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Truett Memorial Library is a ministry of First Baptist Dallas that serves the members and guests of the church by the lending of faith-based and value-based books, CDs, Audiobooks, DVD, and E-books.

Truett Library is located in the former Ruth Behr Hall under the Historic Sanctuary. It is best accessed through the Sanctuary doors off the Criswell Center, then head down the stairs and take a right. ***** From Ervay, take the outside stairs down, and if the doors are locked, ring the bell located to your left. ***** Truett Library provides everyone in the family with quality entertainment and instruction with over 17,000 books, DVDs and CDs - and new ones every week!

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Taking some time off this week, here is the schedule:

Amy Carmichael’s life as a missionary to India’s young children is always a great story to tell our children. But it’s in the adult version where we are made more aware of the horrors that lurked inside the Hindu temples, the literal filth and stink where small girls were forced to do things abhorrent and wrong. Amy fought against the deeply established Hindu temple abominations that had tormented children’s lives for hundreds of years. What could one little missionary gal do? How did she manage to take care of all those needy children? Amy Carmichael’s story convicts, informs, and then inspires. Don’t miss out on the lessons you will learn.

To me, reading her story is a way to honor her and memorialize her. I’m so glad I invested my time in this ebook – all 237 pages. Elisabeth Elliot thought so highly of Amy Carmichael, she wrote a book of almost 400 pages. Truett Library has 48 titles – books, DVDs, CDs – that tell her story. Just “Search” her name in our on-line catalog or ask us.

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For new and returning home-school families, remember that we have a great collection of encouraging "how-to" home-school books. These are the favorites of many of our experienced families that have successfully homeschooled their children all the way into college. During Covid19, Truett Library is open "at the door" Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and by appointment throughout the week. Call 214-969-2442.

If you have participated in our Spring/Summer Library Reading Challenge, please bring or email your list of chapters you have read from Luke, John, Acts or Philippians, including with that list a name of a at least one Bible friend from each chapter. Final deadline is 1 pm, August 30, when these prizes plus some more not pictured will disappear until next year. We have prizes from new readers through adults. A bonus prize can be earned by reading or listening to a Youth or Adult biography from the library. There is still time to participate. Besides earning a prize, YOU will be blessed for the reading of God’s Word, YOUR LIBRARIAN will be encouraged for your participation, and GOD will be pleased you took the time to read His love letter to you!!

Vision — Pray Dallas VisionA Day of Prayer and Fasting ERADICATE COVID-19The Mayor of Dallas has proclaimed a Day of Prayer and Fasting on August 19, 2020 for the eradication of the Coronavirus Plague from Dallas.It began with a dream and vision given to home improvement contractor Tom Altemus. He saw the scripture of J...

Wherever You Go, I Want You To Know by Melissa Kruger

I'm exctied to offer this book and new author to me in our Truett Library.

Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up: jobs they might have, places they might go, people they might meet. And parents and caregivers...

The God of All Comfort by Dee Brestin

I knew it would be a good book when it first came out in 2009, but it didn’t interest me enough to check it out. Ten years later, 2020 happened! All of a sudden a book called “The God of All Comfort” sounded like just what I needed – and it was!

The author, Dee Brestin, lived a nice life and was a respected and successful speaker and author to Christian women. She was married to a doctor – a wonderful, handsome orthopedic surgeon, a Christian gentleman who also authored Christian books and provided nicely for their family. Then their world was shaken by a cancer diagnosis that took him too soon, at age 59.

Dee shares her story to demonstrate how we can victoriously overcome suffering and grief through meditating on God’s word, especially from the Psalms and from classic hymns that sooth and teach us great lessons of God.

The author shares some special psalms that have helped her, along with some favorite hymns, with a reminder from the bible to speak ”to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, making melody in your heart to God. (Ephesians 5:19)”

For me it was a timely message and one that has carried me through these past months and helps me know I can face the future with confidence that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46

You can find this book at Truett Library in three different forms – a print book, an ebook, and an ebook-audiobook.

