The LOVE Church

Love God. Love Others. Love Life.

The LOVE Church is a Bible-believing God-fearing church located in the heart of North Dallas, right off Forest Lane. At The LOVE Church we are "Living Obediently, Victoriously and Expectantly!" Please join us for one of our Spirit-filled services. You are welcome: Sunday Service @ 9:30am Tuesday Night Live! Bible Study @ 7:30pm Corporate Prayer 1st & 3rd Sundays @8:45am

Mission: Loving the World with the Word!

Today's Message, "What's Your Motivation?"#Romans12:11. If we are going to keep our zeal for serving God, we have to make sure we serve with the proper motivation. What's your's? Is it Love, Gratitude, Because He Forgave You or something else. You better check your motivations!!!

Today's Message, It's About That Servant Life, "God Wants You, To Serve"#1Peter4:10. God recruited you, saved you and gifted you to serve. God wouldn't wake you up everyday if He didn't have a use for you!!!

Today's Message, "Copy Christ's Servitude"#John13:1-17. Christ left an example of how we should serve. We should serve without partiality. When you serve based on partiality, you're only doing part of what God wants you to do. Humble yourself and give yourself fully to Godly service.

[02/19/20]   Bible Study tonight at 730pm. Join us as we travel through Genesis.

Today's Message, "Copy Christ's Witnessing Technique"#John4:1-26. In order to be an effective witness for Christ we have to actually GO where those who need to hear the gospel are at and that's not in the comfort of your own home. Or maybe it is???

Today's Message, "Copy Christ's Mindset"#Philippians2:5. If you going to be like Christ you have to think like Christ. To begin to think like Christ you got to know some of the things He knows. One thing Christ knows is who He is. Who are you???#aboutthatChristlife

Today's Message,"Be A Copycat, Copy Christ"#1Corinthians11:1. As we try to be About That Life it's important that we model ourselves after Christ. Can you be like Paul and tell someone to imitate you as you imitate Christ???

Today's Message, "About That Prayerful Life"#Colossians4:2. God created mankind for His glory. Prayer reveals your relationship with God. Are you and God on speaking terms???

Today's Message, "About That Useful Life"#Ephesians2:8-10. God created you for a multiplicity of uses. You ought to at least walk in one of them!!!

See you tonight at Bible Study at 730pm. Corporate prayer at 7pm.

Today's Message, "About That Obedient Life"#Luke11:28. In order to be About That Christ Like Life you are going to have to be obedient to the Word. How can you do that if you don't know the Word. Read, Hear and Obey!!!

Today's Message, "About That Hopeful Life"#1Peter3:15. There should not be anything such as a hopeless Christian. As a Christian we should show that we have hope even in hopeless situations because we serve the God of Hope.#WeAboutThatLife

[12/30/19]   Today's Message, our theme for 2020, "About That Life"#James4:13-17. We have spent 2019 Building A Better Body of Christ for Christ now it's time to walk out what learn be About That Life, that Christ like life!!!

Today's Message, "The Gift of Access"#Matthew16:19. The Gift of access gives us access to fellowship with God, friendship with Christ and the fruits of the Spirit!!!

Today's Message, "Hold Your Peace, It's A Gift"#John14:27. Christ on the cross brokered peace between God and man so that we can enjoy the peace of God. The peace that Christ offers is not the absence of trouble but it's peace in spite of trouble.

Today's Message, the first in our "I'm Saved And......" , is "I'm Saved and Loved"#Romans5:5-8. In addition to Gift of salvation, God also gifts us with love by pouring His love into us. God gave us and gives us love so that we can in return show that Love to Him and to the World!!!

Today's Message, "Welcome to The LOVE Correctional Facility"#2Timothy2:22-26. One of the purposes of the Church is to correct it's members when they are wrong. To many church folk have a "mind your bidness" type of attitude when it comes to sin in each other's lives, when we should be about our Father's business and correcting each other in LOVE!!! I know won't get any AMENs on that but the Word is the Word even when it is unpopular!!!

[11/20/19]   ****ATTENTION***
Tonight is the last bible study of 2019. Please take advantage of this opportunity to dive deeper into The Word. See you tonight!

Today's Message, "Purposed to be an Active Body"#James1:22-27. As the church we are called to be active in each other's lives, active in our community and active in the world. Attending Sunday Worship service is good but there is so much more that goes into being an Active member.#buildingabetterbody!!!

