Daily Bread

The BCGT's initiative to help churches feed the hungry

1 in 4 children in Texas is food insecure, meaning they have limited or no access to adequate and nutritional food. And over four million Texans live in poverty. Texas Baptists care. As part of finding ways to connect, encourage and support churches, the Baptist General Convention of Texas strives to help churches find resources to feed the hungry in their communities more efficiently. The Daily Bread initiative is an attempt to help churches minister in Jesus’ name, knowing God hears the prayer, ‘give us this day our daily bread.’

Mission: Helping congregations bring faith to life in their communities by connecting with hunger-relief resources and programs of area food banks.

[05/19/17]   I set this page up a few years ago. I am retired now and there will be no more updates. However, some information on this page is still valid for those interested in caring for the hungry. Check it out if you are interested. And support your local area food bank!

North Texas Food Bank

Hey! Has everyone signed up to participate in Full On Faith Week July 6-14 at North Texas Food Bank? It seems you may not see the words Full On Faith on the website (yet) but you can volunteer for that week just the same. It is happening. Just go to www.ntfb.org and go to the volunteer section. It is such a blessing to participate in this ministry! Don't miss it!


[03/04/13]   Usually clients are those a business or organization seeks and encourages to take advantage of what they have to offer. No so at a food pantry. These “clients” come because they believe they must; and pantries rather desire the reduction of the number of clients who need their services.
So, who are these clients and why do they come? A conversation with one food pantry director provides some insight. Many of them are elderly. One of her clients comes because her husband died. While he was alive, they had an income of around $2,000, but his death cut her income in half, and now expenses are greater than she can manage. Another elderly woman comes because, although she had taken a part-time job to supplement her social security income and was getting by, she fell and is no longer able to work. Social security alone is all she has, and it isn’t enough to cover everything. An 82-year-old man developed diabetes. His insulin takes almost all his income. Another elderly man was doing okay until an illness brought on huge medical bills that he cannot pay. He pays what he can and sometimes sacrifices his food allowance to do so.
The reason some elderly clients come has been the loss of a pension that was supposed to provide for those final years. Either the company where they worked for many years was bought out and the rules changed, or they got fired just before their eligibility would have been final. SNAP (formerly called Food Stamps) helps some people. But the elderly may not be eligible for more than $20 or $30 worth of food stamps a month even though they have very limited incomes because they own their homes and/or cars. These possessions reduce their eligibility.
And then there are those elderly who were barely managing to get by, but then their children (sometimes bringing their own children) move in with them because they have lost a job, gotten a divorce and perhaps aren’t getting child support, or have had a child out of wedlock and are not prepared to care for their child. Sometimes it is poor health that brings a child back home. What is a parent to do? The elderly parents do the best they can for their children, forgiving and loving them in spite of everything.
The elderly make up about a third of the clients at this food pantry, but there are the 18-59 year olds who also come. Many have a job, but it is a low-paying job. Or sometimes they once had a reasonable income, but they suddenly lost a job, they had an illness that brought on huge medical expenses, or they are suddenly divorced and can no longer depend on a joint income and have no particular job skills to make an adequate living.
This food pantry director believes the root of the problem for many is also lack of education. When someone doesn’t have a high school diploma (or even better, a few years of college), finding a job that will provide an adequate income is almost impossible. These people are not lazy—they often work long and hard, but they can never hope to do more than barely get by, if that. Frustration, despair, and loss of hope bring many to the point of dependency even more than their actual financial situation does.
The director also refers to another kind of education deficiency. Many clients don’t really understand the reality of how finances work. They have a very limited income to begin with and yet they don’t understand how to budget money or forgo some of the more expensive pleasures, gadgets, clothing, etc., that it seems everyone else has and that they think they need to be happy and to have dignity in our society. These misunderstandings and temptations can bring on financial difficulties, to be sure. And who of us has not at some point made unwise purchases? It is just more difficult for the poor to rebound from those. Often both the elderly and younger adults also become victims of those who seek to take their money by convincing them to buy their products or take out a high-interest or long-term loan that will bring on expenses they are not able to handle. Once the credit debt is there, they find themselves drowning in it and going without food to make the payments. This sad situation is all too common and brings more clients to the food pantry door.
Which of these “client” stories touched your heart? Why not ask God what he would ask of you to make their lives better and to demonstrate His love for them?
Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:15-17 NIV


The truth is out there!
The truth about hunger and poverty in Texas is out there on the web, easily accessible to us all. And the facts are startling! Please take just a few minutes and use the following as your guide to discovering the truth, which is just a few clicks away. Most of the information is provided by county, so you can discover the facts about your own community as well as for the whole state of Texas. It’s worth the trip!

