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THEME II: [Religion and society: Daniel, chapter 8: summary interpretation]
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I. How to summarize Daniel, chapter 8?
II. Interpretation.
1. [ Daniel 8: 1 ]: In the third year of King Belshazzar's reign a vision appeared to me, Daniel, after the one that appeared to me at the beginning.
2. [ Daniel 8: 2 ]: And in the vision I saw, it seemed to me that I was in the citadel of Susan, in the province of Elam; and according to the vision, I was by the Ulai river.
3. [ Daniel 8: 3 ]: (a) And I lifted up my eyes, and saw; (b) and behold ( Medo - eersian empire: 633 b.c.e. ~ 331 b.c.e. ), a ram was before the river; (c) which had two horns ( kingdom of Media : 678 b.c.e. - 550 b.c.e.; and Kingdom of Persia: 550 b.c.e. - 330 b.c.e. ); (d) and the two horns were tall ( both kingdoms were strong at the time ); (e) but one was taller than the other ( the kingdom of Persia became stronger than the kingdom of Media ); (f) and the highest rose last ( the kingdom of Persia came after the kingdom of Media, with Cyrus II at the head: 550 b.c.e. ).
4. [ Daniel 8: 4 ]: (a) I saw that the ram ( Medo - persian empire: 633 b.c.e. ~ 331 b.c.e. ); (b) slashed to the west ( Asia minor and Macedonia ); (c) and to the north ( central Asia and the Indus valley ); (d) and to the south ( Mesopotamia and Egypt ); (e) and none of the animals could resist him ( no empire was successfully facing him ); (f) there was no one who could get rid of his hand; and he did as he pleased, and he magnified himself.
5. [ Daniel 8: 5 ]: (a) And, when I am considering; behold, a goat came from the west over the whole land ( empire of eastern Greece: 337 b.c.e. - 31 b.c.e. ); (b) but without touching the ground ( it was done with the incorporation of sinful angels in their legions ); (c) and that goat had a distinguished horn between its eyes (Alexander the great, first king: 337 b.c.e. 323 b.c.e.).
6. [ Daniel 8: 6 ]: (a) And he addressed the ram that had the two horns ( Alexander the great waged battles against the Medo - persian empire ); (b) which I had seen standing before the river ( a view received by the Ulai river ); (c) and ran against him in the impetus of his strength.
7. [ Daniel 8: 7 ]: (a) And I saw him approach the ram, enraged against him, and wounding him, he broke both horns ( Alexander the great defeated the persians successively in the battles of Gramico: 334 b.c.e. , Issos: 333 b.c.e. and Arbela: 331 b.c.e. ); (b) because there was no strength in the ram to resist it; (c) and the goat threw him to the ground, and trampled him underfoot ( ended the Medo - persian 'Archeménid' empire: 330 b.c.e. ); (d) there was no one who could free the ram from his hand.
8. [ Daniel 8: 8 ]: (a) And the goat was greatly enlarged ( during his period, Alexander the great wanted to excessively extend his conquests and his empire ); (b) but, being at its greatest strength ( having reached central Asia ); (c) that great horn was broken ( it was defeated by fatigue and by the wars against the indian kingdoms: 327 b.c.e. - 325 b.c.e. ); (d) and in his place four other also distinguished ones ( four of his generals: Cassandro: Greece and Macedonia, Lysimachus: Thrace and Asia Minor, Seleucus I: Syria, Babylon and Persia, Ptolemy I: Egypt and Palestine ); (e) for the four winds of heaven ( each in front of one of the armies of, or that integrated sinful angels ).
9. [ Daniel 8: 9 ]: (a) And from one of them (b) a very small horn came out ( the european Roman empire annexed Macedonia ); (c) which grew a lot to the south ( occupied Egypt, the 'lagid dynasty': 31 b.c.e. ); (d) and to the east ( occupied Syria, the 'seleucid dynasty': 64 b.c.e. ); (e) and for the beautiful land ( occupied Judea in 63 b.c.e. through general Pompeu ).
