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(Recovery Based) A Life Changing Visual Live Encounter To Do With The Lord Jesus The Holy Spirit Our God I Had June1,2012 Through this letter I explain something great that has changed my life forever. About four months ago I ended up in jail for a couple of months. While I was there The Lord Jesus The Holy Spirit our God sent an angel of His to me. Along with the angel, God sent with him a Most Powerful visual message. When I was placed In jail, I wanted time by myself while I reflected on the situation I had put myself In, I asked to be put into solitary confinement by my self, I was stressed out from the self lead mislead life style that I had been living for over thirteen years of my life up until that point, much of It having to do with unwise substance abuse, and simply just the wrong way of living, For years now I have believed in God and at times prayed directly to Him. But because of my own path that I chose to lead my life with, I could never seem to put my life together for a long period of time. While I was in solitary confinement by myself I begin praying to God asking Him to help me in anyway that He would. When I was there about three weeks I had a bail hearing coming up. Around that time I begin to read a Bible that was in my jail cell, I read the book of Matthew and the book of Revelations both that are in the New Testament. Also about that time I asked God to be in control of my life and to guide me and direct me and to have happen what ever He as God sees best for me. I explained to Him that if I did not get out of jail when I was to go to my bail hearing I would understand because He is God and God knows what is best for me. When I went to my bail hearing the out come of it was that I had no one to bail me out of jail. I was not upset because I believed that this was part of the plan that God had for me. So at that time I remained in custody and I was returned to the jail. Again I picked up the Bible and started reading it. This time from the beginning. I wanted to figure out how humanity and creation really did come to be. I became very interested in what the Bible was saying, I believed what it was explaining did happen and that it was real. Through out the next couple weeks from that time I read the Bible quite a bit. I was just over a couple hundred pages into the Bible some were when Moses was leading the twelve tribes of Israel out of Egypt to the land that God promised Jacob, It was called the promise land. So one day in around that time I was lying down on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds. I stood up and put my hands along the top steal bunk bed frame in front of me. I looked straight ahead towards the wall in front of me when I noticed someone on my right side, beside me. He turned and stood right in front of me. In my mind I said a ghost, then I said no an angel, I knew it right then and there. I could literally feel his presence from him it was a very strong alive feeling. He stood in front of me and I was amazed. I could not talk. He knew I noticed how different he was from us. His skull and jaw was very heavily structured and nothing at all like ours also his skull and jaw was wider than ours. Were his temple was on each side of his head he had there on both sides a round plate that was part of his skull. The plates were about three inches wide and round. The plates were not flush with his skull but slightly deeper in each side of his head. The skin covering the plates held more color in them than the rest of his skin. His jaw line reminded me of a spaded shovel. From the back of his jaw right around to the other side. This was truly the work of God, this angel was extreme and I knew because of his appearance that he has a great life. He appeared to look about thirty years old and he was in his prime condition. His hair was brown and nothing like ours. His hair came out of his scalp in tight spirals. It appeared that each individual hair on his head was much thicker than each of the hairs on our heads. His eyes were brown in color and glossy. His eyes were much bigger than ours. I must add, his entire eyes were dark brown. There was no white at all in his eyes. The black pupils In his eyes spread out Into speckles. Suddenly he appeared right in front of me face to face eye to eye. I do not remember him moving forward towards me suddenly he was just there. I stared right into his eyes and saw something that I had never seen before that day. His entire dark brown eyes with black pupils that spread out Into speckles. Under his eyes there was no stress misery or pain. This was something that I had really noticed. Suddenly we were no longer face to face but he was standing back were he was standing before we were eye to eye. Again I do not remember him stepping back suddenly he was just there. Then his eyes changed and in each one of his eyes became a full black pupil no longer with speckles spread out around them. Then in each black pupil I seen something that I have never seen before. At first I could not even comprehend it. Then I realized that in his pupils was the look of powerful strong peace. Peace with such strength that at first I could not grasp. Then in each pupil of his eyes they literally began to swarm with such a peaceful power. Then in each of his pupils along with the swarming peaceful power came a white swarming mist. Then the angel stepped forward and locked his eyes directly onto my eyes. Then In each of his eyes I saw a dark brown Powerful Cross. Then suddenly I no longer saw the angel. What I did see was one dark brown wood grain Cross on a hill. Then the Cross I saw began to form silver capping around each end of it. Suddenly