Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide

Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide


Which day ccc found
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He's died but his MUSIC still exist .... Name the artiste???
Efi ope fun oluwa nitori ti oseun :
JEHOVAH, JESUS CHRIST , HOLY MICHAEL.... I decree anyone born of a woman that has entered into covenant with the devil to make life difficult or miserable for you and your household...... shall run mad incurably in JESUS....
Ccc member on facebook... And you are on whatsapp please kindly join this group on whatsapp... Ccc family and friends... Gain of joining it.. 1. Daily devotion from the scriptures to develop your spiritual life 2. Daily prophesy and prayers.. 3. Quiz and wining of gift... Like Airtime.. 4. Invitation for event like program, wedding and birthday.. ETC 5. ASSISTANT TO ONE ANOTHER IN ANY WAY MEMBERS CAN HELP.. 6.DEBAT ON ISSUES AND SOLUTION IF YOU NEED ADVICE.. ETC PLEASE LET'S COME TOGETHER AS BROTHERS.. IF YOU ARE ON WHATSAPP JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.. GOD BLESS CELESTIAL..
Ccc member on facebook... And you are on whatsapp please kindly join this group on whatsapp... Ccc family and friends... Gain of joining it.. 1. Daily devotion from the scriptures to develop your spiritual life 2. Daily prophesy and prayers.. 3. Quiz and wining of gift... Like Airtime.. 4. Invitation for event like program, wedding and birthday.. ETC 5. ASSISTANT TO ONE ANOTHER IN ANY WAY MEMBERS CAN HELP.. 6.DEBAT ON ISSUES AND SOLUTION IF YOU NEED ADVICE.. ETC PLEASE LET'S COME TOGETHER AS BROTHERS.. IF YOU ARE ON WHATSAPP JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.. GOD BLESS CELESTIAL..
This message is for Prophet Tibetan. Please endeavor to deliver it to him: Behold, the Son of God will soon emerge president in Nigeria. In March latest, a young Igbo man, under 40, will emerge president. He will be appointed. His is coming to judge Nigeria, and the world. Many will die from his judgment, including Prophet Tibetan. Tell Prophet Tibetan that The Son of God says he is a Jezebel. The Son of God will kill him, as well as all those Tibetan constantly judges on your show, and in his books. Tell him that while God has used him to communicate some judgment to those deserving damnation, he is guilty too, and has been condemned to death. The Son of God will torture and kill him. He will make his execution public. Please, ask him to test his power in God: he should prophecy against this message, and against me the sender. Let him go ahead and ask God to smite me. This is an Elijah test of authenticity. Also, let him prophecy against the emergence of a young Igbo man as the next president, and watch what happens. Tell him that the day the Igbo man is appointed president begins his journey to eternal damnation, because The Son of God has already cast his soul into The Lake of Fire. All those he has judged and continue to judge will indeed perish, but so will he, for he is just as evil, yet he knows not. There is no iota of holiness in him. In fact, like everyone alive today, as in the day of Noah, no one knows what holiness is. ALL, except The Son of God, who is a young Igbo man, are under the firm grip of Satan, wallowing in wickedness. Let him know that 2019 shall not pass before his death is accomplished by The Son of God. The Son of God has been watching him spew ignorance and wickedness, hiding under the cover of righteousness. He is audacious and ferocious with pride, and in (rightly) condemning others. In likewise manner, his torture and murder by The Son of God, will be audacious and ferocious, fully publicized. Please ask him: did he really think he is holy? What he does not know is that God too can deceive: God deceives those who are not inclined to totally submit to His ways. God deceived and is still deceiving Satan. God knows a proud heart, and He deceives such hearts. This is the case with Tibetan, God has given him a form of the truth, but it is so that he would go public in order for The Son of God to identify and mark him, alongside all those The Son of God has identified and marked for destruction thanks to their exposure. Let him prepare for his funeral, and those of all his loved ones: parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters in-law. The Son of God will wipe out his family as specified above. Please ask him if God ever revealed to him that he would end this way? I bet God did not. Tell him he's the biggest fool that ever lived. Even if he runs to the edge of the moon, The Son of God will locate him and slay him. He is a walking corpse. Lastly, tell him The Son of God is even more audacious and ferocious in judgement than he, Tibetan, is in passing judgment on others. Also, The Son God is even more confident, He is an orator, and prolific writer too. He is extreme intelligent. He has all the qualities that makes Tibetan swoon with arrogance, AS WELL AS HOLDS THE KEY TO LIFE AND DEATH, unlike Tibetan. The Son of God alone is The Prophet, there is no other, for ONLY HE KNOWS THE MIND OF GOD, being GOD IN FLESH. Let Tibetan be advised on the meaning of a prophet: it is one who knows and speaks the mind of God. It is not one who declares sensational news about people, events, or things. Prophecy is not sensational declarations, no matter how accurate it is. It is knowing and speaking God's mind. Only God knows His own mind, and only Him can speak it. Hence, He takes a human form, The Son of God, and communicates His mind. Let Tibetan be advised that the bible is extremely profound. It is deeper than the deep. Knowing every word in the bible is not a measure of holiness. It is not even a measure of understanding the bible. Let Tibetan be advised that he is a fool, like Satan, he is under the influence of Satan unknown to him, and he has booked his spot in The Lake of Fire for eternity. As he said in one of your videos, you cannot declare war and take away ammunition. There is no repentance for him. It is judgment day, he cannot be forgiven. He is doomed, like all those he has condemned in your interviews with him.
Greetings to u my bro Marcus andb
my Church & I.