10. [ Daniel 8:10 ]: (a) And he magnified himself against the army of heaven ( in 63 b.c.e. moved a battle against the angelic-military detachment of the universal heavenly army stationed on earth) { Apocalypse 12: 1-4}; (b) and some in the army ( military angels of light ); (c) and the stars ( administrative angels of light and, eventually, demo-angel-descendants ); (d) threw it to the ground ( beat them ); (e) and stepped on them ( killed or imprisoned ).
11. [ Daniel 8:11 ]: (a) And he magnified himself even against the prince of the army ( the romans sinful angels stationed in Judea began to harass Jesus Christ: 3 b.c.e. - 30 c.e. ); (b) and by him the continuous sacrifice was taken away ( and they kill the messiah in 30 c.e., ending with his evangelical preaching ); (c) and his sanctuary site was thrown to the ground ( they destroyed Jerusalem in 70 c.e. ).
12. [ Daniel 8:12 ]: (a) And an army moved against continuous sacrifice ( the roman emperors pursued the early gentile church 'persecuted church' between 70 c.e. and 313 c.e. ); (b) because of transgression ( to some extent by caused sins practiced by gentile christians ); (c) and cast the truth to the ground ( corrupted gentile christianity at birth, during the period of the persecuted church: 100 c.e. - 313 c.e. and the imperial roman church period: 313 c.e. - 476 c.e. ) { Daniel 11:33-35 }; (d) and did, and prospered ( managed to corrupt christianity despite the schism in the east: 1054 c.e., protestant reform: 1517 c.e., catholic counter - reform: 1545 c.e. - 1563 c.e. and the emergence of modern evangelical churches: 1517 and onwards ).
13. [ Daniel 8:13 ]: (a) Then I heard a saint who was speaking; and another saint said to the speaker: (b) How long will the vision of continuous sacrifice last ( from the days of the high priest of Simon II the just, 220 aec - 195 aec, passing through the worldwide preaching of the gospel until the martyrdom of the 7000 holy humans in 2077 e.c. ); (c) and devastating transgression ( continuous transgressions in Israel and in christian churches ); (d) for the sanctuary to be delivered ( tree of life / saints of the Most High in ecclesial functions on earth ) { Genesis 3:24 }; (e) and the army ( christians and even other monotheistic believers ); in order to be trampled ( worldwide trampling of christianity and abrahamic monotheism for 3 ½ times: 2073 c.e. - 2077 c.e. ) { Daniel 7: 21,25; Apocalypse 11:2; 13:5 }.
14. [ Daniel 8:14 ]: (a) And he said to me: Until two thousand three hundred afternoons and mornings ( beginning of prophecy: 223 b.c.e., beginning of reign of Antiochus III the great; end of prophecy: 2077 c.e., end of the Messianic - gentile pact week = 2300 years ); (b) and the sanctuary will be purified ( the 7000 martyred holy men are resurrected and taken up to the 3rd heaven ) {Apocalypse 11:13; 15:1-5}.
15. [ Daniel 8:15 ]: (a) And it came to pass that, when I, Daniel, had the vision, I sought the meaning, (b) and, behold, it appeared before me as a likeness of man ( ex archangel Gabriel 'Satan' ).
16. [ Daniel 8:16 ]: (a) And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, who cried out, and said: (b) Gabriel, make him understand the vision.
17. [ Daniel 8:17 ]: (a) And he came close to where I was; and when he came ( the ex-archangel Gabriel 'Satan' ), I was frightened, and fell on my face; (b) but he said to me: Understand, son of man, because this vision will happen at the end of time.
18. [ Daniel 8:18 ]: (a) And when he was speaking to me, I fell asleep with my face to the ground; (b) he, however, touched me, and made me stand.
19. [ Daniel 8:19 ]: (a) And he said, Behold, I will make known to you what will happen in the last time of wrath; (b) for this belongs to the determined time of the end.
20. [ Daniel 8:20 ]: That ram you saw with two horns is the kings of Media and Persia.
21. [ Daniel 8:21 ]: (a) But the furry goat is the king of Greece; (b) and the great horn between his eyes is the first king.