I was standing near the edge of a mountain on the mountain flat were Jesus was crucified died and gave His life for the salvation of humanity. I noticed that the mountain flat that I was standing on was very flat. The mountain appeared to be made from a large gleaming black gem. At some time of all this I remember looking ahead of me and far back behind the mountain flat were miles of nice yellow fields of hills that went straight back. First though, I saw the Cross of Jesus coming up the side path that comes to the back of the mountain flat. From behind the Cross I heard the Loudest Thunderous Sounds following the Cross of Jesus. The Cross reached the back of the mountain flat then turned and started coming towards me then stopped. The Cross was Tremendous and held the Most Power I had ever seen. Then the Thunderous Sounds followed behind the Cross and up the mountainside path and up over the hill on to the mountain flat. Than I saw that the Thunderous Sounds was Powerful Flames of Burning Fire that stretched out behind the Cross. The Fire went from the far left side of the Cross, behind the Cross and over to the far right side of the Cross. As the Cross Of Jesus came forward towards me the Flames of Burning Fire grew Extremely Tall with such Powerful Strength. Once the Cross of Jesus moved forward to the spot were I believe was the very spot were Jesus our God was crucified and died for humanities sins, The Most Powerful Cross then stood still with the Supreme Flames of Burning Fire swarming around the back and sides of It. I stood there watching all that was In front of me. I remember looking over my left shoulder towards the mountainside cliff ledge. The cliff side of the mountain edge that was on the side of my left shoulder went out a lot more then the other side. I remember that beyond the cliff ledge down below from a distance was a round white city. Again I was watching the Cross and Fire. Then It was if the Most Powerful Power of the Cross of Jesus and Exceedingly Great Burning Flames of Fire and the Superior Sounds of Thunder all became One. The mixture of this was the Extremist Most Powerful Power I had ever seen and herd in my life. I realized that what I was starring at was the Power of God. I knew then, The Lord Jesus The Holy Spirit our God is the One and only Extremist Power in all existence. Then suddenly I was no longer standing on the mountain flat in front of the Cross of Jesus. Then again what I remember seeing was one dark brown wood grain Cross on a hill. Again silver capping began forming around each end of the Cross, But this time in the middle of the Cross shone the brightest ray of LIGHT I have ever seen. Then I saw two most Powerful Crosses with Wild Burning Flames of Fire behind the Crosses. Again along with the Burning Flames of Fire was the Loudest Sounds of Thunder from the Flames of Burning Fire. Again the mixture of the two Most Powerful Crosses the Burning Flames of Fire and the Thunder from the Burning Flames of Fire became the Most Powerful Extremist Power I have ever seen or herd. Then again I realized that I was face to face with the angel and that the most Powerful two Crosses and the wildest Burning Flames of Fire behind the two Crosses and the sounds of Thunder from the Flames of Burning Fire was in each eye of the angel. Again I was watching the Power of God through the eyes of His messenger the angel. Then the Cross in each eye of the angel and the Burning Flames of Fire and the Thunder from the Burning Flames of Fire and the angel suddenly all disappeared. I then was standing in front of the bunk beds in my jail cell. I latter realized that the entire time the angel was standing in front of me he was standing exactly were the metal bunk beds were. When the angel was standing in front of me the steal bunk beds were they should have been were not even there. The angel was there. The bunk beds had disappeared. Then when the angel disappeared the bunk beds reappeared. What happen to me that day was so powerful and so much for my mind to comprehend that I was disoriented afterwards for some time. I remembered the angel up until about were he locked his eyes onto my eyes. Latter the rest of what had happened went through my mind as If I relived It and then I remembered what had happen. That swarming white mist I saw in the angels eyes. I believe that was the Holy Spirit and When the angel locked his eyes onto my eyes I believe the Holy Spirit entered directly into my soul and through the Holy Spirit I was healed Instantly. Much of my misery and fear for life is gone. I now see this life of mine completely different than before that day when all this of what I explained happened. I no longer crave the addiction to misery that I once had. God sent me a visual message with His messenger the angel. The message was Jesus. Jesus our God. The message strait out showed me that The Lord Jesus The Holy Spirit is the One True Only God. Jesus came to this earth and let Himself be crucified on His Cross so that humanity could have forgiveness of sins. Jesus is our Savior from death. God is real. Prayer towards Him Is real. The Holy Bible is real. There is no shame at all if you honor God. He is our Savior from death. The forgiveness of our sins. He created us and it is thanks towards Him why we are here on this earth. God is the Extremist Power in all creation. He is more than any of us will ever be. God has literally saved my life and I believe my spirit and soul forever. If we honor The Lord Jesus The Holy Spirit our God and ask Him to forgive us of our sins and ask Him to help us become who He wants us to be on this earth, Then we can one day hang out with God In His kingdom and have eternal life. Billy Schmidt

Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ back to the Jewish people.

B'rit Hadashah Ministries is a two-fold ministry where we seek to educate the Gentile church about the Jewish nature and roots of their Christian faith, and to introduce Jewish people in Israel to Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) through ongoing mission trips. Our congregation (Shalom, Shalom, started by Zola Levitt) meets every Friday night at 7:00pm at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. Join us for an enriching evening of teaching with Dr. Todd Baker. To view our newsletters, you can go here: http://brit-hadashah.org/?monthlynewsletter To make a donation, please go here: http://brit-hadashah.org/?partnerwithus

Mission: Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ back to the Jewish people and educating the Gentile church about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

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Hosted by Dr. Todd Baker, Faith Foundations answers questions about Biblical faith and doctrine. These videos are a production of Zola Levitt Ministries.

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[03/19/18]   Folks the unthinkable has happened again! We just finished the 44th Gospel outreach to the Jewish people of Israel without one rejection. Each Israeli we shared the Gospel of Yeshua with either accepted a complete Hebrew Bible or Messianic reading materials. Twenty seven straight people accepted what August Rosado and I said about Yeshua the Messiah. Even a Messianic believer (Orel) we met in Malcha Mall in Jerusalem said that to do this here without one rejection was amazing and a miracle. The last time we had an outreach without any rejection was the 30th Gospel outreach in 2014. I never thought this could happen once let alone twice. The perfect game has been thrown again. The Lord was all through this! 27-0. Let August Rosado tell you about this in the video below

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[09/06/17]   Folks, I am headed for the glorious land of Israel tomorrow. Brit Hadashah Ministries will be conducted the 42 Gospel outreach there. I will be there until September 14th. Please pray for evangelistic effectiveness. God willing, I will give a daily report on my page. Look for it. Below is a suggested prayer list:

1. Pray for us that whenever we teach or witness words will be given to us to boldly proclaim the Gospel to the Jew first and also the Gentile (Acts 4:31; Romans 1:16; Ephesians 6:19).

2. Pray for spiritual agreement and unity among us (Psalm 133:1).

3. Pray that God will open the hearts of those who will hear (Psalm 110:3; Acts 16:14).

4. Pray for witnessing opportunities and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit’s conviction and power to teach and witness (John 4:35; Luke 10:2; Acts 1:8; John 16:7-11).

5. Pray for health and strength (Isaiah 40:31).

6. Pray for spiritual fruit that will last (John 15:7-8; Galatians 5:22-23).

7. Pray that God will open doors for us among the Jewish people for the Gospel to speak about the Messiah that we may make Him known, as we ought to speak (Colossians 4:3-4).