Robert J. Morgan has blessed us with several great books, such as "The Red Sea Rules" and "100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart." These books, though written in past years, take on special encouragement for 2020. How timely that he has just released his newest encouraging book pertaining to faith in America over the years. Please read the following review from one of our patrons, Jerry Turner.
"I don’t often post anything to Facebook, but after reading “100 Bible Verses That Made America,” I felt an urge to share it with my friends. Author Robert J. Morgan gives a brief history of the United States, but more importantly, writes of the faith of many who shaped that history. Read how their faith, their prayers and their trust in the Bible enabled them to complete daunting tasks. From the famous Founding Fathers to one unnamed business man from New York who saw the need to start a lunchtime Bible study (The Fulton Street Bible study) that spread across the nation and called by some the third Great Awakening, to President after President who referred to our nation’s need for the anchor of the Scripture to secure our future, this book will inspire, encourage and reaffirm that God is still in control! “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.” Is 40:8. Check it out in Truett Library or at our online ebook site.":

William Tyndale lived in England in the early 1500’s, during the reign of Henry VIII, and at the beginning of the Reformation. By the age of 27, Tyndale was already very passionate about the lack of English Bibles for the English-speaking people. Even the priests were ignorant without the Word of God, and many false teachings prevailed. Tyndale was a scholar who loved to teach, but he sacrificially exchanged his life of ease to live as a fugitive in Germany, where he could translate, print and then smuggle his English Bible back to England. Ten years later he was caught, imprisoned, then burned at the stake at age 42.

How sad, we are tempted to think, that such a wonderful man was silenced so early. Oh, but he wasn’t silenced, and his efforts paid off in untold stories of people in the church who, after being able to read a Bible in their own language, finally came to understand God’s wonderful plan of salvation. Through his translation work, his legacy continues to our day. In reality, his story is a story of victory and one you will want to read and make sure your children read.

This little book is only a part of a series of more than 30 little mini biographies, approximately 150 pages each, designed for young adult readers but equally enjoyed by adults. Each book focuses on a different great Christian – a Trail blazer – and thus the name of the series. They are available in our Youth Biography section of Truett Library, First Baptist Church Dallas.

2020 Reading Club prizes as far as you can see. Topped off with new library items to check out. Visit Truett Library this Sunday!

You probably already know about the world-renown brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson who overcame many difficulties in his youth to grow up to become one of the finest, Christ-honoring leaders of our country. His story is worth a second look, which is why I decided to read the revised youth edition of “Gifted Hands.” I highly, highly recommend this book. It will fill your mind and heart with such good information. I've said enough, if my paragraph gets you to read the book, or gets you to get your kid to read the book, or just gets you to continue reading the following paragraphs about some of the gems in this book:

I say gems as to speak of something of great worth – just keep reading for some gems;

In 2002, a grown and successful Dr. Carson found out he had a very aggressive form of prostate cancer. A subsequent MRI showed the possibility of an even worse diagnosis. Shaken with the possibility of dying, Dr. Carson took an early-morning walk around his farm where he was impressed by the beauty and peacefulness of God’s creation. He began to appreciate life, his loved ones and his God more. Happily, the cancer was caught, and Dr. Carson is still here, but a changed man with increased gratitude to God for life and increased empathy for his patients and their families. He sees how God used it for good.

Over the years, Dr. Carson has become a popular speaker. He especially loves to encourage young people with his story of how the “class dummy” overcame so much through education and through God’s help. Don’t let PEERS discourage you, and he uses the term as an acrostic of People who Encourage Errors, Rudeness and Stupidity. Instead, use the mind God has given each of us to THINK BIG for yourself and figure out how to overcome negative challenges. In his talks, he often includes an amazing several-paragraph description of the brain and how it works. He also explains his acrostic for THINK BIG is Talent, Honesty, Insight, Nice, Knowledge, and then Books, In-depth learning, and God.

Speaking of God, Dr. Carson encourages us to realize this is a freedom we still have. He points out that Thomas Jefferson had 190 religious volumes in his library and included in our Declaration of Independence that “Our Creator endowed us with certain inalienable rights.” Our Pledge of Allegiance included “under God,” and every coin and bill says “In God We Trust.” “If we apply God’s truths to our own lives, if we instill these biblical values in the next generation, then, and only then, will America be truly united and become the greatest nation the world has ever known.”

Dr. Carson also speaks of his original desire as a child to grown up and be a medical missionary. Most would think the dream didn’t happen, when in fact Dr. Carson performed major brain surgeries in other countries, plus in 2012, he was honored by a medical school named after him in Lagos, Nigeria, where he addressed 50,000 people at the Commencement. While his plan had been to simply be a medical missionary, God’s plan far superseded that plan through the training of many other doctors to continue the ministry of healing throughout Africa.

Dr. Carson has so much to say, in this book and others he has written. Truly, he is a man we can look to for solid answers on many of today’s problems.

We enjoyed some extra "Sun" shine at the library today with a visit from the "Sun" girls who came by to get their prizes for participating in the Spring Reading Club.

For all of you who participated in the Spring Reading Club, your prizes are ready in the library. Enjoy looking at the 6 pictures, and we hope to see you next Sunday. (Library is only open on Sunday mornings during COVID19 ) Don't worry, we will make sure that anyone who participated will get your prize - whenever you are return to church - no expiration date.