22. [ Daniel 8:22 ]: (a) To have been broken, (b) to rise four in his place, means that four kingdoms will rise from the same nation ( general Cassandro: Greece and Macedonia; general Lysimachus: Thrace and Asia Minor, general Seleucus I: Syria, Babylon and Persia, general Ptolemy I: Egypt and Palestine ); but not with his strength.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: here, time-based interpretation has been set aside, which frames the following verses in line with historical continuity with the previous account. This is due to the fact that the king with a fierce countenance identified himself more with Antichrist (Satan) in his reign; 2070 c.e. - 2080 c.e., than with the Roman - european empire which, in its active vigency, immediately succeeds the empire of eastern Greece.
23. [ Daniel 8:23: TEMPORALLY DISCONTINUOUS INTERPRETATION ]: (a) But, at the end of his reign ( at the end of the seven biblical empires in 2070 c.e. ) { Apocalypse 17:8-10 }; (b) when the offenders are over ( at the end of the post - cold war period: 1990 c.e. - 2070 c.e. ); (c) a king will rise ( Satan 'Antichrist' at the head of the UN and the international community ) { Apocalypse 17:11 }; fierce in countenance ( with an evil and secessionist design vis-à-vis the universal state ); (d) and will be understood in divinations ( with knowledge of biblical prophecies about him, about the world and the ragalean worlds ).
24. [ Daniel 8:24: TEMPORALLY DISCONTINUOUS INTERPRETATION ]: (a) And his power will be strengthened ( he will acquire political power through electoral and non - military means, over three mandates of five years each, between 2070 c.e. and 2080 c.e. ) { 1st election: Apocalypse 13:15-18; 2nd election: Apocalypse 14:6-13; 3rd election: Apocalypse 17:2 }; (b) but not by its own strength ( it will acquire political power through electoral and non - military means ); (c) and will destroy wonderfully ( will oppress and martyr his own stubborn followers ) { Apocalypse 13:15-17; 16:8,9; Isaiah 14:20 }; (d) and will prosper ( will be successful ); (e) and he will do as he pleases { Apocalypse 13:16,17 }; (f) and destroy the powerful ( he will trample christian churches and monotheism worldwide for 3 ½ years: 2073 c.e. - 2077 c.e. ) { Apocalypse 11:2; 13:5 }; (g) and the holy people ( during this period, he will also trample the saints of the Most High, on mission in churches around the world, for 3 ½ years: 2073 c.e. - 2077 c.e. ).
25. [ Daniel 8:25 TEMPORALLY DISCONTINUOUS INTERPRETATION ]: (a) And by your understanding it will also make deception prosper in your hand ( with the end of the christian trampling in 2077 c.e., it will establish a desolate Abomination for 1290 days { Daniel 12:11 }. It will foment war between Europe 'king of the north' and Egypt 'king of the south', as well as the occupation of the Middle east and the Afro - arab islamic region until the end of the Great tribulation ) { Daniel 11:40-45 }; (b) and in his heart he will be magnified ( he will be elusively pleased with the adhesion of the nations of the world and the planets of the ragalean cosmic region to the new secessionist order in opposition to God ) { Isaiah 29:8 }; (c) and in his heart it will be magnified ( the ufologists refer this passage to the extension of the Antichrist's domain 'Satan' to all the planets of the ragalean cosmic region ) { Hebrews 11:3 }; (d) and will destroy many who live in security ( in despair of cause it will give rise to the 3rd world war after the Great tribulation period: 2080 c.e. ) { Apocalypse 16:16-21 }; (e) and will rise up against the Prince of princes ( together with his evil angels will try to oppose the archangel Michael and his angels in the war of Armageddon ) { Apocalypse 19:11-21 }; (f) but without a hand it will be broken ( without human intervention it will be imprisoned and locked in the abyss for 1000 years ) { Apocalypse 20:1-3 }.
26. [ Daniel 8:26 ]: And the vision of the afternoon and the morning that was spoken, is true. You, however, close the vision, because it refers to very distant days.
( End. Open to correction, investigation and deepening. )

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