I am so glad to hear that you guys have been able to continue to help out our homeless friends. God has definitely blessed in this ministry. Creativity can be a wonderful thing. Miss you all
With cold temperatures are you going to be open tonight?
Our Redeemer Jesus overcame What no one could ever do He paid the price for sin To give life to me and you He trampled over death Then conquered the grave This all happened on the cross So our penalty for sin could be waved He is our King of Kings Yet gentle as a dove He is seated with our Father Which is in our home above He called us out of darkness Into His marvelous Light He is our strength in our struggle He is our help in this fight When I’m falling down I can reach up for His hand He came as the redeemer For this is God’s master plan My security is in Jesus He is my salvation plan I’m thankful to God He sent Jesus to save man © Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019
Awesome, Thank you
Is there a place for me to bring some warm clothing/socks, scarves, shoes, coats, etc. to be passed out? Also will the health Dept. allow you to receive homemade food- desserts- cassaroles, soups, etc.?? (I do have a Texas permit for Cottage Home Baking business!)
May God continue to bless Our Calling ministry financially.
Thanks Our Calling for the Top Fan recognition!♥️ Larry Swann
On That Day One day He’ll wipe away our every tear On that day His promises will be seen clear It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way One day He will draw His Church near On that day His Word will stand clear It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way One day He will split the skies On that day there will be no more cries It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way One day our King will return On that day evil will be cast down to burn It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way One day all His promises will come true On that day we will Worship because of His Truth It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way One day we will live in the presence of our King On that day we will lift voices and forever sing It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is the only way On that day Christ died to save the lost He died on that wretched old cross It was glorious, glorious day For thru His death we have grace So, if you’re broken and know that you’re lost Bring all your baggage and burdens to the cross For on that day it will be a glorious, glorious day Because you knew Jesus as the only way We will lift our voices forever to our King With our praises we will forever sing It will be a glorious, glorious day For thru Jesus is The Only Way © Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018
Thanks Our Calling for the Top Fan recognition! Larry Swann 👍👍
Love Came To Set Me Free I see freedom coming through For I know God’s Word is always true When I stand on the Word of God It’s how He keeps me in awe It’s love that drew me in Now I have freedom from my sin Now I carry my burdens to the cross It’s how I keep from being lost It was love that found me first For His Word I hunger, and I thirst Now His Commands are what I keep It’s His face that I want to seek I’m free, I’m free at last To never be a slave to my past It’s His love that breaks my chains Even when my tears flow like rain My scars are being healed With His Spirit is how I’m sealed Christs’ Spirit is now my guide He’ll never leave my side This is how live came to set me free When He died on that cursed tree © Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

discipleship ministry for the homeless OurCalling is a discipleship ministry for the homeless. We are a 501c3 non profit that serves the unsheltered homeless community throughout Dallas County.

We filled almost 5,000 volunteer positions in 2014 and serve 365 days each year.

Our primary focus is evangelism and discipleship among the poorest people in Dallas county. We don't bus people to church, we bring the church to them. We serve in over 100 locations including over 90 homeless camps, shelters, coffee shops and apartment complexes.

Mission: Our calling is to glorify God by leading homeless people to Christ and by making disciples on the streets.

Operating as usual

Gospel Socks

Thank you FOTP Students for preparing boxers for OurCalling !

Shannon Tanner McMahon
Diego Fuller

We are seeing first hand how this pandemic is impacting the community, perhaps the most difficult ones to see are the women and children. To meet the growing need we are opening our brand new women’s center, to proved a place of safety, ministry and to help them navigate off of the street.



We got to meet the kids of @saumc_preteen on a zoom call to talk about how they can make a difference in the lives of our homeless neighbors through the Gospel... See if you can spot the OC team member!


Dallas Homeless Shelters "Beyond Capacity"


Shelters are completely full. And Pastor Wayne Walker from OurCalling says this population is being ignored, as other city needs to take priority.

