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[12/09/12]   gUd eBning

Attendance chEck..hit LIKE

[agent yeLLow]

[11/17/12]   gUd aftIe gUyz:D
FoLLow me 0n twItter--> @rosealerta

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[10/20/12]   hi gUyz cno gIsing pA d2?

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wAnt fAnsIgn fr0m hIm??

1st 2 get 5 c0mMents=)

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[09/09/12]   UTOT,,

SiLent bUt dEadLy:)

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[09/08/12]   SEPTEMBER na,,aGOSTO prN kta:)

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[09/08/12]   dApat kNang mAkuLong..dhL say0 pAtay na pAtay nak0..

[09/03/12]   TANDAAN:

Pera ang iniipon,,hNdi sy0ta:]

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[09/03/12]   i hAte wHen my eyes get red..and everyb0dy kn0ws ive cried:(

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i d0nt waNt 2 stAy 'FOREVER YOUNG' because if i do..i wont be having my greatest dream w/c is 2 'GROW OLD WITH YOU'

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wh0 wAnt fAnsIgn fr0m hIm??

CoMment ur nIcknAmes:)

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ratE hIm 1-10

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[08/26/12]   gUd m0rNing:)

[agent yelloW]

Lyka :D

sorry rin po ! late :(

Ana Joy Duran

sorry po ! di mkita masyado :(

[08/10/12]   cno gUsto mAgiNg aDmin sA paGe na 2?

Just c0mMent:)

[agent yellow]

ganito ba ??

admin luisito :>

[08/04/12]   hIriNg 0ne aDmiN:)

Just c0mMent kNg bk8 ikAw aNg dapAt maGing aDmin sAh pAge na2! Tnx

[agent yellow]

gUd eBniNg:)

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[08/03/12]   cya iNaaLaLa m0..
Kaw kyA inaaLaLa kA kayA nya?:)

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[07/31/12]   Wlang relasyon,,pro may tawagan!!

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[07/31/12]   Cn0 onLinE??

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wAnt fAnsigN fr0m Luisito Morastil Flores???

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