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Re-enactments of the real-life stories of Christian men who have overcome their same-s*x attractions. These are the true stories of men who have experienced healing for the emotional wounds which lead to their same-s*x attractions (SSA).

While society is embroiled in a war between two factions, what I call the "misguided Christians" and the "gay lobby", who purport to be on opposite sides of the issue of homos*xuality. One says there's something bad about SSA, so those who experience them must have chosen them, and the other says that they didn't choose them, so there must not be anything bad about them. The truth is, there are plenty of things in life which aren't good that we don't choose, so both groups are on the same wrong side. The truth is that same-s*x attractions are caused - at their root - by grief, a grief which has been disrespected by those closest to those with SSA. There is a path to hope and true love. Join with us to help us show the stories of those who have been healed - and how their lives have been transformed as a result.

[03/10/17]   I'm so sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Joe has been a corner stone of therapy for those who heal from the emotional traumas which lead to homos*xualities. I first met him at a NARTH conference, and when I gave him an advanced copy of Recently Straight, he said "This, we need more of this!" I suspect his ability to bless was a big factor in how productive he was as a therapist. He will be missed!

[06/16/16]   Before the news had gotten that specific, I knew that the Orlando shooting had taken place in a 'gay' bar. As reports came out over the hours, first a "club", then a "gay club", then the expected "ISIS" claim. I started reaching out to my friends who might have been in Orlando, or at that club. I haven't lost anyone directly this week. I have been reminded that we're here to agape God, and agape our neighbors as God loves us. That agape doesn't look like someone trying to control and take other's lives. It looks like sharing of ourselves and giving of our fruits.

[12/09/15]   Emergency! The Cincinnati City Council is set to ban Christian discipleship for professionals who are trained to help youth resolve their same-s*x attractions in accordance with God's word. This includes preventing professional support for children who have developed eroticized same-s*x attractions as the result of emotional or s*xual abuse. If you live near Cincinnati, please, PLEASE, try to convince the city council not to make this a law.

[11/09/15]   Recently, someone quoted Adrian Rogers, "it's better to be hated for telling the truth than loved for telling a lie." It seems like it's got all the bases covered, but it's assumes that you'll be asserting propositional syllogisms at someone. If that didn't make any sense, it's just my way of demonstrating that sometimes merely saying the truth isn't as powerful as doing the truth. We're reminded to "speak the truth in love" and far too often, we rationalize that if we aren't speaking truth we aren't loving. Let's turn the conditional around and check it out: "if you aren't in love with them, ...." Do I need to finish that sentence? I'm not suggesting lying or holding back when the Holy Spirit gives you the words or the nudge. But what nudge have you been listening to? The Holy Spirit or an inner emotional desire to correct them? Maybe there's another way to communicate love besides rational truth statements. Maybe being hated isn't the path to spreading the gospel and making disciples. ---- don't get me wrong, yes, some of us will be "hated for [Christ's] name sake", but it's also written that "you will be known by your love for each other". If we earnestly seek to love God with everything we are and love our neighbor as Christ has loved us, are most of them going to hate us or are the fortresses they've built up around their hearts (in desperate search of the safety and love which can come only from the true living God) going to let down the walls and let Him in?

[10/28/15]   Forgiveness is not just ignoring wrongdoing. It’s easy to say that forgiveness is not holding someone to the consequences of something else. But forgiveness also means paying the debt that belonged to someone else. Unfortunately, sometimes in religious education, we’re only taught the first half. And when the damage is primarily emotional, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that we have to pay an emotional toll. Grief work may be the price of paying of someone else’s debt. When we have incomplete theology on forgiveness, it can be easy to mistake forgetting or ignoring with forgiving. In healing from the unmet love needs and emotional wounds which lead to homos*xual desire, do we remember that we in essence need to be proactive in paying for those? We need to take responsibility (which is not the same as taking blame) to heal those wounds, and we need to take responsibility for seeking others who would love us in a healthy way.

[10/27/15]   One scene we didn't have the money to produce was when Kevin moved in with Brock and Caelan. Kevin's relationship with Kendrick ended abruptly and Kevin basically had to move out on a moment's notice. Caelan and Brock genuinely expressed care, concern for their friend, this is definitely one of their shining moments, and it's one I wish more Christians could learn from. This "Good Samaritan" plot element was introduced shortly before we went into production, because it happened to a real friend of mine. He had been benevolently given money by members of the gay community for his own place to live after being kicked out of his previous residence. I saw a concrete opportunity to explain the relationship between Kevin, Brock and Caelan in more depth, and quickly re-wrote the otherwise 'blah' line in which Kevin explains to his friends that he is living in a hotel. The script then picks up with Caelan trying to teach Kevin how to get back in relationships.
It's just another reminder to me that when we talk about "loving our neighbor", and we look at Christ's example of that, the parable of the Good Samaritan, that even someone who didn't follow the Jewish law would pick up someone considered untouchable by lawful culture and help him heal. Are we as modern Christians really this motivated? Would we really throw open the guest room for someone whose homos*xual relationship has just ended? What about someone in the middle of loneliness? What about someone we don't know but we've met at church? How connected are we to each other's realities? If we can't bring ourselves to match this level of hospitality present in the gay community, they aren't going to trust us when we tell them Jesus loves them.