Celestial Church of Christ is a spiritual, world-wide, united, indivisible Holy Church which came into the world from heaven by DIVINE ORDER on the 29th of September 1947

It is our sincere prayer that this site will be an effective vehicle of communicating our vision to serve Christ and this community, and that you may learn more about our church. We welcome you to this site and to attend any of our services.

We are Bible Based Church

Mission: We endeavor to impact our community with a message of hope, healing and empowerment for the total man and woman through the teaching of the Holy Bible, Music, Sacred Arts, Education and Fellowship. We Desire to preserve our Celestial heritage while embracing the challenges of the 21st Century.

Why do some churches hate another church?

We are boldly taking Gospel and Spiritual songs all over the world as we plant New Modern churches with business base to support the Ministry of Jesus Christ. Join the adventure of planting new churches in virgin territories. Worldwide Voice Mail 214702-8515

Chose God always, THANKS

Are you a Christian or just a religious church member?
I know you claim to be born again and you can quote the scriptures. Satan can quote Bible too and he is evil. But what is your attitude towards your neighbors and others different from you?
Read your Bible again, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?” The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.” — Luke 10:36-37

We need to move the Church forward in 2020. If we are truly the last ship of salvation, what are we doing having meetings inside the building instead of evangelizing and preaching the good news?

Stop diving the Church with your Gossiping and Lying. Only an evil person going to hell talks about people behind their back. When last did you get paid for gossiping? NEVER, RIGHT?


Morbus Sabbaticus or Sunday Sickness,
is a disease peculiar to Celestial Church members.

The attack comes on suddenly on Sundays. No symptoms are felt on Saturday night; the patient sleeps well and awakes feeling well; eats a hearty breakfast, but about church time the attack comes on and continues until services are over for the morning. The patient feels easy and eats a hearty dinner.

