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Texas Baptists Evangelism/Missions Center - Striving to reach Texas for Christ, equip Texas Baptists in following Christ's call and assist them in their Acts 1:8 vision.

Sharing the Hope of Christ with the state, nation and world... through leading efforts in Church Evangelism, Church Starting, Church2Church Partnerships, Church-Based Sending Missions, Collegiate Ministry, Disaster Response, Global Connections, Hispanic Evangelism, Key Church, Life Call, Multi-Housing and Organic Church Ministries, Resort Leisure Sports Ministry, River Ministry, Texas Partnerships and Western Heritage Ministry.

Mission: Striving to reach Texas for Christ, equip Texas Baptists in following Christ's call and assist them in their Acts 1:8 vision.


TX BSM Promo Video Summer 2015 HD

We have a new TX BSM promo video. Free free to share this video with any high school seniors you know, your pastor, and/or your church's youth minister. http://youtu.be/lqXUtZJXwLs

Students explain why they are involved in BSM and why you should be too


A story about Beach Reach is supposed to be on ABC Nightline tonight.

abcnews.go.com ABC News reports on United States politics, crime, education, legal stories, celebrities, weather, the economy and more

[03/11/14]   Want to know how to pray for what's going on at Beach Reach? Check out www.twitter.com/#BRSPI14

END IT :: Shine a Light on Slavery

The statistics of modern day slavery are staggering. Please take a moment to educate yourself about this global problem and consider ways you can get involved in bringing an end to modern day slavery.

enditmovement.com We set out to build national awareness. We set out to tell this nation that slavery still exists and there are 27 million people trapped around the world today. Together we're a force for good. Look what we accomplished together to END IT. #enditmovement


Texas Baptists endorse first oil patch chaplains - Texas Baptists

Pray for the ministry taking place on the oilfields around Texas.


texasbaptists.org DALLAS – Texas Baptists endorsed Hollas and Nelda Hoffman as the first Oil Patch Chaplains on Monday, February 24, during a meeting of the Executive Board. The Hoffmans, of Gonzales, will serve on the oil fields of South Texas as chaplains. “Endorsement lends integrity, character, responsibility and...


Mission Drippin’ – A model for community outreach - Texas Baptists

Need some help with ideas on ways to reach out to your community? Check out this practical advice from Craig Curry, Pastor of First Baptist Church Dripping Springs.


texasbaptists.org Mission Drippin’ is a week-long community outreach ministry of First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs. Read about the practical ways that their church implemented this ministry, so you can similarly create a model like this in your church. Click here to read the background, mission and vision of M...


TALK @ Highland Lakes Camp (Episode #12)

450+ college students gathered last weekend to pray! Here's a video that one of the students put together about the experience.

Topic: Prayer Songs: 10000 Reasons-Mat Redman Walk On The Water-Britt Nicole Cornerstone-Hillsong United Follow Me On Twitter: @GSTRIB5 Check Out The Blog: g...


Mission drippin’ – reaching out to our community - Texas Baptists

"For a while, the church had to focus on surviving, rebuilding, and healing. Now the people were ready to reach their community..." Read how First Baptist Church Dripping Springs has committed themselves to reaching out to their neighbors just years after a tragedy in the life of their church.


texasbaptists.org Six years ago, First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs burned to the ground at the hands of an arsonist. Many people at that time left the church. There were about 50 people left to determine the next step. The small group hired a great interim pastor that helped the church through a healing proces...

Movement DFW

We're excited to be taking part in the Greater Dallas Movement Day!

THE VISION is to Unite the church, nonprofits & marketplace to have a greater impact on the spiritual/social needs of the city while sharing the Gospel

The 2013-2014 BSM Staff Poster is here. Email us at [email protected] with your mailing address if you'd like us to send you one. It's a great prayer tool!


The Main Thing

Is your church focused on the main thing?


texasbaptists.org Jim Collins is known for a couple of different books, Good to Great, and Built to Last. However, there is another short little read he has called “How the Mighty Fall.” This particular volume talks...


Lebanese partnerships spread hope and aid to Syrian refugees

“God is doing great things in the midst of a great crisis,” said Nabil Costa, executive director of the Lebanese Baptist Society. “The church is in revival in Syria. We are able to reach people we never dreamt of before.” http://texasbaptists.org/2013/09/lebanese-partnerships-spread-hope-and-aid-to-syrian-refugees/

texasbaptists.org Spiritual revival is taking place in the midst of the Syrian crisis. With the escalating disputes in Syria, many are fleeing to neighboring countries to escape the crossfire. Media reports depict t...


