EvanTell, Dallas, TX Video December 10, 2019, 5:57pm

Videos by EvanTell in Dallas. EvanTell empowers Christians worldwide to share their faith through training, outreaches, tools, and resources that present the gospel in a clear, biblically accurate, and encouraging way.

Millennial Christians and Evangelism

We asked #Millennial Christians what they thought about the state of #evangelism and how they share their faith in today's hyper-sensitive culture - this is what they told us:

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How to use your story to transition to His story in a conversation - President David Souther shares three essentials

The Gospel Resolution
Sharing your #faith is a #resolution worth keeping. Dr. Moyer shares four ways to keep the #gospel as a priority this year.

Prioritizing Evangelism in 2020
Four ways you can make #evangelism a resolution that sticks in 2020. See the full blog from Dr. Larry Moyer: https://www.evantell.org/how-to-share-your-faith-more-in-2020/

The Gift
Many without #Christ are discovering the #Christmas gifts they pined for are starting to lose some luster. What a great time to share the one #Gift that changes everything and shines forevermore! #TheGospel #NewLife

Help us reach more people with the gospel in 2020
Help us reach more people than ever in 2020 with the only #gospel that saves. Make a year-end donation today: https://www.evantell.org/donate/

The Message that Matters Most
Giving gifts and sharing the one message that changes everything. What a privilege it was to be with these families for a day!

Sharing What Matters Most
So thankful to give gifts and share the #gospel with these beautiful Hispanic families in #Dallas! Every Christmas, the greatest gift is always the gift of #Salvation through #Christ!

Forgiveness in Evangelism
The importance of #forgiveness when reaching a loved one for #Christ cannot be overstated. Dr. Larry Moyer shares three key benefits of forgiveness in this brief webinar excerpt - see the full webinar here: https://youtu.be/XhWHH0Cs2Sk

Millennial Christians and Evangelism
We asked #Millennial Christians what they thought about the state of #evangelism and how they share their faith in today's hyper-sensitive culture - this is what they told us:

Millennials on Evangelism
Miss our interviews with Millennials and their views of #evangelism? Check out the compilation here - and help us train the younger generations to share the #gospel with clarity, confidence, respect by supporting EvanTell: www.evantell.org/donate

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Join us on Facebook Live tomorrow
47% of Christian Millennials think it's wrong to share their faith - Tomorrow, on #GivingTuesday, we're talking with them all day on Facebook Live and sharing how EvanTell is turning the tide. Join us at 8, 10, 12, 2, and 4 (CT) tomorrow!

Make the gospel a priority on #GivingTuesday
This #GivingTuesday, help us ignite the next generation to share the gospel! Learn more: http://ow.ly/5QRg50xipwP

The Gift of Salvation
#Salvation is the greatest gift! It can never be earned, it can never be taken away, and it comes through trusting in the only One who can save! Dr. Moyer responds to three common false teachings on salvation

The gospel in 10 words
The #Bible is 66 books. The #gospel is 10 words: "#Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead."

The Great Transfer
When someone transfers a huge sum of money into your bank account, it become fully yours. #Jesus has done something far greater than that. When you place your trust in #Christ alone, His perfect, unlimited righteousness is transferred in full to you! Jesus paid it all so you can be at peace with #God forever!

Sharing your story of faith
Your #faith story is one of the most powerful tools God has given you to reach others for #Christ. David Souther shares three essentials to sharing your story effectively

Training in Costa Rica
So thankful for Spanish Ministry Director Mando Zuniga and his amazing work in #CostaRica to train others how to share their #faith with confidence! #YouCanTellit

Removing the spiritual mask
While it's fun to be someone else on #Halloween, we can often act like someone else in between Sundays - David Souther shares the dangers of wearing a spiritual mask (and how to avoid it)

Three Essentials for Sharing Your Story
Your story is one of the most powerful tools God has given you to reach others for Christ. @David Souther shares three essentials to sharing your story effectively

Faith Accounted for Righteousness

What the Bible means by Believe
The word "believe" in Scripture means to trust. And the Bible makes it clear that our trust is not in Jesus + church or Jesus + good works - it is trust in Christ alone - the only One who saves!

Salvation is not a guessing game
You can be certain in your salvation - If you have trusted in #Christ alone, then #Jesus promises: "Most assuredly I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life." (John 6:47). See the full blog: http://ow.ly/RwEx50uz6Se

Three Essentials to Sharing Your Story
Your life in #Christ is a unique and powerful story that #God has designed to be shared with those in your sphere of influence - David Souther provides three essentials for sharing your story effectively:

Spreading the Gospel!
Spreading the #gospel and training Christians in #evangelism around the world. #God is doing great things!

The Bad News, Good News Gospel
The #Bible contains bad news and good news. The bad news is something about us, but the good news is something about #God, and what He has done for us - in fact, it's more than good news, it's the greatest news ever!

The Great Transfer
Sin has bankrupted our account with #God. But our sinless #Savior fully transfers His perfect righteousness to us when we place our trust in Him alone for #salvation. #Jesus. Paid. It. All. Share this powerful #gospel reminder with someone who needs to hear it today.

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