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Located at 2152 Fordham Rd. Dallas, TX 75216 Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:00 am
Tuesday night Bible Study at 7:00 pm
Saturday morning Intercessory Prayer at 9:00 am
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All Men Prayer Breakfast starts this morning at 9am. Get ready for a powerful move of God at 2152 Fordham Road Dallas Texas 75216. Parking entrance off of Gladewater. MASK IS REQUIRED! NO COVER CHARGE! All men of all age welcome.

All Men Prayer Breakfast starts this morning at 9am. Get ready for a powerful move of God at 2152 Fordham Road Dallas Texas 75216. Parking entrance off of Gladewater. MASK IS REQUIRED! NO COVER CHARGE! All men of all age welcome.

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BIG Community Event this Saturday Aug. 7th 11am-4pm. 2152 Fordham Rd Dallas, Texas 75216.
ALL ARE WELCOME!! One stop and shop with vendors!

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Photos from Life Changing Ministries of Deliverance's post 04/26/2021

Photos from Life Changing Ministries of Deliverance's post


You are welcome to join us In Person with your MASK or Facebook live starting this Sunday, March 14th @10:00am. Don't forget to spring forward 1hour.

You are welcome to join us In Person with your MASK or Facebook live starting this Sunday, March 14th @10:00am. Don't forget to spring forward 1hour.


Happy Birthday to our Bishop Michael J. Dukes Sr. We love you and enjoy your day! You can cashapp Bishop at $dikaiosyne


[12/17/20]   #Regroup#Justonewordfromthelord

The Lord can speak one word, and from that one word you will be able to get up from a place where you were distressed, upset, and feeling as thou you were scattered. This word regroup is a military term which means to come back together in a tactical formation after dispersal in a retreat. 2020 was a year that brought despair, and grief, not just for ourselves, but for those around us. This word also means to reorganize for renewed effort after a temporary set back. In 1 Samuel 30:6 David and his men returned home, only to find out that the Amalekites had burned down the city and taken captive their wives, sons and daughters. This year has taken a lot from people, and many of you like David and his men have wept so badly that you don't have any more tears to shed. It's easy to blame others and feel like you need to vindicate yourself when you're grief-stricken, even David men thought about stoning him to death. But David chose to regroup by encouraging himself in the Lord. It's time to REGROUP

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes


Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary Bishop Michael and Prophetess Annette Dukes.


Life Changing Ministries of Deliverance 20th Pastoral Appreciation service on Sunday Nov 8th @ 10AM. Speaker of the hour Bishop Shane Williams of Word Light Ministries in Lancaster, Texas. Colors are Silver and Blue. MASK is REQUIRED!


Prophetess Annette Dukes will be on of the speakers in Kingdom Takeover on Nov. 6th. Must register Donation is any amount


Happy Birthday to you Prophetess Annette Dukes! Enjoy your day!
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Welcome back LCMOD! We miss you
Service starts promptly at 10AM.


This Saturday, Oct. 10th!

[10/04/20]   #Empowered

To empower is to give permission, power, or the legal right to do something. In the book of Matthew 28:18, Jesus told His disciples that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Jesus is informing His disciples that His Father has given Him permission, power, or the legal right to represent Him and the Kingdom, and guess what Jesus transferred that power to you. This is your season and now is the time to put the enemy on the run, you have permission, power, and the legal right to do so.


[09/27/20]   #Living By The Word Of God Series

In the Fourth Chapter of Matthew the Spirit of God leads Jesus into the wilderness, and after 40 days and 40 nights of fasting the bible says the tempter came and said if you be the son of God command that these stones be made bread, and Jesus answered It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that come out of the mouth of God. Several things took place. 1. He thought that Jesus had an identity crisis and didn't know who He was, 2. He tried to get Jesus to act independently from His Father, and 3. He tried to deceive Jesus in the same way in which he had deceived Eve. And because Jesus knew who He was, He knew His assignment, and He knew what the word said, Satan could not manipulate Him in the way that he had manipulated Eve. I want to challenge you to live by the word of God, and as we walk through the scriptures together I decree that your life will began to resemble the incorruptible seed, which contains the life of God, and no longer will the enemy be able to manipulate you through words, nor scriptures that have been distorted by men for their own destruction ( 2 Peter 3:16)

Living to Live Again

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[09/19/20]   There is a lesson in your trials.