Truett Memorial Library's cover photo

The church is being very cautious as to who can come into the building during the week. Because of that, we recommend that the best time for you to come to the library is Sunday morning between 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m., and then again after worship from noon-12:45.
Because of the social distancing rule, we cannot let you in, but we can meet you at the library door to help you get the items you want. It would help if you would reserve your books through the on-line catalog. If you can’t do that, please email your requests to me. If you do not have my email, please go to Truett Library’s page on the website ( and submit your request on the form provided.

We are so excited that Truett Library is open again!! We will be practicing the 6-ft social distancing rule, so we will meet you at the door where we can check in and check out library items. Starting Sunday, the library will be open 8:30-11 (then closed for worship) open Noon-12:30. We will also be open Monday through Thursday afternoon, 1-5 pm, until 6:30 on Wednesday.

Elizabeth Musser

We discovered author Elizabeth Musser several years ago and have been spellbound by her books ever since. We are also spellbound by this grace-filled missionary, raised in Georgia and now serving the Lord in France. She calls her novels “Inspiration with a Soul,” which is so true. Every book will hold you to the end, and more than entertaining, it will warm you, teach you, and inspire you. This is always true. It’s true again in her newest novel, “When I Close My Eyes,” which will leave you a softer, kinder person. You will view things differently, more like Christ. You will have a better understanding of people who may struggle with life in a different way than you. Read it to the end. Read about “the Awful Year.” Read the discussion questions. Share the book. Get to know this author – she’s out there on Facebook and at Musseer’s books are available in Truett Library and in our ebook collection. To access Truett Library, contact the librarian at [email protected] Entertainment with a Soul

Gladys Alyward may have been a little woman, but she was brave and bold, because she had a bigger God and a great calling! In 1932 Gladys set out for China all by herself. It was a perilous journey by rail, where she almost met her demise in cold and scary Russia. Even upon reaching her destination in China, she found it to be of the most humble (stinky and filthy) conditions. It never truly improved, but her love for China and its people grew until she was truly one of them through the Lord. Her story is full of warmth and danger. She literally took 100 children across impossible mountains to freedom from the Japanese during WW2. We have several books, DVDs and ebooks available at Truett Memorial Library. Check it out!

George Mueller is one of the most remarkable people in our Christian heritage. In the 1800’s, he built five immense orphanages in England, rescuing many hundreds of children from a life of despair. He also established 117 schools, and supported several missionaries, including his friend Hudson Taylor. His strategy for funding all those ministries was simple – “Prayer and Care.” He never publicly mentioned a need, he never had a fund raiser. He prayed up every bit of the $8 million needed, which translates into about $200 million in today’s dollars. He was a fervent reader of God’s Word and read through it over 200 times. He relied on God’s Word to lead him in everything he did. He was fluent in several languages, and he spent 17 of his “retirement” years, from age 70 to 87, touring the world to tell people of Jesus. You can google him and learn a lot of these facts, but make sure to read from his writings to truly experience the heart and faith of this man who lived by a simple creed -. He trusted God and prayed, read his Bible and obeyed. “Simple Trust, Simple Prayers” by Cindy Mallen is a re-writing into modern English of Mueller’s life and portions of his journals. This ebook along with other ebooks and physical books on Mueller’s life, are available at Truett Library. Just search “George Mueller.”

Today I’m personally sorry the Olympics have been moved to 2021. After reading “Greater Than Gold,” I have a personal interest – and it’s because of the author David Boudia. David has already earned 4 Olympic medals in diving. There’s a good chance he will compete again in 2021 in Tokyo, and now I can’t wait.

As you would think, David’s story describes the life of an Olympic champion and all the intensity it entails with many years of training and competitions. Such a life can take a toll on a person’s emotional side. David’s life was centered on taking care of number 1, which also meant major sacrifices for his entire family. David tells of the struggle and of the reality that winning is never enough, instead it produces an insatiable desire for more wins, more medals, and basically a driving desire for more fame and adoration.

While still in college, David also looked for fulfillment in the party life. With all that he had going for him, he still felt empty, almost suicidal. He ended up reaching out to his coach, who led David to the Lord. It wasn’t overnight, but through prayer and reading his Bible (especially the book of John) and other books such as The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney (available in Truett Library), he surrendered his life and his will to his Savior.

David came to realize that to be a champion in this life was to love God and love others. He was able to handle his great Olympic achievements because his goal was no longer fame and adoration, He came to “ to use defeat or success to be more like Jesus.” Wow, that’s profound truth. The book is available in our ebook collection.

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