World Missionary Evangelism

World Missionary Evangelism


By the I live to see today if not him life would have been hell and awful for me.. I don't have what is money nor cloths to to give give God but I have my life for him.. Please I want to work as a missionary doing God work... I am praying I get recuted in a mission work for God... Amen
Missionary Evangelism Society Douglas Memorial Children Home Kolhapur Maharashtra India To Most Rev. Bishop John Augustine National Supervisor &Director W.M.E. of India Lucknow U.P. Respected Bishop sir, We greet you in the matchless Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By His grace Our city is out of flood problem but settlement of living hood will take much time. As per our dissicussion on phone I would like to request you to come and visit our Boys Home, Church and people who are affected by the flood [unwanted calamity]. If you visit us on 26th Aug & 27th Aug 2019, I will make out all the programs of your visit. Please give your consent regarding these dates at your earliest. Hope to see you personally and believe that W.M.E will restart the area work again after 20 years in this part of Maharashtra. Thanking you, Your’s in Jesus. Ps. Arun .S. Ranbhise. Secretary and Area Suypersor M.E.S/D.M.C Kolhapur Cell phone no.9373405556 Date : 16th August, 2019
Hey, World Missionary Evangelism. Your tract made our museum.
HAPPY NATIONAL PRAYER DAY TOMORROW Reflecting on the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 3rd is the National Day of Prayer. World Missionary Evangelism stands with the many Christians who are taking time to pray for our nation and for the spread of the Gospel around the world. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." --2 Chronicles 7:14 Prayer changes everything. To pray is to humbly acknowledge our limitations and to ask for God's direction and involvement in our lives. No prayer, however big or small, goes unheard by our Heavenly Father! Time spent in prayer brings us closer to God. And as our relationship with the Lord deepens, His desires become our desires. It changes the things we do and say. It changes the way we interact with the world. And the outward evidence of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives cannot be ignored by the people around us. In fact, it will change them too. Please join with many believers who are taking time on the National Day of Prayer to humbly seek God's face and to petition the Throne of Grace! And as always, World Missionary Evangelism has a toll free phone line for anyone in need of prayer. Calls can be made from inside or outside of the USA. Inside USA: 1-800-501-2851 Outside USA: (214) 942-1678 , 5/3/18:
Faith Dynamic Global Ministries Motto: our passion for souls. the faith dynamic global ministries is christ centered Evangelical ministry whose foundation is build upon christ our lord and savior(1Corinthain 3:11) we are located in SIERRA LEONE WEST AFRICA, it's our greatest concern to rich the unriches in the world. Executive Director Rev.Dr Christian S D E J Abdulai.
Bangladesh world missionary evangelism is not well may be that will be closed. most of land already sold,here have need new director so please think about this,and if you have need more information please email,"[email protected]"
God bless you for the great work
God bless you for the great work you are a blessing to many
God bless you for the great work.Here in Kenya we are in the same spirit of evangelism
God bless you for the great work.Here in Kenya we will reach to as many as God will enable us to evangelise.
WE have needy children in Uganda in need of support.
We ask you to come to Uganda to support us both Spiritually and physically to the poor and needy people .

Our vision is to evangelize the world through Christian missions and compassionate outreach.

Zechariah 59 Earthly to Heavenly Jerusalem

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Name: Patricio
Country: Philippines
Age: 76/male
ID: 82562

Patricio is a pastor; can you help send him
to win a harvest of souls?

Zechariah 58 Eschatological Events 1

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The Path #328 Zec058 Closed Captioned 28:30

Name Lakshmi
Age: 10/ female
Country: India
ID: 84035

Lakshmi comes from a very poor family. Her parents are unable to provide food and a proper education for her. She enjoys drawing and painting.

Can you help make a difference in her life?

