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Kessler Park United Methodist Church


What are your hours for early voting please? Thanks and have a Blessed day!
Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Hey friends, I'm helping to lead a field trip for the Freshman English/Humanities class at Towvniew Magnet Center. We're going to the Dallas Museum of Art and need more chaperones in order to make it work! If you are free March, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, we could really use your help! You can come every day or just one of those days. *winking at all the youth directors I know* ;) All you need to do is sign up with the DISD's here in the link and email me at [email protected] for a chaperone form. You should come! Or share with a friend!
Social Justice is Eco-Justice. I am a Green Faith Fellow and this international/Interfaith organization is hosting a webinar 11am CST 7Oct to discuss the next steps After the Climate Crisis awareness that took place 20-27 Sept. I will be on the webinar.
Look who's been recognized at Methodist Dallas Medical Center
What a night of mission project fun tonight! Flood buckets galore!
Why I love Kessler UMC! Lined waiting for the parade to start with our sister churches.
Hello all -- in case you missed it in the newsletter, there has been a change with this tomorrow's Reconciling Ministries Network potluck at Greenland Hills UMC. Dinner will now begin at 5:30 pm. After dinner, there will be an assembly line to put together the Pride Parade bags. The assembly line will begin at 6:30 pm.
Dear KPUMC youth: I hope you all are having a great week! Especially thinking of those of you back at school or gearing up for school! Please note a change of plans for THIS SUNDAY: we will travel together in the van to hear Wes and others speak at the Faith Q's: Jewish Muslim & Christian conversation at Highland Park UMC. We will meet at the church for youth & a light meal at 5:30, and then depart for HPUMC at 6:30. We will be back by 9!

Progressive, compassionate, justice-seeking congregation service North Oak Cliff and Trinity Groves area of Dallas. Kessler Park is an inclusive and diverse congregation, open to all people of all races, creed, socio-economic status, physical or mental ability, culture, gender identity or sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).

We believe in the inclusive idea of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors and will support you in your spiritual journey.

Mission: We are a community of hope, founded in faith, fostering spiritual growth and meeting human needs by reflecting God’s love in Christ’s name.

Operating as usual

One of the highlights of Christmas Eve was our drive in worship on the parking lot. It was so good to see everyone's faces, even if from your cars.

Worship from Kessler Park

Worship from Kessler Park

Worship at Kessler Park

Worship at Kessler Park

Roiled by Racism, Dallas Christians Consider Their Place in the Fight Against Injustice

Hope you'll read this piece by Tyler Hicks
from the Observer. It features extended quotes from me...and many of my favorite Christian leaders in Dallas...the much respected Michael W. Waters
and Edwin Robinson
, and several White men that I have the pleasure of meeting with occassionally to wrestle with what it means to confront systemic racism, and our gender, in our contexts: Michael Phillips
and Andrew Glenn
. Great quotes from my clergy brother, Scott Gilliland
I've said for years that what many White Christians don't seem to understand is that our choice of church *matters.*
When we support churches that actively speak against social justice, or water these things down, we are enabling a kind of unhealthy White power to stay in place, and even become emboldened.
The book referenced here "White Too Long" is probably my most important book of the year...I commend it to do I this peice. When Andrew Robinson drove to Dallas in 2015, he had $100 in the bank and a growing disdain for the Christian church. Robinson, a gang member-turned-evangelical pastor, had just lost what little funding he had to kickstart a church in Foley, Alabama. While he was never given an official reason...

To be safe, KPUMC Parents Day Out will continue to operate with reduced numbers in our classrooms for the Spring 2021 season. As a result, spots are filling up quickly, especially for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. If you need child care for the Spring, please register soon to hold your spot.

Blue Christmas Service

Worship at Kessler Park: December 20, 2020

Worship at Kessler Park

Christmas Eve Worship Services at Kessler Park UMC

Things are different this year, so please share with everyone.

Join us with your family as families from our neighborhood gather in their cars to sing songs of the season and hear the Christmas story. While it’s not safe to gather in the sanctuary, we can sing from the safety of our cars, and wave our phone flashlights as we sing “Silent Night.” Yes, it will be different, but join with the North Oak Cliff Community as we celebrate together.