In the afternoon he feels much better and is able to take a walk, automobile ride, go visiting, gossip, talk politics and reads the papers; he eats a hearty supper but about church time he has another attack and stays home. He retires early, sleeps well, and awakes on Monday morning refreshed and able to go to work; He does not feel any of the returned symptoms until the next Sunday.
The peculiar features are as follows--
1. It attacks only members of a church.
2. it never makes its appearance except on Sunday.
3. The symptoms vary, but never interfere with appetite and sleep.
4. It never lasts more than 24 hours.
5. It generally attacks the head of the family and continues to spread until every member is affected.
6. No physician is ever called.
7. It always proves fatal in the end to the soul.
8. No remedy is known for it except repentance and prayer.
9. Real heart-felt salvation is the only antidote

By Sup.. Evang. Andrew Adeniji

Join US on Sunday at 10am for Praise and Worship. Bible Based CCC Holy Trinity Parish, 9862 Plano Road, North Dallas Texas 75238.
We only speak ONE Language; LOVE. (214)-702-8515

Don't add anything to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join US on Sunday at 10am for Praise and Worship. 9862 Plano Road, North Dallas Texas 75238. (214)-702-8515

CCC Holy Trinity Parish North Dallas Texas USA 214-702-8515

See what reading your Bible four(4) times or more a week will do to your life.

Please protect your health, income, family future. Call for a free quotes.

Forget public performances and activities, what are you worshipping in secret religious people? Are you here for TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST or man-made titles?

Are you part of Mob Mentality In The Church?

"Immediately he went up to Jesus and said, "Greetings, Rabbi!" and kissed Him. —Matthew 26:49"

Some people question why Jesus would choose Judas to be His disciple, knowing that Judas would do what he did. If someone had to condemn Jesus, if it was written in the Scriptures that Jesus would be condemned by a friend, then why condemn Judas? Wasn't he just a pawn?

Not at all. It's important to realize that the Lord's selection of Judas as one of the Twelve did not seal his fate. Rather, it gave him an opportunity to observe Jesus closely. As Judas properly concluded later, "I have sinned by betraying innocent blood" (Matthew 27:4).

God, in His sovereignty, had determined that His Son would be betrayed by a friend. But divine foreknowledge does not destroy human responsibility or accountability. Judas made a decision freely and would be judged accordingly.

In that dramatic moment when Judas identified Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said to him, "Friend, why have you come?" (Matthew 26:50). Then we're told, "They came and laid hands on Jesus and took Him."

The Bible says a multitude came to arrest Jesus, and this would have included the officers of the temple, who were granted limited powers by the Romans in matters concerning Jewish religion and society. They were moving together as a mob. That is so typical of the mob mentality. Many of the people who joined in on this probably had no idea of what they were doing or why.

The same is true today. To a large degree, a vast majority of people do not reject Christ because they have looked into it or because they have some honest questions about the Bible or Christianity. They reject Christ because they let others do their thinking for them. They mock because others mock. And they become willing victims of someone else's prejudice.

My fellow heirs to the throne, have you stop talking to good people because of someone's else prejudice? Are you taking it upon yourself to be doing evil against others because you think it's your duty. Have you spread rumors or lies against an innocent person? Then you are like Judas; and a part of the Mob.

Remember, satan thought he won on Friday; but on Sunday he was put to shame.
Make this a great month, CHANGE your ways.
Sup. Evang. Andrew Adeniji
Holy Trinity Parish Dallas TX 75238

Jesus Christ never limit our dream. That is why He commanded us to, "Go into the whole world and preach the good news".

If Jesus Christ THE OWNER OF THE CHURCH is kind and polite to women why are 2020 religious men rude and have EGO towards women in the church? Except when money contribution and duty is involved.

This is FOR Children of God Only.
Do we understand the difference between a COMMAND and a Suggestion?
If you don't LOVE any member of the body of Christ, you're heading to Hell.
If you're dividing the body of Christ, No matter your title or position, your money, etc. you're going to HELL.
If you are planning evil secretly, while pretending to be a Christian YOU are going to BURN IN HELL.

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Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide is committed to affirming the historic faith of biblical Christianity including the precious doctrines of the sufficiency of Scripture, the priesthood of the believers, the historico-grammatical approach to interpretation, the sovereignty of God, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
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