This week Pastor Walker distributed the following letter to Mayor Eric Johnson, Dallas City Council members, and city staff:

Needless to say, COVID-19 and our crushing economy have created a perfect storm for a tidal wave of poverty. Here’s a quick overview along with a long-term plan OurCalling has devised to begin addressing the issue:
HOMELESSNESS IS RAMPING UP. Approximately 10,000 men and women are homeless, another 300,000 people in Dallas/Fort Worth live below the poverty level, and thousands of newly unemployed face uncertainty about housing as bills pile up. Further, the number of homeless encampments are increasing in every Council district.
Unfortunately, the city is not equipped to accommodate the surge of residents – not only adults but also children – who will soon lack a roof over their heads.
FAMILIES IN SEARCH OF FOOD. OurCalling is providing services to a growing number of families who aren’t homeless yet – but have no money for food.
NO ROOM AT SHELTERS. Dallas homeless shelters are beyond capacity, full to the brim, turning people away each night. Social-distancing requirements have significantly reduced space, and none of the shelters are accepting single adults without a quarantine period.
WHERE TO QUARANTINE? Until recently, homeless men and women quarantined at the Dallas Convention Center, but it closed August 15. Even if it had remained open, the Convention Center wouldn't be sufficient for the approaching deluge.
NO CITY SERVICES FOR THE UNSHELTERED. As temperatures climb to dangerous levels, our city offers no available public bathrooms, no dignified options for basic human needs, no room in shelters, and no affordable housing.
LESS SHELTER BEDS THAN 10 YEARS AGO. Compounding the problem is that there were fewer available shelter beds in January of this year than 10 years ago!
A HOMELESS PROBLEM YEARS IN THE MAKING. For decades, our city has ignored the infrastructure needs to meet the escalating demands resulting from a booming population and disheartening poverty rate.
At the brink of the pandemic, OurCalling sprung into action, teaming up with 80 partners who work with the homeless community throughout D/FW. Together, they’ve tackled everything from treatment of substance abuse to medical and mental health, to PPE protection, hand washing and sanitation stations, and meals to go. With a lack of available local resources for those experiencing homelessness OurCalling is pivoting, creating a first-of-its-kind program placement process for those suffering from substance abuse complete with wraparound services, including job training.
OurCalling also continues to empower homeless men and women by expanding the capabilities of its high-tech app, therein eliminating the digital divide and providing otherwise inaccessible data to those who need it most.

But there’s only so much OurCalling can do with their limited resources. That’s why they’ve developed a proactive, long-term approach to not only reduce the number of people on the streets but change their lives in meaningful and sustainable ways:
Hire and deploy 10 additional Search & Rescue teams to respond to the 650-plus homeless encampments reported each month throughout Dallas
Begin placing individuals into long-term programs not only in Dallas but across the country
Purchase a hotel and transform it into permanent supportive housing with full wrap-around services
Opening OurCalling’s new Women’s Center for those who have often dealt with sexual and physical abuse (Open early September)
Many people see homeless men and women and want to help in some way. Public support will advance this issue and boost the private funding needed to implement the plan.

krld.radio.com RADIO.COM US Could Control COVID-19 in 12 Weeks If 90% Wear Masks, Social Distance: CDC Head August 21, 2020 'Golden State Killer' Sentenced to Life in Prison August 21, 2020 New Coronavirus Cases Linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 21, 2020 BBB: Tips for College Students to Avoid Identity The...

Can you guess what we are building?

Come hang out with the OC team and our friends @icrdiscovery at their museum anniversary event. All proceeds from planetarium ticket sales will go towards our mission.

Luke 10:2 “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”
Volunteer with us by going to serve.ourcalling.org

@watermarkhealth has been faithfully partnering with us through this pandemic, by providing medical care for our homeless guest.

We love them, but more importantly, our homeless friends love them! Thank you @watermarkchurch you’re amazing!

#oc_covid #realitycheckdfw

We had someone reach out who wanted to do something for the homeless with his grandchildren. They decided to put together some food bags for our Search & Rescue teams, and delivered them today.

