Quietwood Baptist Church, Dallas, TX Video May 31, 2020, 3:08am

Videos by Quietwood Baptist Church in Dallas. Pastor-Johnny M Johnson Pianist - Sue Perdue Music - DiAnn Barker Deacons: Jimmy Davidson. Ken Youngblood

'Knowing' - Philippians 3.1 - 11

This is video about what REAL religion IS.

Other Quietwood Baptist Church videos

No Room for Jesus ? - Luke 2.1-7
This video explores how Jesus found no place in this world when He came the first time and asks if there is a place for ...

A Message in a Box ? - 1 Kings 8.1-10
This videos eplores various ways the Lord packages His message.

Praying for Survival - Lamentations 2.17-19
This video challenges believers to repent and pray for the survival of America.

Ebed-Melech : Freed by Faith - Jeremiah 39.15-18
This video presents how a compassionate government official demonstrated his faith by assisting God's prophet.

Naaman and Dedicated Servants - 2 KIngs 5.1-19
This video examines a 'successful' individual named Naaman and how he managed to deal with a major problem with the help...

Ittai the Encourager - 2 Samuel 15.13-28
This video explores how a friend from another culture was able to encourage king David during a very difficult time and ...

Araunah and the Death Angel - 1 Chronicles 21.18-22.1
This video introduces a character named Araunah, or Ornan, and shows how he assisted king David in averting disaster for...

Abigail : Wife of Wisdom - 1 Samuel 25
This video explores how a biblical wife took action to intercede for her husband and household and how she interacted wi...

Mephibosheth: Count Your Blessings! - 2 Samuel 9.1-13
This video introduces a character named Mephibosheth and considers how his story of grace mirrors that of a believer.

Eleazar, The Grip of Greatness - 2 Samuel 23.9-10
This video features one of king David's mighty wariors, Eleazar, as he stands alone and gains victory.

Make Disciples! - Matthew 28.18-20
This video examines what Jesus tells us about making disciples all the way up to the end of the age.

Be Ready! - Luke 12.35-40
This video explores what Jesus tells us in Luke 12 about being truly prepared for His return.

Spiritual Separation - Matthew 13.47 - 50
This video explores what Jesus tells us about a great spiritual sorting that will take place at the end of the age.

Head fior the Narrow Gate - Matthew 7.13-27
This video explores what Jesus says in Matthew chapter 7 about how we must choose between one of two ways to live our li...

Watch! - Mark 13
This video explores what Jesus says in Mark 13 about attitudes and actions to cultivate in the time until He returns.

Saved or Lost?? - Mark 8.34-38
This video explores what Jesus says in Mark 8 about being saved or lost when He comes again.

"What Are You LOOKIN' At??" - Luke 19.1-10
This video examines the enocounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus and explores the imporatnce of being aware of what we are...

Personal Conclusion - Philippians 4.10 - end
This video explains the secret of power and the source of provision for daily living.

Sin Is a Disgrace to Any People - Proverbs 14.34
This is a video seeking to call out believers to intercede for this nation.

Practical Guidance - Philippians 4.2-9
This is a message about practical guidelines for living in times such as we face.

Growing - Philippians 3.12 - 4.1
This is a video about how to be a REAL Christian in a world like ours.

'Knowing' - Philippians 3.1 - 11
This is video about what REAL religion IS.

Soldiering - Philippians 2.25 - 30
This video presents an introduction to one of God's choice soldiers, Epaphroditus.

Serving, Philippians 2.19 - 24
This video is a challenge to serve like Timothy.

Here's a Mother's Day message -'What's a Mother to Do?'from 1 Kings 17.8-16

What's a Mother to Do?
This is a message about the grwoing faith and faithfulness of a biblical single mother.

a message from Philippians 2.12-18 about working outand walking out our salvation

a message about living so that people recognize a family resemblance to the Heavenly Father.


The Song of the Savior

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