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This was written by a friend of mine from high school (Woodrow Wilson) and posted to his page regarding our beloved Mr. English. Drew Diener is a wonderful writer. I thought this was worthy enough to forward. ❤️ FYI: "Everyone needs a champion...that person who is unfailingly in your corner, always supporting you, always encouraging you, always believing in you, always rooting for you no matter what. When I began my teaching career at Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas 17 years ago, I needed a champion, and I found one in Ward English. Ward came to Skyline High School as the Dean of Instruction at the beginning of my second year of teaching. He began his career in public education as an English teacher in the 1970's and ultimately moved into administration. But unlike many administrators who seemed to forget their classroom roots, Ward never lost touch with teachers, and was in turn, revered by most of all of us. -Not because he was the always the most pleasant person to deal with, because he was not, but because we knew he deeply cared about us and most of all, about the children we were entrusted to educate. When I walked into Ward’s office in August 2005 a few days before school started and nervously informed him that I would be leaving at the end of the school year to attend law school, I expected him to tell me not to bother to set up my classroom. But instead he held me in his gaze, a warm smile washing across his bespectacled visage, and gently and sincerely told me: “I’m gonna to miss you Bubba.” Ward unhesitatingly wrote letters of recommendation and encouraged me throughout the application process. After I moved to Oregon and started law school, I did not think I would ever hear from Ward again. But sure enough, that first winter in the Northwest brought a Christmas card in the mail from Ward. I knew then that I had made a friend for life. There would be no shaking Ward English. Each subsequent Christmas brought another card from Ward, and with it a lengthy, single-spaced letter recapping in sometimes mind-numbing detail just about everything he had done during the previous year. Readers were regaled with tales of the good life he was living now that he had retired -- the Canasta games he played with his closest friends, the Texas Rangers games he attended in the hot summer sun (he was die-hard fan and season-ticket holder), the hearty lunches and dinners at this restaurant or that one with former colleagues (he loved to eat), the Sunday school class he taught at his church (he loved children and was a true Christian), the trips he took here, there and everywhere (he always seemed to be going on or planning his next cruise), the former students, colleagues and otherwise notable people he encountered at the polls each election day (the consummate citizen, he volunteered at polling sites each year), the One-Act Play and Academic Decathlon competitions he judged (he was a staunch supporter of these extra-curricular activities and got me involved as an Academic Decathlon coach when I was at Skyline). Since I joined Facebook nine years ago, I have used it as a venue for my first love – writing. And my favorite subject to write about has always been my dad, the late Paul Diener, who died October 10, 1984 when I was 10. Ward never tired of my stories about my dad, a man he never knew in person, but came to know and revere through my stories. Ever my champion, Ward unfailingly posted thoughtful and encouraging comments about those stories, emboldening me to continue to share them and to not stop believing in my abilities as a writer and storyteller. Two days ago, my champion, who had recently beaten cancer, fell and hit his head. Yesterday, October 10, 2018, he died. In reading the posts on Ward’s page today, a realization hit me. Ward English was not just my champion. He was the champion of each and every one of the thousands of students, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, family members, and Rangers fans whose lives he touched. I'm gonna miss you Bubba, and so is everyone else."
What a great day to kickoff with our #BulldogBuddyReaders with #HighlandOaksChurchofChrist
So last weekend we had a goal of 50 composition notebooks... WE BLEW IT AWAY!!! We got over 80!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! 4 more days to donate! I am talking to Beaumont ISD on when to donate all these supplies. I am hoping to drive down there next weekend. And we will need to get a TRAILER to deliver!!!
Kayla has set a goal this weekend to collect 50 composition notebooks since they are on sale for $.50 now! We will be at church on Sunday and look forward to worshiping with you!!! It is so amazing to see her heart and how she wants to serve! Thank you to those who pour into her and show her the love of God!!

Highland Oaks Church of Christ - Dallas

“Forgive each step we take without You. Forgive each step we take away from You. Forgive us, Your created. Forgive us, Your chosen. Forgive us, Your beloved.”

Join us tonight at 6pm for our Ash Wednesday Service. #CommitToWorship #HOCCVision

Why? To Preach Repentance
I’ve never met anyone who is a fan of repentance. Perhaps it is because the word is misunderstood or mischaracterized? Whatever you think of repentance, it is clear that Jesus came to preach of its importance. Even more, Jesus came to preach repentance to those who thought they needed it the least… how about you? Join us this Sunday as we hear this clarion call.

Why? To Bring Good News...
Jesus talks more about the kingdom of God than anything else. But what exactly is the kingdom of God? This Sunday morning we look at one of the most famous “why’s” of the Jesus story: to bring good news. Won't you join us as we listen and embrace this reality of our discipleship?

Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas

Get ready for an adventure in the woods learning to love, grow and send disciples of Jesus! Join us as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Step how Jesus stepped and live how Jesus lived. Register today at www.campbigfoot.org

We spend each day in Bible study, Active Learning, Small Groups and Camp Worship, which provides a wonderful sense of community as we learn about God and how he wants us to live our lives. In addition, every day is jam-packed with fun! We have a variety of water activities to enjoy such as swimming pool, a blob, trapeze and zip line into the pond and water basketball. There’s a terrific playground, sand volleyball, 9 square, gaga ball, archery tag and black light dodgeball too!

WHO GOES TO CAMP BIGFOOT? (formerly known as Camp HighOkica)?
Elementary Campers (Entering 1st – 5th Graders)
Middle School Campers (Entering 6th – 8th Graders)
Highland Oaks Adult Counselors (18 & older) Junior Counselors (9th – just graduated 12th Grade)
Parents and Littles (aka PALS) are those accompanying their preschool children
Learn more at campbigfoot.org !

As Highland Oaks Missions month continues, today we will recommit to praying toward the world being as it is in heaven. We will recommit to talking to God about our desire for the way of Jesus to continue to bring full life and freedom to all the hungry, all the sick, all the broken, all the oppressed... freedom to all.

#praypnh #SendingDisciples #HOCCVision

Why? To Fulfill the Truth...
When Jesus preached truth, people listened. But they didn’t always like or agree with his definition! This Sunday we venture into the synagogue, take a seat, and listen as Jesus launches his mission to bring Israel the truth. And the response? Come and let’s decide together if we are willing to listen and follow the truth of Luke’s messy messiah.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ's cover photo

Tell Me the Story
This Sunday morning we travel with Jesus to Jericho and encounter a man named Zacchaeus. It is in this story that we find the clearest mission statement for Jesus: “the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost.” Join us as we renew our love for the Jesus story while being compelled to tell the story.

As we begin the New Year at Highland Oaks, we turn our attention again to the story of Jesus. If we are going to call ourselves a church of Christ that claims to follow Christ, then we must continue to study about Christ! Join us this Sunday, as we begin a new series and launch into the “why” and “how” of the Jesus story as told by Luke. Come and listen: God is writing a story that not just sung but written on our heart so you may be sent into the world.

We conclude our series this coming Sunday morning by asking: What leaders among us are listening to the heart of God so they might be shaped into the image of God? Throughout the story of scripture, the leaders of God's people make a choice to listen and learn from God. Join us as we finalize our study and search for shepherds who listen.

See you Sunday at 9am for Discipleship Gatherings and 10:15am for Worship!

New Discipleship Gatherings (Bible Classes) started this past Sunday morning. Look over the topics for the next quarter and make plans now to attend. What a great way to plug in and stay connected with our church family! See you Sunday!

Bible classes from 9am - 10am
Worship Service begins at 10:15am

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Special Gathering Time on Sunday, January 5, 2020!! Details are on the poster.

Looking Backwards and Forwards
This Sunday morning we take time to look back at the 2019 year and ask, "How have we embodied our vision for loving, growing, and sending?" Join us as we share stories, hear from our shepherds, and pray about our future as we consider our vision for becoming Spirit-led disciples.

Just a reminder that there are No Bible Classes tomorrow, Sunday, January 29. The Well will be open at 9am and we will begin worship at 10am. See you tomorrow morning!

The Missio Dei - As we conclude another year, we take the opportunity to explore and re-center ourselves around the missio dei or the Mission of God. Since the beginning of the story of scripture, God has been on a mission to restore and reconcile the world. God has also invited us, the church, to partner in this mission. This Sunday morning our Sending and Mission Minister, Josh Tracy, will be leading our thoughts as we conclude 2019 and look forward into 2020 and the invitation for the missio dei.

Decorating for the holidays requires a lot of effort. This couch has to move there. Those pictures have to be taken down for others, and innumerable boxes come down the attic steps to find their temporary place in the house once again. But what about our spiritual homes? In the place where our heart and soul come together, have we shifted enough stuff around to make a proper and permanent space for God? Join us on Christmas Eve at 5pm as we take a moment to provide a space to “Make Room” for the coming of Jesus.

Love is not a feeling or fleeting emotion. Love is the promise of God, who is with us and showing us a way to be in the world. This Sunday, we receive the gift of God's love, through the birth of the son. Through the story of bread and cup we discover love.

Join us this Sunday for Bible Classes at 9am and Worship at 10:00am.