All of us have particular seasons of hardship and uncertainty in life, and whether you know it, or not, God uses these seasons and events to draw us closer to Him. I have learned more about the Lord and myself during this season than any other seasons. To learn is to gain knowledge of, to acquire skill in any thing, and of course this is obtained by practicing a thing until you learn how to perform it. Without your trials you would not have known this kind of trust you possess today. Obstacles are inevitable, and while going through know that what you are experiencing do not define you, instead it's shaping you for better things to come. #Valueinhardtimes



[09/11/20]   It's over

For something to be over, it means to be above in place or position, opposed to below. Over the years I've watched people sneer at others and address them as thou they were a peanut that they had just popped out of a shell. They may have devalued you in the past, but I want you to know that what God has determined for your life is not predicated on the acceptances of men.

It's Over

Breath Of Life

Annette Dukes


[09/08/20]   Don't let go!

Last Sunday my husband talked about maintaining your position in Christ. To maintain is to hold, preserve, to support, to sustain, not to suffer, to fail or decline; not to loose or surrender. Many of us have felt or we are feeling the effect of the shifting and shaking that is all around us, so I want to leave you with this thought. The greater the position, the greater the opposition. Don't let go, you're being prepared to be anointed for the third time.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[09/03/20]   Let the word of God speak

Often times we wonder why we haven't seen the manifestation of God's word revealed in our lives. Many of us have given flavor to the word of God, dancing around the reality of what God is really saying to us. John the baptist speak of Jesus as the word of God. The Greek word for Logos. There are several words that are attached to this word. But what I want to convey to you today is to let the word (Logos) speak for itself, and watch God, clear the ground of all of the debris, take your plea and prepare for you an account that you can draw from, because now your expectation is in the word of God and not in the imagined things that we want the word of God to say. And when you know it, you can expect the outcome of it.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes


[08/31/20]   Let's Consider

The word of God defines consider as to view attentively, to sit or to set the mind or the eye to, and hence to examine with attention. I'm not politically savvy, but I know about prayer, the effect of it and the weight it carries. Sometimes my speech betrays me, and with that I am viewed as one who is not as learned as others, but I know about the power of prayer. Over the years I've learned to choose my battles, but as the Spirit of God gives way to my spirit, I realize that we have not considered who God is, and with that being said my heart is heavy. The word of God comes to check out the issues of our hearts, not to excite us, but to challenge us, causing us to think about where we are in our relationship with Him. Listen the most important thing you own in this life is your soul, and do not allow anyone to play with it, by giving you words that comfort your flesh, and never bring you into the freedom that you so desperately seek. Remember God is your redeemer and the freedom that He has given came with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Don't allow the foolishness of men to help you remain captives, when Jesus has made you free.

Breath of Life


[08/26/20]   Submitted to God

In these past month's the Lord has allowed me to re-prioritize. It's amazing how we think that something is important, only to find out that it was not as important as you thought it was. This has been the most liberating time for me, and all of this happened through submission. The Lord is literally showing me how to rearrange the things that need to be dealt with in order of importance, and to re-establish priorities. Maybe you feel like you have to give attention to a certain thing, and if you don't it's going to fall apart. The best thing that you could ever do for yourself is to put your life under God's authority. For the first time I'm not trying to make anything happen. Relax, God got this.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[08/07/20]   The View

A view is the ability to see something, a sight or prospect, with a particular attitude. Everyone has a worldview, and simply put a worldview is simply the way that we look at life, the way we perceive things. We have an enemy who is the god of this world, one of his assignments is to distort the lens that you look at the world through. The ability to see right makes all the difference in the world, it determines how we define reality. As a believer you have a biblical worldview, which means you view life through the lens of God's word, so I say to you choose to believe that the word of God is without error, always effective, and cannot be wrong. Adjust your lens, you might just see something about your culture that will not fit into your reality.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[08/06/20]   Take the Limits off.