Join us virtually as we debut a video featuring a commissioned work entitled “O Hopeful Night” from friend of our church, Dr. John Thornburg.

11 pm LATENIGHT ZOOM (livestreamed to Facebook)
Set up your laptop around your own tree, hearth or table. And join our staff as we celebrate Holy Communion, sing Christmas songs, and ring in Christmas Day with a late night service.

Again, it will be different.
But Christmas WILL come.
So, spread the word, and make plans to be with us.

We at Kessler Park were so honored to be a part of this!

Things may have looked a little different this year, but we are so incredibly blessed and grateful. Wesley-Rankin Community Center would like to thank everyone who contributed to Project Care last weekend. Thanks to you, our families received coats, socks, underwear, and a toy. We were also able to provide families with fresh produce, a festive holiday book, and a special treat of Whataburger certificates!

Thanks for investing in the West Dallas community and believing in us. We couldn't do this work without our wonderful community partners: YMSL Oak Cliff, NCL Highlander, Inc., NCL Silver Star, NCL Heart of Dallas, First United Methodist Church Coppell, First United Methodist Church DeSoto, Highland Park United Methodist Church, Tolleson Wealth Management, Kessler Park United Methodist Church, The Hockaday School, Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Wesley Prep, and the Wesley-Rankin Community Center Teen Board.

Worship at Kessler Park

Worship at Kessler Park

Oh yeah...actually Mary DID know. She knew what was happening in this Christmas story. She was well informed, and she had something to say about it.

One blogger, though, recently mused:
“Mary, did you know Mark Lowry would one day write a song that people would love more than the song you actually sang?”

It's true. Mary ALREADY HAS a song. It's called "The Magnificat," and all over the world on this Third Sunday of Advent, we Christians remember what she said.

In the culture today, it's suggested that we should listen to the wisdom of women.

I agree.

Let's start with Mary's bad-ass, revolutionary song:
"God has shown strength with God’s arm;
God has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts.
God has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly;
God has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty."

That's no Marxist mission statement. That's who we Christians call the Mother of Our Lord and Savior telling us what happens when Jesus comes into the world.

(Although it reads like a Marxist mission statment, doesn't it? The picture on the right is a drawing from artist Benjamin Wildflower that I keep over my writing desk, because I feel Mary's words are *that* important...because I want to be reminded, again and again, that she's the original bad-ass woman...)

Yes, actually, Mary DID know.

The better question is: Do we?

Join us on our livestream --the KPUMC page-- at 11 am as we unpack all this.

[12/11/20]   Congratulations, Rick Garza!


As I said during worship, I’m so grateful to our worship team for showing up and working hard on each week’s livestream.
Thank you allowing us into your homes.

Worship from Kessler Park UMC: December 6, 2020

Worship from Kessler Park UMC: December 6, 2020

Kessler Park United Methodist Church's cover photo

This morning, the Terrell/Barnett family help us light the "Candle of Peace," via Zoom, and we watch a special video about peace created by Pastor Eric. God's peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather a time and place when the low places are lifted up and the high places brought down...and all know peace, equity, justice and compassion.
Join us at 11 am on our Facebook livestream.

Just a reminder to all our North Oak Cliff friends that we are honored to share Roberts Forest with you.
Especially during our global pandemic, we know that places we can walk outside are a treasure.
So, welcome...and we’re pleased to have you come by.

Here’s how you can help us help the homeless this winter:

Kessler Park Friends,
During this Christmas season, I come with an important “ask.” I’m inviting Kessler Park and all our friends in North Oak Cliff to participate a plan to house the homeless on sub-freezing nights this winter.

Several of Dallas’ best homeless service providers, and the City, are working on a new plan that has been made necessary due to COVID-19. Traditional “shelters” are seen as potentially lethal “super spreader” places during this time. Therefore, a new plan has emerged.

