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Bishop,Dr.Kenneth & Lady Joyce Mack Sunday Services: 10am with Bishop, Dr. Kenneth & Lady Mack
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Resurrection Sunday 2021

[03/06/21]   See you at the City, tomorrow at 11, Alicia Mack will also stream service on fb live. Please wear your mask.

Dr Mack Sermon The Hard Right Rather Than The Easy Wrong 03/05/2021

Dr Mack Sermon The Hard Right Rather Than The Easy Wrong

Dr Mack Sermon The Hard Right Rather Than The Easy Wrong

Steve 03/03/2021


The Difference Makes the Difference, A Monday night word to get you through the week from Bishop Mack, watch and enjoy!

Steve Shared with Dropbox


Can't come out to City right now, we'll come to you thru zoom, Stay tuned!

Can't come out to City right now, we'll come to you thru zoom, Stay tuned!


Happy New Year and may we continue to pray.

[11/29/20]   Service is being held every Sunday at the City with seating 6 ft apart as well as staying in your vehicle if you desire to still hear the word of the Lord.

Lady Mack is selling her delicious homemade peanut brittle for $10, she will have some next week after service.

In your absence, please call in your tithes and offering to Sis. Paula William's, thank you for continuing to support Your Church, God Bless!

10/20/2020 10/16/2020

Maintain Flow (Live)

Lord, with all that's going on please help us to maintain. Provided to YouTube by Entertainment One Distribution US Maintain Flow (Live) · Jonathan McReynolds Sessions - EP ℗ Entertainment One US LP Released on: 2016...

[10/05/20]   Me: Hello God.
God: Hello...
Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?
God: I'd rather not.
Me: Why?
God: Because you're not a puzzle.
Me: What about all the pieces of my life that fall to the ground?
God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them be there for a while and then decide if you need to take any of those pieces back.
Me: You don't understand! I'm breaking!
God: No, you don't understand. You're transcending, evolving.
What you feel are growing pains. You're getting rid of the things and people in your life that are holding you back. The pieces are not falling down. The pieces are being put in place. Relax. Take a deep breath and let those things you no longer need fall down. Stop clinging to pieces that are no longer for you. Let them fall. Let them go.
Me: Once I start doing that, what will I have left?
God: Only the best pieces of yourself.
Me: I'm afraid to change.
God: I keep telling you: YOU'RE NOT CHANGING! YOU'RE BECOMING!
Me: Becoming, Who?
God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light, love, charity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace and compassion. I made you for so much more than those shallow pieces you decided to adorn yourself with and that you cling to with so much greed and fear. Let those things fall off you. I love you! Don't change! Become! Don't change! Become! Become who I want you to be, who I created. I'm gonna keep telling you this until you remember.
Me: There goes another piece.
God: Yes. Let it be like this.
Me: So... I'm not broken?
God: No, but you're breaking the darkness, like dawn. It's a new day. Become!! Become who you really are!!"

Can I get an Amen?


Like a river, go with the flow.




John 3 11 (Ask me how I know)


John 3 11 (Ask me how I know)
Saints coming together still 6 ft apart, hearing what thus said the Lord.


Heal the land

Thank you Bishop

Husband singing for healing

[03/30/20]   Isaiah 26:20 Come, my people, enter your chambers and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the [Lord's] wrath is past.

This morning a dear brother shared this verse with me.
I think it’s an appropriate thought during this time.
As it says, hide yourselves a bit until He accomplishes His intent for the entire world, including us. There’s a blessing in all things God does.
I feel this is an accompaniment verse
Matthew 6:6
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. †.

A reward is coming out of this for Us. Pastor Mack

[03/14/20]   BWC will be closed tomorrow and until. Stay prayed up and hands washed.


Happy New Year


Come Worship with us at The City-10:30am


Tonight we “Fall Back…” that’s right, Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 Sunday morning. That means we need to set our clocks back one hour. Of course, most people will reset their clocks before going to bed Saturday night. The good news is that will give you an extra hour of sleep.


Let the church, say Amen.


City of Bethlehem Word Church presents: Ice Cream Sunday! 1535 E Ann Arbor Ave, Dallas, TX, Sunday, August 4, 11:00am. Enjoy service and afterwards refresh with catered ice cream and TIFF’s cookies!


Let the Church say Amen!





Oh Taste and See that the Lord is Good, Tomorrow at The City👏

Please join us tomorrow at 11am at the City!


If you want a second helping, well Min.Timothy Stewart has come back to The City 6/7/19. Hope to see you there.


Come join us as Min.Timothy Stewart brings the Word at The City today.


Praise the Lord for all Mothers here with us and those looking down.


Pastor Dobins- BWC You are the Light of the World.

[03/10/19]   Time moved ahead but Church still starts @ 11am Amen!

[01/29/19]   Proverbs 18:21 KJV - Life and Death are in the power of the tongue - Bible Gateway



While we can't know what is coming in the new year, we can find hope in God's word, and maintain a positive outlook that things will be better than ever in this coming year. So stand still and know He is God.

Please join us for our first service of the year. We'll begin at 10:00 a.m for prayer followed by our 11:00 a.m service.


The Greater your DESPERATION in God, will determine your DESTINATION in God.

Are you willing to go to the extreme to get the maximum ability.

Pastor WB Dobin from Shreveport Louisiana.


Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1

[10/22/18]   It's not what you say, it's how and when you say it. You never know what a person is going through so be careful how you approach people. Respect goes a long way.

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1535 E. Ann Arbor
Dallas, TX
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