8. Pray for favor among the Chosen People to hear the Gospel (Proverbs 12:2).

9. Pray for protection from dangers and the hand of the enemy both seen and unseen (Psalm 91; Matthew 6:31).

10. Pray that we have the Father’s wisdom and guidance in every thing we do (Psalm 32:8; 48:14; Colossians 4:5).

11. Pray that the Chosen People will come to faith in Messiah Jesus (Romans 10:1; Matthew 15-16; Mark 8:27-29; 14:61-62; Luke 9:18-20; John 4:25-26).

[08/24/17]   Hey folks in just two weeks I will be in Israel. Pray about helping us with this trip so that the Gospel may go to the Jewish people there:
This Ministry Needs Your Help.
Dear e-mail subscribers I am just two short weeks away from returning to Israel for what will be, God willing, the third and last Gospel outreach to the Jewish people for the year of 2017. To date, Brit Hadashah Ministries has had phenomenal ministry among the Israeli population at large. I can say without fear of exaggeration that eight out of every ten Jewish person in Israel we share the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah end up at least accepting this testimony along with personally accepting a Hebrew Bible including the New Testament, along with several Messianic Gospel tracts that clearly lay out the case for Yeshua (Jesus) being the Messiah of Israel by virtue of His fulfillment of all first coming prophecies in the Tenach (Old Testament). It would simply be tragic if this ministry had to stop this vital end-times outreach due to a lack of funding. I will be only going for eight short days because the funds are not in place to go any longer than that—and we still need more funds to carry out this upcoming outreach. We still need to raise about three thousand dollars to cover this trip coming up in two short weeks.
Please consider helping us reach this financial goal so that more Jews and Arabs living in the land of Jesus can hear the Good News of the Messiah and what He accomplished for their salvation. Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles made it a strategic point to go to the Jews first with the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah—and the Word of God mandates this very thing in Romans 1:16. That’s because the Bible, the Messiah, and the spiritual riches of salvation came from the God of Israel through the Jewish people (John 4:22; Romans 3:1-2; 9:3-5). The New Testament says that Christians are under obligation to do this very thing since we are indebted to the Jewish people for these spiritual riches. Romans 15:27 says that the Church is indebted to Israel for this. In order to discharge this debt Christians must support ministries that go back to the Jewish people to inform and educate them about who Jesus of Nazareth really is. So please help us financially continue to take the Gospel the Jewish people from whence it came in the land where it all happened. You can easily donate now on line. To help us to make this trip possible and in return receive the abundant blessing God promised to those who bless the Jewish people (Genesis 12:1-3). Please partner with us and give whatever the Lord leads upon your heart so that you can remind the Jewish people the God of Israel keeps His promises to them. To donate online, you can go to the secure link on our ministry web site by clicking here, or go to: www.brit-hadashah.org/donate. You can also donate by mail to:
B’rit Hadashah Ministries
P.O. Box 796127
Dallas, Texas 75379-6127

B’rit Hadashah Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit ministry, so your donation is tax deductible in the United States. Now is the accepted time, today is the day and year for the Gospel of salvation to be preached in Israel (2 Corinthians 6:2). Partner with us in this exciting End-Time effort.
Your servant in Messiah Jesus,

Dr. Todd Baker.

[12/15/16]   Winter 2016
Act Now. We Need Your Help!