Zechariah 57 The Second Coming

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Zechariah 56 Cleansing, Clarifying, & Commissioning

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Zechariah 55 At The End Of The Day

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Name: Ashok
Age: 37/male
Country: India
ID: 85001

Ashok was born to a Hindu family. He accepted
Jesus and has obeyed the will of God. He preaches
and has two daughters. Can you help send this
Native Missionary to reap a harvest of souls?

Name: Kusa
Age: 6/male
Country: India
ID: 85519

He comes from a poor tribal
family. Can you help make
a difference in his life?

Zechariah 54 Options and Outcomes

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Zechariah 53 Work Completed

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World Missionary Evangelism's cover photo

Zechariah 52 The Anitypical Day of Attonement

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Name: Yaneris
Age: 10/female
Country: Nicaragua
ID: 84882

Yaneris is living with her Grandmother and needs
help to go to our WME school.

Can you make a difference in her life?

Zechariah 51 The Day of Attonement

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Zechariah 50 Israel Released

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Zechariah 49 The Water Promise

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Zechariah 48 Refreshing Waters

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"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Matthew 5:16

Today -- Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 -- is international Giving Tuesday. The start of the Christmas holiday is an important time to reflect on the spirit of giving and to take action by doing good for those in need. And for World Missionary Evangelism, it is also a time to spread the Good News that Immanuel has redeemed from sin all who accept His precious gift.

Zechariah 47 Greeks Defeated

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Zechariah 46 The Impact of the Greeks

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Zechariah 45 Survey of Greek Philosophy

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2216 S Vernon Ave
Dallas, TX

General information

WME is involved in supporting ministers, congregations, churches and orphans in many areas around the world. We also provide disaster relief around the world as those situations arise. WME provides support to orphanages which care for thousands of children in countries that include The Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mexico, and Nicaragua. WME programs include: Bangladesh - WME provides orphan/child support, schools, native representatives, medical center, Food For Hunger program, agriculture training farms, and pre-natal care for mothers. India - WME provides orphan/child support, native representatives, churches, water wells, Food For Hunger programs, leper clinic, school & home for children of lepers, leper education (leper programs in Nasapur, Food For Hunger program in Kolli Hills, Chothabri, Dasapalla, and Bhubaneshwar close to Cuttack on the northeast coast), two Bible schools, agriculture training farms, extensive church building, and many Gospel conventions each year. Kenya - WME provides orphan support for children whose parents have died of AIDS, schools, feeding centers, medical clinic, water wells, church in Kibera, child support for the Kamwala and Maasai children, native representatives, planning states for additional water wells, and Food For Hunger programs. Mexico - WME provides orphan/child support, children's homes, Bible school, Food For Hunger program (Save a Child & Save a Family), churches, and church and small home building programs. Nicaragua - WME provides children's homes, orphan/child support, primary school, Food For Hunger programs, and prison church. Nigeria - WME provides children's homes, orphan/child support, and native representatives. The Philippines - WME provides orphan/child support, schools and daycare, native representatives, Food For Hunger program, and church building program. Tanzania - WME provides child support, school, native representatives, and planning stage for additional water wells. In addition, WME provides: * PA systems, bicycles, lanterns, Bibles and gospel literature and drums to native representatives * Support for the ministry of leper colonies for those who have the disease and medicine to prevent children from contacting their parent's disease * Funding for corrective surgery for children with deformities * Funding for the construction of retention tanks for WME homes and remote villages * Funding that allows WME homes to purchase milk animals * Elementary and middle school education and high school education in most schools * Native language Gospel publishing and broadcasting * Food For Hunger programs in the United States and abroad * Support to half-way housing and shelters for the impoverished * Christmas gifts and meals for hundreds of needy children and families in the United States * Native American Indians with clothing, food, school supplies, etc. * Needy children in the United States with school supplies and clothing
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first from a basis of fellowship with the Lord n then with other growing believers in church n Bible study groups.. we all can WITNESS WITHOUT FEAR! “The Lord is.. not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 pet)

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