North Texas Giving Day

On Thursday, September 19, www.donorbridgetx.org will be hosting their annual North Texas Giving Day, where donations of $25 or more are eligible for matching from Communities Foundation of Texas.

This is an great opportunity to make your offerings and donations to Texas Baptists go further. We hope and pray you will consider making a special donation on Thursday, so we may continue advancing God's Kingdom in Texas, the US, and to the Ends of the Earth!

To send a gift, follow the link below and search for The Baptist General Convention of Texas to make a donation. We appreciate your support and generosity!

donorbridgetx.org One day to raise as much as you can for your favorite charities.


How is your church serving schools in your city?

How is your church serving schools in your city? http://ow.ly/ny1dW

texasbaptists.org In Acts 1:8 Jesus gives an undeniable and inescapable mandate for all believers to be on mission in their city, their state and country, and all...


Needs from disaster area apparent as school starts

Backpacks and supplies needed for children following Eagle Pass flooding. http://ow.ly/nxYm3

texasbaptists.org The pastors in Eagle Pass are intent on helping families recover from the recent flooding in Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras. Their immediate need is...


Go Now Missions: A new understanding of Father

South Asia: A new understanding of Father http://ow.ly/nxXXH

texasbaptists.org It is Ramadan here in South Asia. Ramadan is a month long fasting for Muslims. Honestly, it is epitome of a works based system. Islam is a...


Go Now Missions: Overcoming fear

South Asia: "I now understand what it means to be set free in His love! I am a beloved child of the King!" http://ow.ly/nxXF8

texasbaptists.org Honestly, there were many things coming into South Asia that made me extremely fearful. I was nervous about the darkness, depravity and...


Heart notes about my time with Russian orphans

Our time with the kids at Orphanage 14 was definitely unlike any other. http://ow.ly/n7O1K

texasbaptists.org June 1 – While in the city we have been given the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital. Children who are removed by social services from...


Hard knock life

In the midst of such circumstances, the children wonder as to their worth and struggle to define their dignity. http://ow.ly/n7Nlw

texasbaptists.org The only men inside the orfanitorio are the security guards. 80-or-so children play within the fenced courtyard; they are shielded from outside...


Tell me the stories of Jesus

Tell me the stories of Jesus http://ow.ly/n7MSn

texasbaptists.org On Friday, we taught Religion class and I was designated “narrator” of the story of David and Goliath while Ashley “played” David and Taylor,...

We're encouraged and challenged by the example of Craig Curry, Pastor of First Baptist Church Dripping Springs, who--even on his birthday--is leading his church to restore the original dripping springs in Dripping Springs, Texas. Their work, which is costing the church very little financially, is a strong witness to the community and is making huge impact. Pray that God will continue revealing himself through their work, and stay tuned for the full story!


Home is where the heart is

Our heart belongs to Jesus, and that is where we will find our home. http://ow.ly/n7MCk #beonmission

texasbaptists.org We’ve heard this phrase time after time. Everyone knows it. We think of home and certain things come to mind. It’s different for everyone, but for...


Pray. Just pray.

“Pray Continually” - 1 Thessalonians 5: 17 http://ow.ly/n7LEI #beonmission

texasbaptists.org Have you ever felt like a catalyst? A catalyst is “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”. So put simply, a catalyst is...

Kids Faith | Biblical Devotional for Kids

Looking for help sharing your faith with your child? Check out this new resource from BaptistWay Press and Texas Baptists' Evangelism Team: www.kidsfaith.net.

www.kidsfaith.net Kids Faith is a biblical devotional for parents and kids.


Breaking the chains of darkness, revisited

"My biggest prayer is for His truth to be shared and embraced in the darkest corners of South Asia" http://ow.ly/n7KUE #beonmission

texasbaptists.org This summer, I have reverently been praying for divine appointments in South Asia. Honestly, my heart hurts deeply for this place. My biggest...


Go Now Missions: Planting the seed

God reminded me why we were setting up bounce houses and giving away five hundred hot dogs http://ow.ly/n7LiT #beonmission

texasbaptists.org All morning we spent setting up for our community wide block party with help from the three hundred strong Prestonwood youth choir. The morning...



Keep up to date this week with the news and happenings of the Texas Baptists Family Gathering in San Antonio by visiting http://texasbaptists.org/news/.

texasbaptists.org I’ve heard that some of you have questions about messenger cards as they relate to this year’s Family Gathering in San Antonio. Below is a little...

[07/14/13]   The Family Gathering starts today! We're so excited to have many from the Texas Baptists family from across the state gather in San Antonio the next few days for fellowship and worship as well as to seek what the Lord has for the convention during this next year.