In just about six weeks Evangelist August Rosado and I will embark to Promised Land for this ministry’s 40th Gospel outreach in Israel. A couple of months ago, in the last appeal letter I wrote to inform you that giving has been substantially down for the last six months. Things have not improved. Over half our budget is gone and I am now having to dip into the reserves just so we can go to Israel for only twelve days this time. Usually, we go for sixteen to eighteen days, but because of the financial short fall, I have had to cut back the days spent evangelizing in Israel. If things get worse, I will have to cut short our Gospel outreaches to Israel this year. I do appreciate the faithful few who have continually given to this ministry on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis. But, quite frankly, it is not enough. We need more givers. I can tell you, as a matter of indisputable fact, that we are one of only a few ministries that obey the divine order of the Great Commission and repeatedly take the Gospel first to the Jewish people in Israel several times a year. This is to fulfill what Paul revealed in Romans 1:16. I need supporters who will give and regularly donate 50, 100, 500, or 1,000 dollars a month to go where this ministry needs to go and continue taking the Gospel to Israel on a full-time basis. That is now being endangered because people in the church are simply not giving like they should for whatever reason.
Sad, it would be to have to discontinue this vital End-Time ministry due to the people of God not giving as they should in obedience to the Word of the Lord. I am humbly pleading with you, Beloved of the Lord, to make a commitment to regularly donate to this sacred work—or how else will the Jewish people hear the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah? You can make the difference here for this ministry and advancing the kingdom of God every time you give. The Church is, in fact, indebted to the Jewish people for giving the world Jesus the Messiah, the Gospel, and salvation that God has given through the Chosen People (John 4:22; Romans 15:27). Every Christian, then, is obliged by the Word of God to discharge this spiritual debt to Israel by giving them financial support and the Gospel—which entails supporting those ministers of Christ who do this very thing—like this ministry has faithfully and sacrificially done for the last sixteen years. “So also the Lord directed those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the Gospel” (1Corinthians 9:14). Moreover, this ministry needs to move forward to do other things that would help facilitate doing what we are called to do. Evangelist August Rosado of Today in Bible Prophecy Ministries has approached me about doing a weekly television show of Bible teaching, Jewish Evangelism, and Bible prophecy study on Uplift T.V. This excellent opportunity would allow this ministry to reach a potential audience of 64 million viewers in America and the world. I would need 100 dollars a week to do this every month. When you give to this project, please ear mark your donation for the television show. Teaching Bible on T.V. will also provide an open door for more support to continue doing this ministry. But we cannot do anything unless born-again Christians, who really care about the spiritual fate of the Jewish people, decide to give. This ministry cannot do anything until you, the Bible believer, commit to give to this ministry on a continual basis.
I do not like asking for money to support Brit Hadashah Ministries, but the dire situation has forced me into writing this appeal letter. God has deigned in the present church age to support and supply every Gospel ministry through the Body of Christ, the Church. Money will not appear out of thin air. Frankly, the Church needs to step up and support what God has decreed to be done and help us out. Failure to do so is a dereliction of duty and disobedience to the Word of God. Dear readers, if you love the Jewish people, like I hear many Christians say all the time, then the best and highest way you can show that love is to present the Gospel before the Jewish soul. Most cannot do this on a continual basis, due to mitigating circumstances. I understand that. But you can financially partner with us and see to it that this evangelical mission is accomplished by supporting us through and through. Do you honestly want to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ empty handed when the King of the Jews pointedly asks, “Why did you not reach My own people with the Gospel I gave you through them?”
If you truly love Israel and believe the Bible, then you will make sure this scenario will not be your future experience, by supporting and giving to ministries like Brit Hadashah Ministries. To give is a win/win situation. First, when you bless Israel, God has promised to bless you in all facets of life (Genesis 12:1-3). Second, Jesus says that when you give, the blessings God will return in your bosom will be overflowing “pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return” (Luke 6:38). Third, when you give your money to support this ministry, the Word of God states you are storing treasure up in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in to steal it” (Matthew 6:20). Fourth, the financial gifts you give to this ministry will accrue eternal dividends to your spiritual account (Philippians 4:17). Truly if believers would give like they are supposed to give to ministries like this one, I would not have to write this painful letter. So please act now to regularly support us with generous contributions. Partner with us now and watch the Lord mightily move once again in the Land, as Jesus is being reunited with his physical kinsmen in Israel. To donate online, you can go to the following secure link on our ministry web site at: www.brit-hadashah.org/donate/
You can also donate by mail to:

Brit Hadashah Ministries
P.O. Box 796127
Dallas, Texas 75379-6127

Brit Hadashah Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit ministry, so your donation is tax deductible in the United States. Now is the accepted time, today is the day and year for the Gospel of salvation to be preached in Israel (2Corinthians 6:2) Partner with us in this exciting End-Time effort.

Your servant in Messiah Jesus,

Dr. Todd Baker.

