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Activities of Highland Oaks Church of Christ's Student Ministry We seek to create an environment where middle school and high school students can encounter Jesus Christ and establish a personal relationship with Him.

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Photos from Highland Oaks Student Ministry's post 02/21/2021

This week was one for the record books! But even for all the challenges, snow days are snow days. Especially loved hearing stories of ways our families took care of one another, friends, and neighbors this past week. Here are some pictures of some of us enjoying the snow - share your own in the comments!

[03/22/20]   Remember: even if we can’t meet together, we’re still in this together!
Here’s a look at what some of us have been up to. And there’s still plenty more of us! You should be in the next one! Text or DM a video to Kevin, and remember to keep checking into our Instagram page for more updates of how HOSM will stick together while we’re social distancing.


Please plan to be at our spring/summer Parent Meeting NEXT Sunday, Jan. 26th. Lunch will be free and the company will be great!
God is making moves in 2020, and I’m excited to share with you ways that HOSM will be partnering in that work this year. We will go over our calendar, as well as details about classes and opportunities for growing in discipleship this year, but most importantly, we’ll take advantage of all of us being in the same room by engaging in some discussion and discipline time during the meeting that’s for your whole family.
So please don’t miss this opportunity to come and eat chili, look forward to the year ahead, and be encouraged by what God is already setting up and doing in HOSM. I look forward to seeing you there!


Have you RSVP’d your student for our Christmas Party this Sunday yet? Please do so ASAP if you havent! Just text, call, or message Kevin!

Christmas. Friends. Gifts. Games. Chipotle. Snackage.
If you like any of those things, you better go ahead and make sure you’ve got Sunday night free!
We’ll start out by supporting the Children’s Christmas musical at HOCC at 5 (tickets available at a discount online!) and then at 6 head over to Barry and Diane Packers’ house (check with Kevin for the address). We’ll be at the Packers’ from 6:30-8:30, playing games, eating dinner catered by Chipotle, and doing a white elephant gift exchange. Bring $5 for dinner, and a wrapped white elephant gift ($5 cost maximum). We’ll eat, hang, play, and spread some Christmas cheer to one another! Please tell Kevin if you’re coming so he can plan for food!

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HOSM Fall Retreat

Time is running out to sign up your student for our annual Fall Retreat! November 2-3 at Mt. Lebanon Camp and Conference Center in Cedar Hill. Sign up now!



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[08/24/19]   Our annual Fall Parent Meeting is tomorrow in the student building immediately following worship. We’ll eat, look at the semester ahead, and dream together about the exciting things happening in HOSM. And we need YOU there. Lunch is free (chicken taco bowls- yum!) and we’ll wrap up by 1:30, the same time many of our students will be finishing their Preschool Praise training lunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Some more pics from the last few days. Plenty more where that came from, but this oughta hold ya till we get home at 8 PM tonight! Can’t wait to see everyone and share our stories. God has been faithful and good this week!


DC team has been go-go-go-ing since we landed at Raegan Sunday afternoon. We’ve been hearing a lot of stories and meeting a lot of new people at food banks, distributors, reading programs, and so much more. And the week’s only halfway through? Plenty more to do, see, and experience!


Marla and Kevin just returned from delivering the notes, flowers, and plants that Student Ministry assembles during our class time yesterday to a mosque nearby in Richardson. The folks there were very appreciative of the kindness and consideration showed by our middle and high schoolers! A beautiful reminder that love is God’s creative answer to a violent world. Very proud of the way our students poured out love for our neighbors in the midst of the Muslim community experiencing such tragedy.


We had a pretty wild weekend! Between Lock-In and our very first Truth Groups: Out-House, it was wall-to-wall good times! If you missed IT, we missed YOU!


Friends! Pantene is on sale, buy 5, save $5 at Kroger. You can get 5 bottles of any type of Pantene (so grab a variety) for just $15 and be that much closer to winning Kevin Harrington-Bain’s #beardbet

Let’s get this #shampocalypse going this Sunday!

[06/22/18]   Great news! Houston crew is headed home after an awesome week at Impact Church, and a fun Friday in Austin and Inner Space Caverns! We’re set to arrive home around 9:15 tonight, so we look forward to seeing you there!


We are so proud of our seniors who we celebrated on Sunday- of who they are, and who they are continuing to grow into!