We are always encouraged when families come together to help our homeless friends.

#oc_covid #realitycheckdfw @ OurCalling

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. - Matthew 5:6


Transformative relationships with unsheltered and transitional homeless.



Homeless Ministry in Challenging Times - DTS Voice

Wayne Walker and Bill Hendricks discuss homeless ministry, focusing on how to help in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


01:56 - How COVID-19 has affected homeless ministry
07:04 - Issues in food shortage
09:24 - How individuals can help during this time
17:26 - How to use gifting to help those in need
23:52 - How to help people whose basic needs are unmet
31:25 - Meeting specific needs for homeless people
36:06 - Serving in unprecedented times
41:10 - How disasters disproportionally affect the homeless


voice.dts.edu In this episode, Bill Hendricks and Wayne Walker discuss homeless ministry, focusing on how to help in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

James was the victim of a broken home and quickly found himself drinking to escape his reality. He soon began traveling from state to state with the fair, working the games. His fast-paced lifestyle ended when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaving him with no job and only a few bucks in his pocket. He had found made his way to Texas to find somewhere to stay. Along the way, he was robbed of all of his belongings and found himself sleeping outside of a Walmart. Lying there drunk, he began to feel sick and cried out loud, “I need to stop drinking!” He managed to get up and walk to the hospital by himself.

James was released from the hospital five days later and was sent to the only accessible shelter in Dallas, the convention center. On April 27th, frustrated, hopeless, and angry, James followed a new friend to OurCalling to receive some resources for the first time. Once arriving, he met Bobby, an OurCalling care minister who invited him to keep coming.

He continued to come to OurCalling and began listening to sermons. He experienced the continued love shown by staff, welcoming him with open arms, and after a few days, Nick, another care minister, gave a powerful sermon that graced James and drew him in to receive prayer. After their prayer and meeting, Nick welcomed James in a way that impacted him like never before: he greeted him by his name. James immediately felt his spirit of loneliness and isolation shatter; he felt loved.

Upon the continual grace of God being shown through Nick and other care ministers to James, he decided to give his life to the Lord. A few days later, James was surrounded by the OurCalling staff and was baptized. He continues to walk with Christ as he now serves at OurCalling, ministering to those who come to us just like he did.

“People don’t realize what a treasure this is, this church. It isn’t about the food or the showers, every day staff come out here and fight for people’s souls with love.” - James-

#ourcalling #baptism #homeless #oc_covid

If you download the OurCalling App you can help our Search & Rescue teams identify and reach those experiencing homelessness. Just search the word “homeless” in the App Store. @ Dallas, Texas

One of our Search and Rescue teams will visit more than a thousand locations each year. Brining the hope of Jesus along with tangible recourse to help them transition off the streets.

This year we hope to add more search and rescue teams to help meet the needs of the growing homeless population.

OurCalling - Homeless Experience

OurCalling is to glorify God by leading homeless people to Christ and by making disciples on the street.

Today we will love our neighbor, we will create new relationships, we will care for those who have no home, today we will make Jesus known.

Donate at OurCalling.org/donate and go to OurCalling.org/volunteer to get involved.

(Link in bio)

#oc_covid #covid19 #covidrelief


Transformative Relationships with Homeless People - DTS Voice

Transformative Relationships with Homeless People

voice.dts.edu In this episode, Bill Hendricks and Wayne Walker discuss how to minister to the unsheltered, focusing on the importance of evangelizing and discipling homeless people. Note: This interview was recorded before March 2020.


A candid discussion about race

Pastor Wayne Walker interviewed Pastor Rodney Lara in a candid and honest discussion about race and what we can learn from each other.

Pastor Wayne Walker interviewed Pastor Rodney Lara in a candid and honest discussion about race and what we can learn from each other. In the video we refere...


Big Al's Smokehouse Barbecue

Today, we made a special delivery of 500 lbs of Q, all for OurCalling. They do awesome work offering support and resources to Dallas homeless. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful resource in our community.

Our new friend Chef @peja011 owner of @mothaibadallas donated lunch today for our homeless neighbors.

