Voice of Hope Ministries

VOH provides quality Christian-based out-of-school programs and other services for the children and families of underserved communities, equipping them with the resources, life skills, and Christian values to overcome the cycle of poverty.

Founded in 1982, Voice of Hope has grown to serve over 300 children daily in our ASPIRE after-school program and Summer Day Camp. Following Mrs. Dudley's leadership, several others have taken the reins of Voice of Hope's presidency: Norman Henry, Daniel Prescott; and our current president since 2004, Edward Franklin. Voice of Hope has been recognized and received numerous awards over the years. In 1991, Voice of Hope was presented the "424th Point of Light" award by President George Bush for outstanding service to the West Dallas community. Voice of Hope is a two-time Crystal Charity Ball beneficiary--in both 1998 and 2004. We were also recognized as a Dallas Morning News Charity. In addition, Voice of Hope has received recognition from The Hillcrest Foundation, Meadows Foundation, etc. Voice of Hope has operated from the same facility on Gentry Drive, in Dallas, Texas, since 1982. Since then many children and teenagers have participated in our programs. Voice of Hope has a rich history in the West Dallas community. Many lives have been touched.

Mission: Voice of Hope Ministries, Inc., founded in 1982, is a Christian community center founded on principles of self-help, spiritual enrichment and urban renewal. Voice of Hope Ministries exists to provide children living in the neighborhoods of West Dallas with strong character models, education support, life skills, and family support services needed to become productive Christian citizens. Our Vision: Equip West Dallas children and families with the resources, life skills, and Christian values to overcome and break the cycle of poverty that has plagued West Dallas for generations.

Operating as usual

M. Rachelle Hast serves as Chief Operations Officer at Voice of Hope Ministries. Rachelle says: “What a blessing it is to serve at Voice of Hope. I have been on staff for 4 years and have had many roles, but I think my favorite part is being a 'matchmaker' of sorts. I get to connect people who need help with those who want to help. It is inspiring to see the joy that is shared in these moments of connection” Her service and dedication is vital to our ministry. Please let us know in the comments if you have been blessed by her!

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Think about this past week, what are you thankful for? We owe all of this to the Lord! Make sure you give thanks as we hop into this coming week.

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Are you looking to do some reading today? Take a look at the suggestions below and celebrate Black History Month with us!

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To celebrate Black History Month and honor black scientists, we recommend you visit The Perot Museum!

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We are proud to celebrate Black History Month! Today, we encourage you to learn about Dr. Marie Maynard Daly and Walter Lincoln Hawkins.

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We are proud to have our President and CEO selected to join the Global Education Policy Fellowship Program (GEPFP). Click on the link below to learn more!


Edward Franklin, a fellow in the Texas Education Policy Fellowship Program (TX-EPFP), will study education policy in Argentina after being selected for a competitive global fellowship.

Read more at https://bit.ly/3anKLv0

[02/03/21]   Take a quick look to check our Redeeming STEM launch day!

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Love seeing the smiles of our children! We are very grateful for your donations and constant support. Check our website linked on our profile to learn about more ways to donate!


So thankful for Operation Pitter Patter that serves families impacted by COVID-19. Families have come to pick up toiletries, chips, and water. Some also picked up clothes for their children!

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We often spend all day worrying about what could happen, but God instructs us to give our anxieties to Him. As you head into the next month, remember to pray to the Lord first.

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Nathan was happy to receive new clothes. He could not believe someone gave him so many new clothes to wear!

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Proper sanitization, social distancing, strict mask policy, temperature checks and high levels of hygiene are strictly followed by all staff, volunteers and students. Stay safe and mask up!

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Sariah, Belle, and Jasmin finished their projects during Redeeming STEM with the help of Anni, Jessica, and Faith. The STEM project-based each student chose looked challenging, but they did not give up and successfully finished!

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Prayer is essential for the development of our programs; a humble heart that seeks the Lord is what we want our students to pursue.

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Mr. Edward Franklin, President/CEO, participating in our in-person ASPIRE after school program at Uplift Grand answering a few questions from the scholars.

Thank you Mr. Franklin for always having time to meet our students!

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This past Saturday, we launched our Redeeming STEM program. Our participants were encouraged to hear from other girls that are in the STEM field, and then proceeded to create their own projects. We finished with a time of scripture, as it relates to the STEM field. Thank you to all our partners, staff, and volunteers that made this program possible!

Please click the donate button below if you would like to help support and grow the program!

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Even if the days ahead look different than what you expected, remember to lead with love.

