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Comments Hey friends, I'm helping to lead a field trip for the Freshman English/Humanities class at Towvniew Magnet Center. We're going to the Dallas Museum of Art and need more chaperones in order to make it work! If you are free March, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, we could really use your help! You can come every day or just one of those days. *winking at all the youth directors I know* ;) All you need to do is sign up with the DISD's here in the link and email me at [email protected] for a chaperone form. You should come! Or share with a friend!
Social Justice is Eco-Justice. I am a Green Faith Fellow and this international/Interfaith organization is hosting a webinar 11am CST 7Oct to discuss the next steps After the Climate Crisis awareness that took place 20-27 Sept. I will be on the webinar.
Look who's been recognized at Methodist Dallas Medical Center
What a night of mission project fun tonight! Flood buckets galore!
Why I love Kessler UMC! Lined waiting for the parade to start with our sister churches.
Hello all -- in case you missed it in the newsletter, there has been a change with this tomorrow's Reconciling Ministries Network potluck at Greenland Hills UMC. Dinner will now begin at 5:30 pm. After dinner, there will be an assembly line to put together the Pride Parade bags. The assembly line will begin at 6:30 pm.
Dear KPUMC youth: I hope you all are having a great week! Especially thinking of those of you back at school or gearing up for school! Please note a change of plans for THIS SUNDAY: we will travel together in the van to hear Wes and others speak at the Faith Q's: Jewish Muslim & Christian conversation at Highland Park UMC. We will meet at the church for youth & a light meal at 5:30, and then depart for HPUMC at 6:30. We will be back by 9!

Progressive, compassionate, justice-seeking congregation service North Oak Cliff and Trinity Groves area of Dallas.

Kessler Park is an inclusive and diverse congregation, open to all people of all races, creed, socio-economic status, physical or mental ability, culture, gender identity or sexual orientation (LGBTQ+). We believe in the inclusive idea of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors and will support you in your spiritual journey.

Mission: We are a community of hope, founded in faith, fostering spiritual growth and meeting human needs by reflecting God’s love in Christ’s name.

Your friendly Saturday reminder to join us live tomorrow morning for worship.
We'll livestream again, via Facebook Live. Click the link below. Look for the red "LIVE" box at 11 am.
You don't need a Facebook account to watch.
See you then.
(And, please, share with friends...)

Kessler Park: Your Finance and Trustees say “hi.”
Great to connect with them tonight.
Look for many more Zoom gatherings of our folks in coming weeks.

Eric and Troy are testing out our livestream worship materials.
Please let us know how this looks, sounds etc....we realize we didn't have the sound on at first...just skip forward and watch from there.
Let us know if it drops out.
We appreciate your watching this test.

North Oak Cliff Friends:
Important info about the Kessler Park AA group.
You should be able to scan the QR code for more information.

Worship at Kessler Park. Live-streamed Children’s Worship from Kessler Park UMC. 03.25.20

[03/25/20]   We will start our livestream video over in just a moment...sorry for the glitch.

Join us tonight!!

From your Kessler staff meeting.

Join me for “Coffee On the Porch” tomorrow morning, March 24 at 9 am Central.

I'm gonna go live on the porch, with my coffee and guitar, and just check in with every one. I'm gonna go live on the porch, with my coffee and guitar, and just check in with every one.

There is no agenda for this Facebook Live hangout. But, it WILL be the first morning of Dallas’ “shelter in place” order. So, both locally and nationally, there will be a lot to talk about.

So, grab your cup of coffee and join me Tuesday morning.

Thank you to our amazing staff team once again, and to Liesl for inspiring music, and Brett Shipp for his tech work and moral support.
I am so grateful for our Kessler Park United Methodist Church team.
You can find today's worship video here:

Worship at Kessler Park: March 22nd.
Find the online bulletin for this service here
(“Right click” to open in a new window)

This is your friendly Saturday reminder that we will once again LIVESTREAM worship from Kessler Park United Methodist Church tomorrow: March 22nd, 11 am Central.

We *should* be able to read and respond to your comments (as you see in the picture here...)
We will continue to post links in the comments through the hour, so that hopefully you can feel more of a sense of engagement and connection.

For example, at the beginning of the hour, we'll ask for your prayer requests, and Ken Kelley will attempt to fold those into the "Prayers of the People" at the appropriate time.
(If you can't offer a prayer request then, feel free to PM one to me today...)

We will again have an online bulletin too. You can find that bulletin and the online worship page at the link below. If you want, feel free to have that link open when the worshp begins...or, even print out the bulletin if you wish.

We are REALLY pleased at the engagement and numbers from last week:
Total egagements: 3,600 persons.
Total views: 2,100

It's gratifying that so many of you are tuning, either live, or later during the week.

Sooo....look for the red "LIVE" video to pop up about 11 am tomorrow. Or, come back and find the video later, at your convenience.
And thanks for joining us.