God, we are thankful not only for their accomplishments and their successes academically or with extra curriculars, but much more for their character and the ways that they seek to be your light in the world.
For Justus’ courage to share his problems and be real with people.
For Preston’s passion for knowledge and learning.
For Lane’s maturity in you and pursuit of your heart.
For Taylor’s love for singing your praises at the top of his lungs.
For Gavin’s intuition, wit, and commitment.
For Rylee’s heart for truth, justice, and listening.
For Veronica’s caring heart for others and encouraging presence.
For Luke’s steadfastness in his countenance and belief.
For Brayden’s welcoming nature, integrity, and kindness.
For all of these things, God, we are grateful because we know that these students’ gifts were all designed and refined by you.

#HOSM #communityworks #HOCCvision

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HOSM Dodgeball 2018

Thanks to everyone who came out to the HOSM Dodgeball tournament! I will be compiling some of the best photos from the day, so if you have any you’d like to share, please add them to this album via the link below! Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos and videos!


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Dodgeball Fundraiser - Smack Talk

The dodgeball game isn't until Sunday, but the mind games have already begun! See y'all at LHJH right after service this Sunday!
#AllinGoodFun #TheyLoveEachOther


We got to celebrate with Will and his family yesterday as he made the decision to follow Jesus and participate in baptism! Congrats, Will!


Highland Oaks Student Ministry


Glad to celebrate with the Campbells as Ava, Nate, and Lucas all chose to be baptized this morning! Proud of their decision, and excited to surround them in community as they continue living the Jesus life!


It’s time to migrate some flamingos! Here’s how to sign up to move flamingos for the fundraiser and get some money in your account! Here’s the link to the google drive doc:
Happy flocking!


Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas

Minister Paul Woodward of Houston's inner city Impact church (who is also the dad of Highland Oaks member Jennifer W. Banks) has a message for Highland Oaks Church of Christ. He's holding in his hands the banners that the children of HOCC made Wednesday night. Their church has been so encouraged by the efforts we are doing. Let's keep being the hands and feet of Jesus.


All Truth Groups begin meeting this coming Sunday night from 5:30-7pm. The Middle School group will meet at the HOCC Student Building; bring your own sack dinner. The FR/SO group will meet at Daniel McIlroy's home; bring $3 for dinner. The JR/SR group will meet at Sean Ryan's home, and your dinner is being provided. Commit to being a part of Truth Group this school year---you'll be so glad you did!


Boy have we got an opportunity for you! This Saturday morning (9/9), Student Ministry will be heading down to Impact church in Houston for a one-day mission trip! We'll meet at Highland Oaks early and leave at 5:30 AM to work at Impact from 9 AM to about 5 or 6 PM, and be home by 10 or 10:30 PM the same day. This is an awesome opportunity to get up and go do some work to help those who need it- it's that simple! No cost, just bring a sack lunch and breakfast for on the way, and whatever money you may want to bring as a donation (it wouldn't be surprising if we got there and needed to get some supplies)! Students, parents, siblings- all are welcome to answer this call! Let me know via text (817) 287 1057, or email at [email protected] so we know to expect you! Hope to see you Saturday morning!


Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas

Pack the Parking Lot to help our friends in Houston!

We are asking that our HOCC family & friends & neighbors bring items listed below on Sunday.
You may drop the items off to a "sorting team" at the designated parking spaces by the bell tower entrance at Highland Oaks Church of Christ on Sunday, Sept. 3 from 8:30-9:45am. 10805 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75238

As soon as we are permitted to travel to Houston, a team will drive down either Sunday evening or Monday to deliver the goods to our friends at Impact Church.
Sunday afternoon will be spent sorting and boxing the items.
We need volunteers! We need a crew of at least 15-20 to help sort on Sunday morning before and during class.
We need a crew of 15-20 to continue the work at 12:30 p.m. until all is sorted and packed. We need a 3-4 volunteers willing to make the drive to Houston either Sunday or Monday (permitting). Want to volunteer to help out on Sunday? Email Mark at [email protected]

List of Items Needed:


Cases of water and other drinks not needing refrigeration
Non-perishable food items (canned goods w/pop-top lids, dry foods, etc.)

