St. Monica Fine Arts, Dallas, TX Video March 24, 2017, 5:36pm

Videos by St. Monica Fine Arts in Dallas. Leading the music of parish liturgies, strengthening the community life of the parish, and reaching out to the greater Dallas community through music.

St. Monica Fine Arts - Dubois Concert Preview

Concert sneak peek from our final dress rehearsal! We hope to see you tomorrow evening!

Other St. Monica Fine Arts videos

Organ Duo Recital Teaser 2
If you recognize the melody in the first 15 seconds, hit "Share"! Are you curious what six of the greatest John Williams movie themes ever would sound like on a grand church organ? Come hear Conner McMains's original John Williams Medley and other exciting music you wouldn't normally hear on Sunday mornings at 'Never On a Sunday' this Friday at 7:30pm at St. Monica Catholic Church! Free and open to all!

Never On a Sunday Teaser
Ever wonder what a thunderstorm (that's interrupting a concert (which is taking place on a lake)) sounds like on St. Monica's mighty organ? Come to 'Never On a Sunday', this Friday at 7:30pm. Music you wouldn't normally hear at church and the program is free and open to all! (Turn up your volume to hear a little teaser)

One of the many carols for this Saturday’s Christmas concert - Celebration of Carols. Please join us for a great evening of music for the Christmas season!

Baylor University organists are warming up for tonight’s recital - come enjoy an exciting and varied program at 7:30pm. It's free!

Patriotic Concert
Here is quick video of our choir singing "O, Shenandoah" at the Patriotic Concert!

1 day left! Here’s another teaser for you! Come join us for this FREE event and bring the entire family! St. Monica Fine Arts Patriotic Concert TOMORROW! Saturday, June 30 Picnic: 6pm Concert: 7pm

2 days left until the annual St. Monica Fine Arts Patriotic Concert! Looking forward to sharing some wonderful music with everyone! Here’s a sneak peek from our dress rehearsal this evening.

45 minutes until the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir concert starts! Join St. Monica Fine Arts as the choir starts it’s Texas tour.

Phantom of the Opera!
It's not scary... it's just great fun and very entertaining! Join us tomorrow night!

St. Monica Choir
Here is a preview of TOMORROW NIGHT's concert. Change your other plans and join the St. Monica Choir and orchestra, children's choirs, and handbells in their Christmas Concert. It will be a wonderful evening, so bring family and friends! Saturday, December 9 7:30 p.m. St. Monica Catholic Church Midway/Walnut Hill Reception to follow

The brass quintet is ready for this weekend's Independence Day Concert! Plan your best red, white and blue outfit and get ready to sing so you'll be ready also! Saturday, July 1, 2017 Picnic at 6:00 pm Concert at 7:00 pm

The choir performed a stunning piece at today's morning Masses. If you missed it, watch this clip!

St. Monica Fine Arts - Dubois Concert Preview
Concert sneak peek from our final dress rehearsal! We hope to see you tomorrow evening!

JFilsell Rachm Clip
Join St. Monica Fine Arts and friends tomorrow evening, at 7:30, to hear the complete Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances. (Turn your speakers down as it starts.)

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