The Texas Food Bank Network (consisting of the 19 food banks that cover the state of Texas) has excellent information and statistics about the food insecure population in Texas. The information is provided by county in a colorful and easy-to-understand format. Click here to see what the food situation is in your county.

Check out information from the Texas Hunger Research. Go to the website below and click on a topic: SNAP, WIC, School Lunch, School Breakfast, Summer Meals, Poverty, or Unemployment. Then click on the red words Texas County-Level Participation to discover interesting statistics about your county.

Feeding America has an excellent information website titled “Map the Meal Gap, Food Insecurity in Your County.” When you go there, hover over and then click on your county. An information box related to overall food insecurity rates specifically about your county will appear. And most revealing is if you go back and click the other tab “Child Food Insecurity Rates” and then click on your county on that map. In many of our counties, the child food insecurity rates are heart-breaking. By clicking on the Food Bank Locator button on the lower left of the screen, you can find contact information for any of the 19 food banks in Texas. When you contact them, they can give you amazingly effective ways to help alleviate hunger in your county. Your church might directly assist the food bank, or maybe get directly involved personally and financially with one of the local food pantries associated with that food bank. They have other ideas as well.

The website below begins with the statement: The number of Texas children who live in poverty has nearly quadrupled since 2007—according to a new report by the Washington, D.C.-based child advocacy group first focus. The child poverty rate in Texas is worse than the national average. Click on the red words “First Focus report” to find the specifics.

Texas Demographics has a website loaded with information about your county as well as your city: population 2010 census, Median Income 2010 for Households, Poverty Rate, Median Age, and Racial/Ethnic Groups. This is a good overall picture of your county/city and a good basic starting place for understanding what the needs are for your community. Once on the site, just click on A-Z Counties and Cities in the upper right corner of the screen and then click on your county or city.

The website below is titled “County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: A Healthier Nation, County by County.” Here you will find ratings of every Texas county for overall health, and for mortality (premature death) and for morbidity (poor or fair health, poor physical health days, poor mental health days, and low birth weight) along with Health Behaviors, Clinical Care, and Social & Economic Factors which affect these outcomes. For the more statistically inclined, this is great information, but it may be too statistical for some of us.

So that’s the way it is. And now we are left with the question: what does God expect us to do with the information. Let’s work together as a church, an association and as Texas Baptists to find out and follow where He leads. Please respond with your insights and comments on how we can do this.



Nearest NTFB Member Agency || Texas Baptists

Just talked to the administrator of one of the smaller food pantries affiliated with the North Texas Food Bank. She told me her food pantry has no sponsors right now, and she is so happy that someone might find them on the Daily Bread website and give them some help. This food pantry serves mostly senior citizens. One of her senior citizen clients told her in tears that before she began receiving food from this pantry, she went to bed hungry two weeks out of every month! Another client was 88 years old and could not take more than a few steps at a time before he needed to sit down. However, he couldn’t get through Medicare the kind of walker that has the seat attached now, and he would have to wait five years to get one. The food pantry administrator went out and bought one for him herself. She has garage sales and gives every penny to the food pantry to buy food. Her heart breaks for her clients.

The food she buys from the North Texas Food Bank is less expensive than at the store, so providing funds to the pantry and to the North Texas Food Bank helps, but they also need donations from the local community to cover what they cannot purchase. If you go to the Daily Bread web page where food pantry needs are listed by county, you can find this one and many, many more food pantries that need your help. Please just read the needs. It just may inspire you to become a donor of your time and resources to one of these deserving ministries. The web page URL is: http://texasbaptists.org/dailybread/NTFBagency.

texasbaptists.org The actual dispensing of food occurs most often at one of the member agency distribution locations. Sometimes these are churches, but often they are non-profit community organizations that have the staff and resources to store and distribute food, keep records of who qualifies for the food, how much...


I am so excited! I know of at least nine Baptist churches which have agreed to volunteer during the North Texas Food Bank's Full On Faith Week July 7-14! If your church wants to volunteer, they still have a special need for faith-based groups to sign up on the following dates/times: Monday, July 9th 1pm--3:30pm; Tuesday, July 10th 9am--11:30am; and Friday, July 13th 9am--11:30am. Other times and dates are not quite full as well, so check with them at www.ntfb.org.



A Day at NTFB || Texas Baptists

How churches can make a difference volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank.

texasbaptists.org A week ago Friday eleven people from my church (FBC Waxahachie) joined other volunteers at the North Texas Food Bank to help prepare bags of nutritious food for children in the Food 4 Kids backpack program. Some businesses had allowed a few of their employees to serve that day, and they also worked ...


