MTV Young Adults, Dallas, TX Video February 20, 2019, 6:18pm

Videos by MTV Young Adults in Dallas. MTV Young Adults consist of the young adults who attend Mountain View Church of Christ. We are true worshipers of God far away from perfect but always striving to be more like Him everyday.

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Social Media can cause a downward spiral in your personal walk. Constantly comparing your life to others will have you feeling inadequate and never good enough. It's time for you to learn to mind your OWN battery and learn how to stay connected to YOUR OWN source at YAC! June 8, 2019 get your tickets at search YAC!

YAC JUNE 8, 2019!

YAC?? πŸ‘€

Want to know what YAC is? FOLLOW US! details coming soon! #YAC2019 #pluggedIn #youngadults #youngadultministry #mountainviewcoc #dallastx #dallasconference #christianyoungadults

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