Today's Message, "Class is in Session, Purposed for Teaching"#Matthew28:19-20. The Church is a teaching institution where we are commanded to teach the world and each other. In order to teach you must be taught, so get with a church and a pastor that will teach you and not just preach at you!!!

[11/04/19]   Today's Message, "As the Church We Are Purposed to Praise Him"#1Peter2:9. The Church was created, chosen and called to praise God. In our efforts to please man we have forgotten that we are supposed to be pleasing God. Let's get back to doing what the Church is purposed to do!!!#buildingabetterbody.

Today's Message, "Root of Bitterness"#Hebrews12:15. Don't ingest the trouble that you experience in this world. Get what God has in it for you and then let it go.

Today's Message, "Rooted in the Word"#Psalms1:3. When you're rooted in the Word, the Word will feed you, anchor you and maintain you!!!

Today's Message, "Rooted In Love"# Ephesians 3:16-21. In order for you to love your neighbor or your enemy you have to be rooted in love!!!

Today's Message, "Is Your Life Rooted In Christ"#Colossians 2:6-7. You must be rooted in Christ by walking in Him!!!

Today's Message, "Bout That Life" #1 Corinthians6:9-11. Before you were saved you may have been bout that life but now since you have been saved and delivered you should be bout that Christ life. Is there any evidence in your daily life that you serve God!!! Part 2

Today's Message, "Bout That Life" #1 Corinthians6:9-11. Before you were saved you may have been bout that life but now since you have been saved and delivered you should be bout that Christ life. Is there any evidence in your daily life that you serve God!!! Part 1

[09/25/19]   Join us tomorrow night at 730pm for an awesome opportunity to study the word and fellowship at the same time. Vibrant Life Baptist Church will be in the house and you should be also.

Today's Message, "Are You Headed For Divorce From The Church"#Ephesians5:25-27. We must love the church as Christ loves the church. Which means we must be committed to it and give of ourselves to it!!!

Today's Message, "Christ Like Commitment"#Luke9:57-62. To be committed like Christ we may have to be uncomfortable at times. Can you serve Christ when it's uncomfortable???

Be our guest! It's free!

Today's Message, "Are You Fully Committed To God"#1Kings8:56-61. To be fully committed to God, you must be fully committed to bring Him the glory. That was what you were created for. So let your light shine!!!

Today's Message, the first in our Fully Committed series, "Commitment, What's That?"#Romans12:1. The first thing to know is that commitment is voluntary. God is not going to make you be committed to Him. He wants you to want to be Fully Committed to Him!!!

Today's Message " I Know The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow"#Isaiah43:16-19. Remembering the ways God has delivered you in the past will help you hold on in present problems!!!

Today's Message, "I Know That God Knows"#1John3:20. Remember that God knows everything. That means He knows you, what you're going thru and how to deliver you. God knows what He is doing!!!

Today's Message, the first in our "Remember What You Know Of God" series, "I Know God Loves Me"#Psalms103:1-11. With all that is going on in this world it is comforting to know that no matter what God loves you!!!

[07/28/19]   We don't want to block anyone's blessings so if you'd like to sow a seed to The LOVE Church you can now do so via PayPal.

What a time we had in the Lord today! Thank God for Min. DK HAMMONDS and the word he delivered on this anniversary Sunday. Thank you and God bless you to all the friends of TLC that came to help us celebrate.

A reward for holding on..
Revelations 3: 7-11

Today's Message, "Get Off the Sidelines"#James1:22. If we are going to be in this thang together, everybody has to do their part. We have to practice what is preached!!!

Today's Message, "Who Ya With"#Mark5:1-15. Some of us can't be fully committed to Christ because of who we with or what's possessing us. You have to present yourself fully to Christ!!!

It's our anniversary. The LOVE Church has been loving the world with the Word for fifteen years. Somebody shout with me. Ain't God good. Our theme for this year "We In This Thang Together"!!! Today's Message, "You Are Not Alone"#John16:32. You have to know that when your world turns its back on you, God never will!!!

Midweek blessing

Today's Message, "You're Doing Too Much, Just Fish"#Matthew 4:19. Just because you have the ability to do something doesn't mean you have authority to do it.

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