The Online Worship guide is Here:

Find the Live feed on our FB page:

Connecting During COVID — Kessler Park UMC

A couple of Friday updates for you.
Most importantly, I want to be sure you see this information about a ministry idea we have for remaining connected during the COVID pandemic.
If you are unable to get out of your home for short errands, we are recruiting church volunteers who will be avaiable for short errands. Or, if you are able bodied, and at home now, and would like to volunteer...

Either way, please click the link below for "Connecting During COVID." In this way, we hope to keep connecting with our members who are in need of assitance, and connect with those who can help out.

Also, here is a link to my newsletter story for the week, which gives updates on all we know right now. One additional detail: Our Bishop has asked us to remain closed through March at this time. It's possible that could still be extended. But for now, simply know that we'll be livestreaming the next two Sundays.

Here's the newsletter link:

Blessings and peace...Eric With THIS LINK, you can let us know if you need help or you are willing to pitch-in to help a neighbor. We believe that in the midst of social distancing we can still be good neighbors. Let's work together to keep North Oak Cliff strong and healthy. This platform is designed to connect neighbors to....

Worship at Kessler Park.

Hey Friends,
Join me on Facebook Live tonight, as we check in with each other, and I talk about "Going Deep During Social Distancing."
What if we used this time to "Go Deep" in our spiritual lives?
That's what Lent is supposed to be about, anyway.
Join us at 6 pm Central time....EF
(March 19)

Welcome to Wednesday Night LIVESTREAM!
Pastor Kay is going to spend time share with our North Oak Cliff Wednesday Night Live kids.

To all Wednesday Night Live Families:
Join pastor Kay tonight (Wednesday) at 5:30 pm for a Livestream message to our Wednesday Night Live kids.

Pastor Kay will share a Bible story just for kids, as she would normally do on Wednesday nights at Kessler Park.
Simply navigate to the KPUMC page at 5:30 and you can find the Livestream there:

(And is you can’t join us then, stop by anytime to find the video. We’ll post the direct links here for you to find later...)

This is a way we can stay connected together even as we cannot gather in person.

We look forward to continuing to connect virtually with our Wednesday Night Live children.

Ask The UMC: How can we livestream worship legally? | The United Methodist Church

Kessler Park and Brett Shipp's picture, make this story from UM News.

During Dallas' "shelter in place" order, Kessler Park will continue to provide worship by "Livestream."
Check us out every Sunday, at 11 am Central. Or come back and check out our worship videos at any time at this link:

So grateful for our fantastic staff team and for Brett Shipp for helping is behind the camera on our live stream yesterday.
We may be doing this for a while. So a part of our work this week is upping our livestream game
We will all move through this pandemic without fear, but in ways that still connect us together.

Kessler Park United Methodist Church

Today, we don’t say “See you at Church!” We say “See you online!” Join us at 11 am for our LiveStream from KPUMC, as we worship in the mist of Pandemic.
We’ll talk faith, fear…and how to make your “social distancing” holy.

Progressive, compassionate, justice-seeking congregation service North Oak Cliff and Trinity Groves area of Dallas.

North Texas Conference Responds To Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Kessler Members and Friends,

This is a special message regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

I want to share with you the steps our church is taking to respond. But before I get to specific, practical steps, a spiritual word for us all.

At Kessler Park, we work hard to live the creed that, in God’s eyes, “All Are Welcome” and all are worthy. Jesus often ate and visited with the sick, and did not shun them.

The beauty of a church congregation is that it is a tapestry of God’s children, coming together to celebrate and —by that act of togetherness— lower our built-in fear of “the other.” We lower our fear our BY our act of gathering.

All of that being said, we cannot ignore what we know about science-based responses to this situation. We must respond to the science. It is ALSO loving and Christ-like for us to do so.

With all of that said, here is what we know.

Judge Clay Jenkins has issued a restriction for all of Dallas County, on gatherings of more than 250 persons.

Our own Bishop Mike McKee has, this morning, issued a request for us to cancel Sunday morning worship for the next two weeks: March 15 and 22.

Please find his statement here:

We intend to honor these requests. You are therefore requested not to come to Kessler Park on Sunday, March 15 and 22, for worship.

As an alternative, we will livestream in our regular way on Facebook. Anyone on line may find that stream at:

We have confirmed that even someone without a Facebook account can navigate to the page and see the live video feed.

We will begin at our usual time of 11 am Sunday. Navigate to the page and look for the red “LIVE” box in the video box.

If you are unable to join us at that specific time, the video will be saved here:

Additionally, we will be cancelling all Church-related group meetings scheduled for this weekend and this coming week.

An exception to these will be our 12-Step Groups.
12-Step Groups can literally save a person’s life, and we will therefore allow each of our 12-Step groups to meet, if they so choose.
(Obviously, it will be up to the individuals in those groups to decide what they will or will not do, and we will encourage them to use every precaution to keep themselves safe…)

Our office will be open in a limited way during the week, but we urge you to stay away from our building during this time.