Joy is not dependent on circumstances or outcomes of our life. Joy is the posture of the world in in the midst of the world around us. This Sunday, we receive the gift of God's joy to and for the world. Through the story of bread and cup we discover joy. Join us at 9am for Bible Classes and 10am for Worship!

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You don’t want to miss it! Chili Cook Off tonight at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall! Come check out our entries and award winners! #HOCCVision #dolifetogether #communityworks

May you find ways the be the peculiar servants today. You have good news to bring. #inspire #HOCCVision

It’s that time again! Time to share the joy of the coming Christ with our friends and neighbors. As we talked to our neighbors about what they need for Christmas this year, the resounding request was for gift cards! This empowers them to make decisions about shopping for their families or allowing the children to do the shopping themselves! We have 160 gift cards and we need your help to make sure they are all covered! Pick up one or two or five today or contact Becky Burroughs to make a cash donation! #HOCCVision #givegenerously

And no. We don’t mean leave your Christmas lights up until February or forget to mow your lawn or leave your sprinklers on when it freezes. Be the weird neighbor who sits in the front yard instead of on the back porch. Who brings cookies. Who is there when you’re grieving. Who celebrates kids’ birthdays. Who watches out. Be the neighbor everyone knows they can count on. Be the neighbor who chooses to love. #peculiarpeople #choosetolove #HOCCVision #HOCC8Moves


Trunk or Treat 2019

Last Saturday we were blessed to be with our neighbors at Thurgood Marshall Elementary for Trunk or Treat. Check out the video and see how much fun we had dressing up, eating hot dogs, passing out candy, and, most importantly, loving our neighbors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3bf1YONQuQ

TOT Video with HOCC, TME & AOH


Ready, Set, Worship! – Highland Oaks

Yesterday we asked James and Juanell Teague what it meant to be peculiar story-tellers for the kingdom of God. They filled us in on their "God Story" ministry, as well as why story-telling is an important practice. Listen in on a conversation between Pat Bills, Lead Minister at HOCC, and Josh Tracy, Sending and Missions Minister, about how we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, can use our words and our lives as vehicles for telling the story of God. http://www.hocc.org/ready-set-worship-2/

hocc.org Ready, Set, Worship! Welcome to Ready, Set, Worship! This is a weekly discussion between Pat Bills, Lead Minister, and Josh Tracy, Sending and Missions Minister, talking about all things discipleship. Be sure to check out the introduction to the podcast (forthcoming), as well as discussions of the 8...

Peculiar Story-Tellers, James and Juanell Teague

For years, James and Juanell Teague have helped disciples at Highland Oaks tell their story and how God has been present throughout that story. Check out this video highlighting the Teague's "God Story" ministry, as well as why story telling should be important for followers of Christ.


Ready, Set, Worship – Highland Oaks

Yesterday's post took a look at Judy Page, a peculiar Spirit-Follower here at Highland Oaks. What, though, does it mean to be a peculiar Spirit-Follower in our day-to-day lives and what does Exodus 13 have to say about following where God's spirit may lead? Listen into a conversation between Pat Bills and Josh Tracy on this weeks "Ready, Set, Worship!" podcast. http://www.hocc.org/ready-set-worship-2/

hocc.org Ready, Set, Worship Welcome to Ready, Set, Worship! This is a weekly discussion between Pat Bills, Lead Minister, and Josh Tracy, Sending and Missions Minister, talking about all things discipleship. Be sure to check out the introduction to the podcast (forthcoming), as well as discussions of the 8....

Peculiar Story-tellers (Psalm 71)
Usually when you think of telling the story of God, it is filled with happy thoughts and wonderful gifts of blessing. But the Pslamist Sunday morning invites us to sing a different more peculiar tune- a tune of refuge and protection from enemies and hurt. This Sunday morning we learn to tell the story of the faithful God who never lets us go.

Peculiar Spirit-Follower, Judy Page

What does it mean to be a peculiar spirit-follower? Check out this video highlighting Judy Page, a peculiar disciple who listens to and is in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Peculiar Spirit-followers (Ex 13:17-22)

As Israel was exiting Egypt, God led them out of bondage through a person but by a spirit of a cloud and fire. The Bible tells us the “Lord went in front of them.” Join us Sunday as we explore the mysterious ways God keeps guiding us as we follow the Spirit of the living God out of our own places of exile.

Bible Class at 9am and Worship at 10am

Peculiar Worshippers (Ex 3:1-6)

It doesn’t get more odd than a bush that is “on fire but did not burn up.” This familiar scene can invite God’s peculiar people into a posture of worship that is about a life that “turns aside” and looks at God’s strange sights. Are we willing to take off our shoes for this holy ground? Join us Sunday morning at 9am for Bible Classes and 10am for Worship.

