poverty and very poor living conditions.  We always try to send a couple of vans filled with food, clothing, ...

A Harvest of Memories — Backpack Bits

BIlly & Shellie Summers, WMA Associate Missionaries, share their latest update on their blog "Backpack Bits." Click below to read about their ministry in Poland! #impactingthenations #missions This was a season of many firsts for us. Life has a way of slipping by and for me, the month of November is a special time of year. I often find myself in quiet contemplation more often these days. The end of the year is rapidly approaching and I begin to reminisce about this year; both the good an

Merry Christmas!

WMA's December Update - Merry Christmas from the Bozarths and WMA! (Click below!)

🐔 You should celebrate Thanksgiving in El Salvador! 🐓

November update from WMA Associate Missionary Kurt Ackermann and the Sus Hijos ministry in El Salvador! God is using them to touch many with His love and grace. Feel called to missions? They need full-time volunteers. Read more....

The Forgiveness of a Murderer - The Unseen Story

Sharing a podcast featuring WMA Associate Missionary, Ryan Brewer. Wonderful testimony of forgiveness; please listen and be encouraged! Ryan and Randi Brewer are currently transitioning from serving in Thailand to serving in England. I'd always heard that Jesus had to die, because I was a sinner, but no one ever told me the truth. I wasn't just a sinner in need of saving; I was a son who needed to be redeemed and rescued. That reality changed my life.

Tyler Barley

Meet WMA's newest Associate Missionary, Tyler Barley. Tyler is serving in El Salvador with Esther's Heart Ministry. Click below to learn more about Tyler!

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall — Backpack Bits

Click below to read the latest blog and mission update from Billy and Shellie Summers, WMA Associate Missionaries serving in Poland! The title for this post is a song by Frank Sinatra called, Autumn Leaves. It is the time of year when the weather is getting colder.

WMA Missions Update

WMA's November Missions Update is here - arriving in mailboxes and inboxes today. Click below to read about Chad's recent trip to El Salvador.

THE INVITATION CONF '19 | firstassembly

Susan Bozarth will be speaking this weekend at The Invitation Conf '19 at First Assembly of God in Youngsville, Louisiana. If you live in the area and would like more information, click the link below.

Update from Ethiopia...finally!

Wonderful update from Julia McPeak, WMA Associate Missionary, serving in Ethiopia! Click below to read her latest news and how she is making an impact in that country. Deh-nah-neh-chu? How are you? I hope this letter finds you all well and I thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Three months ago I stepped off a plane in Addis Ababa with my life in two suitcases. I’ve sat down many times over the last few months attempting to accurately invite y...

News from Poland!

Latest update from Marek and Marysia Kiewra in Poland! Click below!

Missions Update

WMA's October newsletter is here! Click below to read an encouraging word by Chad Bozarth and meet a new WMA missionary!

Susan sharing with the students at CFNI...

"God doesn't get nervous," Susan shared. We had a special time with Susan Reineke Bozarth yesterday as she shared her testimony! Her life is a beautiful display of the sufficiency of God's grace in every season! Even in the trials, we have to trust the Lord without explanation. As Susan said to her husband Randy before he went to be with the Lord, God says to you, "I've got ya, My child."

The End of a Season... — Backpack Bits

Here's an update from Billy and Shellie Summers, WMA Associate Missionaries serving in Poland. Great post and pictures! The name for this post is fitting because as summer draws to an end and children are returning to school, our focus on ministry is going to shift.

What's Happening?

Esther's Heart Ministry (WMA Associate Missionaries) updated their What's Happening page. Check out how they are serving the children in El Salvador! What's Happening? Check in with us each week to see what we are doing in El Salvador.

WMA Missions Update

Read the September WMA missions update with a word from Susan Bozarth - "Compass Required." Click below!

🌎 How I spent your Summer Vacation! 🌴

Check out the latest update from Kurt Ackermann, WMA Associate Missionary in El Salvador! They had a busy summer with lots of teams, outreach and ministry. Click below to read about their amazing ministry this summer. Chad will be there in October!

We rejoice with WMA Associate Missionaries, Beth Thomson-Alegria and Oscar Alegria (Esther's Heart Ministry) for their new location hosted by Viva Church in San Salvador! They can now have all 160 sponsor children (and growing) in one place for recreation, fellowship and Bible study for their Saturday morning Kid's Club. We continue to believe with them for God to provide their very own facility for the Esther's Heart Youth Center. #EHM #WMA

More pics from today.....Kid’s Club.

Poland update - August 2019

Click the link below to read the August update from Pastor Marek, WMA Associate Missionary in Poland!

Sharing this report from Natasha, WMA Associate Missionary in Russia after ministering at an outdoor service in a village in Russia: "Five women made a decision to not just be saved but to commit their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ! They declared before heaven and earth that they want to follow Jesus and do God's will on the earth!!!
What a Sunday service it was !!
I felt just like Jesus preaching to the multitude on the Olive mountain! People were listening, birds were singing, sun was shining! It was just beautiful!!!
All who were water baptized were also baptized with the Holy Spirit."

Update from Pastor Samy Caba

Sharing the latest update from Pastor Samy Caba, WMA Associate Missionary in Romania. They had thousands gather at their revival meetings this summer! First of all, I want to thank God for all of you who show us God’s LOVE in our lives.  We had a blessed time in USA, many testimonies, and a great impact of the Word of God in people's lives.  We just arrived home and the next day began the big Burning Bush Ponoare, the revival meeting on the m...

