Petition to stop and prevent the city of Dallas from fining organizations like ourcalling when opening doors to the homeless in times of below freezing temperatures as an emergency shelter. Please sign and share. ❤️❤️❤️http://chng.it/9GvwxJNWmc
https://www.facebook.com/lucious.weatherspoon.5 this a friend of mine working on a nonprofit ministry to help prisoners that are wrongfully convicted and to help them get legal feesI'm hoping that I can help him find a resource guide list to get his address on and possibly some stamps to write these inmates
Thank y'all for all the help you guys and gals do for us homeless. I know for me it gives me hope and shows me that there are people out here that do care. God bless y'all!
I am so glad to hear that you guys have been able to continue to help out our homeless friends. God has definitely blessed in this ministry. Creativity can be a wonderful thing. Miss you all
With cold temperatures are you going to be open tonight?
Our Redeemer Jesus overcame What no one could ever do He paid the price for sin To give life to me and you He trampled over death Then conquered the grave This all happened on the cross So our penalty for sin could be waved He is our King of Kings Yet gentle as a dove He is seated with our Father Which is in our home above He called us out of darkness Into His marvelous Light He is our strength in our struggle He is our help in this fight When I’m falling down I can reach up for His hand He came as the redeemer For this is God’s master plan My security is in Jesus He is my salvation plan I’m thankful to God He sent Jesus to save man © Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019
Awesome, Thank you

discipleship ministry for the homeless OurCalling is a discipleship ministry for the homeless. We are a 501c3 non profit that serves the unsheltered homeless community throughout Dallas County.

We filled almost 5,000 volunteer positions in 2014 and serve 365 days each year.

Our primary focus is evangelism and discipleship among the poorest people in Dallas county. We don't bus people to church, we bring the church to them. We serve in over 100 locations including over 90 homeless camps, shelters, coffee shops and apartment complexes.

Mission: Our calling is to glorify God by leading homeless people to Christ and by making disciples on the streets.

Operating as usual

The flood damage our Outreach Center experienced during the freeze is being repaired. We will reopen our facility this Monday.


Canadian Responders on Texas Disaster

ourcalling.harnessapp.com Canada Mortgage and Financial Group, a mortgage brokerage firm based in Mississauga, Canada partnered with OurCalling to provide food, shelter, and medical emergency care to help families and the…

Due to flood damage and fatigue OurCalling will be closed until March 1st. We can’t wait to have the repairs fixed and our doors back open soon. 💚

SWIPE to check out our in app resources page - Download our app to find available homeless resources near you. 📲


When it became a life or death situation, OurCalling chose life. Opening an inclement weather shelter to provide our homeless neighbors a way out of the cold.

This has been our reality for the last 7 days. We may have tired eyes but extremely full hearts. There is only 48 hours left with all of our homeless friends in this building. We are currently working on an exit strategy to offer the most support for every single one of them moving forward into next week. We appreciate your ongoing prayer and contributions. We believe we are truly all better together.💚


Amid brutal cold and outages, Texans step up to help their neighbors

today.com Millions of Texans are still in need of food, water and warm shelter amid brutal winter weather, but many are stepping up to help their neighbors. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager reports and pastor Wayne Walker, executive director of OurCalling, tells TODAY that “people are struggling, our homeless fri...


Amid brutal cold and outages, Texans step up to help their neighbors


today.com Millions of Texans are still in need of food, water and warm shelter amid brutal winter weather, but many are stepping up to help their neighbors. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager reports and pastor Wayne Walker, executive director of OurCalling, tells TODAY that “people are struggling, our homeless fri...

Introducing the new OurCalling housing model…

|| OurCommunity ||

For over a decade, OurCalling has been serving our most vulnerable neighbors, the unsheltered homeless population. Now we look to change how they have been identified – from “unsheltered homeless population” to “neighbor”.