[11/11/16]   We at Brit Hadashah Ministries will keep a close discerning eye through the lens of God's Word on the progress and policies of President Trump, just as we did with former Presidents Bush and Obama. We will make sure, in our small way, to biblically and theologically analyze Trump's future policies and attitudes towards important moral issues and on this upcoming administration's attitude and treatment of Israel. Like Bush, Trump had promised he will recognize Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and the Jewish people. But disappointingly, Bush succumbed to the Arab lobbyists and countries and did not do this. So let's see if Trump goes through on what he promised. Those who voted for him must hold his feet to the fire and make sure he does implement his policies that best conform to the Judeo-Christian ethic. We will be watching closely and praying for him to have the courage to do what he promised for America.

74422 b'rit hadashah septemberoctober newsletter

74422 b'rit hadashah septemberoctober newsletter

Brit Hadashah Minitries

[08/17/16]   I am available to speak to your church, organization or Sunday school class about the importance of Israel and the Church. I am also available for conferences on the weekends and Sundays and Pulpit fills. Other topics I speak on are: Eye on Israel, Israel and Prophecy, Israel's Right to Land, Messianic Prophecy, Seven Reasons the Gospel Must Go to the Jews, and Jewish Evangelism. Please contact me at 866-910-0444 or by e-mail at [email protected]



Summer 2016
Witnessing at the Western Wall

On the Spring Gospel outreach to Israel Eric Oler, Robert Williams, and I had a spectacular Gospel ministry among the Jewish people at the holiest place in all of Judaism—the Western Wall, where all Jews come and seek the face of the God of Israel. While praying at the Wall, Eric and I noticed a poor man praying there. His shoes were mere rags and one of the soles was missing from the bottom of his shoe, forcing him to carry it around. The Lord impressed Eric and I to try and give the indigent man some money to buy new shoes. Eric attempted to give the man our money, but he strangely avoided him. Eric and I then turned to another Jewish man praying at the Wall to ask if he could help with getting the man’s attention. This man’s name was Josh and he reminded us that this was short for Joshua, the same Person we would proclaim to him is the Messiah—in Hebrew that is the name of Jesus! Josh told us he was originally from New York and made aliyah to Israel in 2014. He was now serving in the IDF. Josh told us that the man with the tattered shoes keeps to himself when visiting the Wall every day.
The Lord strategically and providentially used this incident to open a big, wide open door for Eric and I to tell Josh about how the Tenach (Old Testament) and Brit Hadashah (New Testament), written by all Jews, unanimously declare Yeshua to be the Messiah (see Luke 24:27, 44). Josh seemed to understand this vital connection and received the fact God promised to give the Brit Hadashah (the new Covenant) in Jeremiah 31:31-34 to the Jewish people. When we mentioned to Josh the promise God would bless the world through the physical descendants of Abraham (the Jewish people) has been fulfilled through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah, he replied that we were a blessing to him in return for the the things we shared with him (Genesis 12:1-3; Galatians 3:16)! Josh enthusiastically accepted a Hebrew copy of the Old and New Testaments Scriptures from us. God gave us great freedom at the Wall to explain the Gospel to Josh from the Messianic context of the Scriptures. He amazingly told us this was “a great blessing” to him!
Another great opportunity for a witness about Yeshua the Messiah came when Shlomo approached us and asked if we wanted a tour of the underground structure of the Temple Mount. We thanked him and politely declined, but not before we gave testimony about Yeshua to him. All licensed tour guides in Israel are required to learn the basic history of the New Testament. Using this fact, we commented to Shlomo that the two Jewish Testaments of the Bible are not foreign to one another, but are inseparably connected in that they reveal and identify who Messiah is; and we said to Shlomo, it is Yeshua of Nazareth. To better understand this central biblical truth, as a tour guide to both Jews and Christians, we offered Shlomo a complete Jewish Study Bible. Shlomo, and Orthodox Jew, eagerly jumped at the opportunity to accept the Scriptures in Hebrew with Messianic Gospel tracts! Of course the ultimate reason we gave Shlomo the Scriptures with a Hebrew New Testament in it is so that he will see the biblical case and evidence proving Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and accept and believe in this for salvation
At the end of June, veteran evangelist August Rosado and I return to Israel for what will be the 38th Gospel outreach to Israel. Since April of this year, giving has been significantly down—now doubt due to tax time. This ministry has suffered from this let up. I humbly ask that if you have given in the past, please give again, and if you have continually given a certain amount, please give, perhaps, a little more, and if you have not given, consider giving now. Your giving can make the difference in allowing more Jewish people to learn about Jesus the Messiah and the Jewish Gospel that can save them. God has placed this mission in our hands and you can decide how far we will go. I need each one of you to give what the Lord lays on your hearts so that we can go to the “lost Sheep of the House of Israel” and tell them of Jesus the wonderful Messiah and King of the Jews. I will say again: By financially helping us carry out the Great Commission correctly, starting with the Jewish people first, we ask now that you please financially partner with us so that we can go for you as you are with us in the Spirit in this great ministry labor. So what we do by your support will in the end be rewarded to you by God, as He uses you to provide the funding we need to embark on this pivotal 38th Gospel outreach to Israel. Any amount from large to small will not go unnoticed by the God of liberality above. He will bless you, as you now bring the blessing of Yeshua and His salvation back to His people in the land He loves, lived in, and will shortly return to and reign from over the earth for 1,000 years. To donate online, you can go to the following secure web link on our ministry web site: www.brit-hadashah.org/donate/. You can also donate by mail to:

