Brickhouse at The Potter's House

Brickhouse at The Potter's House


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Brickhouse is dedicated to helping young adults become the best young adults they can be! Brick is WHERE CHANGE HAPPENS!!! Young Adult Experience @The Potter's House of Dallas, TX, located in Dallas, TX

BRICKHOUSE, is a bi-weekly worship experience for young adults of the millennial generation (18- thirtysomething) Brick is a Movement with a Message! Brick happens on Friday nights at 7:00PM @The Potter's House of Dallas located at 6777 W. Keist Blvd. Dallas, TX 75236

Mission: Helping young adults become the best young adults they can be! Brick is WHERE CHANGE HAPPENS!!!

In the midst of the Corona Virus, we are praying for you 🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿 #covid_19 #pray #for #one #another #corona #believe #virus #love

We would like to take the time to celebrate Pastor @Onteriogreen & Lady @Crystaltgreen for their awesome service and leadership of 5 years! May God bless your next assignment! #Brickhouse #Blessed #TPHDallas

#YoungAdults we have reserved seats just for you! Seating closes at 8:45am! #beabringer #brickseats #tphdallas

God put you here to be a LIGHT! Is yours shining for those around you to see? - Matthew 5:16 #Inspiration #Friday #Repost @bishopjakes

Today will either go exactly as you've planned or life's unexpected twists and turns will confront you at any given moment. Whatever happens use it to learn and grow then share the lessons. Each one, teach one and we'll all become better. #Repost @sarahjakesroberts

I’m grateful for my successes and my failures are lessons. In the end, you always win. Failure isn’t intended to be permanent. It’s only permanent if you stay there. Get up and dust yourself off because now you know what not to do next time. Sometimes growth is being honest with yourself about your mistakes. Growth isn’t comfortable, but it is the most needed. “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you” (1 Peter 5:10). It’s in the losses that we really learn what we are made of. Don’t be afraid to fail because you are destined to win.⠀ #ILearnedFromMyLosses #TPHOnline #Repost @bishopjakes

Purpose looked past my flaws and insecurities and still saw fit to use me anyway. Now everything that I thought disqualified me has actually made it easier for people to connect with me. I wonder what He’s going to do with you once you realize that He can use every part of you? #Repost @sarahjakesroberts

“Love is proven by choice and sacrifice.” God’s adoration for mankind is greater than any love that the world has ever known. How could our perfect God regard a universe of imperfect people, with such reverence? Despite our flaws, God chose to gift us what He knew we didn’t deserve – Jesus Christ! Our Almighty Father sacrificed His only begotten Son so that we could have eternal life. (John 3:16) Know that love is proven by choice and sacrifice. If you want to experience real love, you must understand that your life is not your own. Your life belongs to God. When you make a choice to sacrifice your will for God’s, He provides you with an open heaven connection. That means divine favor and an abundance of blessings with your name on it!
#Repost @bishopjakes

Always remember ... He is with you. You have the strength to endure !! #phil413 #MorningDevotional

The going rate for promotion is integrity. Character and consistency are the dues for membership in the next level. God graced us with talents and passions that got us into rooms we wouldn’t have imagined being in, but whether we stay in those rooms is up to us. Consistency has a lasting reward attached. “Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him” (James 1:12). When your integrity is tested, your real character will surface. Is it integrity or personal advancement?⠀

Select the link in my bio to watch the rebroadcast of #ILearnedFromMyLosses #Repost @bishopjakes

“Help me, Heavenly Father, to find the time this day to be alone with You.” #AspireToInspirePrayer #DaySpring #Repost @seritajakes⠀

“Being relentless will get you there.” - @bishopjakes⠀
If Joshua and the Israelites stopped marching the city of Jericho on the fourth time around or the sixth, they would’ve never received the Promised Land. The promise is always attached to a process and the hardest part is right before you see what you’ve been working towards. “So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up” (Galatians 6:9). To take hold of the blessing that God has for you, you must persevere. Keep pushing because you will reap if you don’t give up.
#Repost @tphdallas

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? How would you live if you’d never met pain? Who would you become if doubt wasn’t in the way?
You have the idea, but have you put the plan in action? You want the marriage to work, but have you worked on forgiveness? The business could be up and running, but your insecurities keep holding you back. This #transformationtuesday I’m praying that God would give you the ability to be empty so that He can fill you with His spirit. Because transformation doesn’t just occur without opposition. You can have a vision, but the work required to make it a reality often keeps many of us feeling stagnant.
Until Now!
With God’s grace I want to help you remove the opposition keeping you from being effective so that you have the ability to establish new patterns and rhythms that reveal and facilitate God’s glorious purpose for you.