The goal: House the homeless in empty hotel rooms on winter nights when the city’s “inclement weather” protocol kicks in. The plan is to shuttle homeless individuals to local hotels and house them on these nights. Our friends at Oak Lawn UMC, The Stewpot, Austin Street, and Our Calling, have created this plan. Oak Lawn, specifically, has asked Kessler Park for our help.

We’ve already been a part of this effort. On your behalf, I drove our church van on Tuesday night, shuttling more than 30 homeless persons to a local hotel for the evening. Based on the weather forecast, we’ll be doing it again this evening.

Here is a story about Tuesday night’s effort, which includes a brief shot of our van in action.

Nine Methodist churches in the city’s core have been asked to fundraise $5,000 each to help fund this effort this winter. If we make that goal, a matching grant of $50,000 more dollars will become available through the United Methodist Church structure.

(The estimate is that the cost for room and meals for each homeless person is $75/ night. The other non-profit partners and the city will also be contributing major funding to this effort throughout the winter…I’m only writing today about the specific part we can play to make this happen…)

So…HERE IS MY ASK OF YOU: Let’s commit to raise enough for 100 homeless persons this winter.
That is roughly our average worship attendance each Sunday (when we meet in person…)

So, one bed per worshipper.

We might even be able to do *more* than this…but it seems like a good place to start. And if you are able to give far more generously than this, if you feel called to make a larger gift than this, bless you.

But think of it in those terms: One bed for every member of your family who worships with us, regularly.

If you are ready to give you, please simply click the link here. (And choose “Homeless Inclement Weather Housing” from the dropdown menu…)

Thanks for considering this. I know that there are many “asks” during this holiday season, and in fact you will very soon get information about our own Stewardship needs for KPUMC for the coming year. We will trust that you will be generous in that “ask” as well.

But this is an urgent ministry need that we, as a community seeking to serve our mission field, can help with right now.

There are other ways to help too:
We will very likely need volunteer drivers on upcoming nights throughout the winter. If you are interested in being driver, please contact me.

Oscar Brown continues to collect clothing and bedding for the homeless through Oak Lawn as well, and this will continue to be a much-needed part of this effort. The specifics of this continue to be a part of your weekly email newsletter.
And, this week, Ken Kelley has delivered winter coats from The Meridian at Kessler Park to Oak Lawn as well.

Our sacred story of this time of year —the story of the Holy family and their journey to Bethlehem— is a story of a family temporarily homeless, and forced to live in a strange place on the night of Jesus’ birth. Christians have always made the connection between this story and our calling to serve the most vulnerable among…as Jesus calls them “the least of these.”

Thank you for considering this request, and I hope you will give generously during the holiday season.

Grace and Peace,

Eric Folkerth

[12/02/20]   The coats, underwear and socks are ready for delivery tomorrow to Wesley-Rankin. Thank you all Kessler Park United Methodist Church.

Worship At Kessler Park: November 29, 2020

We are ready for Advent, here at Kessler Park. This morning, we’ll light the “candle of hope,” and remember again how our ultimate hope comes from God alone. Many things we hope in have been taken from us this year, but God offers a hope beyond, space, time, and the world of “things.” Join us on our livestream at 11 am.

Eric Folkerth - Coffee On the Porch

Join me tomorrow morning for a "Thanksgiving" edition of "Coffee on the Porch."
9:30 am, Central.
On the /ericfolkerthmusic page.
Also! Dont' forget that you can watch any one of the previous episodes at my website. There's now 8+ months of episodes to watch...featuring great music, conversation about spirituality, social justice, and current events.
Check 'em out: Coffee On the Porch. Eric Folkerth, a songwriter artist from Dallas

Kessler Park United Methodist Church

from Kessler Park UMC in North Oak Cliff.

Worship at Kessler Park: November 22, 2020

from Kessler Park UMC in North Oak Cliff.

"For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, provided it is received with thanksgiving…”

How can such words have any meaning at all, as we look back at the truly horrible year of 2020?

Only when the “Broaden Out and Narrow Down” our understanding of gratitude.
Only when we realize that every single experience of our lives ultimately becomes a thread upon which the garment of our being is sown.