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The Redeeming STEM After School Program starts tomorrow! This program will primarily serve middle school girls, and it will help them develop their natural talents and interests in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Pray for us as we start this brand new program!

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Isaiah wanted to show you his growing plant! One of our fun activities for our ASPIRE program is growing plants with colorful stickers!

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Say hi to Andrea! Andrea, a student enrolled in the ASPIRE after school program at Uplift Grand Preparatory, says she wants to learn how to ride her friend's bike with no training wheels!

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Thank you so much to Delivering Good !Our families and children are so happy with their new clothing items. There is nothing better than a pretty denim jacket and a warm sweater for the winter!

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VOH will be closed today to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Voice of Hope Ministries was established to be the voice of hope for the ones that did not have one. Proverbs 31:9.

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Our nature is sinful, but we can always have a fresh start. Each new day we can grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Voice of Hope Ministries is pleased to announce the hiring of Julie Baker who will serve as the Advocacy, Equity, and Research Coordinator. Julie will be working with VOH families and staff to ensure we are making data-driven decisions to meet the needs of our family and community while advocating for educational equity and after school time. She graduated from Baylor University in 2019 with a BS in Elementary Education and SMU in 2020 with a Masters in Special and Urban Education. Originally from Houston, Julie loves to read, travel, secretly watch Wheel of Fortune, and dance. She says she is excited to keep seeing education from an out-of-the classroom perspective, and to grow as an educational advocate, educator, and community member while working at such a welcoming, loving ministry in an awesome community!

Congratulate Julie Baker in the comment section below!

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Sign up on our website! VoiceofHope.org

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Meet Princesa, a student enrolled in the ASPIRE after school program located at Uplift Grand Preparatory. She shared with us that she wanted to learn how to do more flips and learn more about the Bible! What a wonderful combination!!!

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When you purchase on Amazon, you can donate to Voice of Hope Ministries! Go to the link attached https://buff.ly/3qaOuCt

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This past Saturday, volunteers came to help us organize donations. Thank you for your servant hearts!

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Educational materials and donations keep making our children's day! Thanks so very much!!!

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If you have felt fear or doubt entering 2021, ask your father in heaven to give you strength! He cares about your heart and journey.

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Could you pray for us? We have many projects planned for this year, and we hope you can pray for strength, guidance, and wisdom. We understand that without God there is nothing we can do!

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Smiles like this one brighten up our day! Learn more about our ministry and how you can get involved at https://buff.ly/3ngf7DY

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Alex Hardesty serves as the Director of Programs at Voice of Hope Ministries. Alex says: “I enjoy seeing the scholars grow both spiritually and academically. This month I am celebrating 7 years at VOH, being able to watch scholars grow from kindergarteners to middle schoolers has truly been a blessing.” Alex has been a blessing for us, her passion is inspiring. Please tell us in the comments if you know Alex! #VoiceofHopeMinistries #StaffHighlight #VolunteerinDallas #VolunteerinTexas #TexasVolunteers #NonProfit #DallasNonProfits #TexasNonProfits #ChristianNonProfits #WestDallas #WestDallasNonProfits

Founded in 1982, Voice of Hope Ministries has served an uncountable amount of families. As the year starts, we can't be thankful enough for you. Thank you for volunteering, you are part of our family! #VoiceofHopeMinistries #VolunteerinDallas #VolunteerinTexas #TexasVolunteers #NonProfit #DallasNonProfits #TexasNonProfits #ChristianNonProfits #WestDallas #WestDallasNonProfits #DallasVolunteers

We provide children with character models, educational support, and life skills.

Voice of Hope Ministries, Inc., founded in 1982, is a Christian community center founded on principles of self-help, spiritual enrichment and urban renewal. Voice of Hope Ministries exists to provide children living in the neighborhoods of West Dallas with strong character models, education support, life skills, and family support services needed to become productive Christian citizens.

“When the school bell rings, we have an opportunity to come alongside the school, the parent, and the community to reinforce what happens in the school day and prevent summer learning loss,” shares Voice of Hope President, Edward Franklin.

Our ASPIRE after-school curriculum is customized and contextual to resonate with our children. Within the public school space, Voice of Hope seeks to walk alongside the school as an extended learning partner. We also laud parents for their irreplaceable role in a child’s academic and spiritual development and are continually finding ways to support the family unit.

Voice of Hope also offers Summer Camp, Early Childhood Education & Care, and Family & Community Services. Our reach extends to West Dallas, Gradus, and Grand Prairie.

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