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[03/03/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Wednesday,


“It is dangerous to be so busy that you have no time for God.”

Commitment takes a lot of effort, especially in relationships. None of us go into a relationship,
whether on a job, with another person or a project you have been tasked with, intending to half complete it. We are committed to the best of our ability to see it through to the end, right? What happens sometimes is people, things or situation grab our attention, drawing us away from that commitment. Does that happen in our relationship with God? Yes it does. Oftentimes, we are fully committed in the beginning but then stuff happens and we have to prioritize some things, and so God is placed on the short list. In all honesty, it has happened to me.

Years ago, I had a job that I was fully committed to and so I put my relationship with God in second place. My doctor said "The stress is not good for you." My friends were looking at me side-eyed and my family who will always be there just looked at me. I kept pushing along though. What ended up happening is the devil came along and setup a trap that I fell headlong into. It cost me the position but not the job. After some weeks and months had passed, I realized it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because it helped me to recommit to God.

We can't always look at bad situations in the negative. Some of them truly are for our good.

Father God, help me to stay fully committed to You and everything that is right and good for my life. Amen

Romans 1:21
Psalm 143:10

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[03/02/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Tuesday,


“What you do has far greater impact than what you say.”

When I look at the behaviors, attitudes, and actions of some of the people around me, I would change them if I could. You know how we do sometimes getting in
relationships with people thinking we can change them only to discover later that is so not true. You cannot change people. One of the reasons is because people are set in their ways or they simply do not believe there is anything wrong with what they say or do no matter what you think. What ends up happening is we get frustrated and angry and things escalate downward from there. Even God does not force us to change. Sometimes He will shut a door, or two or three that makes life a bit challenging for us but He never forces us to turn around.

I am remembering a conversation I was having with someone recently about trying to change your family members. That right there is close to impossible. The very thing you say to them that they ignore, some stranger comes along and says, and they believe it. What I have seen is people get mad because you didn't believe it when I told you. Well, to that, I say be happy they believed somebody. If you can inspire someone else to change and notice I didn't say force, then by all means do that. We don't always have to use words to get people to change.

Sometimes, it is the way you live your life that sooner or later moves them to be better.

Father God, if my living can inspire someone else to be better then please put that person on my path. Amen

Matthew 5:16

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[03/01/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Monday,


“God has a reason for allowing things to happen the way you don't want them to.”

There are times in life when we judge people by what we see or what we hear about them. I have been guilty of that before but what I have learned over the years is judgment by sight or word of mouth is bad judgment. Why, because I am judging based on what I see and not what I know. Remember when Hannah was barren? One day, she goes up to the temple to pray. On this particular day, her praying becomes intense to the point the Bible says she is, "weeping bitterly." The priest Eli looked at her and thought she was drunk. He tells her to "stop drinking wine." Hannah responded back to him that she was praying to the Lord out of her great anguish. You see, she wanted a baby but her womb was closed so she was petitioning God. The priest judged her actions from what he was seeing.

Be careful the words you speak about people. You have no idea the anguish in their heart or the hell they are going through in their life. It is so easy to want to think we know and judge based off our assumptions. Some people like Hannah internalize their pain and you know what else people do, pray silently to God. They don't tell other folk their business. They tell God. That prayer was between Hannah and God. Some things we go through, the only person we can talk to is God. Eli learned that on that particular day and hopefully, I have learned it as well.

Father God, forgive me for judging others based off what I see and hear and thank You that in those times when my heart is in deep anguish, I can call on You. Amen

John 7:24

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[02/28/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Sunday,

Through The Trials

"People tend to think that trials are a bad thing."

When Christians are faced with they tend to think that it is the end of the world. We carry scowls on our faces and we believe that God has forsaken us in our time of need. In the word of God, Jesus assures as time and time again that we will face diverse trials, tribulations, and temptations. For as long as we are on the earth, the enemy will try to get us to doubt God, to resent God, and to denounce our faith in Him. He will throw all kinds of challenges and painful moments our way, in hope that we will abandon ship and turn to the ways of the world for assistance.

Trials and tribulations can be very painful things for us to go through. Most times, we find ourselves begging God to remove us from the troubles we face. There are times where it may seem like we won’t survive what we are enduring. We cry. We gnash our teeth. We have sleepless nights. Even when we try to be strong, our strength fails and we find it hard to get out of bed. These moments happen. The Christian life is not all sunshine and roses. There are many moments where it will feel like we are being punished for choosing to follow God.