The bible says everything we do, is unto the Lord, and because you are a son of God, there should be a desire to be exceptional at everything you put your hands to; Now somebody might think you're being arrogant or prideful, but this word means you're not just doing the ordinary or the norm, you become rare. With a crisis your life is still remarkable, because it's hid in Christ, the lack of the necessities of life, still remarkable, because He is your Father, and a good Father provides for His own, there maybe sickness in your body, still remarkable, because He is your healer, and if He choose for the sickness to remain, still remarkable, because where there are people who are miserable, you have a hope that goes beyond the grave. Take the Limits off.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[08/05/20]   Coming out and going Up.

For everyone who said you couldn't, for everyone who said it was impossible, and that it wouldn't work, for everyone who tried to keep your past over your head, and talked about it as thou it was a hot topic of the day, for everyone who said you wouldn't make it, and wouldn't celebrate with you when they saw progress. Let me share a bit of information, God our Redeemer saw you through the pages of time, He knew that there would be situations in life that would try to take the very life He gave, therefore He sent His son who is greater than the opposition and your foes. I declare unto you because of this truth you're going to blossom right where you are. The everyone, is who God uses to fertilize you.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[07/26/20]   Strength In Weakness

I love the way God speaks to us through His word to get us back on track. My husband opened his mouth and said I want to talk to you about strength in weakness. Sometimes you can be trying with all your effort to make something work, only to fine yourself exhausted, and frustrated, and then the Lord comes to remind you that His strength is accessible to all those who belong to Him. The Greek word for strength is (katei) it means power, strength and might. No matter how strong we think we are, the flesh is weak, and left to our own devices, we will fall into temptation, and fail in any worthy endeavor. The weakness inherent in us is why the word of God commends us to the strength of the Lord. Christ power is made perfect in our weakness, and know that the more we learn how to rely on God's strength instead of our own, the more we gain new heights.

Breath Of Life

Annette Dukes

[07/22/20]   The Purpose of God

In this season I've had the opportunity to refocus, and while looking at the word of God I began to ponder on the purpose of God, which is the verbal root of the Hebrew word for counsel, deliberate or determine. Sometimes we can become so busy with life and the demands of it, that we forget the purpose behind it, not realizing that God always has a greater purpose. Exodus 9:16 says, but I have raised you up for this purpose, that I might show you my power, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

Heavenly Father in our chaotic and unsettling world, sometimes it can be hard for us to understand how your purpose is being worked out in out in our lives, whatever the case in the midst of confusion, fear, anxieties, sickness, and distractions, I pray that your Spirit will produce in us a firmer confidence, whereby we will know that no matter what it looks like, you are working out your plan for our lives, for you are God, and there is no other, you are God and there is none like you, you have declared the end from the beginning, your counsel shall stand, and you will accomplish your purpose in your son Jesus name I pray amen.

[07/20/20]   How deep is your relationship with the Lord?

The deeper we get into our relationship with the Lord, the higher we can ascend into the heavens. The dept of our relationship exposes us to the power, and presence of God greater than what we could ever imagine or know. Go deep, so you can sore high.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

[07/09/20]   A Season of Productivity

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. If every believer followed the proper procedures for praying can you imagine what that will look like? I make a declaration that in this season we will produce a desired effect, we will have adequate power or force to produce the effect. I speak to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strength. I decree that according to the gift of the grace of God given to you by the effectual working of His power, the hand of the Lord will move on your behalf, and your ability to push through difficult or painful situations will produce the intended effect. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

[07/07/20]   Food For Thought

Speculative thought is dangerous to sincere faith.

Breath of Life

Annette Dukes

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