Brit Hadashah Ministries
P.O. Box 796127
Dallas, Texas 75379-6127

Brit Hadashah Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit ministry, so your donation is tax deductible in the United States. Now is the accepted time, today is the day and year for the Gospel of salvation to be preached in Israel (2Corinthians 6:2) Partner with us in this exciting End-Time effort.

brit-hadashah.org To donate by check: B’rit Hadashah Ministries P.O. Box 796127 Dallas, TX 75379-6127

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This is a Deliverance ministry Extending the bridge of GOD'S GRACE . IN LOVE AND TRUTH Placing no limitations on OUR HEAVENLY FATHER ...

Remnant of Faith Church of God in Christ Remnant of Faith Church of God in Christ
825 W. Pentagon Pkwy
Dallas, 75224

Great Church, Great Ministry, Empowering Great People!!

Replanted Ministry Replanted Ministry
501 Cordova St
Dallas, 75223

An adoptive, foster care, and safe families support ministry. Join us!

Dallas Christian Leadership Prayer Breakfast Dallas Christian Leadership Prayer Breakfast
Dallas, 75207

The Dallas Christian Leadership Prayer Breakfast exists to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by annually dedicating one morning to the encouragement of leaders.

New Beginning Covenant Ministry New Beginning Covenant Ministry
3305 Canada Dr
Dallas, 75212

If you want to know some of the great things that are going on at New Beginning Covenant Ministry then visit this page often.

Agape Baptist Church Agape Baptist Church
8515 Greenville Ave
Dallas, 75243

Covid-19 ruang ah online service kan ngei lai. Vawlei khuaza kip um hawi dawt vialte kan in sawm hna. Bawipa biati hna usih. A caan: 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Impact Church Dallas, Tx Impact Church Dallas, Tx
3814 Maryland Ave
Dallas, 75216


First Dallas Senior Adults First Dallas Senior Adults
1707 San Jacinto
Dallas, 75201

One of the most active ministries at First Dallas, our senior adult ministry is vital, vibrant, and energized!

Greater Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Greater Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
4807 Burnside Ave
Dallas, 75216

Apoyo Familiar St Monica, Dallas TX Apoyo Familiar St Monica, Dallas TX
9933 Midway Rd
Dallas, 75220

Ora y Ama a Tu Familia Grupo Apoyo Familiar les hace una invitacion a todas las familias que les gustaria conocer más a Dios e invitarlo a ser parte de este formidable grupo!!!

Kingdom Ambassadors Kingdom Ambassadors
Dallas, 75243

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. (2 Corinth