But what we don’t see in that moment is as we are carried through these tough times, with God’s strength, our characters are developing. Trials and tribulations are able to burn of the excess baggage we need to remove from our lives. The Bible speaks of all things working together for the good of those who love God. We can see that within the context of trials and tribulations. God never causes us to suffer. But when we are faced in moments of great pain, He turns things around and makes sure that we come out unscathed and much stronger than we initially are.

Father God, There is nothing on this earth that we will face that you have not equipped us for. Sometimes it takes a little bit of searching to find that resolve to carry on. But eventually we find it. And the next time we are faced with similar trials or tribulations, we are more confident, and experienced because we know God will help us out of them again. Amen

James 1:2-3

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[02/27/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Saturday,

The Strength For Every Moment

"Have you wondered about how much the riches of God’s glory must be?"

It’s a common phrase that we come across, but we rarely stop to think about what it really signifies. Do the riches of God’s glory come with a limitation? The simple answer is no, they do not. The riches of God’s glory are endless and ever-abounding. When you view this verse from the point-of-view that God’s riches are endless, it totally blows your mind. The amount of strength that we are able to receive from God is boundless. There is no limitation to it. We are always going to need to be strengthened as we go through this world. There are challenges that await us at every corner. When we think that we have got everything under control, the enemy springs up and tries to make us feel as if we are worthless. There are days where we can easily fend of his attacks, but there are also days where those attacks will take a large toll on us.

In those moments, we are unable to pick ourselves up and it becomes very hard to push on. It is in those moments, we need to call on God for his strength. The reality of the matter is this: our own human strength will never be able to sustain us. If it was, we would have no reason to depend on God. It is only through God, we are able to face the trials of life. Trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of the Christian walk. There are times where we will be mocked for what we believe and it will leave us feeling weary and down. When you realize that the strength God can supply us is endless, it changes everything. We don’t have to beg for God’s strength. As children of God, we have total access to it at any time. God will never try withhold His strength from His children.

It is in God’s strength we receive the comfort and assurance to keep on moving.

Father God we choose to rely on God’s strength, and not our own, life makes more sense. The pressure we put on ourselves reduces because we realize that we are not alone. God’s abundant strength and comfort is with us wherever we may go.

Ephesians 3:16

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[02/26/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Friday,


“God has a reason for allowing things to happen the way you don't want them to.”

God's will was the one thing that Jesus focused on with great commitment. When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying about the task before him, he always ended the prayer with "Not my will but your will be done." How often do we end our prayers with "Your will be done?" In those times of desperation and great need, we just want it to stop right? When there is something we want really bad, we just want it to show up, right? God wants to answer our prayers and fix what hurts us but sometimes, we are praying the wrong prayer, or in order to strengthen us up for something greater, we have to go through the storm. Jesus had to go through Calvary. He knew that. He accepted that but he didn't want to do that.

There are times in this life when we are facing trials, tribulations and struggle that we really do not want to go through it. I don't know Lord why you put this pain on my plate. I don't know Lord, why I have to deal with this situation that is almost breaking me. I just don't know and NO, I do not want to go through this season of hardship and struggle. Why? My life is finally in a good place. I prefer to keep it that way for a while, if you don't mind. Isn't that what we pray sometimes when we are face to face with life at its harshest? Yes, it is, but still, my prayer is "Your will be done Lord."

Father God, whatever You decide for me today, my prayer is Your will be done. Amen

Luke 22:42

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[02/25/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Thursday,


“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”

I am not sure how many times I have read this scripture in Romans 12 but while reading it during my devotion time a few nights ago, it struck a cord in me. Maybe because I have finally come to the realization that it is not always easy to live peacefully with "people." You want to and you try but in some cases your efforts fall flat. Some people we don't always agree with and if we are not careful in our handling of them, a relationship can be destroyed. The question then becomes, how do you live peacefully with difficult or challenging people? We all encounter them at some juncture of life. Do you always let them "win?"

For years, my answer to that question was "Yes." I kept quiet or internalized it just to keep the peace. Over time, I found that is not healthy emotionally or spiritually. We need to learn balance. We need to learn how to speak up when it's necessary and be quiet even when inside of us are words that are raging to get out. You don't always need to have the last word but on the other hand, sometimes, it is necessary that you do. Live peacefully with other people but do it to the degree that your inner peace is not destroyed. I have had to learn that over the years because as I have said before, there were times when I didn't say anything and kept everything inside. That was not good and it is a hard lesson that I had to learn.