We are proud to announce that we have launched a $12,600,000 capital campaign geared towards purchasing and rehabbing a facility that we will transform into housing for the city’s most vulnerable men and women.

This housing facility, which will be located in Dallas, will be modeled after an assisted-living center with a wealth of wrap-around services available to its residents. These services include a full food service, medical and mental health treatment, counseling, job training, discipleship, and a community planner to ensure a fun and engaging environment for all our previously homeless residents to enjoy.

We began dreaming about this housing plan years ago. It has been in the heart and vision of our Founder, Pastor Wayne Walker. This housing plan is designed to give its residents more than just a space to live. It is a place to become healthy, and to grow in community; it is a place to relax and to play, to connect with vital physical health resources, and a place to experience and grow in faith.

When we turn the first key, and our first resident walks through the door, we envision that we will hear a deep exhale of relief as they enter into their forever home.

Contact [email protected] for more information or to make an offline donation.

OurCalling freeze response

When it became a life or death situation, OurCalling chose life. Opening an inclement weather shelter to provide our homeless neighbors a way out of the cold.

And, that’s a wrap! We are back at it early tomorrow morning. In case you were wondering... this is exactly why we do what we do. Those smiles are EVERYTHING! 🙌


Dak Prescott, McConaughey Offer Aid To DFW Homeless Weather Shelter


si.com As a result of the dangerous winter weather in Texas, homeless shelters and non-profits are working overtime trying to offer help to citizens.

We are beyond grateful for @Dallasstarsfoundation & so honored that they would come along side us during this time.

They are spreading the word & are matching ALL donations up to $10,000 — you can give at DallasStars.com/OurCalling

Sending a BIG thank you from all of us here at OurCalling💚

We couldn’t be more proud of our staff for stepping in to open an emergency weather shelter. They are working long, hard hours. Most of them are working at the Convention Center, with some on the streets doing Search & Rescue, finding those still outside and bringing them out of the freezing cold. Our staff works hard with bags under their eyes and smiles on their faces, tired but grateful that nearly 1,000 of our Dallas homeless friends are safe and out of the cold.

We also smile because we keep seeing the public response - just today we found out that Matthew McConaughey & Dak Prescott are both making donations to help feed our homeless friends.

The wonderful Watermark Urgent Care team is here treating anyone who is hurt, suffering, and in need of medical attention. Pray for them as they care for those who have nowhere else to go.

When you make a report on our App, our Search & Rescue teams are deployed.

Normally (when we aren’t running the Convention Center as an inclement weather shelter) we operate out of our daytime Outreach Center.

This morning We were awoken by a call telling us that the fire alarm was going off at our place. Apparently one of our sprinkler heads burst due to the freezing weather, and it has flooded in the front foyer, the front of the café, and our new counseling rooms.

Because of this, we don’t have a working sprinkler system, and they shut the gas off to the building.

We will immediately deploy teams to repair the damage, so that after this freezing weather passes our homeless neighbors will have a place to go.

When you report a homeless location, our Search and Rescue teams go.

This isn’t fun. It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. People are dying. People are losing body parts to frostbite. They are hanging on for dear life.
It’s our honor, our privilege, and our calling to serve in times of need.
Our faith in Jesus does more than inspire us to step in during this freeze. Rather, our faith compels us to care for those in need.

You can help us find those still stuck in the cold. Download the OurCalling app, and report the locations of those who are stuck outside. Our Search & Rescue teams will seek them out and help them get out of the cold and into our inclement weather shelter.


Emergency Shelter Help

https://ourcalling.vomo.org/project/emergency-shelter-oc Here is a volunteer sign up for this week! Go to loading dock 8A.

ourcalling.vomo.org Assist our guests, be available for help, and hand out snacks/meals. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL BE AT THE CONVENTION CENTER IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS- NOT OURCALLING. You will park near 4A, entrance to where the guests are is 8A

These are people we love

We are so proud of our Search & Rescue staff! They have been working day and night, finding those who are still stuck in the cold. When you make a report on our app, we send our teams!