Thank you @capitalone for sponsoring the meals, thank you to the kitchen staff at Mot Hai Ba, and a very special thank you to Chef Peja Krstic.

#oc_covid #realitycheckitdfw #realitycheckit

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance

This morning, we are participating in the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center’s training on serving underserved populations. David Gruber, our Development and Communications Director, presented on Ending Homeless Together. Martha Thrash, of our wonderful CoC member organization, OurCalling, is now presenting the “boots on the ground” perspective.

With hearts full of gratitude and eyes full of tears, we are excited to announce that we have already met our goal!!!! On behalf of our homeless community, thank you. It is your generosity that has allowed us to stay on the front lines with effective ministry during this time.
If you didn’t get a chance to give yet, you can still give to this campaign until the end of the day.

Visit www.ourcalling.org/covid to help. #oc_covid #realitycheckitdfw #realitycheckit #ntxgivingtuesdaynow

@watermarkhealth joins us today to offer medical services during COVID-19. We are so thankful for our partnership with @watermarkchurch

Visit www.ourcalling.org/covid to help. #oc_covid #realitycheckitdfw #realitycheckit #ntxgivingtuesdaynow

Give today - 1:1 Match giving

Would you consider joining OurCalling on this amazing 1:1 giving opportunity? North Texas Giving Day is hosting a special giving event and we have a match opportunty available now. #GivingTuesdayNow https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/ourcalling

We are able to send our Search & Rescue teams out to work with our most isolated homeless community because of your support! Today you can go to ourcalling.org/covid to help. #oc_covid #realitycheckitdfw #realitycheckit #ntxgivingtuesdaynow

You can give today to help us reach our $100,000 matching gift! North Texas Giving Day is doing a special COVID-19 Response to help us raise funds to make it through this difficult time. If you visit www.northtexasgivingday.org/ourcalling (link in bio) you can give today to help meet a very important need. @ OurCalling

Gospel Socks

Thanks to your generosity, we brought more new socks and underwear to OurCalling today!

Serving during COVID-19 hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been fun, but it has been our honor to love, protect, and support our most vulnerable neighbors. Although food donations have significantly decreased, and volunteer numbers have been limited, we have been able to serve even more people. By the grace of God, the ministry continues as we walk arm in arm with our homeless neighbors through this difficult season.

#realitycheckitdfw #oc_covid #realitycheckit

Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers

During these uncertain times, we are so proud of our team to come together to give to our community. Shaddock Caldwell and individual team members made a donation to OurCalling and North Texas Food Bank.

McGill Ricks Charitable

What a joy it is to be a part of the solution


What is your calling?

There are thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness in Dallas. Most aren't in shelters, are over 40 years old, and suffer trauma and abuse beyond your worst nightmares. They need more than food, clothes, shelter, housing and a job. They need love, acceptance, and a healthy community to embrace them. They need to be listened to, learned from, and engaged. They need a place to escape the weather, a friend to laugh with, and a family to accept them.

OurCalling is a grass roots movement in Dallas. We are called to lead people to Christ and make disciples on the streets. We value dignity, innovation, wholeness, collaboration, and above all - the Gospel. We help people survive and recovery from the a life on the streets. We also partner with lots of different agencies that work together to break the cycle of homelessness.

As a Christian organization, we don't bus people to church. We bring the church to them. All of our faith based programs are voluntary, and we show the love of Christ to everyone we meet. We visit over 1,000 locations throughout Dallas, and operate an outreach center in Downtown Dallas. We are joined by corporations, businesses, churches and utilize thousands of volunteers each year.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Dallas?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

OurCalling - Homeless Experience
Give today - 1:1 Match giving
After 12 years of homelessness





1702 South Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Dallas, TX

General information

Our Primary function of Evangelism and Discipleship have four distinct branches. 1. Bible Studies and Life Skills 2. 12 Step Addiction Recovery 3. Mentoring and Discipleship 4. Resource Distribution

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 12:00
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