Shiloh Baptist - Dallas, Dallas, TX Video April 5, 2020, 3:41pm

Videos by Shiloh Baptist - Dallas in Dallas. Edifying God - Equipping Members - Evangelizing the Lost - Enhancing Lives

Sunday Morning Worship

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Good Sunday Morning Saints! 1 Corinthians 10:31 WHY AM I HERE? **I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC**

Shiloh Baptist Church - Dallas Morning Worship, April 19, 2020 1 Corinthians 10:13 God Will Make A Way Somehow *I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC*

Wednesday Night Bible Study God Knows What He Is Doing I Peter 1:1-12

Sunday Morning Service: "He Rolled The Stone Away" *We don't own the rights to this song

Good Friday Intro. The complete service will be uploaded shortly.

Co-Teaching Wednesday Night Bible Study
Seeing Things Differently

Sunday Morning Worship

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Keep Holding On Joshua 22:5, 23:8 *I Don't Own The Rights To This Music*

We love the Lord and we love church!

We All Need Restrictions

God Is All We Need When Trouble Comes Psalms 46:1 *We don't own the rights to this song
*I don't own the rights to this music

It's Preaching Time
It's Preaching Time

Friday Night Words Of Encouragement
The Lord Is Good

Staying Calm When Trouble Rises

Sunday Morning Worship 11am

Spring Revival Night #3

Spring Revival Night #2 Pastor Robert O. Moffett New Leaf MBC Psalms 142:1-7

Hear Dr. Bradley’s testimony about matriculating through Dallas Baptist University and helping other students finish well. #WeMustHelpOthers

Sunday Morning Worship 11am 3/8/20 Dr. Johnnie R. Bradley, Sr. Pastor Acts 9:26-31 Everybody Needs A Barnabas

Sunday Morning Worship 8:15am Dr. Johnnie R. Bradley, Sr Pastor Acts 9:26-31 Everybody Needs A Barnabas

11am worship service 3/1/20 Dr. Johnnie R. Bradley, Pastor The Moment I Met Jesus Acts 9:1-25

8:15 am worship 3/1/2020 Dr. Michael Duduit

We are looking to see you @ our Pack The Pews Sunday. #ItsPreachingTime
#PackThePews #ItsPreachingTime

Wednesday Night Service 2/26/20

8:15 am service Rev. Arthur Ray Sneed Sr. The Significance Of Cornelius Acts 10:1-3

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