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Our children's ministry is dedicated to nurturing children (ages 5 to 6th grade) and their families.

Operating as usual 07/09/2020

Missouri summer camp virus outbreak raises safety questions

Bridgeport summer camping was canceled but we are still having fun this summer virtually. Sign up at bridgeportinabix.con Missouri leaders knew the risk of convening thousands of kids at summer camps across the state during a pandemic, the state's top health official said, and insisted that camp organizers have plans...


Bridgeport Virtual Camp Trailer

Ready to find out more about Virtual Bridgeport? One of our campers is ready to tell you all about what camp is like!


Families, here are some excellent resources for how to talk to your kids about the current protests from the Center for Counseling (formerly known as the Pastoral Counseling Center) here in Dallas:

Talking to Your Kids about the Protests
by Dr. Brad Schwall

We’re living in a complicated world with racial upheaval – all while managing our families all in the midst of a global pandemic.

The images we’re seeing across the nation related to George Floyd’s death are overwhelming. His death has sparked sometimes violent protests nationwide and around the world. Then add a 24-hour news cycle, blogs and social media channels.

Our kids are naturally curious. Whether we like it or not, we’re going to have to answer questions – sometimes hard questions. Where do we start?

Remember, our kids follow our lead. Listen. Read. Understand.

Consider your culture, personal experience, history, and systems. We have the most influence over our immediate community, our family, our churches, our schools. Perspective taking means truly trying to understand the other’s experience.

We must recognize that we can’t fully understand what someone else has gone through. This fact requires us to be humble and respectful. We can only view the world from our own experience and background and can’t know exactly what others are facing. But, we can seek to listen and learn, be empathetic.

Our children and our community are facing much trauma, but we can turn that around. We can be constructive and analyze what is happening to discern our best response. There have been many great peaceful protests including a gathering of churches who prayed together downtown on Sunday. Emphasize these expressions to your kids. This helps them to see past the violence.

Talk about the feelings your children see. What is the anger, sadness, the grief about? Focus on empathy. Teach perspective taking. Perspective taking means truly seeking to understand another’s experience. We must seek perspective before we can understand. Encourage positive action.

Ask your child how he or she can make a difference. What can you do in your daily interactions to respect differences. Learn together. Look for reading materials to educate yourselves about race and culture. Talk to people of other races.

Communicate to your child that he or she matters and deserves to be treated with respect. Don’t be afraid to talk about race. Look for those who are examples of peacemakers. The key to loving others is knowing others.

When we are humble we can be open and become more aware. Certainly, there is a mental health intersection with all of this happening. Seeing violence is stressful. The events bring up peoples past hurt and even generational pain.

One key aspect of justice is accessibility to health care and specifically, mental health care. We must work together to reduce stigma about mental health challenges and seeking counseling. Recognize that stress, anxiety and trauma do not mean that we are weak. There are physiological and psychological influences on our well-being.

As we talk about well-being, recognize that emotion connects us all. Commit to being well. Commit to being supportive and caring. The only way through uncertain times is through our faith and our belief in the positive that we can find in our world and in others.

Childrens' Books & Resources:
God’s Very Good Idea
God Made Me and You
I am Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ordinary People Change the World)
Books for kids on race and social justice
Children's books by black authors and illustrators
Children's Books for Black History Month- Huff Post

#mentalhealthandracism #talkingtoyourkidsaboutracism #protestsandtalkingtoyourkids #layeredtraumaandmentalhealth


Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center

Registration is live for Bridgeport Camps this summer!

One hour into registration, and we already have 164 campers enrolled for Bridgeport Camp 2020! 04/08/2019

Number of children going to ER with suicidal thoughts, attempts doubles

Our children are a precious and holy gift from God. The number of children and teens in the United States who visited emergency rooms for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts doubled between 2007 and 2015, according to a new report.


leanne-hadley | Blog Speaker, retreat leader, author of the book, Touching Heaven: Real Stories of Children, Life and Eternity, and expert in healing from death, divorce and pain. 01/26/2019

Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center Bridgeport is a ministry of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.


Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center

We had a fantastic summer season and we are now looking towards fall...

Camp Bible 2018 will be held September 22-23, 2018 for all 3rd-5th graders in the 2018-2019 school year. Registration is now open!!

$80 until August 21st
$90 from August 21-September 11
No registrations after September 11th.

All campers and adults will register as campers for this event. Come experience Bridgeport Camp in the fall -- we can't wait to see you!


KPUMC Weekly News At-a-Glance: 2/18/18

KPUMC Weekly News At-a-Glance: 2/18/18 - TOMORROW: All-ages Sunday School at 9:45! Come and learn about the labyrinth. Civil Rights Bus Tour participants (Claire, Campbell & Quinn) will be meet at Norma's for a pre-trip conversation at 9:20am.  4:00- YCT! Food, check-in, and a mission project related to hunger! Wed., 2/21: Youth are en...

[10/27/17]   KPUMC Family:
Sometimes life throws you curveballs and plans have to change. I can't begin to express my gratitude for your patience and understanding while I have been away. I have missed all of you and the kiddos more than you will ever know. My husband Brad and I will be taking a much needed trip next week and then I will be back with you all starting Sunday, November 5th. Remember to turn your clocks back and then come give me a hug on Sunday morning. I can't wait to see all of you.
With so much love,
Ms. Erin


Breakfast, Backpacks, & Bibles!!
Sunday was amazing! An incredible pancake breakfast, followed by the Blessing of the Backpacks and Third Grade Bibles.




Your generosity never ceases to amaze us. Thank you for your financial and physical donations for our UMCOR cleaning buckets.

We will continue collecting for the next two weeks. The buckets will be assembled on Wednesday, September 20th during Wednesday night activities.

Each bucket costs approximately $65. Please put "cleaning kit" in the memo line or on your giving envelope.

We will continue to pray for those affected by Harvey and for those who are preparing for Irma. 08/28/2017

Cleaning Kit - UMCOR

Kids of Character and our awesome youth will be putting buckets together as our September mission project. We will begin collecting items and money this coming Sunday. Buckets will put together on Wednesday, September 20th.

There are two ways to help:
- Each bucket costs approximately $65. Make sure to put "Cleaning Kit" in the memo line.
- The list of specific items can be found at the link below. These supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane. 08/25/2017


🍃 KPUMC KIDS - FALL 🍂 08/17/2017

Five tips to help address racism with children - The United Methodist Church It's important to talk to young people about racism, before they learn about it through others or through hard experience. 08/16/2017

Talking to kids about discrimination Experts say diversity and discrimination are subjects that need to be addressed with children.


our sunday school peace collage. we choose peace. we choose respect. we choose love. #kesslerkids #kpumc #peaceispossible #lovewins

more sticky notes will be available and you can add your prayer for peace next week.


christmas in july with the munchkins last night. fried chicken and cookies for 60 folks in need tonight. #kidsofcharacter #kpumckids #thewellcommunity


We will be serving up a fried chicken dinner at The Well tomorrow 7/20.
When: Be there at 5:15/30 to help prepare food and make plates in the kitchen.
If you can't make it until 615/30 you can still help serve dinner and meet the community members.
Where: 125 Sunset Ave. The Well is located inside Cliff Temple Baptist Church. There is a large parking lot on 10th Street.
Who: Any and all kids, youth, parents who would like to help!
Email: If you are planning on coming, please email Ms. Erin [email protected]


SURPRISE! We love Wednesdays SO much we are having TWO Wednesday night gatherings this summer.
Dinner at 6. Activities 6:30 to 7:30.
Tonight 7/19 - Christmas in July : Christmas coloring, puzzles, music, and cookie decorating. Cookies will be served at The Well dinner.
Next week 7/26 - GAME NIGHT 07/19/2017





Do good! Seek peace! And go after it!

