The LOVE Church

Love God. Love Others. Love Life.

The LOVE Church is a Bible-believing God-fearing church located in the heart of North Dallas, right off Forest Lane. At The LOVE Church we are "Living Obediently, Victoriously and Expectantly!" Please join us for one of our Spirit-filled services. You are welcome: Sunday Service @ 9:30am Tuesday Night Live! Bible Study @ 7:30pm Corporate Prayer 1st & 3rd Sundays @8:45am

Mission: Loving the World with the Word!

It's our anniversary. The LOVE Church has been loving the world with the Word for fifteen years. Somebody shout with me. Ain't God good. Our theme for this year "We In This Thang Together"!!! Today's Message, "You Are Not Alone"#John16:32. You have to know that when your world turns its back on you, God never will!!!

Midweek blessing

Today's Message, "You're Doing Too Much, Just Fish"#Matthew 4:19. Just because you have the ability to do something doesn't mean you have authority to do it.

Today's Message "Observations on Fishing"#Proverbs23:26. First observation, It takes patience, It's called fishing not catching!!!

Happy Father's Day and Today's Message, "What the Father Wants You to Know about Fishing"#John21:1-14. Lesson 1, in order to fish you got to go Fishing. A sign saying we welcome fish ain't gonna catch anything!!!

Today's Message, "What Are You Fishing With"#Luke5:1-10. As Fisher's of Men as bait we should only be using Christ. And what's bait without a hook. You should be the hook where the bait of Christ is attached to.

It's Men's Month and our theme is "Fisher's of Men". Today's Message, "Turn That Boat Around"#Matthew4:18-22. We as Christians are in the lifeboat of salvation and Christ wants us to turn the boat around and fish others out of the lake of fire!!!

Women's Day 2019 lunch

#TodaysMessage "Who Are You Wearing?" Ephesians 4:22-24 Are you representing Christ at all? Can people tell that you are a Christian based on your daily walk? Rev. Develyn Offord

Women's Day 2019

Today's Message, "Check Your Label"#Psalm139:13-14. Are you wearing the label Made by God or Made by Man? Are you acting like you are fearfully and wonderfully made???

Today's Message, "Whose Uniform Are You Wearing"#Colossians3:8-14. You've been traded. It's time to take the old uniform and put on the new. You don't belong to that organization anymore, so why are you reppin them???

Join us tomorrow at 930am!

It's Women's Month and our theme is "Who Are You Wearing"#ephesians 4:22-24. Today's Message, "Who Dressed You?"#Genesis3:7-11,21. Are you naked, are you covered for what you're going through? Trust God and He will make sure you are dressed for whatever life throws at you!!!

Today's Message, "Resurrecting The Mission"#John21:1-17. Some of us are out fishing when we should be about our Father's business!!!#buildingabetterbody

Today's Message, "Resurrecting Your Testimony"#Acts4:18-33. When sharing your testimony that Jesus lives you have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!#HEISRISEN

[04/21/19]   Join us this Resurrection Sunday for a word of encouragement. Service begins at 9:30am.

Friday is Family Movie Night. Bring your family out this Good Friday to fellowship with us at 730. As always, it's FREE!

Today's Message, 'Resurrecting The Relationship, Get To Know Him"#Philippians3:10. What's your relationship like with Christ? Do you know Him? Do you really know Him? We need to know Him and know Him intimately. Will you give up everything to know Him?

Today's Message, the first in our "Resurrecting" series, "Resurrecting Hope"#1Peter1:3. There should not be any hopeless Christians. As Christians we having a living hope so we should live in hope!!!#buildingabetterbody

Today's Message, "Final Step, Go and Sin No More"#John5:1-14 and John 8:1-11. When Jesus said go and sin no more He was giving direction on the direction our lives should go. If you strive to be sinless you might miss that mark but you will sin less. And that's the goal!!!#beingabetterbodyofchristforchrist

Today's Message "Making Amends, It's Biblical"#Luke15:17-21. After you come to your senses, you might want to make amends or apologize to those you hurt while dealing with your addiction to sin.#sorryiamsorry

Today's Message "Step 3, Give It To God"#2Corinthians12:7-10. When trying to break an addiction to sin you must follow the steps. Step 1 Admit You Have an addiction to sin. Step 2 Recognize that God is greater than your sin. And today Step 3 Give it and yourself completely to God. Follow the steps!!!

