Grace Place International

GRACE PLACE INTERNATIONAL is designed to be a companion ministry for Believers all over the world. Our focus is to encourage God's children, through Worship and the Word, and share the Kingdom Life Principle.

Sharing the incredible message of God's Grace that changes lives allowing you to experience Kingdom Life here on earth! Our desire is for Christians to know that as Believers God has given them an inheritance that can be used right now, here on earth. Using your inheritance changes your Earthlife experience allowing you to experience KINGDOM LIFE now! "Know Your Birthright! Change Your Earthlife! Experience Kingdom Life!"

Mission: Sharing Kingdom Life with the World

God promises to supply all you need, according to His riches in Glory, by Christ Jesus! That is a BIG BANK! Here's a blank check, drawn through the GPI branch office, ready for you to save, print and fill in! Just write in the date, your name and your need... Jesus Christ has already signed it! Then endorse the back and get ready for your withdrawal! BTW, print enough to share with your friends!

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Our God is the same, yesterday, today and forever! What He said to King David, He says to each of His children today! May we all find peace under His refuge. Enjoy this powerful passage today!
Psalm 91
1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!"
3 For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, And from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with His pinions, And under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.
5 You will not be afraid of the terror by night, Or of the arrow that flies by day;
6 Of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon.
7 A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not approach you.

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Here is a Kingdom Life Bible Study for you. God wants you to know He is in the Prosperity business… and Satan is in the Poverty business. As you stay near the Lord in prayer, and desire to abide in His words, you will see victory after victory.
Click the link to download your FREE Bible Study:

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Praise God for THE LIGHT that continually shines in darkness and lights our path!

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Acts 20: 36 & 37 "When he had said these things, he knelt down and prayed with them all. And they began to weep aloud and embraced Paul, and repeatedly kissed him."
HUGGING releases natural GOOD CHEMICALS! If the Apostle Paul and the Elders hugged... maybe we should follow their example! I AM GIVING YOU A BIG "GOD HUG" TODAY! :)

#graceplaceintl #hugsomeone

We live in a world full of toxins! They are in the air, in our food, in our bodies, and even in our brains! Too many toxins can cause serious damage. So maybe it’s time to DETOX! If you are feeling overwhelmed and covered by access stress, maybe it’s time to consider how to detox! God has a plan for how you can accomplish this in every area of your life! Click the link to read & download 13 STEPS TO DETOX YOU LIFE... I pray it blesses you.

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Rejoice today.... You have God's favor and blessings!

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From Valleta Lanier, GPI Director

Well, I'm home! Last week at this time my heart was racing, which took me to the ER, which led me to the hospital, which led me to a 6 hour procedure, that they thought was going to last 3 hours. The extent of the damage in the electrical system in my heart was greater than they thought. It was supposed to be in an out in 2 days. The day I started to go home, a Spirit filled nurse, watched me closely. She said... "You are not going home. I am cancelling this dismissal" God had definitely guided her. By night fall I felt as if my whole body was tight and I could't get air because my lungs were being affected. I could not stand without passing out. Long story short, the procedure burned the main artery into my heart and the lining of my heart, which was inflaming my lungs. There was a time on Wednesday and Thursday that I thought I was going home to see the Lord. At first they did not know what was wrong, hence they weren't sure how to treat me. A sonogram revealed the problem. I am on lots of bed rest and medication for 3 months so my heart does not have lasting damage. I believe your prayers, and those of many others, kept me here. Thank you.

Remember today... God and Jesus Love You! Happy Valentine's Day from your GPI Team.

The eternal love of God.

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The JOY of the LORD is your strength! In the midst of many struggles, choose JOY! It will bring you God's strength.

#graceplaceintl #thejoyofthelord

The Lord Jesus was all God and all man. I like it that He understood being tired, in every way. He knew that there were times when we just needed to rest from the demands of the world. So, He said COME AWAY, BY YOURSELF & REST. That means put everything aside, clear your mind, curl up somewhere all by yourself and rest your mind and your body. Isn't that good. Jesus did it and He is our example. He knew just how limiting these human bodies can be and that they were made for times of rest. So, take that time when you can. Don't worry about what others may think. Just ask yourself, is the Lord telling me it's time to rest? Then enjoy the refreshing.

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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17
This verse is ALWAYS packed full of incredible Kingdom Life truths for all of God's children! Did you know that you are already hidden in Christ, and He is in God, and we are sealed there by the Holy Spirit? Did you know that the moment you were born again, God made you a NEW CREATION? Did you know that in God's eyes old things have passed away? Did you know that ALL things have become NEW? Through the creative breath of God, as His child, you are not the same! And guess what? You are forever NEW! Let go of the old and grab hold of the NEW creation and things God has made just for you!

