First Dallas Student Worship

First Dallas Student Worship


Now let's tell you a story about a man named Jesus:

A god assaulted, by proxy,
inseminated a 'virgin' named Mary, in order to bring his son incarnate into our world.
A cowardly action....
Mary and her fiance?, ....Joseph, had to travel to Bethlehem to register for the census. There Mary gave birth to a son of a god.?
God put a star in the sky to guide people to the baby?
In a dream God told Joseph to take his family to Egypt. Then this God stood by and watched as Herod killed thousands and thousands of babies in Israel in an attempt to kill Jesus. (wow!)

As a man, God's son claimed that he was God incarnate: "I am the way, the truth and the life," he said.
This man performed many 'miracles'. He healed lots of sick people. He turned water into wine. These miracles prove that he is God? Miracles??
But he was eventually given the death sentence and killed by crucifixion.

His body was placed in a tomb.
But three days later, the tomb was empty.
And the man, alive once again but still with his wounds (so anyone who doubted could see them and touch them), appeared to many people in many places.

Then he ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of his god the father almighty, never to be seen again.

Today you can have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.
You can pray to this man and he will answer your prayers.
He will cure your diseases, rescue you from emergencies, help you make important business and family decisions, comfort you in times of worry and grief, etc.
This man will also give you eternal life, and if you are good he has a place for you in heaven after you die.

The reason we know all this is because, after the man died, four people named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote accounts of the man's life. Their written attestations are proof of the veracity of this story.
This is the story of a Jesus.

Do you believe this story?

You are Delusional

However any debate on this is useless since a god needs to be proven - First.

Transforming our world with God's Word... One life at a time.


Day One Worship 4.11.21

Join us at 11AM CST for the band-led worship service at First Baptist Dallas. Today, Dr. Robert Jeffress will continue his series "Invincible."

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Excited to see you this Sunday!
4:00 | Ensemble | Choir Room
4:45 | Media Elective | Think Tank
5:30 | Choir | Choir Room
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Day One 4.4.21

Join us at 11AM CST for Eater worship in our band-led service First Baptist Dallas Today, Dr. Robert Jeffress is preaching a special resurrection message titled "Life's Most Important Choice."

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Always a great start to the week at Student Worship!


Day One Worship 3.7.21

Join us NOW for the band-led worship service First Baptist Dallas as Dr. Robert Jeffress continues his new series "Invincible."

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Student Worship! We’re so proud of the way you allowed the Holy Spirit to lead you today!


What a great Sunday! We love being together in person. Your energy is amazing!
We hope you enjoyed the 50s theme! And now we need to know:
What is your favorite float? ROOT BEER, COKE, DR. PEPPER OR SPRITE?


T O D A Y!
Bring a friend who’s been missing this school year to be entered in the prize drawing twice! 🎁 🎁


💕Enjoyed seeing you online!! Happy Valentine’s Day Student Worship!


Reminder: Audition tracks, not required, but due to Davin tomorrow if you'd like to use them. 😉


Link to Practice files in Bio.
Email any audition tracks to Davin by Friday, 2/12.


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[12/25/20]   Merry Christmas Student Worship!


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Day One Worship 4.11.21
Day One 4.4.21
Student Worship Starts This Sunday! Parent Meeting 4PM | Kick-off 5:30PM
Student Worship Starts This Sunday!
Student Worship
Student Worship Song
Student Worship




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