[10/26/15]   Recently, someone claimed there was a "su***de scene" in Recently Straight. Of course, there is no su***de in a Recently Straight, only the true story of men who were dissuaded from su***de by God's promise of hope. Their story is one of broken relationships leading to a sense of hopelessness, a frustration in their relationships on Earth, and the deep-seated belief that the God of the Bible doesn't have good plans for them. The Biblical witness is much to the contrary. He has been pursuing us for a relationship, a deep relationship, one which is reflected in His metaphor of marriage, that the divine would unite with the Earthly. That we would become one, as a man and a woman become one through marriage.
"If these stories weren't true, there would be no point in telling them," said producer Ben Spratling. "The noticeably higher rates of su***de amongst 'gay'-identified people means we have to talk about this, and we have to offer true hope." Spratling, who lives his Christian witness into production took the command to not bare false witness to heart. "Thirteen years ago, I wrote a script about a man's deep relationship with a God who loves him and speaks back. I wrote some great lines for God, but as I was writing, He changed the lines. I argued with him for more than two days that my version was better, but, of course, He was right. I've taken it as a principle that I can't make up lines for God in this series. He won't be portrayed to have said anything He hasn't actually said. And talking me back from a su***de attempt by providing hope was what He did, and it's His message, word-for-word, that we have in the video, which was curiously left out of that media report. I needed the Christian community to know that Kevin is in serious peril, so I included a teaser of this in the beginning, I hope folks keep watching to the end, because the end is hope. The first episode of Recently Straight is available to watch for free to those who are over 18 on the recently straight website.


Two words named “affirmation” | Recently Straight

Is your church an "affirming" church? What is affirming churches aren't affirming, and non-affirming churches are? Two words named “affirmation” One church said “we are an affirming church”. The other church said “we are an affirming church”. One promotes same-s*x marriage, one does not. What is meant by “affirming”? In English, there are two definitions of the word, “affirm”. One is “to state as fact, stro…

[10/25/15]   If homos*xuality, as an attraction, is caused by 'shame' in 80% of males (as is reported by researchers), it means they need 'empathy' to heal. This means a critical part of beneficial and successful therapeutic approach is for clients to participate in healthy emotional support groups. Brainwashing, on the other hand, has as a critical component the removal of emotional support. In other words, going from gay to straight is diametrically opposed to the concepts of brainwashing.

[10/24/15]   A recent survey at NARTH, the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homos*xuality, found no members who were aware of any members who practice "Conversion Therapy". In fact, the consensus of members considering the survey concluded that anyone claiming there was "conversion therapy" is probably not informed on the issue.

[10/24/15]   A presidential senior advisor released a report saying s*xual orientation change efforts may be harmful to minors. There was no actual data presented, because no outcome-based research exists on that. In fact, one study (which didn't consider therapy) found massive percentage of teens who identified as gay, later identify as straight, with no therapy at all! 10/22/2015

Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No

Brainwashing involves coercing people into immoral acts. Emotional healing means always having a choice. If you need a guide to defending you personal boundaries, this text is a great one. Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help u...

[12/04/14]   Christianity is now illegal in DC.... Details later today.

[10/22/14]   We've launched great updates to the content! Not only have we shifted the free viewing of Part 1 of our pilot episode from vimeo to YouTube, meaning many more people can watch it, we've also added new scenes that we debuted at the Alliance/NARTH conference to the store. There is now 20 minutes of content from Part 2 of the pilot available!


Worship lead by Dennis Jernigan, composer of "you are my all in all". The man whose story gave me hope 13 years ago when I first decided to pursue therapy. Man, this ex-gay awareness conference just keeps getting better!! 10/03/2014

The Second Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month

At the 2nd annual Ex-Gay Awareness Conference in DC. Tonight worship lead by Dennis Jernigan, tomorrow lots of great speakers, like Alan Keyes. October 3-4, 2014 Lobbying on Friday 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. / Evening Reception and Film 6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.

[09/25/14]   What a great day of production! So many prayers answered so often!


