OurCalling, Dallas, TX Video July 20, 2020, 8:35pm

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James was the victim of a broken home and quickly found himself drinking to escape his reality. He soon began traveling from state to state with the fair, working the games. His fast-paced lifestyle ended when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaving him with no job and only a few bucks in his pocket. He had found made his way to Texas to find somewhere to stay. Along the way, he was robbed of all of his belongings and found himself sleeping outside of a Walmart. Lying there drunk, he began to feel sick and cried out loud, “I need to stop drinking!” He managed to get up and walk to the hospital by himself.

James was released from the hospital five days later and was sent to the only accessible shelter in Dallas, the convention center. On April 27th, frustrated, hopeless, and angry, James followed a new friend to OurCalling to receive some resources for the first time. Once arriving, he met Bobby, an OurCalling care minister who invited him to keep coming.

He continued to come to OurCalling and began listening to sermons. He experienced the continued love shown by staff, welcoming him with open arms, and after a few days, Nick, another care minister, gave a powerful sermon that graced James and drew him in to receive prayer. After their prayer and meeting, Nick welcomed James in a way that impacted him like never before: he greeted him by his name. James immediately felt his spirit of loneliness and isolation shatter; he felt loved.

Upon the continual grace of God being shown through Nick and other care ministers to James, he decided to give his life to the Lord. A few days later, James was surrounded by the OurCalling staff and was baptized. He continues to walk with Christ as he now serves at OurCalling, ministering to those who come to us just like he did.

“People don’t realize what a treasure this is, this church. It isn’t about the food or the showers, every day staff come out here and fight for people’s souls with love.” - James-

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James was the victim of a broken home and quickly found himself drinking to escape his reality. He soon began traveling ...

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OurCalling is to glorify God by leading homeless people to Christ and by making disciples on the street.

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