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[02/06/20]   THE THRONE OF GRACE! "Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." Hebrews 4:16
Praise His holy name, God's children can come before the Throne of Grace WITH CONFIDENCE at any time, especially during times of need, and ALWAYS receive God's mercy and find His grace! Do you have a need? Are you hurting? RUN now to God's Throne of Grace!!

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Thank you Lord, that we can rest in you, morning, noon and night!

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Gary Lanier Music

Enjoy this encouraging song with Worship Leaders, Gary Lanier and Leah Lanier. If you would like a Listening MP3, find the link below.

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Worship Music
My daughter, Leah, and I are having fun sharing A Miracle Is Going To Happen. This is definatly "Live Worship"! It's a song of encouragement, saying... Speak to the mountain and watch it MOVE! Push the play button and join the praise! Here's links to the available music:

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Thank you, God, for giving every Believer healing power through Jesus Christ!

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Gary Lanier Music

PLACE OF GRACE is the worship theme song for Grace Place. Enjoy listening to the Live Worship with Worship Leaders, Gary Lanier and Leah Lanier. Find more info below the video.

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Place of Grace is a worship song I wrote that expresses praise for a place where the Grace of God abounds. When you know the Lord, that place is anywhere you are! Listen to the Live Worship with Leah & me and sing along. Here's links to some availavble products:
LISTENING MP3: (Add this to your MP3 collection and sing along anytime!)

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Just a reminder... Doesn't it feel good to be loved, unconditionally, by God!

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PRAISE GOD... HE HAS MADE YOU FREE! True freedom comes through Christ. His sacrifice set us free from the old and gave NEW LIFE! We belong to God's Forever Family and His abundance is poured into our lives. Enjoy your freedom in Christ, making sure not to abuse it, thanking God for His love and forgiveness that has set you FREE!

#graceplaceintl #freeinchrist

God's favor is yours. Every step you take, every minute of the day you are walking in His favor. No mater your circumstance, realize that you have GOD'S INCREDIBLE FAVOR!

#graceplaceintl #godsfavor

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being all we need.

#graceplaceintl #jesusisall

Worry robs you of joy. It robs you of peace. It robs you of trust in God. Jesus encouraged us not to worry, but to trust in our Heavenly Father for everything. Sometimes it is very difficult to do, but just remember, most of us deal with worry. So we need to set our minds and hearts on God, trust Him, and allow Him to prove Himself faithful to each of us. Wherever you are in the world right now, we pray that you will experience worry free days and the joy of the Lord flowing through you like a river.

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Are you seeking direction today? Are you unsure of a decision that has to be made in the next few days, or weeks... God has a DIRECTION for you. Sometimes it seems opposite to the way we would go, but His way is ALWAYS right. Trust Him, and follow in His DIRECTION today! When God is leading, even though you don't see anything on the horizon, you know you're on the right path!

#graceplaceintl #godwilllead #godspath

[01/16/20]   You have two powerful prayer partners... Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit!

There are times when everyone feels weak, even the Apostle Paul. But he knew the secret to finding strength... "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME!" Wow... ALL things. Be encouraged today. It's OK to say you feel weak. That's when God's supernatural strength will fill you, and you will be able to do ALL THINGS!

#graceplaceintl #godsstrength

"See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are." 1 John 3:1
Don't you love children? When God looks at you, He sees His child. He has lavished you with His love. Trust Him. Rest in Him. He promises to ALWAYS care for His children.

#graceplaceintl #godwillcareforyou

Wow, we have a brand new year ahead of us! God has so many special things for you this year. Trust Him, seek Him, love Him, talk to Him, listen to Him, follow Him. Experience His abundance this year... He created it for you!

#graceplaceintl #newyear #followgod

Whatever tough situation you are going through, remember, God is with you. He knows every word you speak before they are formed on your tongue and every hair on your head. His promises never fail. He is faithful and you can place your trust in Him. He will walk with you through every tough situation. Thank Him, for His ever present help in times of trouble.

#graceplaceintl #godisfaithful

The Word says... "You have not because you ask not." God wants His children to come to Him with ALL their needs. Ask God today... He is waiting.

#graceplaceintl #askgod

Thank you, God. You have blessed Your children beyond measure. May we use these blessings to bring glory to Him and build the Kingdom of God.

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God speaks to us every day! The desire of His heart is for you to hear Him and know His plan for your life. Here's a simple booklet from Valleta Lanier that we thought you might enjoy. She shares some of her personal encounters with God and ways she has learned, by faith, to hear His words. Just click the link and download... our gift to you!

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God’s grace, seen in Jesus Christ, is greater than all sin! The law was given so that we could understand that we cannot keep it! We live free of the law, enjoying God’s grace! Click the link below and print the short Bible study!

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Enjoy the Worship Music that we sing at GPI Gatherings. Click the link below and sing along with the worship videos.