Go Now Missions: Deep into the forest

For Jude, carrying boards through the forest in Brazil, God began to convict him of his lack of understanding as well as lift him up and show him that God made him who he is for a reason. Being on mission changes the nations but it also changes the ones who bring the message. http://wp.me/p1kov1-8pe

wp.me During one of our many trips deep into the forest to bring back boards that one of the locals had cut from a tree, God began to convict me of my...

As Texas Baptists share the different cultures and stories each have while working for the same purpose, our family can continue to grow and bear the best fruit for the glory of our God. Texas Baptist service and fruit will be used to reveal the diversity and unity in the Kingdom of God. - Irene Reyes http://wp.me/p1kov1-8n6


General Information | Texas Baptists Annual Meeting

If you're coming to the Annual Meeting and Family Gathering that begins on Sunday, then here is a little info on parking & registration. See you soon! http://ow.ly/lW6Rp

annualmeeting.texasbaptists.org General InformationRegistration ScheduleHotels2013 Texas Baptist Annual Meeting Hotel Block will open on April 1, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. Block will be...

[07/10/13]   "Sing to the Lord a new song; Sing to the Lord, all the earth... Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among the peoples... Say among the nations, 'The Lord reigns.'" Psalm 96:1, 3, 10

[07/10/13]   Follow us on twitter at @TXB_ChStarting to keep up to date with church starting stories!


Go Now Missions: Breaking the chains of darkness

"I am a completely different person" http://ow.ly/mAdyq

texasbaptists.org Earlier this month, I was sobbing because I was so overwhelmed by the deep chains of darkness here in South Asia. I struggled because I wanted...


Social media aid disaster response

ABP reports that social media is becoming a key component to disaster recovery efforts. Are you connected? http://ow.ly/lHHwr

abpnews.com Agencies and congregations are getting better with social media with each disaster, and part of the solution relies on using younger adults in...

Israel is following God's call to become a bilingual pastor. Will you join him in continuing to take up God’s challenge, loving with sincerity, hating what is evil, clinging to what is good and living your life on mission? http://wp.me/p1kov1-8qA

"Our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, never promoted a message of separation, but one of love and fellowship. We must fall in love with each other thru the love of Christ." Tasha Morrison. http://wp.me/p1kov1-8n9


Pastor's drop box saves abandoned babies

A South Korean pastor is being on mission and he's doing it through the "Baby Box." God's doing incredible things through the pastor's willingness to love children and live intentionally where he is. http://ow.ly/lW944

denisonforum.org Denison Forum on Truth and Culture (DFTC) exists to engage contemporary culture with biblical truth

Happy July 4th!

[07/03/13]   "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply." - Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China.


Go Now Missions: Follow us on Instagram!

Are you on Instagram? Then track #BeOnMission, #GoNowTexas and #GoNowMissions. See some of the photos and short stories that are being posted by summer missionaries at http://wp.me/p1kov1-8mB.

wp.me Track collegiate summer missions with us! If you’re on Twitter and/or Instagram, watch for Go Now Missions through these hashtags: #GoNowTexas...

[07/02/13]   Church Starting: Join us in praying for the 55 men who gave their lives to Christ this past week via the prison ministry of Vision Church.


Go Now Missions: Christ be lifted high!

Christ be lifted high! http://ow.ly/mAbD2

texasbaptists.org “And this is the confidence that we have toward him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in...


Go Now Missions: Deep into the forest

A "jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none" discovers that's good enough for God. #beonmission http://ow.ly/mAa29

texasbaptists.org During one of our many trips deep into the forest to bring back boards that one of the locals had cut from a tree, God began to convict me of my...


Texas Baptists Annual Meeting | San Antonio | Henry B. Gonzalez...

The Family Gathering for Texas Baptists in San Antonio is just TWO weeks away. You won't want to miss the fellowship, worship, adventures for your children and more! Our gathering won't be complete without you! Make your plans to come at http://annualmeeting.texasbaptists.org/.

annualmeeting.texasbaptists.org Attention Texas Baptists! Join Us!The Inaugural Texas Baptist Gathering July 14-17, 2013Texas Baptists voted to lay aside our normal annual...

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Why do missions? Because it is an opportunity to get out of your
Why do missions? - So that we can share the joy we have with othe
Why do missions? - Becuase it is the Great Commission.
Why do missions? - Becuase it is what we were designed for.
Why do missions? - It gives us eyes for the lost
Why do missions? - It's God's call on our lives
Why do missions? - Local or abroad we are to go.
Why do missions? - It is our calling.
Why do missions?




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