Thanks to everyone who participated in VBS Sunday worship this morning! Hope you enjoyed the cake down in Hero Central ;)


You guys!! This week's heroes collected $260.13! $182 in cash and
$78.13 in change. That's $260.13 that will be used to purchase a delicious meal for the folks at The Well this Thursday night. Email Ms. Erin if you'd like to help serve. If you'd like to donate momentarily, you can add to our fund tomorrow in church. Just put VBS mission on your donation. THANK YOU as always for your generosity. (Any leftover funds will be given directly to The Well.)

Plus! Take a look at the other treasures found from our change jars in the photo below. Yes, that's Chucky Cheese coins, money from England, México & Spain, a plastic penny, two sets of glued together pennies, a rock, a paper clip, a safety pin, a piece of cardboard, and last but not least - a piece of carpet :)

[07/14/17]   WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!


We ended the week with Power. Ask your hero to show you the whole week's code word moves!

We learned about Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We hope your hero had a great week. And we really hope to see you Sunday. Tell them to wear their brand new capes to worship. We will be singing Leap of Faith during the service!! Then join us for cake down in Hero Central!

Don't forget to : Do good, seek peace, and go after it!


Do good, seek peace, and go after it!!

Thursday’s hero code : “God’s heroes have HOPE!” Be sure to ask your hero to show you the super pose for hope.

Today we learned how Jesus gave us the power of hope through the Beatitudes (Matthew 4:23-5:12). Ask your kiddo about her or his “Bee Attitude.”

In crafts we worked on our hero shields and puzzles.

We hope to have all of our Yellow, Red, and Blue Heroes join us for a very special Sunday School and Worship all about VBS this Sunday. Sunday School begins at 9:45 and Worship is at 11. We will be showing off some of our songs and moves during worship and sharing in refreshments after in the Fellowship Hall. Hope to see you there!


We are halfway through VBS and are having so much fun!

Today’s scripture was Luke 2:41-52. Ask your kiddos to tell you about a lost boy, who turned out to not be lost at all.

Today's hero code : "God’s heroes have wisdom!” Be sure you get to see the hero pose for wisdom.

We decorated prayer jars in crafts and wrote prayers to God that will go inside.

As always we continue to learn how to “Do good, seek peace, and go after it!”

We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!


Do good! Seek peace! And go after it!

It was another great day with our courageous heroes!

Word of the day: Courage. Ask your hero to show you the superhero pose for courage.

We talked about a courageous woman from the Bible named Abigail. Ask your kiddo what she did to seek peace with David.

Don’t forget all of our hero teams are working to collect money to provide food for those in need. Send your spare change to help your heroes do good.

We are excited for another fun day tomorrow!

(Two of our Abigail comic strips from Bible :)


Our hero utility belts from Monday's bible lesson : our heroes show people they have heart through love, strength, kindness, peace.... plus magic flowers and unicorn horns ;)


Thanks for sharing your heroes with us as we all discover our strength in God. We had a MARVELOUS Monday. Some things to discuss with your kids:

Hero Code: “God’s heroes have HEART!”

Scripture for the day: 1 Samuel 16:1-12

Who was our special guest at our opening and closing today?

All week we will be talking about how we can “Do good, seek peace and go after it!”

We can’t wait to see all of our heroes' bright shining faces for a TERRIFIC Tuesday! 07/05/2017




The Chalkboard Chapel is really starting to look great - new white paint, a freshly repainted chalkboard, and an awesome new rug! We can't wait to start using it again in July for VBS!!


Our "Superhero Super Sponsorship Board" : from 28 to 7 in two weeks! Thank you all SO much for your generosity. Only 7 sponsorship tabs left. You can still grab one this Sunday!

We can't wait to discover our strength in God at VBS next month! You make it possible. Thank you! 06/05/2017



14 Tips to Help You Enjoy a Slow Summer

a few more summer tips. 14 Tips to Help You Enjoy a SLOW Summer | Because our days are meant to be LIVED, not just counted.




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