The Sanctuary of Dallas

The place to discover you. Sunday ~ 10:15am Prayer; 10:30am Worship Wednesday ~ 7:15pm Prayer; 7:30pm Bible Study

Sunday ~ 10:00 am Prayer; 10:30 am Worship Wednesday ~ 7:00 pm One Prayer; 7:30 pm Word Illumination

Mission: Helping you to see “you” through God’s eyes; spirit, soul, and body.

[01/19/20]   The favor of God causes people to trust what you say. This is why you have to be careful what you say to people. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   Sometimes you are the key to the breakthrough for someone else. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   Someone may want to see you fall, but remember you can’t fall because you are favored. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   When you have been positioned and have favor, it will always breed conflict. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   We need to recognize that someone else needs what we have. It is not to look down on them, but in order to serve them. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   Your favor is not just for you to get more stuff and have the big head, but to have influence and advance the Kingdom of God. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   Favor is only good when it is used. #ItsTimeToUseYourFavor

[01/19/20]   "It's time to use your favor" Luke 2:49-52 -Apostle Quelan Portley

[01/12/20]   We need to follow the instructions of God. #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife

[01/12/20]   The God of peace is with us and what he did in our past he can do in our future. #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/12/20]   We need to capture our minds. #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/12/20]   We need to begin to confess, "Yesterday was the worse day that I was going to have in my life." #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/12/20]   What you have been going through is just an interruption or a pause. #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/12/20]   If you are thinking about Jesus, then you should not be getting caught up in these negative thoughts. #ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/12/20]   "Change your mind: Change your life" Psalms 19:14 -- Prophetess Melina Portley

[01/05/20]   God sustains us until we come into the knowledge that we owe him a praise. #PraiseIsMyLifeline

[01/05/20]   Remind God of how good he is, what the scripture says and His promises towards you. #PraiseIsMyLifeline

[01/05/20]   God wants to step in when you truly don't have a choice. #PraiseIsMyLifeline

[01/05/20]   Every time some word is brought up in your life, it does not have to be final. #PraiseIsMyLifeline

[01/05/20]   Sometimes it takes us exhausting everything until we realize that nobody can fix it, but God. #PraiseIsMyLifeline

[01/05/20]   "Praise is my Lifeline" Isaiah 38:16-19 -Apostle Quelan Portley

Happy Anniversary to our Apostle Raymond & Bishop Irma Portley. We love you and be blessed.

[12/29/19]   There are some things that we have to put to rest as we crossover because it is time for us to enter into the place that God promised to us. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   At some point, you have to understand that you can’t keep carrying stuff. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   There is a day of deliverance and a day of reckoning that has to come. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   Opposition is against your resolution, purpose and love for the Lord. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   We are in a season on crossing over and in a space of time where we are in transition. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   As we cross into a new year, it is normal to do reflections. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   There are things that we walk through in life that we are ordained to walk through. #EatTheMeatAndBuryTheBones

[12/29/19]   "Eat the meat & bury the bones" Joshua 24:32 -Apostle Quelan Portley

[12/22/19]   God is getting ready to birth some stuff out of the church again, but he needs his people to not be contaminated. #TheBirthOfAPeople

[12/22/19]   There was purpose for everything that you went through. #TheBirthOfAPeople

[12/22/19]   God has to shift something in your mind. #TheBirthOfAPeople

[12/22/19]   The only way you can be a gatekeeper is that you have the revelation of what has to come through the womb. #TheBirthOfAPeople

[12/22/19]   "The birth of a people" Luke 1:46-55 Apostle Quelan Portley

[12/15/19]   Ask yourself, "Is there something that I am producing that is causing things not to connect in my life?" #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   You cannot produce things when only one side is fertile. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   Some of you need to look at your children again. The purpose of your children is going to evolve. Ask God what is the purpose of them in your lives? #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   The word should have evolved in our lives where it is not just for them, but it is for me too. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   We’ve got to go back and take a second glance at what God put in our lives because what we needed was right there in your house and in your spirit. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   God wants us to realize what He has already put in our possession.#DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   Everything that God has connected in your life is connected to everything that God has purposed in your life. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   God planted things in your life because He knew of the purpose that it was going to become later in your life. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

[12/15/19]   Don’t hold on to something that may have a better purpose at another time. #DontMisdiagnoseTheVessel

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Sunday ~ 10:15 am Prayer; 10:30 am Worship Wednesday ~ 7:15 pm One Prayer; 7:30 pm Word Illumination

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10709 Lake June Rd
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19:15 - 20:45
Sunday 10:00 - 13:30
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