To, let me tell you additional practical steps we are taking right now:

Additional Cleaning:
We are blessed that both our own Parent’s Day Out Program, and the Kessler School will be off this coming week. We are working with the Kessler School to insure that during the break, our facilities are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

We are blessed to have previously engaged D&A Building services as our cleaning contractors. At our request, they performed a “deep cleaning” of our building Thursday night and they will follow up with continued deep cleanings and disinfectings this coming week during the break. They will use enhanced protocols for cleaning and for protecting their own workers during this process. And we will commit to a rigorous deep cleaning schedule for as long as necessary.

It should be quickly said: We know of NO known cases of COVID-19 among the KPUMC, PDO, or Kessler School Communities. We are doing these cleanings in an abundance of continuing caution, and in an attempt to provide reassurance that we are doing all we can, not as response to an actual case.

This situation has evolved quickly over these past few days. I am confident many of you believe all these decision to be wise. Perhaps a few of you may believe they are an over-reaction.

I would remind you that our VERY FIRST rule in the Methodist Tradition was penned by John Wesley himself.
It is one of the three “General Rules,” and it says:

“Do No Harm.”

To “do no harm” is often harder than it looks.
In a situation like a global pandemic, it is often hard to determine just what “harm” is. City, State, and Federal Officials…School Administrators, Preachers…and many more…we have all been wrestling this week with just what constitutes doing NO harm.

Over-reaction could be harm.
But so, clearly, is underreaction.

So, we are working toward being prepared in all that we do. We are working hard to keep anyone who comes to our building safe.

Also, although we will not all be together Sunday, I will ask you to pray every day, for however long this pandemic times lasts.

Pray for those not as fortune as us. Let me be specific…

I’ve spoken with many of you who will begin “remote work” this coming week. Many of you are blessed with jobs that will allow you to do this.

But I’d ask you to pray for all those who do not have that ability. Many of our neighbors —in the service industry, or in working class professions— may still be asked to show up for their respective jobs, may lose their jobs if they don’t, and may not have the luxury to “stay in” that many of our families might.

Our homeless friends, of course, will also be at great risk too.

And of course, hospital and health care workers. We have many connections to Methodist Hospital down the street, but also connections to other health facilities, that may be seriously taxed in coming days.

So, as you practice good “social distancing” in your homes these next days, pray for all these persons.

To that end, here’s a prayer that is making its way around social media right now:

May we who are merely inconvenienced
remember those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no risk factors
remember those most vulnerable.

May we who have the luxury of working from home
remember those who must choose between
preserving their health or making their rent.

May we who have the flexibility to care
for our children when their schools close
remember those who have no options.

May we who have to cancel our trips
remember those that have no place to go.

May we who are losing our margin money
in the tumult of the economic market
remember those who have no margin at all.

May we who settle in for a quarantine at home
remember those who have no home.

During this time when we cannot
physically wrap our arms around each other,
let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace
of God to our neighbors.


After we have prayed these prayers, call your local, state and federal officials and ask that they take special account these vulnerable populations and also medical/first responders. My hope is that our state and federal governments work swiftly for a response that takes into account all these persons.

And then…pray for our state, local and federal government workers too, because they are also working very hard in this time.

The word “unprecedented” gets thrown around from time to time. This is one of those times when it truly fits.

We are reminded of the frailty of human life. We can create strong buildings, able to withstand massive forces of nature. And yet, science shows that our bodies are sometimes no match for tiny microscopic bits of earth’s biosphere that can move through our strongest external defenses —walls, doors, locks— and affect us all.

Like a powerful thunderstorm or tornado, this pandemic reminds us of the limits of our human power, and the still-awesome power of nature all around us. And while we may feel a loss of power and control, may I suggest that, spiritually, we are being given yet another reminder of the uncertainty of life. It’s an uncertainty that is actually always there, in every moment we live. But in our own human hubris, we often forget this.

Although we will not be together Sunday —although we’ll be forced into electronic meets to make human “connection”— in a very strange way, this pandemic actually reminds us again of how INTIMATELY connected we all actually are, all the time.

We move through our lives, day to day, in our cars, homes and offices, imagining that we are solitary individuals. We often lament the “disconnection” of our digital age. We lament how separated we are from one another.

But for better *and* for worse, this pandemic reminds us of the mysterious interconnections of all life, a “connection” that is always with present. Like our spiritual interconnectedness, it’s a connectedness we take for granted too.

So, in this stressful time….of whom can we seek help?

“Our help is in the Lord.”

God is the one who reminds us to “Fear Not.” God is the one who gave us our brains and modern science. God gives us grace, peace, and assurance in troubled times. And God allows us to move through challenging and troubling times with the confidence that even when we cannot gather together, God’s grace and our human ingenuity can work together in ways that will soon overcome this uncertain moment.

We will assess our situation for coming weeks as the days progress, and I promise to be back in touch with you for our plans going forward in future weeks.

Please watch for additional updates, should we have additional information.

Contact me with any or all questions or concerns about this situation.

Grace and Peace,

Eric Folkerth We live in an anxious time. The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus continues to rise, and there is much about this virus that remains unknown. Two things we do know, however, are that none of us is immune and that persons over 60 or with underlying chronic health conditions are particularl...

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