What happens is people take advantage of your quietness and sometimes, by the time you realize it is not the right way, the damage is done.

Father God, help me learn to live peacefully with others but not always to my own detriment. Amen

Romans 12:18

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[02/24/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Wednesday,


Some of the greatest moments in life are the "but God" moments."

This life is one big race. Some of us run it with perseverance while others seem to be dragged along huffing and puffing to the finish line. We all know that the race of life is not easy. There are up days, down days and some where we seem to almost fall flat on our face, but God. I am so thankful in this life we live that we always have a but God. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us and even though there have been times when it didn’t seem like He would bring me out, I hung in there. Why, because deep down in my soul, I still have a “but God.”

We may have some rough days ahead of us, and along the way, some of us may be weary, some of us may be broken, some of us may struggle and are ready to give up. The Bible tells us, “Don’t be weary in well doing for you shall reap a harvest if you don’t faint.” Your due season may be just around the corner. Your due season may be a thank you Jesus away. We cannot lose hope. Yes the road may be rough. Yes, the pain may run deep. Yes your heart may be broken into a thousand pieces, and yes, you may want to give up, but God. As long as we can hold onto that, we are going to make it ya’ll.

No pandemic or demon in hell can stop us if we just keep holding onto God’s unchanging hand keep that "but God," down in our soul.

Father God, when the road gets rough and times get tough, I am thankful that I still have my "but God," down in my soul. Amen

Galatians 6:9

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[02/23/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Tuesday,


“A good exercise for the heart: reach out and help your neighbor."

Over these past 4 years it seems there has been line drawn in the sand between certain groups of Americans. Where did the “Love your neighbor as yourself go?” Many of us remember how during times of tragedy when we have had hurricanes, tornadoes, pandemics and the like we have been there for one another. There was no line drawn in the sand. It was one neighbor stepping up to help another. It did not matter about your party affiliation or your skin color. It didn’t matter about your zip code or your bank account. We so need that back. Why, because that is how God created it to be.

My heart was warmed to read the story about a Texas couple who took in a young lady delivering groceries to their house when her truck slid into their tree and got stuck in the ice outside their house during the recent ice/snow storm. They didn't care that she was a different race. These people saw a need and their basic humanity kicked in. You see, God knew their hearts and that Ms. Timmons would be in that place at that time. He planned ahead for her. She could have gotten stuck at any number of the places she delivered groceries. Their hearts were ready when she showed up. We all have that in us to care about our neighbor.

We never know when the day will come when we will need someone like that couple who cares about people no matter their status, race or affiliations, to be our angels.

Father God, thank You for the caring angels that You place around us to be there in our time of need and I pray that should that moment come when I can help someone, I won’t hesitate. Amen

I John 3:17-18

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[02/22/21]   Good morning, I love you, have a Blessed day.

Morning Prayer, Monday,


Develop an attitude of positive thinking and speaking and a mindset of holiness at all costs."

In life we sometimes find ourselves saying things that are not only unholy but not beneficial to us or those around us. On Sunday, I preached about taking captive our thoughts (Where is your Focus at). Since I had decided to talk about the words that I speak, I sat and thought about that for a minute. My question to ask myself was, "Do the words that come out of your mouth uplift others, edify God, or just make you feel good?" I saw someone with a t-shirt that said, "I'm saved but I curse a little." One would suppose that is one of those times when we could say "God is still working on me," and you know what, that is the case with every last one of us. We are under construction and will be right until we take our last breath.

The problem is though, at some point, I should have grown pass a few attitudes, mindsets and behaviors. There are some things I should no longer say or do. It comes from me making up in my mind to take every thought captive that is not of God. The Bible does tell us that what is in a person's heart comes out of their mouth.. Well Lord, I want to be careful of the words that I speak that they are not foul, mean-spirited, or negative. I want to speak positive, kind, loving words and if that is not in my heart right now, then I need You to clean me up according to Psalm 51:10.

Father God, so that the words coming from my mouth are pure, kind, loving and positive, search me and purge everything that is not of You. Amen

2 Corinthians 10:5
Matthew 15:18

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