Diapers (all sizes)
Sippy Cups
Hygiene Items:

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
Bar Soap
Shaving Cream
Feminine Hygiene Products
Cleaning Supplies:

Clorox Wipes
Anti-bacterial Dish Soap
409 or another kind of cleaning spray
Latex Gloves
Large trash bags
Paper Goods:

Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Paper Plates/Cups

Feel free to share this post.


This coming Sunday is going to be a "Don't Miss!" kind of day. During our worship assembly, the 10-year Vision will be launched, and immediately following that, all students, parents, and the rest of the family are invited to stay for the Fall Parent Meeting in the Student Building. The Fall calendar will be distributed, and Kevin is going to share about all the great things planned for our students this season. Lunch will be provided, and gluten free offerings will be available. The cost is $4 per person, or $15 max per family. Please plan to stay and be a part of this important day!

[08/06/17]   Denver Mission Crew is nearing home after an incredible week working with CitySquare! We're on our way out from Wichita Falls and will be back around 10:20. We can't wait to share about the ways we met God and our neighbors in Denver!


All Middle School and High School girls are invited to the Ries' home on Sunday night from 5-10 pm. See this week's newsletter for the address. Dinner is provided, and also bring a snack for yourself..


Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas

Due to the vast majority of our families being out of town, we regret that we must cancel the HighOkica Camp Preview Night.

We will still be hosting the Camp Training Lunch for JC's and adult camp counselors for July 9 right after worship in Kids Town. RSVP today to Elizabeth at [email protected].

Camp HighOkica is going to be super fun and meaningful this year. We are so looking forward to it! If you have friends who haven't registered, please let them know that July 9 is the deadline for registering for camp. And don't forget that for every friend registered you get $25 back!


Where, What, Wednesday is happening this week at Main Event in Plano from 12-3. Meet there at 12, or if you need a ride, drop-off is at HOCC at 11:30. Pick up is at Main Event at 2:45, or at HOCC at 3. Cost is $18.

[06/30/17]   Once again we are in Abilene for lunch on our way home! We're about 3.5 hours out, so expect us somewhere in the 4:45/5 PM range. Can't wait to tell everyone about our week!

[06/25/17]   Champion crew is arrived at Mission Control (LCU) for a stellar week of camp! The theme this year is Inner Space, so get ready for lots of stories of martians, lunar missions, and zero gravity fun (and some Jesus, too)!


Exoday is this Friday, June 23 from 12 noon-2:30 pm, and is for all Middle School and High School students. Meet at the Student Building, bring a sack lunch, or eat before you come. We will be joining in with CitySquare's Food on the Move program at the Newport Landing Apartments right across the street from HOCC. Come and meet our neighbors, and help create some fun summer memories with the children there.


Tuesday Night Bible Study for all Middle and High School students is tomorrow night at the Finley's house from 6-8:30. See the Student Ministry newsletter or the Remind Text for the address, and bring a sack dinner, a bible, and swimsuit and towel.

[06/17/17]   Update: after a delicious lunch in Abilene (had some first time Sharky's eaters) we're well on our way back to Dallas. We'll be getting to the building around 3:45 now.

[06/17/17]   Encounter crew is headed home! We're slated to get back right around 3 this afternoon. Can't wait to see everyone and tell you all about our incredible week at camp!

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Please plan to be at our spring/summer Parent Meeting NEXT Sunday, Jan. 26th. Lunch will be free and the company will be...
Dodgeball Fundraiser - Smack Talk
We got to celebrate with Will and his family yesterday as he made the decision to follow Jesus and participate in baptis...
Glad to celebrate with the Campbells as Ava, Nate, and Lucas all chose to be baptized this morning! Proud of their decis...
It’s time to migrate some flamingos! Here’s how to sign up to move flamingos for the fundraiser and get some money in yo...
Boy have we got an opportunity for you! This Saturday morning (9/9), Student Ministry will be heading down to Impact chu...
THIS JUST IN: Lock-In will now be at HOCC! Just $15 per head, $5 for guests! Drop off at 7 PM Friday at the student buil...
Day 2 of Planet Wisdom kicking off with worship!
Kicking off worship at #PWisdom2017!
A very merry Forcemas to you all! #starwars
Check out the Summer 2015 video that was played last Sunday!
Today was such a fun day in student ministry! Loved having 130+ students, volunteers, and parents in our building talkin...




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