Spread the word or bring people here.
Best address is 1221 Canton Street

The resource support is overwhelming. We do not need any more blankets/clothes/pillows/etc. Please continue to pray, sign up to volunteer, and give online. https://bit.ly/oc-cold


Emergency Shelter Help Stand-By

We have created a Volunteer sign up for the next week. You can see the different time slots throughout the day. We are so thankful for our volunteers! Reminder, all of these shifts will be at the Convention Center in downtown Dallas. OurCalling will be closed for the next week. For any questions, contact [email protected] https://ourcalling.vomo.org/project/emergency-shelter-oc

ourcalling.vomo.org This will be a stand by! Once we have decided if we need more volunteers or not, we will contact you. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL BE AT THE CONVENTION CENTER IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS- NOT OURCALLING.


Days-long cold snap creates scramble for temporary homeless shelters in Dallas


dallasnews.com Several Dallas nonprofits helping provide shelter for people experiencing homelessness say they expect demand to grow as freezing temperatures continue to...

Tonight it is very clear why we need your support. https://bit.ly/oc-cold


Dallas homeless shelters prepping for below-freezing temps with COVID in mind


OurCalling news interview live.


Dallas homeless shelters prepping for below-freezing temps with COVID in mind


fox4news.com Homeless shelters and service providers are preparing for one of the longest stretches of below-freezing temperatures in the city in years.


Cold Weather Affects COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution


nbcdfw.com The cold weather is affecting vaccination sites. NBC 5’s Sophia Beausoleil reports on several drive-thru clinics across North Texas cancelling operations for Thursday.

Tonight we stay open for our homeless friends to prevent them from being stuck in this freezing weather. Over the past 4 weeks we have helped hundreds of people off the streets, tonight we will help more. We help as if we were doing it unto the Lord, remembering what Jesus said in Matthew 25.

We will operate 24 hours a day until the freezing weather becomes warmer.
volunteer / give / pray

Dallas Doing Good

Wayne Walker, driven by undying faith and determination to help his community, founded OurCalling, a Dallas nonprofit that provides resources and education to the local homeless population. With practical and strategic assistance Wayne Walker and his team hope to spread love and offer restoration to those in need.


#dallasdoinggood #homeless #housing #nonprofit #LookForTheHelpers

How do you get a homeless friend off of the streets? Send them to OurCalling. In the past two weeks we have placed (not only referred but actually landed) 159 people off of the streets.

Due to inclement weather OurCalling will be open tonight (01/11/2021)

What is your calling?

There are thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness in Dallas. Most aren't in shelters, are over 40 years old, and suffer trauma and abuse beyond your worst nightmares. They need more than food, clothes, shelter, housing and a job. They need love, acceptance, and a healthy community to embrace them. They need to be listened to, learned from, and engaged. They need a place to escape the weather, a friend to laugh with, and a family to accept them.

OurCalling is a grass roots movement in Dallas. We are called to lead people to Christ and make disciples on the streets. We value dignity, innovation, wholeness, collaboration, and above all - the Gospel. We help people survive and recovery from the a life on the streets. We also partner with lots of different agencies that work together to break the cycle of homelessness.

As a Christian organization, we don't bus people to church. We bring the church to them. All of our faith based programs are voluntary, and we show the love of Christ to everyone we meet. We visit over 1,000 locations throughout Dallas, and operate an outreach center in Downtown Dallas. We are joined by corporations, businesses, churches and utilize thousands of volunteers each year.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Dallas?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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OurCalling freeze response
OurCalling Drive-Thru Campaign - Recap Video





1702 South Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Dallas, TX

General information

Our Primary function of Evangelism and Discipleship have four distinct branches. 1. Bible Studies and Life Skills 2. 12 Step Addiction Recovery 3. Mentoring and Discipleship 4. Resource Distribution

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 12:00
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