Shoreline Dallas Youth, Dallas, TX Video December 13, 2013, 8:57pm

Videos by Shoreline Dallas Youth in Dallas.

See you Sunday!!!!!

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SD Youth and Leaders playing "Ninja." Still impressed with our leader, Jacob, and his ninja like reflexes. It was so fun...

Youth leading youth. It's how we do!

Shoreline Dallas Youth Tug of WAR
Tug of War. Sometimes sin tries to pull you in one direction but you have to pull in another. It takes friends family an...

See you Sunday!!!!!

Happiest of Birthday wishes to the new official teenager, Nick Garcia! We love you and pray God continues to use your sm...

New series starts this Sunday! Bring a friend.

New Series starting this Sunday, September 1. Bring a friend. We have an exciting September planned for you!!!!!

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Our new series! See you Sunday.