Message Title: Keys & Opposition #Repost @sarahjakesroberts

My God...⠀
@onteriogreen #repost

“Once you build a culture around losing, even when people try to get you to win, you will acquiesce back to your thinking." - @ bishopjakes You can catch the rebroadcast of #ILearnedFromMyLosses #SundaysAtTPH #Repost @tphdallas

"Being relentless will get you there, but being consistent will keep you there." - @BishopJakes #ILearnedFromMyLosses #TPHOnline #SundayMorning #Repost @tphdallas

#YoungAdults we have reserved seats just for you! Seating closes at 8:45am! #beabringer #brickseats #tphdallas

We must be careful not to get caught up into competing! @onteriogreen #mybrotherskeeper

God will sit down in the midst of your praise. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). He marvels in your worship because to worship means to have faith. The posture of worship comes from a place of knowing who God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. The quickest way to invite God into a situation is to thank Him for the blessing He is and remind yourself of His faithfulness in your life. May you find rest in Him, for the glory of God will enter into the midst of your praise and settle on your situation, making all things work together for your good. #WelcomeToTheFamily #TPHOnline #Repost @bishopjakes

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Youth Advisory Council
GAP Intercession Prayer
Deacons Ministry
Men’s Ministry
PMT Ushers
And our TORI Texas Offenders Reentry initiative
Were a few of the awesome Ministries of our church @tphdallas that was on display for our YA’s to learn about tonight and how they can volunteer/serve. #towelsovertitles @the_brick_ #Repost @onteriogreen

We’re less than one hour away!
#Brick #Friday #GetToBrick

It’s the final Brick of the year! Meet us there at 7pm!
#Brick #Countdown #Friday

“Jesus came to the cross so that you could become whole.” - @BishopJakes⠀
The only way to become whole is through Jesus. He is the one who stood between us and sin. Jesus was nailed to the cross, interceding on our behalf so that we could realize life more abundantly. When we surrender every area of our lives to Christ, we allow him to finally heal those broken, unsightly wounds that we’ve been covering up with proverbial bandages to no avail. He is faithful to reside in any space, where anger, depression, anxiety, shame, or abandonment once occupied. Regardless of what you’ve been through, know that you were reconciled through Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18). It is through Christ that you discover your life’s purpose. He came to the cross so that you could become whole. Watch the rebroadcast of #IGotThatHookUp at or on the TDJakes Mobile App #Repost @tphdallas

Join us tomorrow for our last Brick of the year tomorrow @7pm! We’ll see you there!
#Brick #FridayNight #GetToBrick

Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Your faith can be the only constant in times of trouble. #AspireToInspireFaith #EmotionalWellnessMatters #Repost @seritajakes

Join us for our last Brick of the year tomorrow @7pm! You don’t want to miss this! #BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

If you have faith in Jesus, you have access to the same blessing that was upon Abraham. So, I rebuke the clutch the enemy trying to have on your life! You are blessed!⠀
#IGotThatHookUp #TPHOnline #Repost @bishopjakes

Join us for Brick this Friday @7pm! You don’t want to miss this! #BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from the call of God on your life! You.... despite of where you come from, been through, or not been through and despite of people’s thoughts and opinions YOU are “FIT FOR THE CALL” of God on your life. God’s plan and purpose for you is FOR YOU!!! You are fit for HIS PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE! DO YOU! BE YOU! GROW YOU! #crystalgreen #cgreen #beloved #Fit #YouGotIt #God #destiny #plan #purpose #heyyou #Repost @crystaltgreen⠀

Join us for Brick this Friday @7pm! You don’t want to miss this! #BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

“God will bring greatness out of your limitation.” ⠀

The place at which we come to the end of ourselves is where the grace of God can come in. The grace of God is the gap filler. It closes up any area in which we lack. Whether it be in finances, strength, joy, or love, God’s grace makes up for our human shortcomings. “But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me” (2 Corinthians 12:9). When God puts His super on our natural, we become more than conquerors in Him. #IGotThatHookUp #TPHOnline #Repost @bishopjakes

Join us for Brick this Friday @7pm! We can’t wait to see you!
#BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