On location for production in Galveston with Shane & Sheldon. wow... they sure are brazen down here.

[09/23/14]   Production on scenes from Episode 2 begins in 12 hours.

[09/17/14]   I just finished reading "Help! my teen is gay" by Ben Marshall. #1, they should have renamed it "Help! my teen is human", because the solution they propose is just a generic salvation. #2 There's very little specific to homos*xuality in there. What little there was was critically logically flawed. In the sense of story telling, I would say "tragically" flawed, because the author has no idea that he defeated his own argument.

[07/01/14]   The last scene of the first episode is now available through our theater & store for just $1. This is a heart warming ending, you're not going to want to miss!

[07/01/14]   The first half of the first episode is now free on our website! We also now have a Donate button. Please contribute so we can produce the rest of the episode. 04/07/2014

Supreme Court declines to hear appeal from photographers who wouldn't work same-s*x ceremony

Imagine we hired gay-affirmative therapists for a reparative-therapy weekend, and then sued them when they refused. Then the government forced them to do it. That would be slavery, just like this.*x/ The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from a commercial photography business in New Mexico that objects to taking pictures of same-s*x wedding ceremonies. 04/06/2014

Mozilla (Firefox) | Recently Straight

Let's not repeat the mistakes of the disney boycott with Firefox. God's command is "love", not "tolerate". Mozilla (Firefox)Recently, Brendan Eich “resigned” because of his contribution to support Prop 8, in which a slight majority of Californians agreed with God that marriage consisted of a man & a woman and not two members of the same s*x. It is strongly believed that he was “encouraged” to resign by… 02/08/2014

Mexico conference on overcoming same-s*x attraction cancelled after homos*xualist campaign |...

Is this "tolerance"? They've got "curar" in quotes. I wonder why. Cohen doesn't call it that. Guess that's a story they're telling themselves.*x-attraction-cancelled-after-homos*x The conference’s organizer says if he cannot find another venue, he will “stand in the street and give my talk.”

[01/23/14]   The recent article in UK Daily Mail by Christian Jessen contains false and libelous statements about NARTH. Why can't people who oppose us compete with us by accurately stating our beliefs? 01/17/2014

Politically Motivated Legislation to Ban Therapy for Minors Lacks Scientific Credibility

Bill introduced in Maryland to make professional help learning to nurture wounded children illegal. 12/20/2013

What Phil Robertson said to drive g**s out of the Church, and how to win them back. | Recently...

Ok, fine, I'll comment. Did you see the rest of the news today? What Phil Robertson said to drive g**s out of the Church, and how to win them back.So Duck Dynasty dude Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ, and though it’s pretty clear from the writer’s comments that he doesn’t accept Phil’s worldview, I’m just going to take the quotations at their word since P... 12/07/2013

Judge orders baker to serve gay couples despite his religious beliefs

Government-coerced servitude. Now a victory for "gay rights". America FAIL. A Colorado judge says a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-s*x ceremony must serve gay couples despite his religious beliefs, a ruling that a civil rights group hailed as a victory for gay rights.

[12/05/13]   Follow us on Twitter: @RecentlyStr8 12/05/2013

Theater & Store | Recently Straight

I've discounted the initial Recently Straight video to just $1 for a streaming rental and $2 for a digital download until my expensive online advertising campaign starts next week. A streaming rental lasts 72 hours, so Thursday or Friday is a great time to rent it up! If you don't have the bandwidth to watch online, drop your email in the form and I'll let you know as soon as we have the DVD-on-demand store set up. Theater & StoreWatch through Video on Demand (VoD)Immediately stream online in a rental for just a few bucks, or download a copy for just a few dollars more. Payment handled through a secure PayPal link. Buy a DVDDVD’s are perfect for folks with slow internet connections, making it hard for your pa... 11/30/2013

Recently Straight Act 3

Also, we've launched a crowd funding campaign to complete act 3 of the pilot. Complete the pilot episode of Recently Straight by producing Act 3 of the at the same time as Act 2.


Act 1 is now available for streaming rental and digital download.

[11/27/13]   Got some great establishing shots in Austin last weekend. Final edit is coming along nicely. We'll de debuting on both Video on Demand and DVD on demand in less than a week.

[11/09/13]   Family Watch International had their documentary about men who had changed from gay to straight up on vimeo. It cited men who changed and psychologists who supported both gay marriage and the right of the client to chose to change. They began to be popular, and vimeo canceled their account, violating an "anti-discrimination" policy, a policy they, of course, didn't actually have, but didn't demonstrate their video was anti-diversity. So, to avoid having the same problem, we're looking for another VoD service. Feel free to contact us with alternative suggestions.

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