Cosmopolitan Congregation of Dallas

Cosmopolitan Congregation of Dallas


The official launch of Will Horn Ministries will take place the weekend of October 15-16 in Dallas, TX and YOU need to be here!
There is an emerging paradigm that says that there is MORE to God and MORE than church as we have known it! If you're ready to dig deeper, expand your awareness and tap into your divine power meet me there! This is going to be an incredible worship experience!
The weekend is FREE and open to the public! If you're traveling to Dallas you may book your room at the link below.

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Hope it's ok to share a word to encourage.
A pastor was traveling last week,
he saw an old man, and gave him
a lift. While they were going, the
old man said; my son, do you
know what happened in Heaven
last night? The pastor was so
terrified and hurriedly parked
and asked; Sir, are you sleeping?
How did you get the information
about Heaven? The Old man said;
last night in Heaven God became
very angry with man and asked
the Angels to blow the trumpet.
The angels picked up the
trumpets and they were about to
blow it WHEN, Jesus fell down
and began to plead in tears. The
blood that came out of His hands
and body were very fresh. He told
God that His death shouldn't be
in vain. God couldn't stand the
pains of the saint and the
wickedness of the evil ones. So
LAST CHANCE." JESUS then turned
to the angels and told them to
move down in their numerous
numbers to tell the world that:
The pastor (sweating and crying)
asked; sir, how did you know
this? The OLD MAN replied; I am
one of the Angels sent to the
World. Please use every medium
of communication to send this
message. No
time to waste, Please! And the
old man disappeared. Brethren,
this story is real, Christ is coming
LIST....I Have done my part, it's
now your turn to spread the
Gospel. No wealth can be
compared to life everlasting in
Heaven. Jesus i luv u Jesus i luv u
Jesus i luv u. Send to 100 people u
wll pass all exam in life!
Amen , Jesus came to be duplicated, Not celebrated 💪🏾❤️
COSMO CARES has once again served our community. We had the opportunity to serve with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation... Cycle 4 Life. It was absolutely great. 60 mi. 30mi races
Good Morning COSMO, 😁

I am your Announcement Clerk for today Min. Ecole Hutton.


Please be advised that COSMO CARES has an event tomorrow evening August 24, 2019 at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas
4707 Bengal St l Dallas, TX l 75235.

Everyone that signed up to volunteer on tomorrow please arrive @ 5:45pm in COSMO CARE/COSMO GEAR. If you do not have either or please DO NOT STAY AT HOME! IT'S OK!!! Also make sure that you have your ID available we all have to sign in and show our ID's. Activities began at 6:30pm promptly and ending at 8:30pm.

We also ask that everyone come prepared to have hands on and be willing to engage with all children and their families. We love you guys and thank you for your support. Can't wait to see you guys on tomorrow!!


These are your ANNOUNCEMENTS for today. Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Respectfully Submitted,

Min. Ecole Hutton
Hey Cosmo friends and family, immediately after service today at 1pm we will head to the Peagus Complex DIS.912 S. ERVAY STREET Dallas TX to pass out shoes and sandwiches to those that may be in need. If you can join us to serve in the community it is much appreciated.
Hey Cosmo friends and family. Today immediately after service at 1pm we will head to the Peagus Complex DIS.912 S. ERVAY STREET DAL to pass out shoes and sandwiches to those that may be in need. If you can join us to serve in the community it is much appreciated.
Happy love day Cosmo!! Uncle Ced will be back in the house this Sunday morning. I’m so excited and full to overflowing to be back with you. What an incredible encounter we’ve been having. Invite everyone you know to come elevate with us! You already know how we do...5 4 3 2 1 Level UP! (More like dimension up lol) See you Sunday!!

Progressive worshiping
community in The City Place area of Dallas
- Sunday worship - 11:00 am
- Wednesday LIFE Class - 7:30 pm

We are people from all walks of life who have come together for one purpose; to serve God by serving others! We celebrate the fact that we are from many different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. We are Black, White, Latino, Asian and multi-racial. We're young and old; traditional and contemporary. We truly embrace diversity and would love the opportunity to embrace you! If you're

Operating as usual

[09/01/19]   ‪We have to stop needing to hear a word. Instead we need to apply the word we’ve already been given. Learn to be the word! #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams‬

[09/01/19]   ‪“Thy kingdom come” means gives me access to the dimension. Open up the world of limitlessness in me. #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams‬

[09/01/19]   ‪Stronghold is systematic ideology established through the sustainment of information. #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams‬

[09/01/19]   ‪The Kingdom of God is the illumination and energy of a limitless dimension. Limitlessness is in you. #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams‬

[09/01/19]   ‪When you can see the God in you, it’s impossible for you not to see the God in everything around you. #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams‬