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Peculiar Witness (Final)


In case you missed it on Sunday! Our friend and “peculiar witness” Tamara Trotter! #HOCCVision #HOCC8Moves #peculiarpeople

HOCC Peculiar People Sermon Series, 2019 - Tamara Trotter (Witness)

Too often we say no to being peculiar witnesses because we are too tied to someone or something to see the works God is doing around us. What do you need to leave in order to #becomeawitness and say yes to going where God is calling you. #HOCCVision #HOCC8Moves #peculiarpeople

Join us this Sunday as we begin a new sermon series... Peculiar People.

Did you know the best selling version of the Bible in the world is the King James Version? And yet for many good reasons we have more up-to-date versions and translations. But tucked away in the good ole’ I Peter 2:9 0KJV is a description of who we are as the people of God: peculiar. Different. Odd. Weird. Yes, the people of God are to be odd! But are we really that much different than the world around us? For the next several weeks the HOCC is going to explore simple ways we can reclaim our peculiarities. In other words, we need to become the odd people of God because we have been summoned to a different and strange way of life. Join us as we explore the challenge in becoming peculiar people.

This Sunday we begin with...Peculiar Witnesses (Gen 12:1-3)

In Genesis we learn how God formed a peculiar people. Abraham chose to heed the call of a of a God of mission who was both mysterious and bold. Sunday morning we hear afresh the clarion call for God’s people to join the mission and become a peculiar witness for the blessings of God.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ's cover photo


Ready, Set, Worship – Highland Oaks

How can we be better equipped to be sent? Listen into a conversation between Pat Bills, Lead Minister, and Josh Tracy, Sending and Missions Minister, on the many ways the early church left the sanctuary and was sent outside the temple gates. Follow the link and click on "Equipped to be Sent" to listen. http://www.hocc.org/ready-set-worship-2/

hocc.org Ready, Set, Worship Welcome to Ready, Set, Worship! This is a weekly discussion between Pat Bills, Lead Minister, and Josh Tracy, Sending and Missions Minister, talking about all things discipleship. Be sure to check out the introduction to the podcast (forthcoming), as well as discussions of the 8....

It’s Monday. You’re out there in the city. Who needs your awareness and attention today? Remember our time in Acts 2 and 3 yesterday and live that discipleship out today!

To catch the whole sermon, visit our HOCC website or app!

#HOCCVision #Equipped #SubmitToTheSpirit #CommitToWorship

Equipped to be Sent
When Jesus gave his final commission to the disciples in Acts, he told them clearly they were to be "witnesses" from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. This Sunday morning we conclude our series with a final reminder that we are to be "sent" as disciples into the world for the sake of God's world. It is time to go and become a church who is equipped!

See you Sunday!

Equipped to be Stewards
What would it look like if your entire life was seen as an offering to God? Stewardship cannot and must not be limited to what we give on a Sunday to the church contribution. Your contribution is your entire self and its commitment to the family of God. Join us Sunday as we explore the "uncomfortable" truth of becoming stewards of all that we are as the Highland Oaks church.

Pat led us in a wonderful message yesterday about being equipped to LOVE our neighbors. Lord Jesus, please help us to see.

Equipped to Live in Community

A recent study states that those ages 18-25 are experiencing loneliness and feelings of isolation in new and alarming ways. Yet, the vision for the church is to become a people of God who live together for the sake of one another. This Sunday morning we learn the power and gift of community and connection in the local church.

See you Sunday at 9am for Bible Classes and 10am for worship!

What a great day of "Worship" we had yesterday exploring what it means to truly "worship". How will your worship change you?

This past Sunday, Pat continued sharing with us about being "Equipped To Be Stewards" with a message about being equipped to love our neighbors.

Join us this coming Sunday as he talks about being Equipped to Worship.

When you think of our Sunday assemblies and "worship," what comes to mind? Do you picture singing, praying, or taking communion? Or is it a guilty emotion that brings feelings of requirements, rules, and religion? Worship must be deeper and broader than a song or a feeling of guilt. Join us as we explore, through worship and song, ways we can become equipped for discipleship that leads us into a deeper relationship with the God of mission.

On Sunday, August 25th, Pat led us in conversation about equipping us to join Kevin and Marla in our children and student ministries. Won't you join us in equipping our children and students? #HOCCVision

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Peculiar Story-Tellers, James and Juanell Teague
Peculiar Spirit-Follower, Judy Page
Pilgrimage 2019: Mexico City





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