Pull one thread out --one exprience, or one year-- and eventually you will not be you. This is not a trite or quick process. It’s the wisdom of years, as Maya Angelou writes, that teaches us “Wouldn’t give nothing for my journey now…”
Join us on our livestream at 11 am, as we explore the spiritual depth of what it means to be thankful, even during 2020.

NTC Center for Leadership Development

Over 100 kids already signed up for Camp Bible! Don't miss out on this specially designed Advent experience for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!

Camp Bible is going virtual! Though the realities of our public health situation will keep us from being in person, your Camp Bible director team have come up with an exciting way to connect with children across the NTC during the Advent season! We'll be offering free weekly evening programing led by church leaders from Kessler Park United Methodist Church, First Methodist Sherman, First United Methodist Church Richardson and White Rock UMC , free resources for local churches to host their own "Camp Bible" experience, and Christmas Boxes that will support Bridgeport Camp and include Traci Smith's "Faithful Families for Advent and Christmas" AND a Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center mask!

Find out more, and register as a church or individual online today!

[11/16/20]   Big news today, as our friend here in North Oak Cliff, Rev. Brent McDougal of Cliff Temple Baptist Church announces his call to a new ministry in Tennessee.
Brent has been a bedrock of North Oak Cliff for more than a decade.
His many friends at KPUMC will miss him deeply, but the contributions of his ministry to our community will stay with us always.

Worship at Kessler Park UMC: November 15, 2020

from Kessler Park UMC in North Oak Cliff.

God does not want us to doomscroll our life and faith. But too often we do. And especially during a pandemic and contested election, it's easy to fall into the trap.
The "Parable of the Talents" reminds us of two important lessons. The one we usually remember is the one about using our talents and gifts. The one we *forget* is that the servant to fails to use his talents does so because he sits at home and "doomscrolls" his concept of God.
He sees God as harsh and unforgiving. (There's no evidence the other two servants see God that way, btw...)
His own doomscrolling-view of God...that God is harsh, punishing, the very thing that eventually brings these things to him.

This reminds us of an important thing: Our thoughts shape our future actions. If we see God as harsh and unforgiving, we likely to behave that way toward the world...and even toward ourselves.

We are more likely to hoard what we have (our talents) and be afraid of judgment.

The huge irony, of course, is that God is NOT harsh and judgmental, and these thoughts actually help create our prisons of judgment.

Join us as we unpack this today on the Kessler Park United Methodist Church on this 11 am.

Chad West for Dallas City Council

KPUMC Family:
Chad West and our City Council is soliciting input as a part of the search for a new Chief of Police for our city.
Our Social Justice Task Force urges you to consider providing your input.

The search for Dallas’ new police chief is underway! Community members are invited to take a survey to give their input on leadership qualities, departmental priorities and professional qualifications. Take the survey or call (214)671-5190
¡La búsqueda del nuevo jefe de policía de Dallas está en marcha! Compártanos su opinión sobre las cualidades de liderazgo, las prioridades departamentales y las calificaciones profesionales. Realice la encuesta o llame al (214)671-5190

Kessler Park United Methodist Church Parents Day Out Registration (Spring 2021) - Please make note that PDO registration is on a first come, first served basis.

PARENTS DAY OUT: We have a few spots still available for our KPUMC Parents Day Out Spring 2021 child care beginning January 4th. We serve children aged 6 months to young 4 year olds. Please call the church with any questions: 214-942-0098 or e-mail [email protected]. Register here: PARENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI have received Kessler Park United Methodist Church's Parents' Day Out Program General Information and Policies found here: KPUMC PDO Program Policies and ProceduresWhile some procedures may shift during the Covid 19 pandemic, these policies and procedures represent our facili...

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Worship from Kessler Park
Worship at Kessler Park
Worship at Kessler Park: December 20, 2020
Christmas Eve Worship Services at Kessler Park UMC
Worship at Kessler Park
Worship from Kessler Park UMC: December 6, 2020
Worship At Kessler Park: November 29, 2020
Worship at Kessler Park: November 22, 2020
Worship at Kessler Park UMC: November 15, 2020
Worship from Kessler Park UMC: November 8, 2020




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