[08/25/19]   Anything you’re bold enough to put on the check, God is courageous enough to cash the check! You have a blank check. The question is what are you going to put on the check? It’s already been signed. #DLC3 #PastorCedAdams

[08/25/19]   I am is spirit. I am is intentional that you would be. Whatever you attach to I am is what you manifest. It is what you become. #iAm #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams

[08/25/19]   We are worried about life after death. Life after death will take care of itself if you get life after birth right. #DLC3 #PastorCedricAdams

[08/25/19]   ‪The church has to stop trying to make you feel something. The church must get in your head so that you know something! #DLC3 #PastorCedAdams ‬

[08/18/19]   A person with experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument. #LifeClass #PastorCedricAdams

Texas Water Development Board Taps Sandbranch for Grant

Grant Earmarked to Fund Water Infrastructure
August 15, 2019, DALLAS - The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has invited The Sandbranch Development and Water Supply Corporation (SDWSC) to apply for the TWDB Drinking Water State Revolving Fund grants to build new water and wastewater infrastructures in Sandbranch. The SDWSC grant proposals ranked number one and number three in the state indicating the severity of need in the community.
The amount of grant monies Sandbranch could receive is still to be determined; however, engineers working with the SDWSC will include planning, design, and acquisition details in the application. Those details will enable the TWDB to designate actual dollar amounts for the project.
Mary Nash, president of the SDWSC board said, “Our board has worked hard to bring Sandbranch to this point. Clearly, the TWDB recognizes the health and safety needs of this community by scoring our sewer project as the number one highest priority in the state and our water project as the number three highest priority in the state. We still have a long way to go, but this is a very important hurdle for getting water and wastewater service in Sandbranch. We’re looking forward to completing our applications then moving on to the next steps in the process.”
Nash went on to say, “Sandbranch has a rich history as a freedman’s community, but it also has a bright future. Sandbranch was vibrant at one time, and it can and will be vibrant again.”
The SDWSC application is due to the TWDB by September 27. Grant awards and amounts will be announced late in 2019 or early 2020.
About Sandbranch Development and Water Supply Corporation (SDWSC) The Sandbranch Development and Water Supply Corporation (SDWSC) was incorporated in March 2016. Pursuant to the Texas Water Code, the purpose of a water supply corporation is to provide water supply, sewer service, or both for a municipality, a private corporation, an individual, or a military camp or base. The SDWSC is governed by a board of five directors, all of whom are property owners in the community. The board is taking all steps necessary to operate as a fully functioning water supply corporation on behalf of Sandbranch residents.

About Sandbranch...everybody's community! Sandbranch…everybody’s community! (SEC) was organized to assist in bringing water/wastewater infrastructure and social services to residents of Sandbranch, an unincorporated community in the Southeastern corner of Dallas County. This community has been without running water for over 30 years. SEC supports all aspects of the ongoing water rights efforts in Sandbranch; coalesces and communicates with residents about the water rights process; provides business, education, legal, administrative, and public relations support and counsel to the SDWSC; and spearheads the Strategic Vision and Plan for Improvements to the Sandbranch Community to help shape and revitalize the community in the future.

[08/11/19]   In YOU verses in the Bible. Remember everything is about you:

- Luke 17
- Romans 9:17
- Galatians 4:19
- Collossion 1:26
- Philippians 2:13
- Ephesians 3:20
- Romans 8:18
- John 15:5
- 2 Timothy 1:6

#CosmoDallas #PastorCedAdams

[08/11/19]   Ego is Edging God Out. You can’t be God and have enemies. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. #CosmoDallas #PastorCedAdams

[08/11/19]   Faith is spiritual perception of what God has already done. #CosmoDallas #PastorCedAdams

[08/03/19]   Join us tomorrow morning at 9AM for Life Class. We will begin a new series: "The Making of ME". #YouShouldBeHere #LifeClass #CosmoDallas

[07/31/19]   When you understand who you are in the prophetic, your prayers go from petition to declaration! #CosmoDallas #Ignite #OneNightRevival

[07/29/19]   Hey family! The church has been donated some furniture and we need help moving it today. Do we have any members available to meet us at church at 4 to help?


The Cosmo Loading Party was tonight! We are ready to bless the people in the morning. We are partnering with the North Texas Food bank to be a blessing to the community of Sand Branch. Thanks to all that came tonight to load the truck for tomorrow. See you at 7am ready to serve.
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We are reaching the end of our water drive for the sand branch community. We are still shy of our goal of 600 cases of water. Please bring your cases to the church by Friday at 7pm. If you are unable to physically bring them, we are still collecting donations via cash app ($CosmoDallas). Don’t forget to join us:

Loading Party- Friday, June 28, 2019 at 7pm
Delivery day- Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 7am


We would like to say thank you to all of our members who came out to serve at Minnie’s Food Pantry. They put out a call for cereal boxes this week and we couldn’t come empty handed. We donated 89 lbs (56 boxes) of cereal!