#graceplaceintl #garylaniermusic #worshipmusic Jeff Reynolds was an average guy. He was a husband, father, and a hard-working professional. One bad decision caused his life to go straight into the dumpster. He found himself responsible for a drunk-driving accident that claimed the life of an innocent victim. Would Jeff lose his freedom, his fami...

Take a few minutes to Worship with Gary Lanier. Enjoy GPI's Theme Song, PLACE OF GRACE. Just click the link and sing along:

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It's a brand new year and God has many wonderful plans for you. Yes, there will be some tough things to walk through, but He is there to guide you all the way. Just trust Him don't stop walking!

#graceplaceintl #godsgoodthings #keepwalking

HAPPY BLESSED NEW YEAR from Grace Place International and Gary & Valleta Lanier.
#graceplaceintl #happynewyear2020

2020 AHEAD!
Ahhh... feel the cool breeze blowing through your fingers. That is all of the past passing through and moving behind you. See the wide open road in front of you... that is what lies ahead in 2020 with all of God's open doors of opportunity. Decide now to embrace it all!

#graceplaceintl #newyear2020

Grace Place International

God has called you to make a difference in the world. View this short video to learn what Gary Lanier believes about God's calling in your life.

#graceplaceintl #godscalling

God has called you to make a difference in the world. View this short video to learn what Gary Lanier believes about God's calling in your life.

YOUR PATH for 2020...
God has designed a special path for you to walk. It won't be like any others, because each of His children are unique. You will meet others along the way, and some will stay a short time and some a lifetime. At times you will feel all alone as you walk this path. It will take you places you have never gone before. But be assured, you are not alone. The Spirit of God is inside you, guiding every step. Just listen closely! He knows the Father's heart and exactly what you are to do and where you are to go. Do you feel uncertain of the next step tonight? That's OK... that's part of the adventure. But God is not uncertain. He wants you to help Him change the world. Sound like too much for you? Remember, God designed this path and He wants you to lean on Him. It won't be hard and it will lead to happiness in your heart. God is guiding, Thank you, Father.

#graceplaceintl #2020godpath

The reason we CELEBRATE!

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"Have you ever fallen out of the loop? Maybe the people you hung out with nudged you out of their circle. Everyone experiences REJECTION in some area of their life, whether it is business, family or relationship. Just remember, Jesus was rejected and God had purpose in it. One thing is for sure, when the Lord is in your life, REJECTION is out of the loop, and ACCEPTANCE is in!" ~ Gary Lanier

#graceplaceintl #godlovesyou #rejection

Keep taking those steps, no matter how small they may seem, down God's path for you and SUDDENLY you will reach your God given goal!

#graceplaceintl #godsgoal

eMusic for Worship

Take a few minutes and worship with Gary Lanier and Leah Lanier through this beautiful song, I LIFT YOU HIGH.

#graceplaceintl #worship #garylaniermusic #leahlaniermusic

I LIFT YOU HIGH is a beautiful worship song written by Gary Lanier. It will cause you to lift high your praise for the Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father. Find FREE sheet music and FREE worship video at
#garylaniermusic #worshipmusic #leahlaniermusic #emusicforworship

Experience Kingdom Life Everyday

Sharing the incredible message of God's Grace that changes lives allowing you to experience Kingdom Life here on earth! Our desire is for Christians to know that, as Believers, God has given them an inheritance that can be used right now, here on earth. Using your inheritance changes your Earthlife experience allowing you to experience KINGDOM LIFE now! "Know Your Birthright! Change Your Earthlife! Experience Kingdom Life!"

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General information

GRACE PLACE INTERNATIONAL is designed to be a companion ministry for Believers all over the world. Our focus is to encourage God's children, through Worship and the Word and share the Kingdom Life Principle. The KINGDOM LIFE principle is very simple... GPI believes the moment you are born again, as a Child of God you receive a BIRTHRIGHT. One day, for all of eternity, we will live in the presence of God, and experience a life free from tribulation and struggles. But for now, we are living this EARTHLIFE, and it is full of tribulation and struggle. Yet, Jesus said “abundantly”. So, we believe that when you understand your BIRTHRIGHT, apply it to your EARTHLIFE, you will begin to experience the abundant KINGDOM LIFE! Can it be that simple? God never meant for it to be hard. Jesus did all the work for us. Jesus said in John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” There is a stark contrast between the plan of the “thief”, which we know to be Satan with his forces, and Jesus. One brings death, and the other gives life. In this one verse Jesus tells us His purpose in coming to earth... to give life. We find that life, eternally, when we believe in Him and we are born again into God’s family. But Jesus didn’t stop there. He said he wanted us to experience life abundantly! And that abundant life, even in the midst of EARTHLIFE struggles, is called KINGDOM LIFE! GPI is here to encourage you in your EARTHLIFE. May you experience KINGDOM LIFE TODAY! Gary & Valleta Lanier Co-Founders Mike Stephens, Ministry Staff Vanetta Stephens, Ministry Staff
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