Tiferet Israel Congregation, Dallas, TX Video January 2, 2019, 8:09pm

Videos by Tiferet Israel Congregation in Dallas. Tiferet Israel offers the Dallas Jewish community an experience rooted in and guided by Jewish Tradition, Torah and Mitzvot.

Skittish about Yiddish

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Shabbat April 25
Rabbi Zell’s Shabbat Talk for April 25

What does Judaism say about Regret... ask the rabbi!

Skittish about Yiddish - April 21

What Judaism say about hell? Ask the Rabbi.

Yizkor 4.14.2020

Rabbi Zell leads a special Yizkor sermon, prayer, and reading.

Shabbat talk with Rabbi Zell for April 11

What does Judaism say about Matzah

Pre Shabbat talk for April 4, 2020

Skittish about Yiddish -Passover words

Skittish about Yiddish - Quarantine words.

What does Judaism say about Despair?

Shabbat message for March 28

Monday, March 23 - What does Judaism say about... Quarantine? Ask the Rabbi.

Join Rabbi Zell as he gives his Shabbat talk a little early so that those who are practicing social distancing may hear it.

What does Judaism say about... Ask the Rabbi.

Burning of the Chamtez with Rabbi Zell

Skittish about Yiddish 1/23/2019

Skittish and Yiddish 1/16/2019

Skittish about Yiddish 1/9/19

Skittish about Yiddish

Skittish about Yiddish 12/19/2018

Skittish About Yiddish 12/12/2018

Skittish About Yiddish - December 5

Yiddish class with Rabbi Zell November 21

Yiddish class with Rabbi Zell

Burning of the Chametz

2017 Chanukah at Tiferet Israel
Chanukah was celebrated in style last night at Tiferet Israel! Thank you all who came to celebrate with us!

Burning of Chemetz

Historic Jewish Dallas Tour - November 2015. Led by the Dallas Jewish Historical Society in partnership with the Tiferet Israel Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Marty Weinberg's Daughter, Cami takes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge!

Another #ALSIceBucketChallenge . This time from Marty Weinberg's grandchildren!

Tiferet Israel is so proud of Dr. Marty Weinberg, Mrs. Elandra Weinberg and their family and friends for taking the #ALSIceBucketChallenge! Dr. Weinberg has ALS and he is an inspiration to us all! (Please forgive the sideways video, but this is a special video to us!)

The burning of chametz today at Tiferet. (Pardon the ending as my fingers were too cold to end the video!)

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