Today's Message, "The God Challenge, He's Greater Than Your Sin"#1John1:9. In order to break the addiction to sin you have to confess that He has the authority to take away your sin, know that He is faithful because He loves you and you are forgiven just because of what Jesus did on the cross!!!#buildingabetterbody

Today's Message, the first in our "Breaking the Addiction to Sin" series "Admit You Have a Problem"#Luke18:9-14. Admitting that you have an addiction to sin is the first step in over coming your addiction. You must admit like the tax collector, "God be merciful to me a sinner"

Today's Message, "Show Your Enemy Some Love"#Matthew5:43-48. God is not going to hold you accountable for what people do to you. He will hold you accountable for how you respond. Respond in LOVE!!!#buildingabetterbody

[02/18/19]   Today's Message "Show Your Church Some Love"#Hebrews10:24-25. If you miss church and you are not missed at church something is missing#buildingabetterbody!!!

[02/15/19]   Friday is Family movie night! Starts at 730. Dinner is served.
Bring the kids.

Today's Message, "Show God Some Love"#Deuteronomy6:4-9. When you are motivated to act because it's God will or to bring God joy then you are showing God that you love Him!!!

[02/09/19]   We're having a potluck party! Tomorrow, February 10th immediately following service.
See ya there!

Today's Message, the first in our "Show Some Love" series "Yes, Jesus Loves Me This I Know"#2Thessalonians2:16-17. You need to know that Jesus Loves You and the Bible will tell you so because we are weak but He is strong!!!#buildingabetterbody#getequipped

Today's Message, "The Christ Diet"#John4:34. Doing the Will of God ought to be as satisfying as enjoying any meal. Doing the Will of God is something the Body has to do in order to live, it will keep you going and should bring you joy just like food does!!!#buildingabetterbody

Today's Message, "Christian Calisthenics"#1Timothy4:8. What are you doing as evidence of your election to follow Christ?#BuildingABetterBody

Today's Message "Listen to Drill Sgt Christ, He wants to Build A Better Body"#John14:15. If we are going to be a better body we have to listen to Christ and keep His commandments. That is IF we love Him. Do you love Him???

Today's Message the first in our 2019 Title Series " Building a Better Body" if we are going to do great things for God this we have to be a better body of Christ for Christ. The first message "Know Your Body"#1Corinthians12:12-31. The body is one and the body is many. As the song states, I need you and you need me. We are all apart of God's body!!!#getequipped

Today's Message, "The Gift of Doing What You are Supposed to Do"#Romans12:1-8. We are supposed to give our bodies to God as living sacrifices but some of us having been playing dead for so long that we are starting to stink up the church.#whatsthatsmell!!!

Yesterday's Message, "Special Delivery"#Matthew 2:1-12, Malachi 3:8. Just as important as the Gift you give to God, is the spirit in which you give it. Remember God loves a cheerful giver!!!

Today's Message "Give God the Gift of Giving to Others"#Matthew 25:31-40. You should show the love of God by showing acts of kindness to Others for no other reason than you love the Lord!!!

Today's Message "Give God the Gift of Your Voice"#Psalms71:14-18. Don't let your eulogy be the first time people hear that you love God. Can't nobody tell your testimony like you so tell it!!!

This Month's Series-Gifts for God! Today's Message "Give God the #1 Spot in Your Life"#Exodus20:1-5. Give it to Him because who He is and what He has done!!!

Today's Message, "Are You Fruitful?"#John15:1-6. In order for maximum yield or to be your most fruitful God has to prune you. He has to cut away that which is stunting your growth. Don't hold on to something God has already cut away!!!

Today's Message, "Sowing and Reaping"#Galatians 6:7. You can't keep sowing bad and expect to reap good things!!!

Sunday Part 2

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