The North Texas Food Bank has sent out a cry for help. Churches in the 13-county area this organization serves (Collin, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hoopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Rockwall) may want to consider responding to meet this critical need. Here is the message from the NTFB:

Help us feed those in need!

The North Texas Food Bank needs YOUR help! NTFB is experiencing a critical shortage of volunteers in our warehouses ON WEEKDAYS. We need your volunteer power to help sort and pack food for our various feeding programs. We would love to host your family, school group, faith organization or corporate group! Please visit www.ntfb.org/volunteer to read about our volunteer opportunities and fill out an inquiry form for the one that most interests you! OR call (214) 270-2055 for our Volunteer Experience coordinators.


[03/05/12]   So just how significant is the need for food assistance in the North Texas area? Well, in Dallas County one in five (450,000 residents) are food insecure; in Collin County, one in seven (102,000 residents); in Lamar County one in five (9,000 residents); in Ellis County one in six (23,000 residents); in Kaufman County one in six (16,000 residents); in Fannin County one in five (6,200 residents); in Grayson County one is six (20,000 residents); in Navarro County one in five (9,500 residents); in Delta County one in five (1,000 residents); in Hopkins County one in six (5,500 residents); in Rockwall County one in seven (9,800 residents);in Denton County one in seven (90,000 residents); and in Hunt County one in five (15,000 residents). That is a lot of people--our neighbors if we live in North Texas--who are not sure they will have anything to eat tonight. Contact the Daily Bread office if you want information on how you can make a difference. 214-504-5825

[02/13/12]   Send your donation by phone! Another easy way to contribute $10 to the North Texas Food Bank: On your mobile phone, just text [email protected].

[02/13/12]   $1 million in matching funds for NTFB through March 31!The North Texas Food Bank is thrilled to announce that the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee has issued the Food Bank’s largest-ever matching gift challenge: $1 million!

Every dollar given to the North Texas Food Bank between now and March 31 will have a double impact thanks to this transformative gift. Reaching the total goal will provide 6 million meals for those struggling with hunger in our community.

Please make a gift today to help twice as many North Texans in need! Thank you in advance for helping start 2012 with the resources to provide nutritious food for our hungry families, children and seniors.

Virtual Aid Drive

Virtual Food Drive Opportunity! Want to donate funds to help with hunger ministries in North Texas? Individually or as a Bible Study class, consider the Virtual Food Drive. If you think modern technology and the internet are fun (or even if you don’t), you’ll love this. Just go to this North Texas Food Bank website: http://vad.aidmatrix.org/vadxml.cfm?driveid=5329 and buy food. The animation is fun, too! Choose to be a male or female shopper, walk with your cart down the grocery aisle, and pick out what you want to purchase. Then check out just like you would purchase any item on an internet website.



Nearest NTFB Member Agency || Texas Baptists

BGCT's Daily Bread website posts local needs.Is your church in one of these counties: Collin, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Navarro, or Rockwall? These are the counties served by the North Texas Food Bank. If your church wants to discover new ways to help the needy in these 13 counties, go to this web page on the BGCT website and view the needs: http://texasbaptists.org/dailybread/NTFBagency/. Once at the website, click on Daily Bread – [your county].
The Advocacy/Care Center’s new ministry initiative called Daily Bread is busy contacting the food pantries, collecting needs from pantries, and posting them on the site so churches can have easy access to opportunities to minister to the hungry. More are added almost daily, so keep checking back. These food pantries are very excited about having this opportunity to join with our churches in ministry.

texasbaptists.org The actual dispensing of food occurs most often at one of the member agency distribution locations. Sometimes these are churches, but often they are non-profit community organizations that have the staff and resources to store and distribute food, keep records of who qualifies for the food, how much...

[02/13/12]   North Texas Food Banks's Full On Faith sign up now! The North Texas Food Bank has once again scheduled the highly successful and rewarding FULL ON FAITH week for July 9 – 14. Many BGCT churches participated last year. This is a time when a group (or an individual associated with a faith-based group) can volunteer to serve for a three-hour shift helping with sorting and boxing/sacking food that will go to needy people in the 13-county area served by the North Texas Food Bank. Times are available Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (These times, especially on Saturday, fill up fast though.) The time can be donated as food allowance for your neighborhood NTFB-affiliated food pantry if you wish, so that when that food pantry next goes to the Food Bank to pick up food, they will have a credit to use toward the purchase of food. What a great way to help! And a great way to fellowship with your Bible Study class and with other faith-based groups . If that week doesn’t work out for your church, you can sign up any other week as well. Just go to [email protected].

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