Your word is a lamp unto my feet... #Brick #study #survival #winning

Join us for Brick this Friday @7pm! We can’t wait to see you!
#BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

Go and be great!!! Stop hesitating and resisting, you're prolonging your blessings! Let go and let God! When the new season knocks, don't be leery in answering, God has destined you for greatness! #GO #GodIsFaithful #BeGreat #repost @crystalgreen

Join us for Brick this Friday @7pm! We can’t wait to see you!
#BrickFriday #YA #FridayNight

“We need to remember from where God brought us.” - @SeritaJakes⠀

When times get rough and you think you have nothing left to give, think about the goodness of God and all He has done for you. Sometimes we need to rehearse our faith to get through times of doubt. We all doubt. We all have questioned if God is even in our situation. But when we remember the many trials God has already brought us out of, we can feed on His faithfulness in times of famine. We can soak in salvation in times of sorrow. “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” (Psalm 103:2) The very breath in your body is a blessing worth praising God for.⠀

Stream #ShowMeYours and the entire #FallFamilyRevival on #BishopsVillage #Repost @bishopjakes

“There is nothing too hard for God.”⠀

God is blessed. He’s abundant. God is not hurting or in trouble. God has all power in His hands. God's mercy is not intimidated by your secret. God can strengthen your inner man. God created the earth and its inhabitants, so remember that nothing is too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:27). The God we serve is the same God that allowed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to enter into the fiery furnace and exit unscathed (Daniel 3). Why wouldn’t God be able to do the same for you? Trust and lean on Him, for His promises will follow you all the days of your life. You are His beloved child. So, be reassured in knowing that the challenges you may face today won’t last always! God has you covered. You are a part of the family. #WelcomeToTheFamily #Repost @bishopjakes

There was such an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude in the room during @SeritaJakes #FallFamilyRevival service. God, thank you for reviving Your people, and setting them on a path to freedom! #FallFamilyRevival #BishopsVillage #Repost @bishopjakes

It’s not too late! Don’t lose your focus! @onteriogreen #Brick #Focus #Motivation #FinishStrong

You can’t have power unless you connect to heaven." - @SarahJakesRoberts⠀
When we unite with God, we gain the power to facilitate change across our world. We have been called to be the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). We are to give the earth its flavor. So, when we connect to our power source – God – He is faithful to give us solutions. He is looking for someone who is willing to stand up when everyone else is willing to sit down. When you surrender your life to Him, He’s looking for you to readily stand up and leave the crowd. You were created to bring His flavor to the world. However, because not everyone will accept the “change agent” version of you, be prepared to go it alone. Unfortunately, some people have grown accustomed to the bland version of you and may not accept the emergence of the powerful change agent that resides within you. Whether or not others understand your calling, know that if God is for you, no one can come against you. Continue to listen to Him and watch His dunamis power transform the world! You can catch the rebroadcast of #WorthTheWait inside #BishopsVillage. Head to the link in the bio to watch. #FallFamilyRevival #Repost @tphdallas

John 3:30 #OurGodIsGreater #brick #humility #winning

“The enemy is afraid of your bravery. He is afraid that you just might walk in your purpose.” - @seritajakes #ShowMeYours #BishopsVillage #FallFamilyRevival #HappyThanksgiving #Repost @tphdallas

“You cannot grow and stay.”⠀

When God begins to transform you, He does so in the natural realm. Then, He disrupts the spiritual realm. This process disconnects you from your past. Growth should yield a change in you. Just like a baby developing in the mother’s womb, the baby outgrows this space. When you evolve, you no longer fit where you once were. So, staying in a place that you have outgrown will cause you to become stagnant. You’re not supposed to keep growing in your relationship with Christ and stay the same person. You are supposed to develop for His purpose. You may have to leave others behind in this process, but remember, our lives are not our own, but the Lord’s, so we must sacrifice to receive all that He has for us. Do not conform to the world, but renew yourself in Christ (Romans 12:2). Watch the rebroadcast of #TruthInducesLabor now at or on the TD Jakes Mobile App. #Repost @bishopjakes

One thing God will never share is HIS GLORY! All the Glory belongs to HIM! #Repost @onteriogreen⠀

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6777 W Keist Blvd
Dallas, TX

General information

Brick happens on Friday nights at 7:15PM @The Potter's House of Dallas, TX How can I become a Brick? Visit us our email: [email protected] To check for weekly updates and cancellations call our information line at 214 623-4000

Opening Hours

Friday 19:00 - 21:00
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