Today we were able to serve:
88 families
243 people
6,160 pounds of food
5,133 Meals
Processed 8 pallets of food

It’s a great feeling to show that Cosmo Cares!!!

#CosmoCares #CosmoDallas


Class is in session with Pastor Cedric Adams!

#LifeClass #CosmoDallas


Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.
We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack transgender sisters here in Dallas. #BlackTransLivesMatter #transgender #cosmodallas #cosmocares #Dallas #Texas


Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.
We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack transgender sisters here in Dallas. #BlackTransLivesMatter #transgender #cosmodallas #cosmocares #Dallas #Texas


Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.
We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack transgender sisters here in Dallas. #BlackTransLivesMatter #transgender #cosmodallas #cosmocares #Dallas #Texas


Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.
We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack transgender sisters here in Dallas. #BlackTransLivesMatter #transgender #cosmodallas #cosmocares #Dallas #Texas

[05/29/19]   Due to inclement weather conditions, Cosmo has closed for the day. Life Class and all evening events have been cancelled. Please pass this information along.


We have put out the word and people are responding in great numbers! Sis. Keisha was talking with her supervisor yesterday about our efforts and they have agreed to adopted the mission as well. They will be collecting water and donations at her job to add to our inventory. We are going to make a major impact on the lives within this community one case at a time.

If you need an 501(c)3 ask letter for your job or any other organization, please email [email protected] with your request.

#CosmoDallas #CosmoCares #WaterDrive #SandbranchCommunity



In lieu of our regular mid-week LIFE Class, the ministers and members of COSMO will attend a candlelight vigil and provide spiritual support for the friends and family of Ms. Muhlaysia Booker who was murdered here in Dallas this past week.

The vigil will be held tonight at 7:30pm at Lagow Park - 3320 Reed St. in South Dallas. #cosmodallas #cosmocares #socialjustice #translivesmatter #muhlaysiabooker #pleaseshare

[05/15/19]   Is the "middle"an uncomfortable or comfortable place for you? "What do you do when you're in the middle" Join Minister Cassandra Stephens as she brings this topic life to life class tonight at 7:30pm. #LifeClass #YouShouldBeHere 05/10/2019

2019 Voice of the Congregation

We would like to take a moment to hear your voice. Please complete this anonymous survey about Cosmopolitan Congregation of Dallas. This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.


To all of the worship and fine arts departments of Cosmo, we would like to thank you for a job well done today.

To our creative director Ecole Hutton, we thank you for your vision and ability to keep us all together. Because of your direction and perseverance, we were able to execute in excellence.

To every praise team member, choir member, stage hand, usher, greeter, and Cosmo Kid... we thank you for allowing the Lord to minister through you today.

Thank you to Minister Bethany Freeman and #TroyButler for your monologues to enhance the understanding of a Brand New Life!

Thank you to #KeishaRoss for your sermonic dance on the greatest demonstration of love.

Thanks to Pastor Will Horn for delivering a word that touched so many. Teaching us that when Jesus stood at the tomb calling the name of a dead man, He wasn't talking to the man Lazarus! He was talking to Himself (Lazarus = El'eazar -"God is my help!").

Cosmo thanks each of you for your service and dedication today. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Job well done.

#CosmoDallas #ResurrectionSunday #ABrandNewLife


Grab your friends and family and join COSMO this Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate "A Brand New Life!" #cosmodallas #resurrectionsunday #pastorwillhorn


He’s back! Pastor Will Horn #cosmodallas #CallMeNene


I absolutely LOVE teaching LIFE CLASS! I would love it if you would join me tonight! This is the space where we address practical matters with Biblical principles. #cosmodallas #cosmolifeclass #biblestudy #willhorn #pastorwillhorn


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Calling all players: spades, dominoes, etc.... Name your game! We are celebrating our 6th church anniversary with a fellowship game night and would love for you to come celebrate with us. All we ask is that you bring your A-Game and a side dish or dessert. We will also have a contest for the best side dish and dessert. Let the games begin!

FEBRUARY 23, 2019
1812 N. Haskell Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
From 7pm to 11pm

All are welcome to attend!!!

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Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack trans...
Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack trans...
Using our voices on PENTECOST Sunday.We are asking all of our friends to stand with us as we stand with our lBlack trans...
Pastoral Anniversary
Pastoral Anniversary
Life Class is happening!!! W/ MIT Alex Winfrey Topic: When God Speaks
#YOUshouldbehere #Lifeclass
#YouSouldBeHere #LifeClass #Cosmo
#lifeclass  #YOUshouldbehere
#cosmoLIFEclass #YOUshouldbehere 😏😍🤓😜
I Love my Church Day Commercial- Totally awesome MUST WATCH




1812 N Haskell Ave
Dallas, TX
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