South Africa Update, August

Here's the latest news and update from Krissy Clark, WMA Associate Missionary serving in South Africa! Click below to read her news and see great photos!

Evyn and Travis Schulze

Meet WMA's newest Associate Missionaries, Travis and Evyn Schulze! They will be serving short-term in Italy beginning in September. Click the link to read more about them. In September 2019, Evyn and Travis will depart for Lubriano, Italy to serve as short-term missionaries and to complete Evyn's field school requirement for the School of Global Missions at CFNI....

Update from Africa

WMA Associate Missionary, Dedani Echasa, hit the ground running after returning to Africa following his graduation from CFNI. Click to read his latest report on his ministry in DR Congo and Burundi.

WMA Missions Update

WMA's Mission Update for August is here! Click below to read an encouraging word from Susan Bozarth!

Jumpin' July

Sharing the latest update from WMA Associate Missionaries, Billy and Shellie Summers, serving in Poland! The reason for the title of this post is because I cannot be the only person that is surprised that July is already over and the summer is rapidly drawing to an end. It has been an amazing year and the Lord has faithfully provided for us each step of the way. At the end of each month, I like to spen

Fill Your Wandering Heart with Thankfulness The more thankful we are for all that God has done for us, the less vulnerable we are to almost every sin.

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Susan is a guest speaker at The Fellowship Network Advance 2019 conference in Greenville, SC. Enjoying our time in fellowship with pastors and ministers from around the USA and the world. Susan Reineke Bozarth Melody Minshew Downey

July Newsletter

Click below to read the July newsletter from WMA Associate Missionary, Julia McPeak. Julia departs July 15th for Ethiopia and she gives a lot of information about her ministry to orphans there and helping to place them in forever homes.

WMA Missions Update

WMA's July's mission update is here! Click below to read a short, encouraging word by Chad Bozarth, "Citizens of Heaven."

Missionary Highlight: David & Kathy Knepper (El Salvador)

Take a moment today to pray for the Knepper family as they continue to impact El Salvador for Jesus!

David & Kathy Knepper, along with their family, have been serving in El Salvador since 2007. They are currently establishing a church from the ground up in a small impoverished community. As pastors, they are committed to being a part of the lives of their congregants and instilling a sense of community, as well as conducting evangelistic outreaches to those outside of their congregation. The Kneppers also partner with other churches and ministries in El Salvador to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable in El Salvador.

Update from Pastor Samy Caba

Click below to read the latest update from Samy Caba, WMA Associate Missionary in Romania. They are changing lives in Romania and other parts of Europe! I want to start with great news!  From June 18 - July 29th, I will visit USA with my family and we would LOVE to SEE you!  I will be in Chicago, Detroit, Decatur IL, Springfield IL, St Louis, Evansville IN, Atlanta, Phoenix, and maybe L.A.  Please pray for this trip to be a blessed one and fru...

Missions Update

WMA's Missions Update for June! Read about our recent missions trip to El Salvador!

Saving Babies and Souls – Preborn

WMA is proud to support "When a young woman, faced with an unplanned pregnancy, sees her baby on an ultrasound, she will choose life (instead of abortion) 80% of the time. Without the ultrasound, 1 out of every 3 unborn babies perish..." We pray that the Lord would continue to move in our nation regarding this issue. #chooselife With your help, in 2018, Pre-Born! saw 25,328 babies saved from abortion and 4,254 people received Jesus as their Savior.

Missionary Highlight: Cesar and Simone (Austria)

Take a moment to pray for Cesar and Simone today as they continue to impact Austria and the refugee community there for Jesus!

Cesar and Simone are missionaries to the Farsi speaking refugees in Vienna, Austria. They have worked among the refugees for 10 years and believe that now is the time of opportunity. They do a regular weekly outreach among these refugees usually in camps and on the streets of Vienna. There are Farsi, Dari and Pashtoo speakers on Cesar’s team who are able to communicate with the refugees. There is a Christian coffee shop called “Oasis” that provides a safe space to meet, have fellowship and share the Gospel with refugees, the majority of them being from Afghanistan and Iran. They also offer courses of German language for beginners.

One of the goals of their ministry is to help refugees feel welcome and safe in a strange for them world, to show them that they are not alone in a totally foreign land, and simply to live together in the love of God. They have the joy of seeing Afghans and Iranians come to Christ and follow Him! Their ultimate goal is to revive an Afghan congregation in Austria. The Farsi name of this project is “Anjoman” (Fellowship).

Here are some pics of what our WMA team from Dallas is up to down in El Salvador. #missions #CentralAmerica

Preparing the food boxes to give to our kids. We are grateful for the help.

Samuel Sim

WMA welcomes Samuel Sim and his family - our newest Associate Missionary! Click below to read more about Samuel and his ministry/outreach to the Khmer people here in the U.S. ​Samuel has a heart for and desire to reach out to the Cambodian diaspora in the United States by the Word of God through music and video. His desire is to help more Khmer people here in the U.S....

Lifting Up Arms

World Missions Advance is a non-profit 501(c)3 that exists to provide administrative and spiritual support to both domestic and international missionaries and Christian organizations. Our vision is to lift up the arms of those on the front lines of missions all over the world.

10 So Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had ordered, and Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill. 11 As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning. 12 When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset. 13 So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword. -Exodus 17:10-13

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